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Dr. Henderson and Dr. Kirby were screaming for anyone to listen who might help them get Dr. Duntsch to stop operating. Kirby wrote to the Texas Medical Board. He and Henderson went to the police. But no one was listening.

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A lesser known. This story contained adult content and language so that those who had some complaints by out against the correct path by on January thirty, first, two thousand thirteen. Robert Henderson called the Texas Medical Board. You ok, why. Why am I calling you do now, While I share information about agenda because we should be looking into the garden gate position because you know compounds adventures of bourbon That's the medical boards led investigator Marie Lopez, there you go, you guys have been doing a horrible death to this point and in this case,
Henderson reminds Lopez about the patients, at least the. He knows about who dances his injured. I would dispute that protecting the public would be already not in this case- and I mean that's the prostrate that I'd be a lot of people having here. I am pausing at borrowing, do not try to clarify the prototype of levelling. Out from now, we will have to be reviewed. By virtue of being a very detailed brought about by law in this case is, unfortunately, not the case but I want a bit better,
he needs to be put on the best practices. Lopez says there is such a thing but it's not so easy I understand what you are, well that the board bearer, I mean, maybe to please her federal agents or somebody out to get involved with this arrest. Let's get the doctors in Dallas were becoming convinced that Christopher Dance with a bigger problem than even the Medical Board could handle, but they never heard of a certain getting arrested for actions performed in the operating room at the Medical Board was the only option. Well, they weren't moving nearly fast enough. It's been happening for the past few weeks. Now, you'll look
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dash red dot com now to find your perfect shade, that's Madison dash red dot com. From wondering I'm lore of veal, and this is doctor death. This is episode. Five free fall, and you nineteenth two thousand thirteen Jeff glide. Well was covering in the hospital from the infection caused by the sponge doktor done, had left in his throat from these severed, vocal cord and from whole and his esophagus on the same day, and Male hit, Brett Ships inbox ship was a adjourned at Channel eight Palaces ABC affiliate were the twenty five your career in Dallas he's one of the best known reporters in town. The subject
of the email? Was please investigate? Doktor Christopher Dutch, the centres she had a friend had been permanently injured. She didn't want to give her friends. In the email she tell ship that she knew of to patients who died and two who were paralyzed from Sir three and then she writes when I google em, there's basically glowing recommendations on all the physician referral sites. This story has not garnered media attention and I fear he will move to a new state and do this again. Can you help us and not even two hours later. Ship gets another email this time from a plaintiffs attorney. He knows what contacts attorney by the name of cave anyway came to me basically say
I've got an amazing story for you that needs to get out, because this is a matter of public safety she's in practising for thirty five years. She has a sweet voice but she's an industrial strength force when she sees something wrong. Doktor Henderson had called her to help Mary effort a year earlier found her be a very sympathetic, empathetic, responsible attorney who was so willing to go there. Your distance for clients and here's Shep she's tough he's greedy. She is no nonsense. She is an advocate for her clear. Violence and never afraid to speak out and obviously, when lives are at stake case, a person who's going to say this can happen more and that's why she contacted me way tell them to expect a car from Doktor Henderson about a doctor who was injuring patience,
The same doktor mentioned in the email had received earlier. She said I ve got a victim possibly more of Doktor Christopher Dodge end. Need to hear the background on this man because he's a monster in what he's done to these people is horrific and he has to be stopped. And this needs to be made public two tabs on the same day from two unconnected sources would get any reporters attention ship began digging. He started pressing the Texas Medical mourned until now as powerful as the path Destruction had been doktor. Dentures actions were known only within the surgical community and by a few plaintiffs lawyers that was about to change doctor Randal Kirby and Doktor Henderson kept pushing for someone, anyone to stop doktor dance for,
