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George continues investigating Dr. Fata’s practice. When he has enough evidence he contacts the Department of Justice and the FBI steps in. The FBI races against time to stop Dr. Fata from harming another patient.

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Wonder if I was a proponent of doubt, not of believe belief. Where there's evidence of belief. I was raised always to doubt what I hear and when I was growing up, it did not change just became more sophisticated and I always would ask the question why why long before George Courage, I worked for Doktor Fatah. His career in health care began with journalism for EL thoughts, I'm towards garages that drive to. as comes naturally did George when he sees something wrong. He addresses In the early nineties, George was working part time for asleep lab, while he was getting his masters degree part of his job as the medical staff was to prepare and submit the billing slips for the tests that we're done, which George found two odd billing seemed like a job for the billing department, as he was prepared.
The billing slept for the sleep studies. He noticed something even more odd Katy respiratory Channel and the Ici. These were all called police on the grounds collective, typically the doktor with bill, the insurance for a single bundled test, but what they were doing is unbundling the components of asleep test and submitting them separately doing that allowed them to get seven eight ten times the revenue from each TAT. They were doing so. We are making a ton more money than they would otherwise and they were getting paid, George realised. That was why the
Technicians were being asked to do the billing. If the doctors got caught, they could say it wasn't your fault. The implications of that is that Medicare Medicaid or look browser anyone else. It is looking at two three five years later can see the technicians Dana they add, sign it. They could suspect that they were involved or even it themselves. George filed a complaint with Blue Cross copied everything he needed to prove the fraud and and his resignation three years later George was at home, washing dishes when he got a phone call when he answered he didn't recognize the voice. We said he was from the Federal Bureau of investigation. Part of me was saying holy cow part of me was saying: well it's about time, the F b I wanted to talk to George and they said Bulgaria can over now. Why don't see? Why not I'm not doing anything? I looked out the window and they had been park in front of
and I guess I just wanted to find out if I'd run forever. It's a he watched as two agents stepped out of a black mercury marquis. It would look like the man in black men Susie open up the doors these flash, their badges is, can we come in and I sure and they sat down, and I my living room as if they were friends. George tell the agents when he knew and they asked if he still had any documents. There were surprised that I had actual copies of everything:
at some point, George Ass, the agent- if there was anything he can do to avoid getting found out as the informant, he was afraid he wouldn't be able to find a job again explained to him that I was kind of concerned about blow back about the hospital fighting the I turned the men and is there any kind of protection against is my being blacklisted. He said he had heard about a law that was on the books, it's for whistleblowers and he said I would look into it. If I were you, if you want to be able to protect yourself, does documents had kept where his first line of defence can prove it something serious? As is, then you not only make your case stronger, but you protect yourself. In the event,
two were questioned or considered a suspect, you have to keep documentation. You learn that if you're in healthcare always keep documentation a lesson that would come in handy again when he needed to make a case to the authorities about he'd seen as the office manager for Doktor Fatah. We are pleased to have simply safeguards are presenting sponsor with simply safe home security. You get award winning protection around the clock, with security professional standing by in case of an emergency to immediately send help to your home. This is serious, lasting protection and all it takes is a simple thirty minutes set up, you'll even get, free security camera when you protect your home today more on that in a moment simply saves arsenal of sensors and security cameras, blankets, every inch of your home, you can set it up yourself,
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in the days following his conversation with doktor. So long lay George kept replaying. What he'd heard their patients without giving chemotherapy the very last you leave now you can. He couldn't believe it was true that seems a little outlined reside. Stop myself from laughing. I thought it was more like you wanted. It started on practice and get out of his contract George thought it over and the more he thought about it, the more it change the things had heard from other employees. In the past I started thinking about all of the other Noakes practice nurse or doctors. That would say things like we shouldn't have given this medication to patient and doktor thing. You know I'm not comfortable with this care plan and I began to think Maybe some of what he is saying is true. George started poking around. He took us
