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S7E4 - The Worst Guys / Shadows by Childish Gambino


<p>We continue our season-long examination of Because The Internet with “The Worst Guys” and “Shadows.” Since witnessing the murder outside a nightclub, Gambino begins questioning everything in his life, including his friends and his past girlfriends. He’s coming to realize his life so far has been one long meaningless party.</p>

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This episode of dissect is brought to buy Lexus. The new Lexus is sport. Sedan goes all in on style, performance and power, from its available nineteen, it's dark metallic wheels to the available track to these six engine his eyes, looks like excellence and feels like exhilaration all day every day Spain's amazing, your let's dealer or visit legs comes less eyes from Spotify studios. This is dissect mom for musical analysis, broken into short digestible episode. I'm your home cultures. Today we continue our civilised analysis of because the internet by childish, Gambino our last up,
we dissected the narrative second scene and act. One world stark screenplay the boy witnesses a real life world star moment through his phone when he records of fatal shooting outside of a nightclub. This is the stories inciting incident, triggering the boys, existential crisis and its exploration of self and purpose that will follow throughout the remainder of the narrative. Indeed, here the start of act to the boy will begin to examine the sleep walking existence he's been living. This process is slow and fittingly act to begins with the instrumental track dial up. This interlude is an ode to the sounds in tones of dial up internet for those
you're too young to experience dial up. It was a means of accessing the internet, popular in the nineteen nineties that require you to connect through your phone line, along with the tones of slowly getting connected to the internet. The sounds of windshield wipers going back and forth repeat over and over suggesting that the boys trying to clear as vision in the screen play dial up is proceeded with a small, seen and specifically set. The scene should be soundtrack tracked by nostalgia by push a t, the boy and his crew walk into their mansion in slow motion. They bring in with them up
Hall and some wars fixings. Getting everything ready for the Big Party that night mark is gets clean and grabs condoms, Asia, grabs drugs and fan meditates floats above his bed after this brief scene. Structured to play dialect which scores the boy lying in bed staring at a ceiling. The script and reads quote: spiders, sir, Only drop from single strand of web from all posts on his bed. It looks pretty all of them dropping simultaneously, swaying together, they whisper. Where are you? Who is this? Don't sly? It's almost song. Unquote. This scene introduces a central metaphor for because the internet spiders will be able to derive more deeply. This metaphor, when we discuss the song no exit, but in this scene they really asked the existential questions the boy has been confronting their final statement. Dont slide is an ominous warning for the upcoming part,
as slide means to come through to an event. Slide also needs to fall, all or fade away, and when taken in tandem, The questions who are you and who is this? It appears spiders, are encouraging the boy not to run from these questions as a whole. The sun, dial up in the script here, offer a moment of pause almost as if the boys buffering after the shot a feeling world star hidden in real life. He is slowly realising his needs, which becomes all the more clear as day Philip transitions directly into the Alps next track, the worst guys us in NATO, needing listen made. It was Romania was needed was in.
Indeed it was NATO is also needed, was the worst guys is produced by Donald Glover include Vig boards and decisive production is built from the sounds first introduced, a dial up, which Glover produced himself Ludovic then took those sounds and made a beat from them, along with the rhythmic windshield wipers. The track oscillates back and forth between two courts e flat, major and F minor, the two courts going back and forth beer, the effect of the windshield wipers doing the same thing later and do a drunk. It is added,
but before the drums entered, we hear both Gambino and choose the wrapper. Performing the sometime Remember the screenplay notes that the boys friend Marcus is supposed to be played by chance. The wrapper Marcus is the boys most sex crazed friend he's the one that grabs condoms before the party flirts with Social at the beach first and his hyper, competitive and clapping for the wrong reasons. Chances presence or character on this hook, thus depicts a man who views sex as competition. As a means of stunting the incomplete phrase. All she needed was some is repeated sixteen times fittingly on page sixty nine of childish, gambino dot com. At the time of the arms release, this hook was presented as a multiple choice, quest,
