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The FBI arrests Farid Fata and shuts down his practice. At trial, he pleads guilty and is sentenced to many years in prison. In the end, the victims of Fata have to figure out - was justice done?

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The plan for Georgia, Roger on the morning of Doktor fought as arrest was to arrive at the thus at nine a m business as usual. That plan went wrong almost immediately. I overslept go you through the girl. I woke up at nine o clock and I was supposed to be there by the car driver getting Kaufman age, Where are you as well? I'm on my way Anders putting on my soon I'll be there. He was helping to play it cool to act Did he had no idea what was going on my get there and I'm in the parking lot, and I see a lotta commotion outside the parking lot? I see the media somebody doing report on the lawn. I see big trucks, people at the agents, one of the truck saying, homeland security in acid holy cow homeland security. What's what are they doing out here
and then I see them filling the back with medical records, George spotted the nurses all crowded in the parking lot. No could enter the building where the nurses came up to me and said: do you know that this is going on? no. I didn't what happened. What was going on and she looks at me because you can't tell me you don't know, what's going on here, No, I can't tell you I know, what's going on here, that's for sure, and in one of the agent said overhear over here and wave to me and she looks at me. She goes here. Part of this George went inside with the agent the agents said that everything is still an allegation. At this point they haven't been able
to prove anything and that even maybe more nervous. As I said, it looks like they shut this place down. I just put seventy people out of work and I just destroyed the reputation of a doktor with a an impeccable record, and I brought down be the equivalent of an institution he walked into the grand lobby. Thinking back to when he had first started working for Doktor Fatah, as is so different from my first did. I figured that whatever the anticipated this is to be my last doktor fighters. Sweet was out with fifteen agents. The place was in shambles that remove. Computers documents, medical records, all of the surveillance equipment was taken out. I looked in one area where the young, the billing area was the ceiling. Panels were down, microphones were everywhere and they were hanged.
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was helping a patient at work and the emergency room on the morning of August. Six, two thousand and thirteen It was a busy morning, her car came in the room with a patient and tapped Patty on the shoulder. Come here right now come here and rock with her towards a break rumours to or have time what she said. Patty catch your doktor Patty WAR, into the brake room and stared at the tv where we are Michigan. He metalogy on college. Here in Rochester Hills were FBI, agents are executing our search warrant. My sources are also telling me that a doctor has been arrested on charges related to health care. Fraud has FBI Halifax This is evidently they swarmed time this morning and I'm looking at this news and here's the Ngos across then then I have myself out of my pocket is causing the thickest causing. You know you can feel vibrating. No might oh, my god
From that point on her cell phone wooden stop buzzing all day, one call was from the FBI: you'll be getting your charge. Then the new said we'd, like to interview you Patty went home. Her husband was in front of the tv federal agent say in court records that doctor for DE allegedly kept patients on chemotherapy longer than necessary to cash. In on the buildings. genes alleged, but also directed at patients, be diagnosed with cancer in their medical charts, even when they did not have the disease Patty wondered. Was she one of them? She didn't have wait long to find out the next day. A dark, Suv with tinted windows pulled into the driveway, an agent stepped out of the car and
had he opened the door, her whole family behind her. He said. I'm very sorry any hand at me, my her in the disk I jest, Sir, my family sobbing savvy. It was horrific she put the disk into her computer and began to scroll through it was a lie. why, after lie the agent also gave her a list of oncologist that she could see to get a second opinion. Ten days later, Patty saw a new doktor for the first time she brought with her the disk that the FBI had given her after the doktor ransom tests
She came into paddies exam room to Sarah hug. You made, and I am so sorry and source hurry. You don't have it We have a patty began to cry. Her doktor said that She wasn't yet sure what had made her sick in the first place, but she was sure the paddy didn't have cancer. You need to go and live your life. You need to live your life, you not gonna die. I said if you do anything for me bridges, he's right it down right down to the voting where you want me to write it, and so she wiped out corruption pad and that's when she wrote Patricia has has evidence. Andy ass in the weeks that followed other father patients or their loved ones sought their medical records
Saint Joseph mercy. Oakland hospital filled these requests free of charge but christened and had a different policy in some cases, the house. I'll ask for more than a thousand dollars to fill the requests. Fatah victims, protest outside the hospital, eventually critic relented and waved the fees but the victims and their families still needed someone who knew the technical lingo to look over the records. That's what I did for my friend time in the evenings. Nurse Angelus one tech thy will go through the patient's medical records in a way. I feel like from me any time somebody reached out to me. I said yes, I didn't care. I felt that that was something that I could do, and maybe, if you now help with the guilt of, I should have done more. I wish I could have done more. One of those requests came from Michel Manner, Reno her mother, Joe
