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S7E5 - Telegraph Ave. by Childish Gambino


<p>We continue our season-long examination of Because The Internet with “Telegraph Ave.” Gambino takes a long drive from LA to Oakland to visit a past girlfriend, only to be rejected immediately upon arrival.</p>

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This black history month beyond target, is investing in black creators and brands, building a legacy of success from artists Entrepreneurs to students and investors, we can join them Ernie on their year round. Storytelling platform target dot com, slash black beyond measure. Respond. If I studios this is dissect long for Nicole analysis broken into short digestible episode. I'm your home Today we continue. Our sea relies analysis of because the internet by childish, Gambino, are, alas, episode, we dissected the opening tracks of the album. Second act, dial up the worst guys shadows, spurred by the murder he witnessed on the Song World STAR Act March.
The period of self recognition for the boy on the worst guys he realize he's been engaged and meaningless patterns of self gratification. Previously used sex and money as a means of stunting on others. His anew but to do it any longer as evidence in the boy sexual impotence a potential threesome at a party and his mansion dishearten. This realization shadow saw Gambino and the boy reflect on their shortcomings, as they never Let themselves be vulnerable enough for committee relationship soberly the boy wished he could go back in I'm a and be more emotionally available. Understand his past relationships were the closest thing he's ever had to achieve connection after the failed threesome the boy wallowed in the bathroom. I remember, he pushed away his ex vanessa. The next morning he woke up is friends, so they could drive to Oakland and in the screenplay or instructor the play, because the internet next struck the subject of episode today, Telegraph
telegraph and the scenes at its course and the screenplay or near exact matches as gambling who takes a song on the radio and makes it his own, this ideas reef, didn't actual song title itself after Telegraph Avenue apprentices It notes the Song title Oakland by the artist Lloyd this man. The song, within a song structure soundtrack. The boy driving to Oakland was singing to the radio eventually arriving to talk to his ex girlfriend dollar. Telegram avenue- is the literal beginning of, what's known as the road of trials, a section in a traditional narrative structure the fine, protagonists undergoing a series of tests that begin his or her transformation, often the protein, if this fails one or more of these tests, which, spoiler alert, will also
here and telegraph avenue. After rounding up his friends, the boy gets into car to start the six hour drive from allay to Oakland, notably the boys. Now, in the driver's seat, call at the very beginning of the screenplay it actually opened. With the line you can't live. Your life on a bus meaning that at some point you have to take agency of your life. You have to drive. We also call that the boy has been driven around by one of his friends and all the previous scenes, even when they are using the boys on car, so we need recognize the boy actually driving the car and the scene a significant, Symbolizing. How is beginning to take agency over his life, fittingly telegraph, Avenue, begins with the sounds of the boy getting in and starting his car. Power one hundred and six. He got some brand new music. I need you to turn it up and let me know what you think: it's Floyd called Oakland at one hundred and six as the car start
it's. The radio comes onto power. One of six radio station and the greater LOS Angeles area hosting your teeth, introduces the upcoming song titled Oakland by the singer, Lloyd this track as fictional existing Only within the framework of telegraph, Avenue, Lloyd, released few or be hit the two thousand, but is likely best known first feature appearance on the young money track bedrock spare me Mister Gladstone didn't make a bad Lloyd spoke of this collaboration with Gambino telling Vibe magazine quote, he told me It's going to be your song, but I'm going to sample inside the song. I had no clue how he's going to do it, but it came out dope, unquote Gambino decision to use Lloyd, specifically likely stems from Lloyd's history of romantic or be music, as was the case that Glover and Lloyd both attended? The same high school, the cab school of arts
well. They are only therefore a year together and didn't really each other. We have to ignore. The real life bond between the two since Glover has DE twine reality and fiction throughout BT. In this case Lloyd, comes the voice of emotion, the boys, incapable of communicating himself after the track Oakland. Introduced on the radio. We listen along with Gambino made a reality, he Telegraph, Avenue or Oakland was produced by Glover and lose the gordons in the track revolves around for court programme who played on a software synthesizer called many monster, which itself replicates famous analogue sent many both the sin