All she needed was some a a picture of the devil. Be your keys, see some dick or de something to understand why there is a bit of humor and some of the options that appear. In the boy and Marcus eyes. See is the intended answer that the girl needs some dick. The hook, then, is an immature bit of braggadocio The idea that all a woman needs a sex or, at least in the mind of these adolescent boys, the hooks sure. Innuendo sets the tone for a bevy of arrogant, phallic imagery as Gambino D fails the self indulgent exploits of him and his crew. It had a clip of game on the court side watch our nice shot like a more fire they mad at me, too. I got more fire. Why he's reaching see you go home? Rod go home right
I mean my bed, I'm a smart guy. I am fucking with your legs like a part in it. So, let's check my archive. Cambine begins his birth bragging at a clippers game on the court side, watch a ward shoot like a four or five they mad at me, too. I got more five: are sitting front row at an earlier clippers basketball game. Gambino lie hence the shooting of players to the shooting of a forty five caliber pistol. Forty five also lose to Michael Jordan, and then He briefly war when returning to basketball after a short retirement, the phallic imagery of balls and guns emphasizes the basket swagger of these first lines, Gambino continues, jabbing why these bitches see you go home. Roger This fall by a girl saying, go home, Roger in the style of twin sisters, TIA and tomorrow from the ninety sitcoms sister sister Roger refers to the character, Roger Evans, who insistently pursued the twins. Throughout the
show so much so that go home. Roger was a recurring catchphrase use both by the twins and their parents. We live in my father's It is Roger get me continues. The reference wrapping tee and tomorrow in my bed- I'm a smart guy. Smart I was another ninety sitcom interesting the show is centred around the character. T J Henderson was played by TAJ Maori, the real life younger brother of tea and tomorrow, TAJ actually appeared in a few episodes of sister sister and TIA into marrow appeared on episode of Smart and it's this specific episode of smart guy. That can be no seems to be referencing here. In this episode, teaches brother Marcus tries to hit on the girls played by tee and tomorrow, but they both end up, leaving with Tito by positioning himself
as the smart guy Gambino lichens himself to teacher using tee and tomorrow to imply he's about to have a threesome this realm. Because Gambino will rap about a failed threesome later in this track, and the boy will be involved. Failed three summoned the screenplay. We all recognize that Marcus is both T J, older brother on Smart Guy and the name of the boys horny. His friend that's played by chance the wrapper, who of course appears on the current track. Finally recognised that the relationship between sister sister and smart guy, the real life brother and sisters that star in them and the interplay between the two shows through cross over guest appearances actually mirrors Donald Lovers, own surreal, conception of the world, because the internet Glover also plays with the cross over between real de the fictional, characterised that appear in the narrative and the surreal space and between the various media forms and narratives. I composed the world case in point the interplay between chance, the wrapper his character, Marcus, his appearance on
Track and the narrative similarity of markets from the smart Guy episode, Glover references on the song. Indeed, it appears Glover wasn't when he dawn himself, a smart guy Gambino than continues claims of sexual dominance wrapping. I fuckin with you words like apartheid hits on my list check. My archive First, he uses the south african segregation policy apartheid to humorous We claim that he isn't. Fucking was people that is serious about it, claim that a sex game is on another level. He then tells us to check is archive of hits with hits referring to both his musical output and the people you had sex with or hit it with. After propping himself, with the string of masculine and sexual, both Gambino feels pretty good about it.
I'm something so maculate. Instead of asking what's happened in rather black of Jackie, I'm in the back of an Acura and black, and then the Bernie MAC, Carlie Mercy and econ the girls that you brought and where are they strong? Where are they from? We were playing play space song? Why are you standing as base song a song noticing on vacation? This is my cambine reps, something so immaculate, instead of asking what's happening rather blast Jackson, five in the back of an accurate here we get a reference to yet another sitcom. This time the seventy show what's happening, which is one of the first sitcoms about a working class. Black family.
