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George Karadsheh, the office manager at Michigan Hematology Oncology, learns several members of staff are quitting. He digs around to find out why they’re leaving and is alarmed by what he hears.

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Soon after Angelus, one tax, brief visit to Doktor fought as office he ended up joining another on college. You practice in downtown Detroit. It still hadn't cut down on her commute. Then Angela got some good news. The practice announced that they were expanding. They would be opening another location and a brand new state of the art facility and Rochester Hills. Chicken Angela got to transfer their and she was thrilled. Finally, an office closer to home a few months into the job. She heard that their office would be getting a new neighbour, oh, my god, who is down the hallway, is Doctor Fatah months had passed since Angela reported Doktor Fatah the state of Michigan. She wasn't sure how the process worked, but she figured that surely some one would reach out to her for more information. I made
For that I put all of my contact information and, like I said, I need some pretty serious allegations against him, so I at least would have thought that somebody would have called me. Meanwhile, at our new job, Angela would have to walk past doktor fought as office to get to her infusion room every single day his waiting room was jam pact. every day, all day long. It was insane and I would just shake my head and I would couple times I thought I really just want to run over there and put my head in and say you: people need to get the hell out of here finally in May of two thousand and eleven a letter from the law.
sending office arrived in the mail course. They merely thought o shoot. Is there something wrong with my license when she opened it? She saw doktor fought his name and her name. The first thing that stood out to me was the fact that they spout my last name wrong, and I thought okay It's not a very difficult last seemed somehow she read on some time ago is how they started the letter. Some time ago you file than allegation some time ago. Try a year ago. They said that they didn't Education and they found no violation of the Michigan Public Health code, and the case was- There was no more detail in the letter, but Angela had questions they took. You team minds to respond to my allegation? Where was this letter? Was this letter sitting unopened on somebody's task The agency didn't respond to a request for comment. Most states. Don't have agreed
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safe dot com slashed doctor that simply safety com, Slash daughter from wintery I'm more a deal, and this is season two of doktor down. This is episode to of five King MIDAS. Four months later, in September, two thousand eleven doktor fought his practice. Hired a new office manager. George comradeship. I was born in Detroit living near actually motown of unless grandma Our George was in his early fifties, tall with dark, hair and glasses. He had worked in health care. For more than thirty years and from an early age, healthcare was very important to him deploys a line of Henry Ford Hospital. When I was a kid
and wondered what was inside what did they do their before him Interview had never heard of Doktor Fatah, but of course he knew all about christened and hospital or Doktor Father sent his patients it had a reputation for serving a posh clientele. George was honoured to accept doktor fought his offer. The scale of the office was bigger than anything had manner. before. He knew that a lot was expected of him, but he was excited to be part of it all? The position was a Air find a six figure salary, which is a lot for an office manager, great healthcare coverage, a twenty minute commute furs first day at his new job. He left his house early enough leave plenty of time to get some of my best, Sudan is doctor. Father said you know we're very formal here inside I M bird driving to the clinic, and I sought for the first time on the outside NASA sight to see it was grand
on the outside, with its covered porridge and tinted windows on the outside Michigan Metalogy oncology didn't look much like a health care center. It look like some sort of ski large sum, some resort. You would see inside of a mountain where the rich and famous went to doing their winters so like going. This is incredible. The parking lot was already packed with cars when he made his way to the front of the building. I opened the door and I was just in. Ah, I was an odd in so many different levels: the Ark One of the centre, fifty foot ceilings, grand piano artwork on the was something that you would normally see the Detroit Institute of ART, the soft light, the waiting rooms that were filled with fine furniture in all looked more like the
lobby of swampy hotel. It was supposed to be the jewel of credit and hospitals, outpatient centre really was he looked around to staff doctors, nurses from hospitals and universities. All in crisply iron uniforms, remarkable George ought to see so many people from different disciplines are there to care for patients though George was new to the field of oncology. He wasn't stranger to cancer. My own mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and I was taking care of her while I was working for actor Fatah, so I know what it's like to be. Given that news in a patient's room and to go through, the caretaking of a patient, and I really believed in the field of oncology, inhuman knowledge ass. She was looking around taking at all in George started, to feel a bit nervous. First stage:
Peters, but he realised that he too got to be part of this impressive operation, working alone side. Folks were saving lives. I closed my eyes and I said to myself. Remember this day. Remember this day right away. He was put to work meeting staff: Guinea to know the equipment around doktor fighters for clinics fusion room where patients received chemotherapy was a sight to see. It was like a parking lot for chemo chairs, keenly chairs and rooms. Key measures in the open you had single came. A cheers. You at once in a group would fall, for a time it was far ass. The eye could see saw