courts were then run through a guitar amplifier to create a distorted vintage. Sound next gourds and plays was called a talking drum an hour glass shaped drawn from West Africa, whose pay can be regulated to mimic the tone and rhythm of human speech. The dramas between the musicians, arm and side of their chest, and the of the MS change, when the musician squeezes it while playing, on telegraph, avenue. Goranson plays a talking drum and also runs it through a guitar amplifier, which we've done our as to recreate here, Finally, some light drums are added
He gave me this go foundation that Lloyd sings, the songs first verse on the radio, the boys listening to and his car is making Japanese and she's watching bono, I'm driving them for five, and she waits for around on everything that I want only get a drop in the moment if you come in so around in the bonus for the moment, but show me you know I gave in the morning, and I then go back to you but everything you do is. Lloyd, establishes a settled romantic couple in Oakland going about domestic routines, he sings, I was making Japanese she's watching Dvds and Oakland events
things now driving up the five and she wait till I arrive in Oakland. It turns out frankly, domestic scene was actually a flashback, and now the singer finds himself driving up Interstate five in California to reunite with his girl. It's at this point. Song that we hear a phone, try with attacks notification, meringue them these actions in the script he's takes it in girlfriend Nila that he's coming to see her in Oakland, to which she replies, don't in all caps Boy turns up the music when he hears Oakland here, in his seat feeling like he's in a music video until he realizes he slammed into his friend Swank's sneeze in the back seat. He speeds up the highway passing farms, hills, factories and a slaughterhouse of sad looking cows, there's even it huge white billboard that only says Roscoe's wetsuit the boy continues to drive, ignoring nihilist request. Not come Lloyd continues to sing
everything that I wanted only got a drive for the moment You tell me turn around then I'm on it for the moment, but you know me The everything that I wanted here refers to the girl in Oakland which to the protagonists, only feels a moment's drive away. He says that it girl tells them to turn around that he will, but only for a moment since it resist her. The parallels between Lloyd Lyrics in the boy situation are undeniable, besides driver, two open to see an old love. They both refuse to try. We listened to her this concept of going on a road might remind viewers of Gambino's lyric on crawl. When he wrapped make him turn around in their lane, like a Ui, I'm only looking back? If I'm looking, king at her booty, while he previously besides others for looking back and said he would, We do it with a focus on sex. We get the impression after that, growth and change of the worst guys and shadows that can't be is now going back for something else, something potentially more meaningful,
Lloyd, continue singing. You know how again Well, I'm lonely- and I think about you and the moment, everything you do is so Oakland There's an emission here. That loneliness is the feeling driving him towards returning to his ex the thing that, seems to separate. The pair is Oakland both in terms of physical disk it's an lloyd's description of the woman that everything she does is so Oakland using Oakland, as an adjective here is unusual and makes us wonder what he really means the release. Ship and the song is based on one of lovers: real life relationships where he, DR between Oakland and allay to see a girl arises as they just like. The relationship between in Albania is just as there is that the kind of representative relationship between and that girl not like it, I'm trying to do this stuff down here. She has totally different life and of their endeavours of the song about his lecture. Irreconcilable lies, so was the relationship between allay in Oakland? Well, Ellie,
is a fast pace, sometimes sleazy city, full of imports, the bustling, center of the entertainment industry, trying to create and always looking for. The next deal. Oakland and comparison is more set where individuals look to stay and make a full establish life while allies, you'd by the outside world, as glamorous Oakland often get about rap shut. By its neighbouring city of San Francisco thus did prince between allay in Oakland, is also the difference between them. Boy and his Ex nihilo, the boys hedonistic, sir, in lifestyle doesn't match, with nihilist more rounded desires, she's a parrot moved on, but the boy seems to think that recognizing his mistakes mean to go back to her as we get to the songs hook, Gambino or the boy seems to have realised fully the parallels between Lloyd Song in his own situation guinea singing along in full
put on again, I'm just trying to fast or friend light, and this some time I'm ready to go to get to the baby. That's a problem! It's way too scared calling! You might keep me sane. Oh Gambino avoid sing foot on the gas, I'm just trying to pass all the red lights and stop sides. I'm ready to go here. The hook communicates a fast, no stop attitude. Commitment to love the red light and stop sides when mean Gambino needs to stop and think, but he doesn't driving with reckless abandoned by not being the brakes, Gambino is ignoring any warning signs about his current situation, as he fully its passion, take the wheel without thinking he's ready to go This phrasing is actually a reference again. Be NOS two thousand eleven hit heartbeat, a song detailing sex and infidelity under the veil Oscillating, swagger and anxiety.