lack of medical records to his office, and then he thought that might make him look suspicious, so he put them back. He made his spreadsheet with all the patients Doktor Fatah had seen. from the last year and noted how many of them receive treatment as a result, and when I saw with the other physicians for every ten patients that they saw a consultation, maybe two or three would get treatment, but with actor Fatah out of ten patients between eighty and ninety percent of patients were getting some form of treatments. you're saying Doktor Fatah you're getting treat, it certainly seemed suspicious. But he needed a second opinion. He called up in it. Ernie. He knew he said, George, the sounds very serious, but you have to have strong proof that you're going against the doktor, who is very prominent, and this could be easily refuted, so
it's you ve happened to run in a more information that cooperates doktor monthly or any one else then come again, and then we'll talk about George was stuck here when a search too much in the computer records, because that would create a paper trail with the right evidence. Perhaps something could be done. George just needed to know where to look again, Doktor Mandalay and George disagree about the details of their conversations, but in one they talked about a key treatment. Doktor far too was using an appropriately. It was all I ve I e g as it happened, there was one more person who was also getting suspicious of Doktor Fatah. It was almost like yet exists ring to get into talked him to get any information from him and it was like getting thrown into a movie where you're just a thing and what what is going on here
Mary sitter led had worked for Doktor Fatah since the winter of two thousand ten, like Joe where'd. She knew the place had its corks. There were the chaotic patient loads. She already thought done Your father was seeing so many patients that he couldn't keep up. I went in with a patient of mine that I was very close to and she was trying to get clarification on her plan of care and he was nodding off. Doktor Fatah did this many times and often spent only two or three minutes with each patient, but this time the pay It was sympathetic to him. She felt for him saying he just exhausted, and I said well, you ve been waiting for this parliament for the last four and a half weeks and getting sick from him off there be so I think he deserves somebody not to fall asleep, When you're talking about your care, Michigan Hematology Oncology wasn't an ideal place to work by any means, but Mary didn't have a ton of options.
She was a single mom of a young son, and the committee was much more manageable than her last job, so she put up with Doktor Fatah. I felt kind of track because I was allowed to move more than a hundred miles away from my ex husband do the law that time so I was stuck basically just trying to do what is best for my child. Mary is the type its fired up rather quickly when she sees something wrong, though she had never had to question a doctor before So when she began to grow suspicious of doktor far does care. She wanted answers, it stir when the way he ordered chemo just seemed off. She suspected that he wasn't following protocol that he wasn't calculating the doses by the patient's height and wait a few times. She pressed dark
father on this, and he always had an explanation. He would just say it's european protocol. I can choose the doses that I want, but you know he's the doctor and he's the last say, and I mean I'm not going to do so. Many chemo, that's not my license. In July, two thousand thirteen Mary had found something else. There was strange, Doktor Father was giving a drug treatment called intervened. Amy no globular are I ve, I g moron. And then should seen other doctors prescribe it. The drug was for patients with compromised immune systems at systems at our last job, a hospital system with a doctor's she saw about two to three patients- come in, for I ve I g, but Doktor Father saw about fifty patients a month at one location who came in for that treatment. It's a very powerful, doesn't have any side effects, but when given to the wrong person
some major problems. Mary did some digging. I went into my next week's worth of appointments and I had forty patients who were scheduled for ivy idea. and I ran off all of their lambs and I highlighted all of their lambs and only two had ever qualified or needed it. Just Mary started to feel overwhelmed with the possibility of what could be going on here? But what through? What? Through my mind, is? I have to find out if this is intentional or if this was a mistake or whatever, but I've happened upon this information and I need to do something with it
whether I keep my job gonna marry confided in doktor moonglade, and they discussed what to do. Then. She went to Doktor Fatah and put the papers on his desk and sad. These people don't need this medicine. The look on his face was his usual. Just look over his shoulder. Look up at you between his glasses and not see a thing how dare you challenge me soon? After Mary says she was told to cancel all those appointments for the patients coming and for I ve, I e g the following week, and so I cancel them and although they would hear further from the doktor Mary didn't usually talk medical stuff with George Karadzic, but sometime after they ended in a conversation in his office. When I v I e g came up. That's when George learn
What had happened? I just said to him now that I found this out. Are we gonna get in trouble for something we didn't do? What do you think's gonna happen with this whole thing? I knew I had done the right thing, but it was just the caravan shot. George thought, maybe Mary and Doktor moonglade concerns could all be explained. The issue with the ivy idee patience had been resolved He still didn't think he had enough proof until he happened to speak with another nurse according to george- and she goes no George, you don't understand, I be I'd. She is just the tip of the iceberg. Just the Tipp she goes, I'm leaving Georgia's head was swimming. Well, I do do I leave now with the others. Do I get to the department of just