this sea of chemo chairs, the waiting room stayed failed with at least thirty patience had a time dizzy was an understatement would be like in a barber shop where one person than a chair and then in sweep off the air in the next person would get in that chair. There is never a moment where that chair wasn't being used and running and humming in their equipment and spies. Al had to be there or else the machine I called it would start to break down. It was after seven p M when George wrapped up his first day, he left when Doktor Fatah left, he was beat, on his way home? He wondered whether had have the energy to last the week. Still he felt satisfied
felt like he was doing more than just going to work, he felt like he had purpose it made me feel good that all the time in the energy that I spent there, it wasn't a waste. It was something that really impacted people positively, and I believe that at the time that he was doing God's work Georgia's job as office manager didn't let up as far as he could tell Doktor Fatah ran a tight with a high volume of patients and only that he was expanding and fast it. If you listen to them patients, when they talk about Dr Father, it's all good, it's you know Camelot too didn't interact with patients. Much but part of his job was to read the suggestion box. Some patience complain. and about the hours long wait to see Doktor Fatah. Others said you should feed
since we have to be here so long most. now gave George the impression that doctor fought as patients, but the world of him doktor fired ass kind, compassionate persons who fear that all the time they appear to listen to you and be compassionate toward your problems. A soft spoken but Doktor Fatah wasn't Georgia's doktor. He was his boss and he's a different side of the man. On multiple occasions, Doktor Father had meltdowns about his employees, time sheets and Task George with reprimanding them in one email he wrote endless problem followed by a list of employee Please, who caught out a single minute over there, forty hours worked, serious problem, doktor fodder, reiterated in capital letters. I need to see a copy of the incident report. I've already was excessive. He was a person that tend to over dramatized bra
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ISIS willing to pay him just as much to work regular hours, so George went Doktor Fatah and put in his resignation. Doktor Fatah had other plans he invited George to dinner. I was expecting the go to a dinner that was it a fine restaurant because he wanted to talk to me about the future of the practice in How much I appreciated me, after all, George knew where Doktor Fatah dined with the pharmaceutical wraps. If you wanted to enter with Doktor Fatah. You had to offer the best white table cloth restaurants in Detroit, but he took me. The big boy is if I was a kid big boy, the fast food burger joined with the Chubby Mass got in red chequered overalls. Is it ok? That's why we're gonna big boy? I've been hearing thirty years, but let's go there. We go there anything
looks at any goes. No, you can order anything you want and looking at him ass it do. You know how much you pay me. I can go to nice restaurants to even out when they got down to business. George restraint with doktor fired him, nothing snow, he told him. He just wanted a job with normal hours. Doktor Fatah responded by saying he had big plans for the practice he was going to expand and he was hoping that George would stick around. He said we can't do it without you and then Doktor Fatah made his big offer. The offered me some word forty thousand dollars to stay just to stay at home. When I was looking at her with my jaw dropped to the ground,
Those- and I said I could do that over the coming months. George helped Michigan. He metalogy on college open three more clinics. He knew Doktor Father was particular and was starting to wonder about how he treated his patience. Occasionally, George would here Doktor Father in his office on the phone? He could only here one side of the conversation, but a few times he thought he heard Doktor Father sound indignant. If a patient questioned his treatment plan, if they didn't do things exactly the way he wanted them done. He would tell them to find a different after you really felt that he had your best interests, but it was like a doctor Jacqueline Mr High with patients who didn't agree to what he wanted to have done if doktor factor was frustrated with patients in the office usually kept a term south. On rare occasions he ventured to George my
complaints that any doktor might have about their work. Not the MR hide things he heard when Doktor Fatah was too. loud and his private office, but one around late, two thousand and twelve was different. All day. Doktor Fatah seemed to be in good spirits. He wasn't. Irritable are tired, like he tended to be during a particularly long day, so doors were surprised when Doktor Fatah marched into his office visibly angry, and he told me that this patient chose not to have any therapy and he was incense like how dare he and explained that won't. Let him go but go let's see if it gets better treatment, let's see what happens to in six months, and I thought to myself that's a little harsh. It was so harsh, it may George wonder, did doktor Fatah
even care. What happened to this patient retreated that particular encounter like he had lost the sale. I got was a used car dealer, whose customer just walk out on him said: I'm not gonna buy it It was becoming more clear. Did George what Doktor Fatah actually cared about growing his business and making money over years since George had started, Doktor fought as empire had grown from four clinics, two seven and that wasn't all doktor Fatah formed his own pharmacy. He sent an email out every saying. No one is allowed to refer outside of our own pharmacy. They have to go to my pharmacy. I don't care if they have it in their networks. Then Doktor Fatah opened his own diagnostic centre with a scan machine. He could run full body tests on patients to detect certain cancers. He know
hunger needed to rely on machines and radiologists in hospitals. He also started talking to specialists in every area of medicine, podiatrist surgeons, cardiologists trying to convince them to be part of a new group that he formed. He called the group Michigan Institute of professionals, which would assist may be an internal referral system. His end goal was surely ambitious. He wanted to. in his own hospital system. By February of two thousand fourteen and the Lord George watched him operate the more he became, convinced that helping patients was secondary to his boss. Father was like King MIDAS, always concerted everything touch turned the money in June of two thousand and thirteen