Cause. I you know that I'm ready to go with heart beat my heart beats town. You know whenever you are around can't be. I can't speak like Telegraph Avenue, You know attempts to say he's ready to go It's your relationship after the Paris split up, given that heartbeat appears on camp the preacher. Are too because internet narrative, we see a clear parallel can be no appears to be repeating. The mistakes of the past or Gambino has put it but to the floor. He can ignore warning signs forever more about to feel more stop and start moments as he sings to go. There many of the track pauses, seemingly not ready to go, get it is actual commitment- is further called into question with the last two lines of the hook, because I'm way you scared to Call- and he might give me stay? And oh, while he taxes bed, he doesn't want to call it that
the door for immediate rejection on the phone here, start to get a sense for why Gambino might have chosen telegraph avenue as the song title. Besides tell draft being an actual street in downtown Oakland, a telegraph. Is it all former messaging specific, delayed form of communication, you can send you feel and the moment without having to face any immediate consequences. Kind of an inherit grey area. This mirror where Gambino wants to go back and see his ex, but has doubts he's worried about rejection, but he's also worried about acceptance, since the girl might get stay as he sings on the hook. The delivery of, and oh as a short form of Oakland, suggest another interpretation, perhaps o refer so an orgasm as in you might get me to stay. An orgasm sex can either do in this relationship, or prove that simply less eddies mistaking for true desire. Simply put Gambino is afraid of. What's going to happen, whether it works or does it not means is brash claims of commitment.
Are hollow understanding this we revisit the screenplay before continuing into the song. Second verse at this point, the boy and his crew had been driving all data Oakland and they stopped for them. In an operator as the boy eat you laughs thinking about the cows. At the slaughterhouse, they passed Swank flirts with two women, the crew eats and then see a car driver recklessly two guys pull out guns, inside to rob the place as people run out and get in their cars, the crew, just why just making fun of the robbers for not using code names once the police arrive, robbers begin shooting at them. SAM says now they gotta stop playing and get out of there. Instead, guess Steve and the boy begin. Impersonating a news report on television mimicking broadcasters, describe a robbery and the death of black people at the scene, the fake report, say that somehow, even though they were handcuffed in the back of a tiny police car
the suspects managed to get guns and shoot themselves in the head. The boy jokes quote: police Chiefs States investigation needed to which still follows up. Why people still safe having pokes fun at police brutality, while at the scene of a crime they last and begin to pull away oil stop by the cops and told to put their hands in the air. What what the routine event, luncheon King around becomes instantly day dress when the robber show up for the crew they don't initially react adversely. Instead, they are content to poke fun at the robbers and joke around. Much like they have about everything they see on the internet. Recall when the boy recorded Jays destined world STAR, his crew was were concerned about how dope were crazy. The event was rather than the fact that the boy had been endanger note The J makes one of the criminals for not using code names, given the voice, let sensational nature of the robber shooting at the cops the code,
aims would have served as protection or anonymity by not protect themselves, they made themselves vulnerable this situate, It appears to be a metaphor about our own use of the internet. Where were you screen names to maintain a sense of security or separation from our real lives. The boys crew, just rolls the gunman to set their trolling ways to realise that these are actual guns, actual police. There. Actually at the scene of what could be multiple murders again well, black men shooting themselves, while handcuffed in the back of a cop car may seem hyperbolic. It actually here's. The scenario was based on a real event. A twenty one years, black man in Arkansas, Travis Carter died under twenty nine, two thousand twelve, the official in stagnation and report ruled that Carter who had been arrested for a small possession of marijuana and an outstanding warrant had a gun officers did not find after two searches and while handcuffed in the back of their police vehicle shot himself in the head
