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Sneak Peak: Because The Internet by Childish Gambino


Season 7 examines Childish Gambino's 2013 album <i>Because The Internet</i>. Learn more at <a href="http://dissectpodcast.com">dissectpodcast.com.</a>

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Everyone call here where you're about to here is a sneak peek at our brand new season. Dissecting childish gambino, because the internet, which begins today only on Spotify, Eventually, we will release this season wherever you listening right now. It won't be for a few months. So if you'd rather not wait, you'll need a had to Spotify to listen and just a reminder: podcast are free on Spotify. You do not need a premium. Account are thanks. Everyone. Now here's a peek at the opening few minutes of dissect season. Seven, from our first primitive grunts and symbols carved into stone. Human beings have continually sought out ways to connect ways to bed understand each other. These early efforts to communicate eventually evolved in a full blown complex languages. Fast forward a few hundred thousand years and we're distributing these languages, be a printing press, then
the telegraph telephone and the phonograph video and tv and the personal computer with each. Innovation, the world became a little bit smaller I got a little bit closer. A little more connected and then the late twentieth century. This yeah like every watershed moment: human history. There is a world for the internet in a world after coupled rapidly evolving computer technology. The internet completely transform the way we connect suddenly hundreds of thousands of years of technological advancement consolidated into the palm of your hand. We can face time with relatives make friends around the globe on social media browser I rarely of human history on a search engine and swipe.
Galleria potential sexual partners on an app we are now all closer than ever connected everyone everywhere. All the time the question now is: is this a good thing? Numerous studies have shown us that social media contributes to higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness smartphones. It turns out are more like slot machines, conduits for of the same Neuro chemicals produced by addictive drugs online com, boards are cesspools of contentious debate, poet, Oh polarization is at an all time. Statistical high and studies show that, despite being connected everywhere, all the time. Many of us, they feel lonely and isolated. We ve all become each other's bad roommates stuck together and tank. In the world wide web. Perhaps history will prove that about the digital revolution to be counter intuitive, that as the internet
Acknowledging brings us closer and closer together. We simultaneously grow further and further part eyes. Everybody pretending like like everything's, ok, everything's, not ok like we like we. This is, we are more connected than we have ever been feel more alone than I've been like. No one should stones on Instagram? Nobody stands out. Nobody shows like their bodies funeral and the early twenty two. The ramifications of the internet. Wait heavy on the mind of Donald Glover, the internet is how Donald Glover gotta start. He was one of the very first cars on Youtube and at last It is now a multi faceted career which includes writing acting stand a comedy and music under the name childish, Gambino Glover was one of them his voices on twitter in its infancy his website. Function more like a personal blog, strip it. Mixed tapes exclusively on mine in those early days or understood the internet. More than most, he was, after all, the product of it, because the internet,
I'm here. The only reason I got here was because they didn't like the internet is everything it's a world now, but then in early two thousand and thirteen, Glover mysteriously disappeared from the internet. He stopped drawing on social media altogether and deleted thou sense of old posts until its accounts were completely wiped clean. You redeem It is wrong. The hit tv show community and rumour had it. He was planning to leave for good his disappearance, even spired. A time magazine article entitled, where is Donald, Clever the multi did entertainer once a powerful on my presence has all but vanish from the internet. So what happened why did the darling child of the internet suddenly turned his back on it. Turns out. Glover was out something like an existential crossroads experiencing Ass in witnessing death and his personal life, Glover became preoccupied with the unavoidable fact that he was going to die. He would wake
screaming at a fear that he wasn't doing anything meaningful and went through a break up with a partner. He intended to marry not seeing the point anymore. Glover attempted suicide and lay twenty twelve afterwards Glover looked to people, he could trust, He gathered friends and family and retreated to an enormous LOS Angeles mansion. They dubbed the temple was a free space for honest exe, russian in creation were Glover processed. His experience and Lord, what it all meant by creating an expansive world of art. After announcing a forthcoming album, Glover Ff they returned to the internet, not with a funny meme or clever tweet. Rather he did something radical. He was honest: got, really lost lands, afraid of the future, I'm afraid, I'm here, for nothing, scared I'll, never reach. My potential, I'm afraid I hate who I really am. I hate caring. What other people think, I'm afraid I'll regret this.
Glover posted a series of hand, written notes on Instagram that confessed his deepest fears and insecurities. The notes immediately went viral and he became concerned about lovers, mental health, but the notes worn so much a crime, for help as they were subversion of the pressure to project perfection on social media, he was seeking authentic connection by expressing the ship feelings we all have, but are scared to admit he was hacking the internet. By being honest, I think a lot of We want answers and people want to tie things up, which is why we're like he's not a crisis like he's, needs Debbie's means the present, like people want to label. Things is like, maybe the lie, and that's how I feel so, and we all feel this way so why we both sitting. I just want to be honest, I think people afraid be honest, government, who did his speaking directly about his new album. An album would capture many of the thoughts and feelings expressed in the notes quote. I wanted to me. Something that says no matter
how bad you fuck up or mistakes? During the year, your life, your eternity you're. Is allowed to be better you're, always to grow up. If you want it, This message in out, though it connect with an entire generation raised on the internet, It was an album about feeling disconnected despite an infinite options to connect was an album about fear about feeling stuck about whether any of this means anything at all. It was childish, Gambie, twenty thirteen out because the internet, because the internet is a sincere attempt to find meaningful connection in the age of the internet through if centred centered around a protagonist name named the boy. The album is a holistic examination of the with grapples,
the underlying existential loneliness inherit to human existence. Songs like World STAR target the reciprocal relationship between violence, Enviro moments and how we often become come. Defined in our pursuit of internet faint, more than a it like it is not one that got to do from a gladiator. meanwhile songs like Telegraph, Avenue, find Gambino searching for love and genuine connection amidst is existential crisis, but to call because the internet, just another person, a collection of songs with severely undermined the project's ambitious scope, because the internet is an expansive, interconnected, Trans media world.
Active songs, film performance, art, music, videos, web content, public gatherings, installation are social, media, apps and my performance there's even a corresponding, screenplay, that's meant to be read as you listen to the other and interact. Between the two tells a five act: narrative, that's at the centre of the world: I don't believe in album. I don't. I really don't, and I know that sounds like really lame, but I don't want to do album, especially now. If you're going to put out a body of work, it should be like an experience. I want to make like world stories that people can live in for like years. If they wanted to so examination the season we're going to live inside the world, because the internet will There can be no, as he tries to construct a meaningful life in a complex web of the digital age. By the end of our analysis, will come to understand that because the internet is actually about the internet after all, because the internet is just an extension of what we ve always been since those
primitive grunts in cave paintings, web of connections interdict. The individuals whose actions affect the whole that's the case before stuck here together, will need to with those connections between us, as our purpose will need to help each other. If we ever want to move forward, we ever want to grow up. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek, season seven if you want to listen to the rest of this episode and the entirety of season. Seven you'll need to head to Spotify where you can listen for free, otherwise, you'll have to wait a few months before it begins here. Alright, thanks. Everyone talk to you soon,.
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