Doktor Father had a new task for George. Their cunegonde appear about an hour's Dr North in Detroit needed a new doktor. Looked at him. Strangely, you talk about different offers right, not look here. There's no appear, George had recruited for Doktor Fatah, four, but look here. A small world town was barely any good for business. The attending physician their doctors, so long lay only had a small number of patients each week. Darker fodder one day would have seventy patience you see in we couldn't barely maintain their office, so it made no sense that helped doctors, side ass, Doktor Fatah. Over and over again is this the office you want me to recruit for egos, yes, ass, well, ass, Doktor monthly, leaving many said. No, no. I want you get it George, you didn't ask any more questions and began looking for a doctor around this time
George says he also had a couple of conversations with Doktor Moonglade doctor labour members these conversations differently, but according to George, Doktor Moonglade told him he was leaving. You tell me why enemy he points out that the ceiling and he whispered to me, rats, Doktor Mandalay and George found a more private place to talk. He told George. He got another job out of state, but George was not prepared for what else he heard. Doktor Father has been doing some things. You wouldn't believe he has been administering chemotherapy to patients without need. He was taken patients off a and putting the chemotherapy, and then he was taken patients without disease and giving them chemotherapy, though the very last day of life- and I'm suggest
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only feel good about binge watching, Netflix or more of whatever you love to do join companies like air being be Google and Cuba we are already using click up to level of productivity and try to day for free by visiting click out dot com. Slash wondering Michel manner. Reno is an interior designer and Clarkson Michigan for nearly her entire life. She lived within a half hour of her mother. Every one likes to think they had. Smother in the world. I truly had most amazing mother in two thousand
Michel's mother, Joan Donoghue, was an active seventy five year old. She work full time actually at our perish, taking care of the priest and all of the needs that he had she cooked clean did laundry wrapped a gift for the pope. Nan in late September, Joan got sick. My mother had been a breast cancer survivor
but had passed. The five year marked, and we thought that was all in our rearview mirror right away and Joan started. Seeing Doktor Fatah who told her her breast cancer was back and had spread to her brain. He prescribe three months of chemotherapy and then they would re evaluate Joan, had reservations about the chemo. She remembered what it was like the first time around its a treatment where you can leave feeling worse than when you came in you can lose your hair. It can affect every aspect of your life. She had always been very much into natural hearings and fell that with cancer. There was a lot of greed in the pool cancer industry. She chose to do the chemo. She also said are radiologists to treat the tumor in her brain and after three months her cancer was in remission, but Doktor Father said she
need to stay on the key mo. He said: no, no you're, you're a miracle. How you have responded so well, dear treatment, but it's a very aggressive cancer, and unless you take three more months it could come back and if it comes back, it will come back that much stronger. He'll, kill you this time the news that she would have to keep enduring chemo. Even after her cancer went into remission crushed Joan Michel tried to console her mother at the very least they felt like the worst was behind them. If three more months could keep the cancer at Bay once and for all than it would be worth it a few months later.
lung started to fill with fluid. She was having a hard time breathing and ended up in the hospital. Their Michel started doing some research about the drugs that shown was taking and learned that a side effect of one of them was congestive heart failure. Her father had died of congestive heart failure and had developed fluid and his lungs chew by Jones next appointment with Doktor Fatah, they were hopeful that she finally be done with the chemo. But now the fluid and her lungs was causing complications and factor. Father now tells us that there were alive cancer cells in the fluid that was drained from her lungs, so she is going to have to continue chemotherapy for another three months and that did not go overboard. My my mom really broke down cry. Then Michel spoke up. She told him
She had been doing some research on our own and she thought there was one drug had been giving her mom for much longer than called for it could lead to congestive heart failure and He looks at me and he said. Oh, are you in the medical profession? I said. No monetary decorator. He said oh, but remember I did do my fellowship at Sloan Catering, certainly you're, not questioning. Where did you get your information from and I said, on the internet. So, all of a sudden, I look like the idiot who picks out throw pillows for a living and I am questioning the renowned oncologist on whether or not there were actual life cancer cells in the fluid that they removed. Michel, wanted to see the report, but Doktor Fatah didn't have it. He began
comforting Jones saying. I know how difficult this is on you, but he made it clear to her that her cancer was aggressive. Each of these points with Doktor Fatah brought worse news first, it was three months. Months now, she's done nine months in your saying she has just stay on this and he said I'm afraid to tell you. I think your mother will have to stay on this. For her whole life to live, at which point we were like mission was beginning to wonder if her mother even still had cancer. She wanted a second opinion, but it was taking too long. to get in with another doctor. In August, two thousand ten Jones lungs began filling with fluid again.