had died in two thousand ten six months after Angela's visit Fatah, had treated Joan for breast cancer, but when they met at a hotel in a banquet room Angela some news from a shell, and I remember looking at her records and the chemotherapy- and I remember one thing that struck me was one of the king of their Piedra said she was given is typically given for calling cancer, and I thought with this is odd like. Why would you There's two for a breast cancer diagnosis. All Michel could do was cry another request. Came from Sidney's, remember her mother Helene began seeing fighter in July of two thousand and eleven when she developed a too On her neck, it turned out to be a type of lymphoma, a blood cancer. Far too said it was very
treatable when Helene began doing chemo. She was an active eighty, seven year old, with an impeccably kept french twist who enjoy in voting with friends by November couldn't fix your own hair. She died later that month, Angela and Sydney met in a coffee shop. She started at my mom's records in sheer eyes no boat out, and she was going o o All these high durations owed. All these things. shouldn't have been doing over high duration can lead to heart problems and other issues technically you're not supposed to be able to build for hydrogen. Alas, a patient's here I'd like nausea farm untying diarrhoea, their hypo ten says. That's the only real reasons that you would ever want to give somebody an extra leader. A fluid too much fluid is not a good thing, especially for somebody
whose older, who is already you know not in a hundred percent medical condition. Sidney now understood the consequences anytime. She was sick breyer and for migration with that was doing to her, was filling her lungs with blue and he wasn't just over high draining her because key now can be hard on the immune system. Patients are strangely susceptible to other infections Sidney's mom was no exception. She broke out in a rash began to get urinary tracked infections. At one point: Sidney's mom needed to go to the hospital Sidney. Angela, that Fatah insisted his patients receiving chemo. Even the powerful drugs made them sick. Angela was appalled, If somebody had an infection, would you give them chemotherapy? That's just gonna compromise their immune system even more and make them even sicker
the more patient records, Angela reviewed, the more He began to notice a pattern if a patient was in the house, at all? As soon as they were discharge? He would call them in listing that they come in for chemotherapy. Nobody got a break leg if they were sick, if they had an action, he kept pushing their chemotherapy on them, which thank causes them to get even sicker and that cause them. You know to end up in the hospital with pretty bad infections that a lot of the patients did not recover from in essence. He killed these people, he poisoned them. In total, Angelo reviewed about a hundred and fifty patients records, including Patty Hester he couldn't stop. Thinking about. The report should filed with the state and April of two thousand ten after her interview how she
heard nothing back from the state for thirteen months and the sad thing is Patty Sidney's Ma Am Michel's, mom all saw Fatah after two thousand ten to me, I feel like the state of Michigan as somewhat culpable for the fact that I handed them Fatah on a plate and two thousand ten, and he could have been stopped at that time, but the carnage continued for three years until he was arrested in August two thousand thirteen. The state licensing department did not respond to multiple attempts for comment. Life can be stressful, even under normal circumstances, but twenty twenty has rivalled even the most difficult times. You need
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and join the over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experience professional so many that better here recruiting more councillors in all fifty states get ten percent off your first month at better helped our come slash. Doctor patties doktor was one of many who reported her findings to the Department of Justice. These second opinion doctors, along with employees and other experts, help the government bill their case. against Fatah. There were so many reports of mistreatment, not all of them can be investigated, but there was no doubt about the pattern of his lies and the FBI and prosecutors had more evidence than they knew what to do with. He would follow, diagnosis. We could build for all different kinds of treatments. Cancer treatments argument,
aid was the? U S attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan at the time, so you above overdose in undergoes his patience, he would send four radiology treatment so that he could bill at his own lab you shoulda Maximus, offered in any way shape or form the he could do it after five months Several amendments to the initial indictment, the federal government charge for Red Fatah with nineteen counts of healthcare fraud. Two counts of money laundering. One count of conspiracy the pay and receive kickbacks and one count of unlawful procurement of naturalisation for the healthcare fraud. Father was charged with fraudulently billing private insurance. And, along with the government for thirty four million dollars in the end, they paid him. Seventeen million the kickbacks charges stemmed from five. as leadership role in guardian angel, hospice and home care prosecutors, said fuck
and the owner who is not named in the case, entered into a criminal agreement. This could explain why fought to ensue did on sending his patient Joan Donoghue to this organisation, because Fatah would get a cut for referrals in two thousand twelve when I just started planning to open United Diagnostics his own facility, where he could perform pet scans, He used two hundred thousand dollars of the money he fraudulently acquired to establish the business, so he was taking the proceeds from his fraud in his office to invest to further his fraud, that's called promotional money laundering, and that is a twenty year felony on each camp fire diagnostic centre was officially up and running only a matter of weeks before he was arrested, pace