later, Doktor Kirby sentence, email to the Texas Medical Board, Dear Missus Lopez, the letter addressed to Marie Lopez, the lead investigator at the Texas Medical Board. The investigator Doktor Henderson had spoken with six months earlier, this letter will serve as the statement you requested on Friday June 21st, two thousand and thirteen at two hundred and sixteen p dot m. Regarding my first hand, knowledge of Dr Christopher Duntsch and a surgeon. Skill and medical decision making statement my sworn statement, foreign properly executed, as you have requested maybe blot Christopher Dodge text, medical board licence in eight one, eight three as unimpaired physician, associate path and must be stopped practicing mess and by the Texas Medical Board immediately, then in which will be tackled. Herbie com- doktor dancing the most careless clueless and dangerous pine surgeon has ever seen, I, along with Doktor, Henderson and Doktor Fosdick Doctrine
nuisances spine, surgeon, doktor, Fosdick, thoracic surgeon or going to urge the Dallas colleague Ba to arrest doktor dungeon, put him in jail. It is the only way we can thank to stop this man is nothing has slowed down yet I'm beginning to think only the police or the one their intellectually and physically capable of getting to the bottom of this matter. Your mission is to protect the public, Doktor Danvers, clear and present danger to the citizens. A Texas, respectfully Randal, P Kirby empty So what was the reaction to that letter? part of the Medical Board had been investigating dent before Doktor Corbies letter and before bread ship started asking questions. Now you go about government drew to girls,
six, I retired from the board and the presidency in August, twenty fourteen Doktor Evans Isler as a physician from San Angelo taxes, and he was on the Medical board at the time. The chair of the disciplinary panel, which means he was in charge when the medical boredom investigating dunce belong taxes is that we have to have a written comply be anonymous idiots is confidential, and we Didn'T- we didn't have their until late August of two thousand will, he says, is not uncommon for there to be complications and narrow surgery and that there are two sides to every story. That's why the investigative processes, up the way, it is recall, read the text. Medical board only acts on compliance in an such complaints. Will we don't
not a police force. We don't go out looking for a site. Where says it took the board until June of two thousand thirteen to establish a pattern of patient injury, dances cases simpler the case, the quicker that are you here, pill mill or something they got you on camera base way. I can track what your drug use is. Are they like simple stuff? They don't like complex stuff. They don't like taking doctor's license away. They lights, they like reprimanding. They like signing, agreed orders. That's what they're set up down there to do curb these letter may indeed have been the final straw with bread ship poking around. They were facing public scrutiny, Maybe they were on the verge of acting anyway. On June, twenty six, two thousand thirteen
almost a phone year after the board received its first formal complaint, Christopher Dentures licence was temporarily suspended. He would not be allowed to operate. Doktor Henderson, though, was still worried. Seen doktor dent disappear only to re emerge too many times, and I was terrified of the term suspended me. They're indicates that he might get it back. It's simple and I was already where the fact how disarming he was and how friendly and intelligent. He peered when, for he introduced himself too. Well that he wanted to impress if, by some chance he was able to get his license back Henderson and Kirby knew that he could get a job somewhere, even with a record like his. There were plenty of hospitals out there that might still higher him
Why? Because he was a neurosurgeon, remember for hospitals. Dallas had welcomed a neurosurgeon who kept losing his job either with negative rumour swirling around him pretty much from the moment he arrived in town. If you a couple of spine surgeons, adjure facility working day and night. That's that's a dream for hospital administrators. I asked the opinion of an actual neurosurgeon doktor Martineau Bizarre We represent a lot of money for the hospital, we are like a cash cow, every nerve surgery represents millions of dollars per year. Is that surgeons busy the health care analysis from there Hawkins says that the average neurosurgeon brings in two point: four million dollars every year to a hospital so wide at people. Keep hiring doktor, dunce, simple hospitals or businesses,