however, protests in online movements called into question the suspicious report by the police, Carter's on mothers states that Travis just had caught his girlfriend to arrange a future meeting that never too Wade, suicide, ideation cloaked in it sensitive trolling of the boy and his crew. The details this event seemed impossible. Yet the dark reality is, it happened. There jokes are true even in times of humour in times of relative normalcy, dangers and ramifications of America's deep seated racism or omnipresent for people of color racism seeps into every second, every act tries we might joke, entertain or fool ourselves under me. It all. There is a real danger to the system with created an inherited
this danger, shows up in the script in this lunch scene. We haven't observed it in the song, yet that's right after the break this black history month beyond target investing in black creators and brands building a legacy of success the journey as they celebrate all those helping black communities thrive from artists and entrepreneurs to students and investors learn more about how target is supporting black legacy and success on their year round storytelling platform target dot com, slash black beyond measure, let's drive together, looking back to dissect before the break, we detailed the First verse and hook of telegraph avenue and the initial scenes at scores in the screenplay as us continues. Gambino
takes a somewhat morbid turn. Gambino things aren't really the drive, but I think I'd rather die in Oakland here. He against a series of back and forth thoughts about the relationship in question, since we oh Ella in Oakland, to be metaphors about their differences and appears Gambino is to accept those differences and not allow them to be a deterrent any longer than he thinks. He's other die in Oakland, switching to a
or permanent desire to settle down. The use of think still reveals uncertainty despite the permanency of death Tracy by two speed there and not think there's something underneath holding back Gambino, then sings with my hand on ten in too. So I guess it all depends on Oakland of course hands on ten in two means at his hands or on the wheel of his car. The ten into a clock or quite different, thrown upon inside of a clock thus can be. You'd here, as the cognitive dissonance currently happening in his head. It's also another Russian of the Miss timing between Gambino and his ex saying it all depends on Oakland seems to me he's putting all his stock in this trip that whatever happens, when he finally arrives to meet his ex, will forever determined later, the relationship of his future Gambino, then things I'm nervous, truth be told. I never saw me growing old and Oakland his commit It continues to deteriorate as yet
its anxiety and lack of foresight. The law I never saw me growing old adds to the man two elements of morbid thinking He never saw himself growing old, committing to Single relationship, in other words, he's never actually thought about it future in any significant way. Gambino concludes this section. And if I married you tonight would probably a riot in Oakland at first These lines seem to reflect a growing sense of concern for the possibility of a committed relationship of marriage. So much so that Gambino worries rise to the level of a riot and, with this in mind, Listen to these lines again with a special focus. Whether Gambino assaying married you tonight or buried. Tonight one suggested that the word is buried. It's all I can personally here gloves,
I created this effect by recording the vocals, both words and letting them on top of each other regardless. Reality of the the sound here reflects a few central concepts in the track and BT. I more generally given the morbid undercurrent of the verse. So far. We could see this as the conclusion of Gambino's thinking that marriage or a lifelong commitment to a single partner is akin to death. However, one Take a few contextual elements around the song into consideration. Other interpretations present themselves quite clearly. Well on its surface. This is a love song. There are murmur, of danger and racial tension. Let's begin with method by which the track was released. After my we'll be Jordan, tweeted out a link for fast to download this new track, saying quote: Ya'Ll eight I got my ear to the streets. Besides, the double on top of streets for a song called telegraph Avenue and for keeping its ear to the round for the newest artist or songs. There's a few implication
here to having the actor released the track at the time Jordan was promote. The based on real events, film, fruit veil station, where he start as Oscar Grant black man who was murdered by police officers while taking the Bart train in the city of you guessed it Oakland, Oscar Grant lost his life because he was black his race and are permitted visions of discrimination that result led to his death the fish. Fruit veil station was actually score by BT eyes. Producer leave the gourd said it was directed by Ryan Cooler. Don lovers, friend and collaborator. Here's kubler enjoy in talking about the release of telegraph, avenue knowledge good that song about I s nest, I Donald Donnerwetter on our right. I just happen to get a link across. My inbox out coogler tells Jordan that he knew the girl that the song was about and Jordan smirks,