receiving pet scans from him increased dramatically. Some of these tests were unnecessary. Subjecting people to radioactive substances, however, not all have fought, as patients were healthy, some of them did have cancer. He saw an opportunity there too. In some cases he ordered too much treatment, but in others he under dosed them. If there were some patients whose treatment plant required more than one vile of chemotherapy, for example, they might require one vile plus a quarter of another vile instead of giving them that dose of chemotherapy he would underdog Those patients, because I didn't want to open that second vile investigators found several instances of these lies the earliest evidence of overtime. investigators could find. Was a pay Nay Maggie Dorsey. She saw TAT in two thousand six. Just a year ago,
He opened Michigan Hematology Oncology. She laid sued fighter in civil court from medical malpractice, fought as notes in her pay and file were inconsistent with Dorsey version. Those notes were found on fought as home computer. The cat is eventually settled in two thousand nine and Fatah Kent in your to lie, even after his indictment. Remember that Europe's and protocol we heard about from nurse Mary said or let anyone who ever tried to reach this on the wrong was never able to find it, and the and for that we found it later is because this protocol didn't exist. Insisted on it even in court after he was indicted, his Turning handed over a study to back up this so called protocol, but when prosecutors try verify their research in an interview with the doktor who allegedly approved at the Doktor
had no memory of any involvement in such a study. Thought of fabricated. The entire thing he also claimed that he had no money to pay his attorneys and attempted to convince the court to pay for it That was a lie to he had at least six hundred grand to his name factors. Greed prosecutors said, extends to the taxpayers, Instigators wondered why the insurance companies catch this. They looked for red flags and nothing stood out, except for one thing. When they tried to compare his practice to another one of the same size. They couldn't find one the similar patient pool. So we want an exercise up till I practice had like twenty plus doctors, no went to one's head like a hundred doctors, the ogoni things that he compared to was the Cleveland Clinic The Mayo Clinic Cedars Sinai out belly, that's what he alone
as one single doktor compared to with his buildings and his diagnoses. So one person act the same way: a major hospital system, one think that would have given us red flags, but somehow it did not in total pressing Peters identified more than five hundred and fifty patients in the case, but that was a small portion Fatah had Seventeen hundred current patience and solved three four times the amount of patients each week of a normal oncologist, the pay should harm was more than they can calculate the potent drugs he used had consequences too much of a drug that increases a patient's white blood cell count could cause ruptured, spleen rashes must oh and bone eggs. Some patients were overloaded with iron, which could lead to organ failure. Patient identified in the case was forced to use a walker because heart was severely damage from being over medicated and
patients teeth fell out to invest gainers it seemed no single employ had enough information to catch Fatah. Some might have known more than they lead on, but had reasons not to report. Brian spoke to one doctor who worked there, who told him a story about a time when he worked in a practice in another state. A doctor he worked with was falsely diagnosing patients. What happened when he reported the doktor had unexpected consequences The fall out from that reporting for him profession we personally was was rather remarkable. He mention to us that he was completely ostracised from inside his practice and in the medical community. In that area, because he had tolls on another doctor- and saw the ceilings was wrong in, and so he paid a deer price for it and couldn't find other work around there that that he really wanted to to
to move into to get away from what he was experiencing, the backlash- and so here are moving to Michigan, eventually working for forgot, your father Brian. said this case, wouldn't be the last time he would see health care workers who are reluctant to speak up, correlate. They don't niche on another medical professional and that I can see being a a detriment to the medical community Anti patients, because, if you're doing something wrong, and rather doktor sees that they may not come forward in the fear that they'll, be ostracised from there the medical community and have a hard time finding a job more than a year after Fatah was arrested, patients, families, the press all crowded into a court room, in the Theodore Levin United States Courthouse in Detroit Michel Manner, Reno and her son arrived expecting another continuation, the last five so hearing she attended had been mostly uneventful, but this day the court
moving slowly, there was people going back and forth, and my son looked over goes mom, there's something going on. There are some big going on because they wouldn't have the it keep going in and out like they are, the judges chambers When things finally settled, fighters attorney stood and spoke to the judge He said his client had decided to plead guilty for Red Fatah pleaded guilty to sixteen of the twenty three charges in the indictment. Thirteen of the nineteen counts of health care fraud, both counts of money. Laundering and the single kickbacks charge the charge for unlawful procurement of naturalisation was dropped, even though we knew it having it cut. Model of Freed thought his mouth just made it that much more real. The