this right now I run over there to the FBI office. Or do I just pull a fire alarm? Tell everyone run for their lives, called his attorney back and told him about the latest conversations had had deliver military. He said stop doing what you're doing dollar thus gave any more at this point that the FBI take over. He began to think about the implications of this and the scale, but I remember looking in their future sweet and thinking about how these cases had no idea what's happening to them. They had their family sitting next to them and chairs telling them jokes and stories telling them we're. Gonna search, see a better you. It was all wrong they couldn't tell which ones were getting harm, which ones words. If
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and Brian Drake had his first week in his new department, the health care fraud squad in downtown Detroit the broad shouldered man with a trim square beard. Brian spent the last few years, is working on the terrorism task force, but now He was right where he wanted to be without health issues and in motion. we have seen how doktor sometimes treat patients and sometimes prescribed things that are necessary and always wondered why they get in the way? With this July? Thirty first was his third day on the job it was. particularly scorching afternoon and Brian was already sweating in as soon as he and his partner walk to their car. That's when their phones, dinged email. a supervisor stating that on Friday we have a meeting with the United turn his office. They have a a person coming in who is whistleblower on a case that involved possible patient harm, Brian read the email. It certainly had his attention. He
it allowed to his partner. How often these allegations true is like this is bright, nothing realistically, Brian. By the time that we hear what I have to say we go investigated it. It's usually ten to fifteen percent two days later. On August. Second, two thousand thirteen George in a blue Who button down shirt waded out the. U S, attorney's office, with his lawyer, George heads yield himself for this meeting. I have to be as calm and collected incredible as I possibly could, because people's lives were at stake here I went in thinking that it was going to be maybe one: U S attorney, and one FBI agent Orange. And from haven't human services that would listen, but when he entered the room there were fifteen representatives from five different government departments said along conference table. There were investigators from the FBI, the Department of
health and human Services and the IRS and prosecute from the? U S: attorney's office from the Eastern District of Michigan and the Department of Justice is criminal division. George, began to tell his story that a non colleges name doctor for Red Father was purposefully. Diagnosing patients with cancer and over treating patients who had cancer to bill for services. Brian Drake was Curiously taking notes. My there's bigger saucers like I'm like. Are you kidding me? This is what's going on, two Brian. It seemed too far fetched a figure myself. This can't be happening. No one would do this a doctor. Wouldn't do this to a space the agents and attorneys. Each took turns peppering George, with questions who was in the room with Doktor Father. What he's
his patience for the first time, who are the medical assistance who are in there? Who is the one handling the patients at the reception when what are the other doctors in the practice? They have access to fathers, patients or patient records. Are their house What was that he specifically goes to. Sometimes it got intense, wanted and he brought out a stack of patient records. George was surprised is that there were able to obtain them so quickly, she's the one in front of me and twisted it from my eyes and said do you have any idea why this patient would have gotten a hundred and fifty five chemo treatments and explained to her that I thought you knew what I do there I wouldn't know George said clearly and eloquently as far as Brian could tell and even seem nervous. But
on the inside George was afraid. I was in a bid by the best that trade had on the criminal and civil site, and I don't think anybody gone through that kind of interview and not the nervous. I words, but I also had a bigger issued, and that is to get my story across to the site. I felt that the message was worth more than my fear. It went on for three hours. I almost felt like. I was a suspect and later found out from my attorney that they did at everybody. They gonna make sure that they don't have somebody who is also involved, was turning in their employer and trying to pull the wool over the government's eyes. When George finished it was one p m, he was exhausted and Hungary
In his attorney took off for lunch to process what has just happened? Graver exert really goes to have any idea how big this is what I said no, not at all, because no Georgia is the first time ice this kind of response. It I've been doing this for twenty five years. This is very big back the conference room. The agents were still talking, we're all just like so back their chairs and would so. While what did we just here? we talked about it between ourselves and we like our leading to get on this immediately. If the allegations were true, there were dozens may be hundreds of people in imminent danger. Once we hear about a patient's possibly being harm, we won't need direct information that they are being harmed. The allegation that their being harmed puts us in overdrive and we move fast. In this case, we have never move as fast as in any other