Can be no says he doesn't question. What's going on or what's happening more proof that this point he hasn't question is life or society. Instead is content with blasting music by the Jackson, five and acting blacker than a Bernie MAC to Charlie Murphy's. In a con here, Gambino New uses the darkness of these black artist skin to express how stereotypically black he's acting. He sang in fact he's blacker than black. This idea of acting black calls backed Gambino question posed and crawl. What's the rationale they want to smoke and words like they blackened mild, so we act now being black in America poses a set of threats and dangers. So again, being indulgences both bold celebration and defiance. Gambino then ass, the girls that you brought man where they from given that this song soundtracks a party at the boys house. This line makes sense, as the boy doesn't know everyone who comes, but it also industry
can't be knows, or the boys attention being fixated on sex with women. He then wraps we were playing playstation. This is actually reference to the prelude, freedom to BT clapping for the wrong reasons. There we see Gambino or the boy ask his brow. Steve and Swank about a mysterious girl that he assumed say brought to the House Stephen Swank or distracted by playing NBA to carry on play station, and they don't know who she is. Gambino continues to wonder and Tele Caesar that night and ass her directly, but she doesn't reply. This ties into the next lines of the song as Gambino RAP Why you stand? There say some girls say so no, this ain't a vacation. This is my house. All she needed was them just like clapping for the wrong reasons. Gambino asked the girl a question but doesn't receive an answer. The implication of the line, this ain't, a vacation- this is my house- is at the girl can't be here for nothing for free. The
has to do some work, given the song sexual overtones. We assume he mean sex as more evidence that he thinks all she needed with some did. Bought a new bad it. I wanna take shots at Nico. When I ball, I'm a parking James Nicolin in my hand, make change. Nicolle, Tang Nicol sang that's a space bar man. I hate your cabin in the second verse bought a new bath. A k, wanna take shots, a k, This latter line continues the basketball and gun references that also began the first verse taking shots paired with a k, most obviously references in eighteen, forty, seven, which Gambino is theoretically ready to shoot at his haters, but the line is So a reference to former NBA player, Andre Karolinska, whose it those are a k and who wore the number. Forty seven
Carolyn go was known for his defensive ability, specifically blocking shots. Thus Gambino blocks all the shots are insults from his crew. X and an actual layers added. When we realise that both a k, forty seven and Arthur Karolinska, are from Russia. Gambino then confirms this basketball reference in the next line. When I ball a ball king, James He compares himself to Lebron James, whose nickname is King James, but also to King James, the first, who ruled England and early sixteen hundreds. This king James was particularly known for its extravagant spending on luxury, which thing contextual, ices, Gambie, eight thousand dollar back, he boasted about at the top of the verse. Gambino then uses this royal thread to pivot. To the line uncle Ben in my hand, make change uncle Ben most obviously refers to Benjamin Franklin, who appears on the one hundred dollar bill and make change. Is then a directive to split that
and a smaller amounts, but uncle been is also a reference to the character uncle been, who raises Peter Parker, acre a spider man and to thus ten there was an online movement using the Hashtag Donald for Spiderman that called to cast Donald Clever as the next Spiderman so it seems likely this uncle Ben Line, is in part reference to that, but a more interesting. Reading of this line comes when we realise that when Uncle been dies, he's in Peter Parkers arms- and he tells Peter with great power- comes great responsibility. Parker, then makes a change by leaving his normal life to assume the role of a superhero. In this sense, uncle been, in my hand, make chain it Gambino saying that he's realising the need for change to leave this me
me cycle of competition and sex for something that's more worthwhile, and so in this context we can view the death of uncle been as being akin to the death, the boy witness in world STAR this made Gambino or the boy recognised the need for change. Hence we get the following line: out of this world. Like Tang Gambino is trying to leave this lifestyle. He references, Tang powdered Orange flavour, drink most notably used by astronauts, since it could be mixed and speed These can be knows. Frustration with those around him is emphasised, as he has to explain this line. Wrapping that the space bar man, I hate you The Tang line was a space bar in that the lyric about outer space but so. There was a decision to gain space the image Eighty and the meaninglessness of his previous exploits has tired him. This is all the more evident as a verse.
Tenuous man, I hate you, you only come around when you wanna play pool on my hot tub. I put a job in the ride. I had a mini murder, the rise, but afterwards it was all forty bucks, a nervous of fuck. You cannot get it up. I need a minute cold water to the face. I couldn't finish, got the uber from a place on my porch smoking vapor hit with the Sunday paper listening to the neighbors Gambino Reps you only come around when you want to play, pool or my hot up ice cream paint job in the garage the boy implies. His crew is using him for his nice things like the billiard table, the infinity pool the hot tub or the lavish cars in his garage. This was hinted at. One of the first scenes in the screenplay. When Pham aggressively insisted, they took one of the boys sports cars to the beach. However, this line, could also refer to the women. Gambino has been sleeping with since play pool could be anywhere for using him sexually. In this sense, ice cream paint job in the garage, its allured