He received the song anonymously and just put it out there while he's a great actor. He can't fake this. As clear he's joking around the release of the song threw him was intentional Jordan they go on to say quote it's weird what the end now days, you can just have your own marketing or advertising campaign through the people that you know unquote from cougars note that he knew the girl in real life to their film, portraying life and death of Oscar Grant Glover has one again combined real and fictional elements to abuse this love song with reminders of racial tension and police brutality or fans were going crazy for the leak track. They would have to go down load it from an actor playing Oscar grant a reminder of what happened to him remain of systemic shortcomings in America. Audience couldn't just eat the cake the had to eat their vegetables too. The music video for Telegraph Avenue, holds further efforts of racial tension, weaving its way into the conversation in the video
warped utopian worldview, depicts Gambino and singer Jenny, Iowa roaming, the island of quite before locals, attack, Gambino Right, Trace Smith, who examined BT, music videos as an extended metaphor for existing as a black man in America. Disk This scene, ass quote the look run out and try to get Jane to come with them, believing that they're protecting her eyes, tempt to lead her away Pino arises and a new monstrous form lashing back at his attackers after coming the very thing they were afraid he become. This new form represents how will be presented to the rest of the world as a consequence of his reaction to their transgressions against him. They are dead. Dna is terrified Donald has to once again deal with outside forces. Make him something that is not. We know, at our hero. Isn't this great beast the locals assumed he was, but that doesn't matter now unquote.
Add to this the scene in the screenplay we just talked about where the boy screw were racially profile by the police after a violent events in and out the we can even make it to his acts without a reminder of the threats upon his existence, while individually These tangential elements, such as the rule out process, the music video in the script, might seem inconsequential when taken as a whole we begin to realise how Gambino has packaged whispers of danger and racial tension into telegraph, avenue and BT, I more generally it's the sonic equivalent of driving while black the idea that as a black, person in America there are certain added threats and stresses that are ever present invisible until they are not civically here and telegraph avenue. We understand that can't be no or the boy is on. To escape the shadow of exterior societal threat, even pursuing something pure. Like love, This is why we must observe lines like married or buried with such a magnified Linz.
When the word married or buried can be heard. In the same breath we recognises subjectivity a perception, one of the biggest thee BT attempts to communicate, We can see this love as something wonderful that will last or something doomed to die Gambino per day should insist that we see both sides and understand that their press at the very same time depending on perspective our contacts and connect. It is that we make here and interpret different things, in other words if you hear married- and I hear buried, what does that they about us as people as individuals. How does are past experiences and circumstances in form how we interpret the world and is our subjective endeavour. Your interpretation of the world? The very thing that defines us makes us who we are that separates us, and if so, can we take a step back and understand that, while how we interpret the world may be different were all ultimately connected by this process,
we're all spinning around the sun trying to make sense of the world and our place there within everything that we needed. No, I got you when you feel everything you won't say tweeted. I don't like that shit so treated. Can we just roll in? Can we just roll for a minute? Wait a minute can't be no sing, everything that I needed. Now that I got you in your feelings thing. You won't say you tweet it an inward dont like that should at all so treated here, he said Subject is frustration on the woman he claims Eddie. Everything he needs and desires her emotion. Yet she doesn't Munich directly with him. Instead, She chooses to tweet or sub tweet him an indirect voicing our feelings. Happiness sees this as treated or foolish, instead of being right with each other. Social media and modern evasion has gotten in the way, ironically, this this exact We were Gambino himself did moments ago. He didn't want to call her as