case, rather than a part of they got in touch with another on colleges in Hematology, lest they sent him some of doktor fought his patient records and ask him to evaluate the standard of care given to these patients when he treat them would treat them in that way, did they have can her at all the FBI, until midnight on Friday at seven, a m the next day they were back at it. I was googling all the terms that Georgia told us about other medical terms, what is I ve HIV? We had to do a crash course in basic medical terminology when it comes to cancer hematology, which was a bit of a mountain decline, Brian and the investigators spent the weekend trying to obtain more of doktor fought as medical records and learning about his practice. Georgia's phone was ringing off the hook, aim, and into the night up until midnight things were going faster, Agents wanted more information about the staff at doktor fathers practice by the
the weekend they heard back from the on colleges that they'd sent the patient's medical records to suggest a diversion. There's no reason to you so that they have cancer, because it all the more reason to give this treatment for this patient is going through the things that alarming to him, which allowed us to move fast next. The investigators needed to gather as much information on the employees as they can get where they lived cars. They drove how They proceeded with. These interviews would be introduced to the investigation based on information that George provided. I asked this question during the interview: do any of the employees text each other email, each other or friends outside of work? George said yes, this was too important a case to allow an interview to go south on us, whereas one when I say that I mean we go interviews, somebody
turn around and they go tell their body that they work with an F b. I was just at my door and they are asking these questions. Viaduct father became that- and I said we need to do simultaneous interviews. P m on Monday, just three days after the interview with George investigators haired up and descended on six employees homes. One staffer was in her car about to leave when Brian stopped her you out of the car. Now, another agent knocked on an employees door who answered and said what's this about? He looked around me. I goes you know exactly what this is about she put her head down and start bawling immediately. Mary said: that was at home with her seven year old, son or actual. We are working on a quote from Ellen Degenerous and I said I will go on her website adrenaline tickets. So I did that and was based in my opinion, was no bra. Looking beautiful! That's when
investigators arrived, there is a pound on my door, and I looked through the people, and there were two gentlemen suits with their backs turned to me, so I could see their faces made answered the door. Any agents introduced themselves. They came in and showed their badges and said were here about give him italian college. You doctor Fatah and I started crying saying, what's going on my sweet little boy sets up and he screams mom they're here for Helen Degenerous show we won the tickets and, I said, no honey. I think we want something else the investigators told Mary. They wanted to ask a few questions. She started the panic and I thought why are they here? I mean if this is about just the Ivig and just
quite excessive. The ages ass Mary to recall several conversations from her two and a half years at doktor fought as clinic they played good cut back up, one was pretty nonchalant, one was more aggressive. They were trained to have me remember conversations from months. months past Mary told them about the high volume of patients receiving ivy. I g. She also said the doktor fought does seem to over treat patients. Even patients who could no longer be helped. I think he was trying to give them hope that extra treatments we're going to do good when in actual AOI they were hospice. propria, meaning that they were being given chemotherapy when in fact they should have been allowed to live out there final days in comfort, the agents question Mary for hours, they did no less
or to change into something more appropriate or even leave their site. I need time that I have use the restroom they had to stand outside the door with a door open or if I went outside to have a cigarette. They would have to sit right next to me so that they made sure I wasn't on my phone. They were just monitoring my remove It was after midnight when the agents finally left doktor fought as next patient in seven and a half hours, and the agents had no time to waste I heard this crazy staff the other day did you know that the average person is productive, for less than three hours out of an eight hour, workday five hours of time wasted. How can that be normal, normal and try? Click up click, It helps you break the norm to get more done in less time by replacing all
your unorganized workshops and bringing your tasks, dogs goals, Chad's and more into a single shared workspace, so sign up to date at click up dot com. Britney spears is one of the most famous pop icons of the twenty first century, but the more famous she got, the more harmful the press became until. Finally, it was all too much for her to handle on her own stay tuned till the end of this episode to hear a preview of the latest season of even the rich free, Brittany, Brian Drake, any other agents gathered to assess what they had and what they needed to do. Each employee had given the investigators, a few odd puzzle pieces, but one thing was concerned: Certainly the same all the employees heads The jobs are only allowed to specific things. Let one employee said was a rumour. Another had witnessed them