I met with the surgeon who would be draining her mothers lungs and ask him to look at the fluid to see if he found live cancer cells. He agreed, but when Michel contacted him for the results he apologized and said that he had been placed them. I was like, oh my god, could we catch a brake on this or not? Here I thought I kind of work. Doubts kind of a fool proof way to find out if indeed, what he was saying about there being some live. Cancer was true or not. On September, twenty six, two thousand ten Joan dressed herself for dinner ass. She always did she went down the stairs and was greeted by the whole family since you'd gotten sick, her children and grandchildren begin meeting more regularly Michel's house for family dinner with laughed with dark. She had her favorite pie for dessert, it was blueberry pie and we had just a lovely lovely.
after Dinner Jones said good night to everyone and climbed the two flights of stairs back to her bedroom. In the morning we show to check on John. She said: oh honey, I've been so much pain. I was calling you during the night, but you didn't hear me as an overall. Why didn't you come and get me? She said? Oh, I didn't want to disturb before, but I am really and so much power Joan was experiencing severe pain in her abdomen, and it wasn't going away with an over the counter. Painkiller she needed something, stronger Michel trying to call Doktor father, but he wasn't in Joan needed to go to the emergency room. She did not want to go to the house, but the worse way, so please honey just find me some some something for the pain. But since I couldn't find anything for the pain I had to go to a doctor too,
since I was unable to get it through. Doktor Fatah Michel felt like she had no choice. She and her sister took Joan De Saint Jos Hospital right away and there the staff to give Joan morphine. Oh gosh, my mom is a real narcotics virgin. I mean she's been this gear she's a leave of sir. You know heavy header. Is there some more mild that you can give her and they said yes and they gave her the allotted when they gave her. The dough did. She immediately fell asleep. I made out delighted is another painkiller, Joan Fellow sleep so quickly. It worried her daughters. They called apparently Doktor fathers office at the ear and were told that he would come and assess the situation and
Oh no doctor, nothing! No one did anything with her as a hospital records tells him Her anxious family will be his family was saying a doctor needs to look at her. Someone needs to look at her she's, still sleeping two and a half. hours passed away, got her to the room. They said to a. How long has your mother Ben coding He said what do you mean shoot? She was walking this morning. What do you mean coding meant? The Jones body was shutting down. She was early, breathing the staff and to code blue to alert the emergency team. That Joan was in need of resuscitation and she was just excruciating pain, machine, and her sister did everything they could to make Joan comfortable, but the pain didn't subside, both of them Mulder for two hours straight and fight My Joan couldn't take it anymore. She just
my sister, and I said I am so sorry girls, but I'm just gonna have to die the next morning. Doktor thought have finally each to hospital. His only recommendation was to call in hospice. He went Her admitted that day and he insisted that she go to war in particular garden, an angel hospice. It's like it out of bodily experience that day to go from where my mom was healthy enough to go up and down stairs to all of a sudden she's dying and were calling and has thus been Joan, didn't make it a hospice. She died within a few hours exactly a year from her first appointment with Doktor Fatah in the hall. Side of Jones Room, her daughter
Shell asked the medical staff. What happened here? They explain that in oh doctor, fodder really takes care of his patience and he had told their ear doctor that he would prescribe whatever did to be prescribed, honour, drive home that evening, Michel couldn't make sense in it. The months of chemo, her sudden turn for the worse everything you have the draw. None of this is the way it was so should have bed. There wasn't a day there. What, by that, I wouldn't say: oh dear God, what have dont. My poor mother Joan had believed that doctor Fatah had been treating her for the breast cancer that had spread to her brain except among the drugs the doktor Fatah had been giving her was something else, a secret that would be hidden and Jones records for years. Until some, unexpected news led Michel to look again. She found the doktor,
tat have been giving Michel's mom a powerful drawn for conditions. Joan never had, and there were others may be hundreds just like her. However, my turning he said, stop doing what you're doing. don't investigate any more at this point just that May I take over on the next episode of doktor death season? Two from wondering this is episode to of five of season. Two of doktor death to listen to both seasons of doktor death ad free, you can join wondering plus in the woods yep, if you wanna, help spread the word. Please give us a five star
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