description of Gambino ejaculating, an ice cream paint job in the woman's garage. This will seems to have just been using it for sex, something that will actually come up more clearly in the scene that this song soundtracks in the screenplay Gambino then refers back to the three some of the first verse wrapping. I had a menage and murdered the vat get be claim that he murdered the vat is an assumption of hyper masculine sexual dominance and an abrupt turn of events. Gambino juxtaposes this boast with a deeply vulnerable admission wrapping, but afterwards it was awkward as fuck cause, I'm nervous fuck could not get it up. Gambino reveals here he was unable to get an erection that he couldn't do what he once brag about this to reflect the scene in a screenplay, we're about to detail and also captures the destabilizing effective, Gambino new perspective on his past lifestyle. As Needless can Gambino. No. In the aftermath of this newness wrapping, I
I need a minute cold water to the face. I I couldn't finnish got the goober from her place. Gambino cadence here, mimics wrapper push a t. Uncanny was runaway where you can did to emulate the character of a douche bag. Alright, alright, he pitied every kid next legal live awaited recall that push a tea was specifically reference in the screenplay just before the queue for the worse guys, much like push eighties character, runaway Gambino, used to be of the twenty four seven three sixty five pussy stay on my mind, mentality, but real revelations have forced the boy to recognise that he is in fact the kind of douche bag and asshole toasted on runaways chorus, Gambino it takes a minute refreshes perspective with cold water to the face and leaves he
closest this by detailing himself in a pensive state on my porch smoking vapor hit what the Sunday paper listening to the neighbors after realising he can partake in the sickle, meaningless self gratification of pure hedonism. Guy We know take some time to think smoking weed and early hours of a Sunday morning. Perhaps after staying up all night, he reflects on his failed threesome he's alone now, but keeping an ear out for those I him wondering if there's something else out there that would be more fulfilling after Gambino fin. Since the end of the second birth, he repeats the hook with chance once again This time, there's a soft despondent crew in the background, almost as if There is one final toast or send off for the douche bag. First past debauchery.
NATO is also needed is also needed. Was a scenario is needed at this point, the song we ve heard the incomplete phrase. All she needed was em over sixty times. The over repetition of this phrase, of all the self indulgence, actual bravado and stunting that it symbolized has rendered it meaningless, repeating a word or phrase. Over and over again, we start to feel the abstract and subjective nature of using spoken sound to communicate. Words can mean anything everything or nothing. Take, for instance, the word tree, the actual sound our mouth makes tree means nothing. However, we ve decided as a culture that when we hear the sound tree, we will think about a trunk would plant with branches and leaves, but it's a little more complex than that since tree might mean different things to different people.
For instance, some one on the West Coast might think of a palm tree, and someone on the EAST Coast might think of an oak tree. So even with are agreed upon relationship between the sound tree and a trunk would plant with branches and leaves there still grey area. Technically, it's still subjective. We still bring to the word our own perspective into feelings and a myriad of other influences understanding this. We unlock unimportant theoretical concept that essential to because the internet, this idea of directive, eighty in one's own agency and freedom to ascribe personal meaning in their life, the repetition of the phrase all she needed. Wesson, combined with the inherent vagueness of the phrase itself, renders it completely ambiguous a kind of blank canvas recall that can be no deliberately pose the phrase as a multiple choice. Question on his website
as audience. We have an equal role with the speaker in determining what the meaning is and we get a sense that all the choices are both correct or incorrect. That perhaps all of the above and or none of the above might actually be the best answer. Still when, given the chance to determine what the phrase men, the worst guys chancing Gambino, this did that it was indulgence, sex and stunting All she needed was some dick, the meaning they ascribe to it, reflected their own juvenile and hyper masculine world view. But we have the power to do differently and perceive our own meaning, and this is exactly
the process that the boy is coming to understand about life itself. His daily routine of party sleep serve party, sleep serve, has repeated so much that the emptiness and triviality beneath it has come to the four he's experiencing a crisis of meaning it's now up to the boy to break the cycle and search for people and pursuits. He finds meaningful, as the worst guys continues. We hear a class Active guitar, Sola perform began, Minos ever present producer, Ludovic Gourds and at the end of it, a hyper masculine, overly sexual self pleasure in expos a this guitar solar, presents a pinnacle of phallic imagery
