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Season 5 Announcement

2019-09-23 | 🔗

Dissect Season 5 premieres Tuesday, October 1st on Spotify (and a week later everywhere else). For clues about what album is being dissected, follow @dissectpodcast on Instagram and tune into IG Stories all week.

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Learn more about the altitude love with dissect. Monsieur lies, sick analysis, podcast from Spotify studios. Each season of dissect focuses on a single album, forensically dissecting, the music lyrics and meaning of one song per episode, and today I am extremely excited to announce that on Tuesday October, first for launching a brand new season of dissect on Spotify, while keeping the subject of the season a secret starting today I'll be dropping daily clues about the album on dissects Instagram page. There is even a chance to win prizes. If correctly, guess the album Be sure to follow at dissects podcast today for more details. Actually, you know what how but I drop a clue right now here in this trailer ready roof sued reduces, I didn't say I was going to be easy.
Again, you can follow at dissect podcast for more clues, but, more importantly, listen to the season. Five premier on Tuesday October, first on Spotify and a week later everywhere else.
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