was to direct and prefer something more akin to a telegraph gambino than here. Just singing. Can we just role with the feeling? Can we just role for a minute wait a minute? he says he wants the woman to express her feelings to feel them and allow them to be present. The use of raw conveys, a desire for ease and also implies the use of drugs? To achieve a relax mindset after the push back, you risk just previously. This is a plea for synchronicity. For me, on the same page. In the same motion you, to move past the start and stop mistimed actions that have characterised the relationship so far no you just stay right after he's ready to go
Pino things, but I'm really not ready girl. That's the problem because of weight. Scared to fall- and I know you choose to stay, and oh here, myths directly to his acts. That he's having second thoughts, the line wait you scared to fall, may reminders of when Gambino wrapped love the russian roulette. I had the safety on the previous track shadows you're not allowing himself to be open to love having addressed his x directly, now get into self deprecating verse like how one might make fun of themselves to show someone that they've grown and realized their shortcomings. Same all the girlfriends saying here we go again which gave, but he had like a gentleman last one didn't I like it should have been two days and you still want to get it in and they're saying it's because of the internet and try and send this on to the next shit Exo the old face on your exit right and we can do the same thing- can be no reps all the girlfriend saying here we go again rich kid. Buddy act like a gentleman, ass, one didn't end like it should have been to date any stew
wanna get it in Ms Gambino Brash ACT of dropping everything to go see his ex. Even if didn't want him to do something he's done before rich kid. Buddy act like it gentlemen appears to be an ironic depiction of the boy with gentle and being used. Sarcastically we're is trying to you self deprecation to show that he is aware of its shortcomings, for instance, is lack of patients and repetitive search for self gratification. That leaves others tossed aside. This is exam. Five in the lines. Last one didn't like it should have been to date we still want to get it in which cause tension to his impatience and frustration about having gone on two dates with a girl and not getting sex yet can he needs providing the perspective of his past lovers, wrapping and they're saying it's because of the internet. Try or once onto the next chick accepts the office under axis here there Reference to the album title is used as a pejorative sense that is because of the internet. The boy lacks pay.
Since a move from partner to partner in pursuit of instant pleasure. He may try or ones or have sex with a girl once, but they need onto the next? Looking for something better to do this, his partners if what he does is just to Ex o the office on them. That is cross out, image of their face after having sex, as if crossing an item off a grocery list, we can do the same thing if you want to have that and when you do a breathing and thinking at panic, and you want to be a mom and I'm so bad at it. I was thinking about me I'll, be really bad at it, because I'm thinking about me weeks in the black fourth of July Pointyeah, we can try to go so, let's try Gambino Reps and we can the same thing. If you want to have at it, when your thoughts can't breathe- and you think an asthmatic here, the same thing it referred to what is always done in sexual relationships that is have sex once and then move on perpetuating the cycle of self gratification or the, same thing could be committing to a single partner and having sex with the same purpose.
And over and over again the double ontogeny of when your thoughts can't breathe. You think an asthmatic The size of the intensity or panic Belides felt in the rapid fire delivery exemplifying the existential anxiety of deciding on a single life partner. Gambino then acknowledges their different desires, wrapping and you want to be a mom, and I was mad at it. I was thinking me I'd, be really bad at it, because I'm thinkin about me While the woman wants to be a mother to settle into a committed relationship and start a family can beat us I still clearly doesn't fit in with that. He also expressed an underlying insecurity with selfishness, admitting that he thinks he be about Father. I mean this was the guy, who famously said, I already have a leg to know: a lot of people just like our economy is gonna get AIDS, but I gotta be I'm sorry, I'm much red at eight it can be, no can do.
These by stringing together images of blissful domesticity wrapping weeks into by fourth of July House, inquire yeah. We can try, so let's try, in line with the stop and start paradoxical structure of the song. Can be no somewhat randomly agrees to give it a try. However, given he had previously said he would try a girl once and move on. We don't get the impression that New trial will last long gimme. It was also just admitted that he doesn't think he'd be a good father, since he thinks about himself too much in this vote. He is detailed. Self reflective critique he's his shortcomings to the point of self parity, as if self awareness alone could lead to reconciliation and progress.