terms, got to hear Father say thirteen times that he knowingly administered cancer treatment unnecessarily Michel was sobbing each time. It just was confirmation that your loved ones had been tortured and murdered. Fathers sentencing came nearly ten months later. It took place over five days in July. I have two thousand fifteen on the second day, pay gathered at the courthouse. Our hope was it. Our presence would cause it judge to lay down the maximum sentence of life, but no chance and for all We were yellow We are worried ILO Because- and I represent it, never seen daylight outside of their. Shine. Patients were invited to speak to the court that day, the first was
Peggy Dorsey, see sued Fatah for malpractice. She brought her daughter to the microphone. If you were an observer in the court that day, you would have been able to see that Mr Seas extraordinarily painful in Iraq. The sea was affecting her so much so that she had difficulty touching and turning the pages of her statement such that she needed assistance Her daughter assistant s attorney Sarah Resnick Cohen, said the statements were emotional for both speakers and the onlookers. The doctor that I trust my life with were forever to change my view of matters of the word doctor who takes it? Oh did you know her? Father was a cancer, in our medical community. I tell my mom daily how sorry I am by encourage her to a door to live. It was like twenty euro
geez, I mean there was now one per cent, not one person, and that courtroom who is are we other was one person who is not crying and that was fond ass. He sat there at that table like he was so irritated that he had to be there, but there was one person who got his attention: Sidney's Remo was one of the last victims to read her statement freed Fatah. She said his name and waited for him to pay attention, but I swear I'm like I'm, not gonna go on till. He looks at me because dammit I am talking to you and you're gonna look at me as soon as they made eye contact she began today. I speak on behalf of my family for our beloved mom grandma, great grandma and friend Helene surrender, who we lost after being treated by you, she reminded Fatah of who her mother was
he reassured her family that her disease was curable how he gave them hope beyond hope that she would be well by Christmas. other doctors. She said had since confirmed that her mothers disease was very treatable, still Helene didn't make it to Christmas, there's no way to racist. There is no turning back. I cannot see my beautiful mother ever again and now have only a picture to apologize to. You have robbed so many of so much. You will need to a tone in this life, but you will also need to attend to your higher power. May you spend your days asking for forgiveness and each day when you wake up, Mason The faces of the many people whose lives you ve, destroyed. Twenty victims read their statements that day those oral statements were a mere sampling of doktor fathers victimization
Doktor Father admitted to mistreating over five hundred patients. That number, as I have emphasised repeatedly to anyone who ass a sin the number that he admitted to the number of patients who are mistreated, by Fatah. Almost certainly far far exceeds that number prosecutors ask for the maximum sentence for fought as crimes one hundred and seventy five years. They argued that this sentencing would be appropriate. because of the lifelong impact fought as crimes had on his patience. They like it Two Bernie made off whose ponzi scheme was believed to have had tens of thousands of victims and they asked the judge to impose a long prisons. Since, for three main reasons: number one thought as crime,
who are extraordinarily evil number to a life sentence, would deter others who dared commit similar crimes and number three. The victims could began to heal, knowing that he would be punished to the old extent. Fatah had some statements of his own. He tell the court He was ashamed of himself that he abused his since trust and violated the medical oath, he acknowledged the pain he caused his victims and their families. He failed them and no apology, no matter how heartfelt would be enough to heal their wounds. I have accepted responsibility for us
Yes, I have accepted responsibility and admitted I am wrong. I did not feel I deserved a trial. I misused my talents. Yes, I misused my talent and permitted the sin to enter me because of power and greed. Yes, my quest for power is self destructive, and I quote this to any new doktor in this world coming. The quest for power is
destructive sitting in the gallery. Patty was shaken most of all. By that phrase self destructive, and I thought well, he said that, because it is about him, is always been about him. It's not about anybody else, because he saw evil. I mean he's a psychopath. I mean what else is there to say anything so evil in injury? The same error? Is it prison who the tortured these people, Barbara Quaid, was also surprised. Creed is she expected, but power was something else. He enjoyed the power. We think about that. He would walk into a doctor's office with a patient. Look them in the eye and lighted them and say you have cancer
but I want to give you some hope. There's a seventy percent chance that I can cure you, and so he would give them this these doses and of rounds of chemotherapy and treatment it might last year's and ultimately he did cure patients. Of course he cured them because you never had cancer to begin with, and so he enjoyed that power of controlling people's lives of telling them that they had had this miserable diagnosis, but that he was going to cure them of it was not just greed but also power in the most warped way imaginable. In the end, the judge handed down a sentence of forty five years in prison for Red Fatah was fifty years old, it. The holidays, and although they may look different this year, one thing the same. Staying fuelled with news. Your snacks is a must so be prepared. The season with a protein snack that keeps him away and makes us holiday treats a little easier ass. I perfect. Next May.