currency himself described lovers. Instructions on the solo telling genius dot com quote, Donna was like just take it over the top times, a hundred unquote the phallic symbolism of such an explosive solo as Master Vittoria, nature itself. A reflection of the boys outburst at the end of the World STAR scene when he shouts quote out of it matters because we're doing it for ourselves were just jerking offer each other. No one in the future is gonna. Give a shit unquote. The Boyne is for behavior have made them the worst guys, and this feudal existence now horrifies the boy, a dish No evidence of interpreting this guitar solo as master comes when we consider gloves performance of the song live as you'd, often pantomime, jerking himself off during the solo section, and this phallic climax is actually accentuated further midway through the solo. It's here that we get was called a modulation. A modulation is when a piece of music moves from one key signature to another. Most music
listen to every day, begins and ends in one key, so to find a modulation, especially in a hip, hop song. Well, that's not all that common. The type of modulation were here in the worst guys, specifically called a half step. Modulation. Half step. Modulations are usually used to make an already climactic moment in a song even more climactic. It's a way of turning volume to eleven when you're already at ten. As a quick example, let's listen to an especially effective use of a half step. Modulation it comes in Michael Jackson's. Man in the mirror. The song is Gee Major, but near the and of the song it modulate one half step higher to a g. Sharp major was cool about this modulation. Specifically that occurs exactly when Jackson sings the word chain,
one amendment that modulation. Notice, how the moment a modulation took the song to another level. Again, it's like turning the boy from tend to eleven making climactic moment even more climactic The same thing occurs in the worst guys were already in midst of a climactic guitar solo and midway through. We get a half step, modulation taking it to
greater height modulation. If we continue the crude but seemingly accurate depiction of masturbation, it would appear this modulation indicates the moment of orgasm and what happens after orgasm the come down, and sometimes clarity, fittingly the worst guys does the same as us. Wines down and concludes with the sound of windshield wipers, indicating the boys perspective becoming clear
the worst guys soundtracks a few scenes in the screenplay beginning with the party at the boys Mantua. There are people there. The boy doesn't know like a couple making out on the bar to he tells to get off, and two guys you run out the mansion having stolen some of this stuff mark is comes to the boy asked about a girl he just had sex with in the shower, not listening to the boy
him to stop inviting random people to the house after the boy calls Marcus the Florida of his friends. He heads upstairs to his father s old room Sasha, the girl who the crew met at the beach scene during crawl, since the door and pulls men there's another girl in the room and the two are now on the bed. The boy gets a sense that they are probably doing drugs. I should then tells the boy to show them his dick, which leads to an awkward exchange. The boy asked and then Sasha jokes, that she thinks it's probably gross her friend
then says: she's never seen a black dick before and asks if its purple like a grape dick, the boy doesn't react in Sasha starts poking him saying don't be weird. She starts kissing and touching him, but then stops when he doesn't get erect. She ass was wrong, but received no clear answer from the boy he tries to give himself hard but can't and tells the girls to hold on. He goes to the bathroom and locked the door, the hedonism of Gambino, opening verse and hooks of the worst guys serve as perfect soundtrack for the debacle. At the party. The boy doesn't feel connected to any of the party goers and gets mad at Marcus for inviting people. He doesn't know the boys slowly realizing that he doesn't want any of this. That doesn't give him any purpose when he has a chance to engage in a three he can't even get erect because he doesn't see the point. When he asked Sasha why the question has existential invocations the bedroom see
mirrors the failed, Menage Gambino wrapped about the second birth. We also recall that in the beach seen an appear social and the boy had connected planting the seeds of a possible romance, but it turns out all she needed was some dick. Before the surely would have pleased the boy as it aligned with this self indulgent worldview? But now it just leaves him disappointed and placid. This kind, sexual vulnerability is in tune with lovers, discussion of sexuality. At this time on clapping for the wrong reasons, he told a story to Pham about kissing a boy when their kids, as explained to vice quote, I just said fuck it. Let me tell the story of how I one time kissed a boy and my gay- I don't know maybe, but the maybe is what's really connecting us unquote. And so it seems, Glover is using vulnerability and honesty as a means of connection with his audience, for
and be no and the boy to recognise this moment of sexual impotence and being honest about. It is a chance for them to evolve and move forward. But when I ran about like being the bed leg, that's embarrassing and lake, but is real and is part of me in that's. What's out there, that's it when I until a joke right about a girl who seasons Satan call, my wage lake, their Jerry's leg, real yeah lay as Eggers Ray I'm it's embarrassing and leg over like we have to do their like. We have to do that as the only way we're gonna move forward. So, like They all this scene is a moment of realisation where boy knows that he can't maintain. The hedonistic patterns had put him where he is knowing. Now he, I continue to enjoy self indulgent studies coasted on for so long. The boy interests is bathroom and begins to reflect on his past and its here that the script instructs us to play the