During this instrumental bridge, Gambino would often do a dance move, called the Shorty George and live performances as well as briefly in the music video the Shorty George is named after Shorty George Snowden, a famous Harlem, Sir, from the nineteen twenties thirty's snow. Was known for using his small stature for comedic effect, while dancing with taller partners. The dance move involves walking your feet close together and bending at the knee making the dancer shorter and shorter. The movie often associated with self parity, as I did diminishes or pokes find themselves, in contrast with their partner, evoking this dance and is performed, start presentation of telegraph, avenue, reflex, Gambino attempt at poking fun of himself to appear as if he's grown. Gambino and the boy are more aware of their shortcomings and appear to offer this representation of growth to their ex, but the question is: is it
do you suppose the Gibson has now joined by singer. Rochelle Jordan, Repair the voices, the perspective of neither from the script. This new do oh seemingly giving it a try together, sings got my ninety five b. Still have the time to kiss me just hit me I left you all alone. Would you still pick up the phone? It's if he you miss me, of course, taking
Ninety five means that their taking a day off of work and both voice their fresh, nation that their sacrifice isn't reciprocated that their partners still doesn't have the time to kiss them, notably this cup it, focuses on timing, which has been off throughout the track. Tedious to get in the way of the pair, even when their together the mist indication continues as they wonder if their presence even matters when they sing its, if he you miss me the use of Miss, has two implications, the longing that occurs when your way from some one that you want to be with, but also that You have missed their chance. They didn't connecting the right way at the right time Gambino than continues. I got nurtured a move and will both be thirty soon in Oakland, furniture to move is a sign that Gambino is looking for somewhere to make his home and the remit you're that they'll both be thirty soon as a pressure to start a family before it's too late, Gambino than resentfully asks,
only one, I know as you so the fuck I'm supposed to do. What versus could be read as Gambino, not knowing any one else in Oakland the statement likely a more general resentful plea as in he feels that is since the only one who knows him and if she won't be with him. What else is supposed to do? Who else does he have these later sections of Telegraph Avenue Soundtrack the scene in the screenplay, were the boy finally arrives in Oakland at night. South trying to salvage some sort of connection when the boy walks up to her door. She open said before he can knock faces a mixture of strange anger and sympathy without greening. She says to him quote those point you reach when you're no longer able to feel like you did not. A person not with a certain place. You just can't feel like you did because that muscle, or whatever is just dead, were gone when you're alone, you might be able to remember it might,
here a song that makes you questioning, but you don't have it. It doesn't exist anymore. It's dead. Do you understand The boy says he does tells them that she's. At that point, He says he still wants to talk, because you just saw someone die, but neither cuts them off and rejects him, reminding him that they're not together and hurtfully saying that she doesn't know him the boy notices. There's a man inside the house who must be neither partner the boy He tells him quote: we were planning having kid together she offered and we had a whole plan like adults or something then I backed out so Your second at best is what I'm saying neither as well brought with him, but neither of them have an answer it sad because they both wish that they knew closing the door. Nihilist says: please grow up and the boy heads back car, as the scene ends having gone back to Oakland. Having had thoughts went back.