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dot com, slash wondering to stock up and say fifteen percent do no harm is a new investigative series that goes inside the story of a family, torn apart by false allegations of child abuse. Stick around to the end of this episode to hear a preview of do no harm or listen ad free by joining wondering plus on the windy app to read fighters. Criminal investigation focused on five hundred and fifty patients, but the actual number of victims is probably a lot higher. The government, established a twelve million dollar restitution fund and anyone who was a patient who fought as could apply for restitution, more than four million dollars, went to eligible victims. After that, the insurance companies could be paid around three million dollars went to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan,
The total amount due to Medicare was nearly fifteen million. My Oh allegation had everything to do with the patient's patients are being harmed. The patients are getting an adequate care than what to me ended up taken him down. Was you know better care? Fraud was all about the money. There's no federal statute for murder. The government didn't have to prove Fatah was a serial killer. All they needed was to show that he stole millions of dollars from insurance companies. Our job is to kind of advocate for the United States. The victims are not our client, the United States, who are clear, but certainly victims, have a right to provide inputs that we understand what their loss is and what the impact is on them. The impact for many patients is lifelong. I have tat care now,
get to destroy my immune system, what it means has to my head: he destroyed it, and now I have treatment for that it is it blows me away? No to pay you your out of pocket expense, that's a joke! If he is stressed, as somebody like me, who had two insurance for other victims, the imp is having to deal with plenty of complicated feelings in the wake of his crimes. I actually have a niece who doesn't speak to me because of my courage, ing of my mother, to endure the chemotherapy. I did encourage my mom to adore it. I did. I did DR heard there, but I I did it for her to live, That's not for her to die, knowing the scale of fought his victim pool, potentially.
Sixteen thousand patients Michel manner. Reno knows that she's not alone thought, as victims have formed their own community. One victim started a facebook group that they use regularly took him. In a Cape Michel has found a lot of support there and she's become quite close. Sidney user. Remember she gives me a lot of reassurance that I was not a fool or to be duped, she's, an amazing woman, and she too was taken in by Fatah. Oh, I think the world of her to know Both of us lost our mothers. This pretty much the same way by him. I think that makes a ban that you just can't. He raced Cunnilingus sister bond occasionally the group has gotten together for dinners memorials will be part of a club that nobody wants to be part of ever was one person who was not on trial. Samar Fatah
was the cfo of the practice, a dark, haired, woman and mother to three children. She eventually left the country with their children and filed for divorce. Also, the owner of guardian angel. The hospice service Fatah referred. His patients too, was mentioned in the sentencing memorandum, but has not and charged in connection with any of fought as crimes. Since his sentencing Fatah has made several attempts to get out of prison first, he appealed his case, which denied in two thousand eighteen, he submitted a filing in an attempt to have his sentencing overturned in a hearing. Fatah burst into there's four times during his testimony. He said and his lawyers made him believe that if he pleaded guilty, the judge be lenient? All of those allegations that fat I made
or false, not only where they false, but father during the course of the proceedings, submitted a forged document to the court. It was for. specifically, by signing the names of his attorneys in support of his claim that his attorneys maiden promises, which they did man for joy, comrade shape the case. Had a long term impact overnight had gone from being Office manager, for the largest on college. You practice in the state with a cushy salary to unemployed, with a huge gap on his resume. All of the calls he regularly, God from other practices, begging him to come work for them. Those dried up job applications went unanswered and he wasn't just impacted professionally generally. People who,
he used to know just didn't want to know how many more was just easier not to talk to people. I wars will show their worse masks back then, where people de where, because it would have been easier for me to shop or go into a mall or to be in a public place, because no one would recognize you to make matters worse. Fatah was still higher hunting, George, shortly after he went to prison Fatah, begin riding blog posts that someone outside of prison was posting for him. George was the focus of one of them. He made reference to me and the I had, may have been granted by the CIA where some ridiculous statement, but that he had plans and remedies forming, implied threats. and I was really really I'm surprised that he could make those threats. George was frightened