peace is the investigators put together the more sadistic this puzzle. Beginning to look but no single employ had been able to see the entire picture. There. One one interview that helped pull that post. together. An agent from J J S told Brian about his conversation with Doktor Mandalay Mongolian. His wife were actually other laptop up and open to healthcare fraud, instigations that were being investigated as the Asians washer the door to interview him. He had told us that he was looking at those to find out how he came in contact with somebody to report what he had been saying. This is a horrible disease that affects entire family and friends and his levelling this horrible disease to people who doesn't have cancer. There was so cruel, that's doktor mandolin. He does I am working with Doktor Fatah as living with this hell,
German glade told the FBI about a litany of suspicious behaviour. He said: Doktor Fatah admin came out to patients long past the point that it could help them, depriving them of their right to die in peace patients on treatments for months, sometimes years longer than any other physician. Would none of it felt right he told the FBI he submitted. His resignation in June, but before he could leave something else happened. None of the doctors and fathers practice are allowed to round on patients. Father does not allow that never has was an anomaly: Doktor Mongoloid told the FBI that in July, Doktor fighter took a trip which was rare. while he was away. One of his patients who had just received her first round of chemo had an act and she had a suitcase and our hallway upstairs and she tripped over suitcase and fell down. Stairs broker. Leg went to the house
but all while Doktor Mandalay was checking on her. She says she recently got chemotherapy. I thought she was not describing me things correctly and there were blood chemistry tests done in the hospital. She has nothing wrong with a blot us, like I'm missing something be rewritten. nice, okay. Well, not have cancer and use not come back to Doktor Father information Brion said was the icing on the cake that gave the investigators confidence that they had enough to go after Doktor Fatah, Words was at home, Andy night when he got a call from one of the FBI agents. Do you know what photos to work and as a smart, going to work at seven o clock is gonna central hospital cause? I pull the information that I have on my computer and I found the that father was doing a bone marrow by ups,
that day. At seven thirty investigators worked all night and into the early hours of the morning getting their complaint together. It was just or for I am when it was complete. Now they just. get a judge to sign it to get to the magistrate's house. We have to go lights and sirens from our office to his house. I never done this before we blew past the Michigan State Trooper on the way when he was standing still and he was driving about seventy, and we went a lot faster than that. he was very gracious meeting us at the door. He was in his so projections, which is something you you don't see very often they usually in suits and in their black robes. They had search wines for each of doktor fighters, clinics and his home and an arrest warrant. Brian did the judge, the paperwork. He spread the pages out on a table and began to read through each of them like any judge.
Attempting to maintain impartiality, he didn't say much but to Brian, the judge seemed uncomfortable based on his body language secures, while Woe I'm anchors only they see myself cases like I know I had seen it known that I had talked. You had seen a case like this. After an hour, all the papers were signed that didn't give brain as partner much time to prepare for the arrest they'd been over the plan time and time again, but there was no room for them to be wrong about even the smallest detail fought as first appointment was in two hours and they had to make sure they to him before he entered that exam room before he poisoned anyone else,
at seven, a m on August, six, two thousand thirteen four days after George first walked into the: U S attorney's office in Detroit Brian was now racing to Doktor fathers house. An arrest warrant in hand Here are surveillance team over the radio saying it up. We see a mile, unlike we're. Still like a half a mile away, Brian drove faster. It was important to arrest him at the right moment before dark. Father saw his next patient. The chair, came sooner than expected an agent and the sheriffs Car radio Brian. When Doktor Father came out of this development, he was late for his appointment, though, because there was a stop sign right at his development to the main road blue stops one hundred percent sure he paused for not even us didn't. Look just took off Brian arrived, just as the sheriff was asking Doktor Fatah to get out of the car. I jumped up doing my suit. From the day before I slept and I'm running over too
but the handcuffs on this guy and that first asian grubbing who's, the case agent. Unlike that's me, he pulls doktor far back any psychological Brian, had arrested people before they're, usually shaking her trembling. Doktor Fatah was aloof. He didn't say Much of anything you just now said: ok, When I told him you are under arrest. That was it. You didn't speak other than that he was into an investigators office to be interviewed an agent from the FBI and an agent from the Department of Health and Human service, did the questioning it asked of me? I do you know why you ve been arrested and he's like a girl. I ran a stop sign and dangerous reply was teasing. The FBI arrest people, running, stop signs, while his colleague question Doctor fighter Brian headed to the doctors estate, a lab six thousand Square foot home that backed up to a golf course when he got to the basement, nothing.