neurosurgeons our money. Anything that's the reason. I think it's because of our charm. I think its economic value and sow and the FAO, all of two thousand thirteen? A few months after the Medical Board suspend The dentist licence, Doktor Henderson and Doktor Kirby, decided to go to the district attorney's office, but that was your idea. In my view, the only use the police to do the dirty war, another taxes, medical barbies, bacon, do investigations pretty simply Henderson and curbing went together to meet with an assistant d. We both classified freedom as a serial killer, namer of people seeking help in the healthcare system. High pressure was the debate, but I investigator on him. They would find out you doing something illegally. That can arrest him on anyway, and then we
Wearied him at the end of our interview and said you know this is gonna, be shoved under the table were, was gonna, have with this new system. As you know, this is gonna. Go to the top of my mind stacks in it's something that I will address. So we felt good about that particular assistant D. I had a lot of stocks on his desk. Doktor Kirby says he left the building feeling optimistic that the day would act, but then nothing happened. Air com through four times a civilian dune pull investigator autumn. What's going on it's a well, you know he's been suspended. The current practice mezzanine. He voluntarily released his license. We can't practice anymore and so he's not do any harm in more severe. You upset, I said, because just because you
medical lies in the media and try to kill somebody get column every month and a half attorney Kay Van Way went to the days office to hoping to get some interest from some one in their civil division. It was clearly an outcry by the Other doctors involved that with someone who either had a brain tumor was seriously mentally ill seriously. Impaired by substances or alcohol or so called lately inept and not trained as to be just a complete madman and very dangerous still the d a dead, nothing. Meanwhile, the medical, more dead permanently Strip Christopher done
this medical licence on December six, two thousand thirteen ten days later he filed for bankruptcy listing Just over a million dollars in dense his life since I was gone, he didn't have a job. He spent time on his computer. Plotting has come back. And a sailing online. Anyone who crossed him- and he did at Facebook page that's Jeff Clyde, while the last patient, that operated on he saw the Dutch had posted a new picture of himself in an operating room. Someone had written a comment below there's Christopher saving. Another life, glide well, replied, maybe murdering someone else an hour later. He got a long message from Hence it came through Facebook. It said your surgery was routine until I encountered ethics car and what I believe was the fuse
a coma or metastasis disease. The tissue was abnormal fragile bled March and was difficult to control. That supposedly abnormal tissue wasn't cancer, it was a part of Jeff Glide Wells neck muscle that Dutch had mistaken for a tumor are showed person. An jet control in the o, r and ever step that followed was to protect you to the best of my bill. What o clock? I'm sorry, that's it! I'm guessing! You didn't respond now, no, I actually contacted my attorney and tell them cuz. I thought I was going to get in trouble for calling him a murderer on Facebook when I saw the picture, but they kind of laughed about it and said no, just no other kinds,
with the guy just leave me alone. Reporters were now on the trail of doktor dance. The board had issued a one page press release when they suspended his license. That June, which generated a few stories that only touch the surface of the larger disaster, the first publication to really take a deep. I was the Texas observer, a venerable by monthly magazine out of Austin, which publish a story in August two thousand and thirteen, but it didn't seem to make a big splashed up in Dallas and then taxes, hospitals, ride is accused of allowing the eight research and operate on patients causing around the allegation I should say the sergeant should never give unpretentious challenge. Spurts ass more than I prevention and challenge spurts ass more than I am losing investigate friendship, put doktor dance on hundreds of
dozens of television screens across North Texas, or does it built himself in one most accomplished? Fine surgeons ignore taxes says that in July two thousand and eleven better player agreed to pay him fifty thousand dollars a month, plus expenses, the works, We are asking also followed by turning K way. Don't rabies lawyer. I identify him ass me mentally an alcoholic drug accommodation. There. There the vows passage denies the allegation that America Was our survival families all saying the same thing does shooting stop before he was allowed to reform their high, I'm Lindsey,