next track, seen to act, two shadows, that's right after the break this episode dissect is brought. You buy Lexus. The new Lexus lawyers is a luxury sports today made for those in the wall with a task. Multimedia display, available nineteen inch wheels and triple beam headlights, it's more than a car, it's a luxury performance experience, and not just because the available track thing b, six engine and curb hugging handling, it's all in on style and all in on performance, in one package, experience amazing thing: you're, let's stealer or visit Lex. Calm, slash eyes. Looking back to dissect Before the break, we examined the song, the worse guys and the boys of the of the need for change. He had just entered the bathroom to escape to fail and this is when were instructed to play the song shadows-
She said: shadows is produced by Thundercats, childish, Gambino and Ludovic Gordon The track is centred around a baseline performed by renown, basest thundercats, originally Thundercats, intended to give this bayside to flee, to use in the bad, the red actually peppers beneath the basic We get a subtle but rapidly moving drum loop sample from the song space funk by Mansell later Thundercat recorded vocal harmonies recreated here by our very own Andrew Atwood, who, by the way,
does all the great song recreations. You fear, on the pod but before we hear any of the main production shadows first begins with a sample of the open moments of man's l, spacewalk the same size the drums or sampled from this interim feature that drunk it put in reverse signalling a back. Shift in time. This course the scene of the boy in the bathroom escaping the failed threesome. He sits on the floor with his head in his hands and inexplicably his ex girlfriend NASA steps out of the linen closet can tell
she wants to go out the boy resists and then they play five before NASA asked why he so booty. She addressed sent directly by name, but its edited out- only she dragged him up and opens the linen closet again inexplicably. The coat shell of music festival is taking place inside the closet, Vanessa excitedly, starts to detail what they're going to do, but still when she sees the boy brooding, he ass. You don't think. The waste of our time Vanessa gets me it says, no, that she doesn't think the two of them gather is a waste of time, the boy than hurt her saying you don't really like. I just good when you scroll pass me with the rest of your I'm almost best deep bullshit he's explains I'm just trying. To be honest, upset Vanessa, says he's being mean, and she won't work the boys time anymore, suddenly shoots up into the sky like a rocket were shooting stars and they never seen
again. She said she said. Tell me better kiss me back, listen more to me, better kiss me back! Listen more love me better! Kiss me back, listen more the hookah shadows, recites, she said. Love me better. Kiss me back. Listen more recall that these lines come directly after a song where the boy thought that all she needed was some sex. The juxtaposition reveals that Gambino or the boy was listening referring to Vanessa. He now realises that what she needed was a deeper connection, one where he loved her better expressed his feelings and listened,
okay, they found in the brown grass. Shame shame on my brown at the birds in the trees that they run through and if I'm dead to the world, what you're going to do! What you going to do Ryan, please girl, be my email. Do not talk to me baby of gravy, might do maybe, with the sole J B beyond fame. Apothecary beset Gambino begins his first face down in the book Grass. Shame shame on my brown ass. This is his current state, as he reflects on his past love with his face down and feeling shame it's obvious that he's feeling low and the brown grass imagery reflects to Cay and death of what was once bright. He paints a seemingly glowing picture of the past wrapping birds in the trees as we run through. You and if I'm dead to the world, what we gonna do. We then here a girl respond. I can't remember.
This Gambino saying that the girl won't remember him when he's gone, a hurtful jab his girl didn't take this lightly as Gambino then wraps shots fired rewind, please Girl, be mine, email denied talked to me baby. Before I go crazy might do it. Maybe his job is described as shots fired, so tries to rewind and undo the insult. But she won't talk to him anymore. Gambino than issues and manipulative plea as go crazy might do it. Maybe hen said he's considering suicide as a consequence of her not talking to him the quick deterioration of their relationship seems especially hurtful as Gambino laments. We were so jazzy beyond, say my aunt say: keep the sex game, but Conti and two thousand thirteen. The reference to Jesse and Beyond say was most likely a reference to their hit song crazy love tee
into the previous line. Before I go crazy, given the deterioration of their relationship, it seems he failed to heed the advice to keep their sex life spicy and fresh like the Comte de Salsa my aunt e keep the sex game compete. The aunt me and Mary Jane did. I was the end on to make me try and forget that there was something wrong. I love his russian Bullette, I had to say the on bills. At the Coachella hold my head in Louise Man. I can't tell him the fear that I feel man in my killer, Gambino wraps the aunt. May Mary Jane that I was hit on to try and make me forget that there was something wrong Continuing the spider man illusion from the worst guys Gambino refers to both thought, may Uncle Ben's, wife and caretaker of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Peter Parker's girlfriend these two female figures represent both maternal and romantic energy on may being a guiding figure for spider Man and Mary Jane being his love interest in the narrative. This is the boys deceased mother and his ex is like Vanessa. He was
on or lightly using these women to distract himself from the pain he feels, notably Mary Jane, is also reference to marijuana, which wish reefs. The boy used throughout the script, yield or realized here that is drug use is similar to his emotional interaction with women, both being used as an escape Gambino than realises love is russian roulette. I had the safety on Maternal or romantic. Love requires vulnerability and connection which can leave one or both parties hurt if something goes wrong. Just Russian would let began be no now realises that he had the safety on had detached himself from true intimacy, because he feared actually feeling something and being vulnerable Can be no than remembers more of his behaviors with his ex wrapping? We pop pills at the coach Heller hold my head in the weeds man. I can't tell her the fear that I feel man it might killer here. The pop pills at the coach,