Seemed out of the ordinary. The space was finished, with doors that exited to appeal in the back yard, but to the left. There was another room Brian stepped inside. It was as if he entered a doctor's office and with floor to ceiling filing cabinets filled with patient records. They must have a thousand thousand thousand patient records their brand new doktor Fatah was a busy man, but he was about to find out just now busy had been since Michigan Metalogy oncology had opened its doors and two thousand five. In the end she had Seventeen hundred active patients at the time that we took him down his total patient universe from the time that he started his practice to a time we stopped him. He had sixteen thousand patients Sixteen thousand patients going through those files. Brian we'll find out just how many lives Doktor Fatah Roy,
from wondering. This is episode. Three five of season two of doktor death to listen to both seasons of doktor death ad free. You can join wondering plus in the wondering app I'm your host, Laura Veal Heather swearing, wrote and reported this story associate produce is Chris single story. editor Casey, minor fact, checking by Jacqueline quality. Additional proof Jeanne assistance from Daniel Gonzalez managing Produce is lotta Pannonia sound designed by Jeff Schmidt, our executive producers are George Lavender. Marshall. Louis and her name Lopez for wondering
its January. Thirty, two thousand eight and Britney spears, as at her home in Beverly Hills. She lived in a gated community, a California specialty. There are gorgeous views of LOS Angeles down below, not that you can see them. as the house is surrounded by privacy, hedges, but it's one of those Mc Mansion neighborhoods with a pool in every backyard. Her neighbourhood is called, the summit, which is a little ironic, because right now, Britney's close to rock bottom for a decade, Britney's been America's biggest pop star or right now she's exhausted, hey sing the floors of her mansion. She spent months in the court's fighting to keep custody of our kids, but a few weeks ago she lost that fight. Damn I'd be patient floors,
ill and probably pulling out my hair. Oh my. I know it's awful and now Britney's vulnerable and raw and high popery of pills, Her mom showed up earlier today hoping to calm her down. If anyone can, it's Lynn Spears, a soft spot, in school teacher who's never far from Brittany Side Lane wants. need to get out of the house. She got a tip that someone's going to try to have committed to a site ward lanes no match for what Britney's going through in Brittany no match for what about to happen. Twenty km storm into the house, stopping and shouting what the hell he's going I that's! What land wants to know? One of the copse tells her. We ve got a fifty one. Fifty psychiatric hold or taken Brittany in a fifty. One. Fifty is a code that means she's a danger to herself or other people and can be put into a psychiatric hospital against her will for up to seventy two hours on what grounds
man's to know at the cop says there following orders: orders from who, when doesn't know weirdly Brittany seems burial, phase by what's going on around her. It's only one pair medics, strap her down on a stretcher that she called out in a panic, mama, I'm your baby Lynde shouts running after her, but the paramedics her path. A loan Brittany into the ambulance enrolled ass. The summit's gates were a gang of Pavarotti furiously snapping pictures. This is insane right at the hospital The first person to show up at Britney's bedside is a guy named SAM. Let's see who's that yeah he's. no one's really sure what he is busy Bernice Niger. Her spokesperson, her friend or as some sort of creepy spend golly, it's hard to say, but it doesn't matter right now, because Brittany trust him she's, probably to see him, but when not so much,
when she arrives and Fine SAM Britney's bed. She explodes you put her in here. Shouts SAM Claps, back, you're the one who always causes drama Brittany Bags, stop shouting stop fighting SAM leaves to get some food Lynn leads to probably to cool down. a little while later Brittany can hear a knock on her door. It's her mom, but the door doesn't open the doctors outside won't. Let linen then there's another knock. Brittany can hear SAM out in the hall, but again the doorstep closed eye doctors more. Let him in either so she's, all alone yeah and it's gonna get worse tomorrow when spears and her Ex husband, Jamie Politician and judge for a restraining order against SAM. Let then we'll take it a step further. The last four Amber conservator ship and a judge agrees to grant it putting Jamie charge of Brittany assets coming
and goings, and her entire life. While that's heavy stuff well buckle up, That's just the beginning. Our baby baby.
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