put up cameras around his home and bought some guns. This was all new for George, as I was Flower George was entitled to compensation for the risks he took, helping expose Doktor Fatah, the exact amount, George received is not public information, but it was a sick figure sum not long after a colleague at work. Stepped into his office to speak with them and confidence. She said: where do I learned to become a whistle blower? Ursus wrote you? Don't you just don't learn to become a whistle blower? You know the policies and believe me, this is not what you want. A wish on. Its hopefully You never have to become a whistle bore. George said he wouldn't do anything differently. In fact, he would do it again if he had to, but he does think twice about his care when he,
to the doctor. What I do now is say I'll trust you, but I also verify everything you say: there's no exact science and in health care or anything else. So there is risking everything you do, including your own healthcare, but in some cases not trusting Anybody could be worse, he questions his physicians and if they are in a good fit, he finds a new one. They may seem tedious. It may seem difficult, but in the end it may be the only thing that's issue any takes into account, not just why he's there, but why his doctor might be as well, but it is shattered my trust in so far that the thinking is that the doctors always out for your best interest. That's not true. Many doctors have multiple interests. Money is part of their think
You know the idea of not having a margin. If there won't be a mission, is there wasn't any margin after fight his arrest, towards ran into one of fighters. Patients at a hardware store the less I'm sorry, she was incredibly ill pale. An amazing aided he barely recognized. Her now should put on her hair was shiny and her cheeks rosy. I was so glad to see her and I was so glad to see her healthy, but when she looked back at me and she finally recognised me, she looked at me with probably the
most contemptible stare. George start he's association with factors Clinic was enough to set our off, but the only thing I could feel was happiness because I was happy that she was better. I was happy that she could stare at me contemptuously or any other way, because she was alive. Ten months after four red fighters sentencing his I've bedroom six thousand square foot estate went up for sale, Sidney's, remember the woman who made Fatah look at her in the courtroom wanted to see where he lived. She drove to the gated community through the green hills of the golf course and parked her car on the cul de sac. He lived on. She walked up the dry
way and looked at the basketball hoop imagining where his children used to play, she passed the for car garage and made it to the front of the house. A real estate agent was there to greet her. She said she would interested in the home and when you, when the door was one of these, is like a big open space right, but the dac or in it was very depressing. It was called to me just a real cool place the french day core seemed gaudy to her, but maybe it wasn't her style. She walked through the bedroom. Custom, closets and a fireplace she looked at the window that faced the forest and then she reached the basement. I saw these Rosa dinners. You know like these bins where you put a b c, which put files in them,
with people's little aggrieved ends, and I saw the beans there, but they were all empty. Obviously, because the F B, I had confiscated everything and I thought about my mom spiles being and there it was a bitter sweet. Moment they could have had it all without doing what he did, but he made a choice and because of that choice, he could no longer have when he had gave me a good person off. feeling inside you know that I was able to see what he had in what he lost from wondering. This is episode for of five of season, two of doktor death to listen to both seasons of doktor death ad free. You can join wondering plus in the wondering app if you want to help a spread. The word please give us a five
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in in your new parent and your baby is in serious danger. I didn't know areas. Might my child dead by tiled passed out? What do I do I'll passes out. You tried awaken, but nothing is working, and so the only thing that I can think about and that moment to get help. You rushed to the hospital. I just have Saint Luke, please be ok! Please do you hope and pray that you'll be all right, that the doctors will be able to make him better than one the staff, pulls you aside, a came in normal clothes, no scraps. No, nothing like that. She wants to talk to you alone. We get down the hallway she closed the door and that's when the real nightmare begins. Even at this point, it did not dawned on me that they were accusing me of
dubious from NBC News and wondering the makers of dirty John Doktor death and the shrink next door comes a new story, do no harm about innocent children and the adults who are supposed to keep them safe, terrible for the family. For the child? Because it should have happened, terrible and a shame that I worked for an agency that allowed it to happen in handling these cases for twenty two years or so I've never seen a caseworker take the fifth and he did it over and over and over I might kicks and bought a national investigative reporter for NBC News Do no harm is out now subsidy today on Apple podcast, Spotify, the wondering app or wherever you're listening right now.
mother. What I'd be? I allowed you to put my son and further harm's way. What mother would that make me back on view very drunk downtown.
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