aligns directly with the script where the boy and Vanessa fight cartel inside the linen closet. In Vienna than amidst that, he can express himself with her. He holds his head in the weeds to hide his thoughts from her and he smokes we'd to hide his thoughts from himself considering that both the song in the script here is a flashback. This also suggests again, Vinos existential dilemma has been in the back of his mind for quite some time, but that is another. To express it to those who might have cared for him now. Lonely. His introspection reveals only regret the fear that I feel man it might kill her. Many might kill her. It's the press who might kill her with the crumbs in the grove. I would feel filler, I don't care what he'd say: I'm gonna get my platinum back like I might have Son go Biller, okay, hey we're on me on to was a week like a week ago. Wow we ain't speaking, it went seeking
Understanding than his ex must have moved on Gambino pups himself up a bit wrapping. It's the prep school, my killer with the drums and the groove, so a field Diller. I don't care what you say might get my platinum back like I'm a half tongue guerrilla and a bit of hyper masculine, aggressive posturing, Gambino says he's a mite killer were great wrapper, who makes music with a likeable groove akin to iconic producer J Della then refers to his excess new man, saying he doesn't care because of get his platinum or girl back. This really alludes to silver back guerrillas and lichens himself. HU, a powerful, aggressive, Annabelle capable of savagery tying back into being a mite killer, continuing to posture. He says you can hang with homey on the low, but your boy so weak like a week ago Harry attempts to issue a directive assuming he can control who is old, girl, hangs out with and takes a job at the guy. She's. Now seeing after this brief outburst, Gambino quickly deteriorates
he says. Sadly, we ain't speaking, though we ain't speaking though having just try who assume command by telling the girl what to do and how much of a joke her new man is Gambino soberly recognizes that he actually is and speaking to her, these are just his thoughts. They aren't real. They don't hold any wait. Much like the dream. Sequence of the script at this point, Gambino, has imagine being able to regain connections. He lost, but reality he's alone after rap The only verse of the song Gambino begins to
in a higher register me stricken. I guess maybe they sent me thinking back to the beginning, Gambino sings Tuesday afternoon. I ain't got shit to do but fall.
In love with you. She said she said she said this evokes the carefree joy of the love that was present in the relationship the echoing and repeated she said suggest. This passage is from the perspective of the girl, which makes sense, given the shift in tone and delivery. He then repeats the intros line, singing love better kiss me back, listen more. These of the last moments of Gambino allowing himself to channel and experiences memory of love, just like his relationships deteriorates quickly kiss me. Here we have three vocal tracks: Thundercats crews, in the background, Gambino panted side sings. What seems to be you got me slip in apart now again Venus.
It's the attitude has be transition to this. Second half of the song Gambino word start to become lost in the fray. More than the words he sings he's expressing a feeling, or at least attempting to, as this passage continues, a drumbeat enters again be. Ten uses. Plaintive have some please now in the forefront, Gambino sings. We were never friends and I hope you understand, but I miss them. This is a plea,
Gambino giving voice to the boys starts, laments his past failures. We were. Never friends is a reference to all the connections. He thought he had made, whether it be as exes his crew or even his mother. This calls back to the lyric love russian roulette. I had the safety on Gambino, numbed and garden himself against intimacy. His perspective has now changed and he wishes he had been able to connect. His introspection is full of regret, and this crisis finds no ready answer. This more apps rack surreal. Musical section seems too I directly with what the boys experiencing in the screenplay after NASA shoots off like a rocket the boy abandoned and alone in the bathroom. Inexplicably, a group of glowing blue coyotes or wolves suddenly circle him likely a residual subconscious. After effect of his reflections about Coachella, the coyotes are depicted as
YO typical hipsters, and they chat about obscure music and lie performances. The coyotes do this: while eating the boy alive and the boy lets them an appeal. This part of the scene alliance directly with shadows next explosive section, a section producer, lose the Gore and send described as all hell breaking loose. A heavily distorted guitar enters meanwhile Thundercats backing harmonies are now played on the synthesize. Converting the organic to the electronic during this breaking point again Vinos voice. She still
I register accentuated by muffled distortion gambino, please. I hope you understand that I get you. He cries out for connection here, hoping eager reach those he's lost and let them know that he now gets it that he now understands. Amidst the chaos of imitation and emotion, there's hope here for real reconciliation. Meanwhile, in the screenplay, the wolves are ripping Gambino to shreds and he doesn't fight back. Glover here emphasised is the interplay between the music and script and the surreal effective, creates winners.