Can forth across his mind for the six plus hour drive having dealt with the police. Boy finally arise at needless home. Unwanted He doesn't really listen to her and all This time steps that they ve taken, leave them at a irreconcilable point. She doesn't. To him him either the the tried device is concern about the recent shootings he's witnessed and their effect on him, but she cut them off. The hurt Why feels when nihilist says that she doesn't know him leave some sad, because at this point, if He doesn't know him. It's likely that no one does symbolically the trip to Oakland may have been the boy running from a sense of despair spur. By the realisation that he hasn't been living. A meaningful life running back tonight then an attempt to say, but that was meaningful and I had purpose then neither not knowing him now renders this ass relationship obsolete his run was futile, The boy lashes out at night was new man just as Gambino it on shadows,
something wrong with the boy, but at this point, either, he nor Nila can express exactly what leaving the boy speechless that question. What is wrong with you is going to stay and Nyla's final request is that he grows up a focal thematic concept of Bti, this was then reflected and lovers infamous Instagram notes where he told us quote: you're always thou to grow up. If you want The scene in Oakland is sad because the boy tried to move past all his worries and second thoughts to commit to a connection body might salvage, but true to the road of trial story structure, the boy fails. He went back to Oakland in search of connection, Aware of and trying to move past his shortcomings, but he couldn't find what he was looking for. The connection was gone or is neither put it. Its debt conclusions during
performances of telegraph avenue on the deep web tour. The song was poor, this by message of advice from the boys, deceased, mother, an abstract vocalize or in the shape of a white orb, would be projected on stage again Pino, would look up and listen to her advice throughout the show, as if it were coming from beyond the grave at the start of telegraph avenue The boys mother gives him some advice about love not to return the favor. Doesn't happen. Tacos yourself, like ask. Your father means, God is only thing, but you don't have to be that you're, not him. You know him. I love. I love you. Love is the greatest give human to have love. Love is the greatest give human to have
here. The boys mother tells him quote: love is the greatest gift humans. Have being loved in return is a luxury and if it doesn't happen, dont clothes yourself off. That's all. I ask your father. He's got his own thing, but you don't have to be that you're. Not him. Love is the greatest gift. Humans have unquote with telegraph avenue, we experienced a boy failing to reconnect with a former lover, but we should recognizes attempt as progress aware the shortcomings here now the driver's seat attempting to take control of his life to actively shape his future. Sure his diameter led him to believe that just being more open to commitment would be enough to save it they'll relationship, but still wasn't actually thinking about his axe and her feelings. Still and truly listening and therefore not truly connecting and if
His mother told him his true that love is the greatest gift that humans have. We might then say that at the heart of love is connection. Is empathy communication and selfless understanding. At this point, the narrative, the boy is quite there yet he's trying he still full of second thoughts and contradictions as evidence throughout the graph avenant. The boy thought that, because he is now aware of his shortcomings, he could go back. Reclaim what he thought was real, but it's gone time, changes us and we can't go back to the past, We are witnessing the boy learning this through failure in real time, most of have likely had the experience or lease fantasized about revisiting pass relationship after having matured or changed you under to yourself how it could have been different if you were if you are now, then you look back with regret or embarrassment at what are you could have? better. You imagine how your life might have played out if all you met them today, rather than
two years ago, five years ago, ten years ago, are billions of us all flying through space orbiting the sun at this specific moment in infinity, our paths cross at random, like circuits flying through a motherboard, we are forever propelled forward by history, our inherited circumstances by time itself This is the inherit tragedy of life. We all get one go around. As far as we know, there are no do others and opportunities. After present themselves at the wrong time were not ready and they, through our hands like sand gone by We even know to grab them sure there's nostalgia and sending telegraphs and romanticizing the past. But the reality is that time is over. Your memory is now in many ways a facade. Its possible to recreate things, just as they were growing up, demands us to move forward whether we want to or not
since the harsh truth that the boys beginning to understand through his failure to reconnect with his ex just real, His shortcomings is not enough. He needs to look deep, per within himself, to answer what's wrong with him, so he might find love in connection with about my family lay we'll watch the boy try to figure himself out, because the internet's next track sweat pants. Will examine nope. I know line by line It's time dissect. Today's episode of dissect was written by cabinet. Ostrander me remember, you can go. Deeper into the world and because the internet, through the subtle,
century guides on our website. Dissect podcast com. Why are there be sure to check out or limited season? Seven merchandise also be sure to follow us on social media tat, dissect podcast. Are you at any? today's episode by Eric Bass and meet song recreations by Andrew Rabbit, screenplay score by so widely see, music by bureaucratic. Ok, thanks, everyone talking to me.
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