And Vanessa entire appearance is a hallucination, as are the wolves and the boys. Death These scenes still an insight into the boys journey in crisis of identity with Vanessa and co cello. The boy seems to have a plan with the way that social media is affecting their actions. He criticizes Vanessa free using Amazon, aesthetic prop in our online version of self the coyote. Are wolves, are natural dwellers of the hotel, a desert valley and their glowing. Blue aura is reminiscent of blue light that which comes from computer and cell phones means their association with a coach Ella Music Festival evokes overwhelming since of social media influencers at the concert cartel it brings gather, artists and fans, and celebration of art yet has become worse. The most largest social media event of the year. This is likely why Glover depicts the coyotes as hipsters at this point Gambino or the boy.
Are being torn apart by the realisation of the phoney, none of it all a Vanessa, the festival of their patterns of hedonistic behaviour to the boy. This is a waste of time. These allowed it to tear him apart following this in the script and cuts to the boy pacing in the shower. He realized the the showers cold, and it's five in the morning on his mirror. Sasha from the failed threesome has written your fucked in lipstick, and the boy agrees with her Fittingly this end seen aligned with the end of shadows having expunged his high emotion, the song comes to a halt, static, crackles in the aftermath again no comes down. The boys cold, shower shocks him back into reality. The real station of Miss Connection is a reawakening for him, similar to,
When shall wipers signifying his vision being cleared, the cold water of the shower suggest, cleansing and reinvigoration. He understands now that a new perspective means he has to go back. He asked to revisit the connections he won had in the script. He goes into the living room and finds the dishevelled aftermath of the party he wakes up his crew and tells them that their leaving for Oakland. Conclusions, act too, because the internet finds a boy realising its mortality and the meaninglessness of his life sing a shift in perspective. Examination of himself and his surroundings in the worst guys. He recognizes that he and his friends are constantly engage and meaningless patterns of self gratifying pleasure chasing as a voice. At the end of world. Star quote: none of it matters catchword
doing it for ourselves we're just jerking offer each other. Nowhere in the future is gonna, give a shit unquote we realises, he can't keep going along with the repetitive meaningless. Stunting he's been caught up in he's no longer capable of debauchery. He once was this realization leaves him in a bit of a day's shadow then sees the boy reflect on its past and realise that he never let himself be vulnerable or get close enough to someone who cared for him. The shadows at play are both the figures of his past and his own subconscious feelings, realising that his life has been a cycle of meaningless acts. He cries out and hope, of reaching those who are gone. They can't the connections he seeks requires them to act, to learn and to grow. This cost
The growth is central to because the internet Glover explained it is Instagram notes. Prior to the release of the album quote. I wanted to make something that says no matter how bad you fuck up for mistakes. You ve made during that year your law your eternity you're always allowed to be better you're always allowed to grow up. If you want unquote here at the start of acting change the boys going to go back to seek out a relationship you once have. He gets his crew together again the car and they head too old when to go back to seek out a relationship he once had. He gets his crew together, they get in the car and they head to Oakland power. One hundred and six at restive got some brand new music. I need you to turn it up and let me know what you think: it's Floyd called Oakland Entire one hundred and six Of course. This is because the internet's next track telegraph avenue
a song, will examine note by note line by line. Today's episode of dissect was written by have been stranded in me. Remember even go deeper into the war that, because the internet, through the supplementary guys on our website, dissect podcast outcome, You can go deeper into the wall because the internet, through the supplementary guides on our website, dissect podcast com, Why are there be sure to check out our limited season? Seven merchandise? also be sure to follow us on social media at dissect podcast. Today's said was edited by air massive me song, recreations by Andrew Radwan, Vive using by bureaucratic hook. It thanks everyone talking Exley.
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