The host of wondering show american scandal. We bring to life some of the biggest controversies in: U S history presidential lies environmental disasters. Corporate fraud this week were starting a new series about a carmaker, the duped millions of drivers ending up in the crosshairs of the federal government, its story of the Volkswagen diesel scandal. To listen to this, and other great series subscribed now to american scandal from wondering A Plano neurosurgeon has his license. Suspended Evelyn Medical Board says is negligence resulted in at least two patient death. All these people have something in common. They went the same surgeon, a surge in summer, calling a sincere path and they are telling stories of botched operations that left them with agonizing pay. Now that surgeon had just been indicted, the private outrage was now public. Doktor dungeon became
hot story for the local media and victims who had been trying to come to terms with what had happened to them, suddenly realized they the only ones this brain call me said. I believe that your doktor is on the news that Hey has then kill and patience. Shirley turned on the television and saw doktor dance. She immediately to his office. Had. No idea, what was when on an that's when I started trying to investigate and in Kabul contact and couldn't couldn't couldn't find out anything so We we went over their wicked We couldn't get an answer: the door and TAT S on the news
What Mayfield, the Navy, veteran and Dallas truck driver had been left paralyzed by doktor dent after cervical operation at legacy. Surgery centre in two thousand. Thirteen is little boy who saw the quick FAO Rivet none believe he has other nerve damage to some of the most bizarre things I've ever heard of like. Sometimes his skin flares feels like is on fire and peels dungeon then with his parents in Colorado, his life and a free fall In January of twenty fourteen, he was pulled over by police in Southern Denver around three hundred and thirty in the morning, officers stopped him because he was driving on the left side of the road with two flat tires, he opened the window, they smell the sound.
We're Tang of alcohol and spotted and empty bottle of MIKE's hard lemonade on the floor of the car, a full one was sitting council after a breath test, he was arrested for do you I and sent to a detox facility, even though he was living in Colorado. He continued to return to Dallas to see his two sons. His older son had been born December of two thousand eleven back when he was bellers rising star and living in Plano His girlfriend Wendy Young had another son in September of two thousand fourteen, but police reports do not paint a scene of domestic, quality when windy Young was in the hospital after giving birth to their new baby boy. Her mother called the police after dent arrived at the house where she was babysitting, dentures, older,
According to windows, mother dense started banging on the door. She did not answer so he jumped the fence and entered through the back door. He snatched his son from his grandmother, got in the car and drove away the next month. In October, two thousand fourteen police were summoned to Wendy Young apartment after she said he slapped her in the face. During an argument she fled with. Toddler and newborn and call police from her car the following spring. In my of. Two thousand fifteen police were called to a bank in Northeast Dallas. After passers by noticed a man with bloody hands and face beating on the doors it was done billing about his family being in danger. He was the shirt of his black scrubbs. It was called
it implies officers took him to a nearby psychiatric hospital. Weeks later, Dodge himself called police after getting into a fight with windy young current boyfriend. He told us says that he showed up at the apartment to see his sons and found the other guy, they fought and dance said. He cut with a knife, but the Sars added a note to the report that dense his story was difficult to follow and at times did not make sense. By now, reporters were passing on dense whenever they spotted the opportunity in May two thousand and fifteen the Texas observer published an article, titled sociopath surgeon, Dutch arrested for shoplifting pants,
a picture Christopher down, she looks he's beat up in his mugshot. He looks terrible and it talks about him stealing and hates his behavior in the Walmart he's acting erratically. Stealing fans and sunglasses, month earlier in April of two thousand fifteen dungeon father had wired money to a Dallas Walmart while there then decided to do some shopping. He filled a shopping cart with a hundred and eighty seven dollars worth of merchandise, including watches, sang silk, neckties computer equipment, a walkie talkie and a bottle of direct car nor cologne. He placed them into bags that he had swiped from the register. Then he picked out a pair of trousers and put them on and addressing room. He put his. Pants into the cart. He wrote the cart out the front door in his stolen pants without paying and was arrested for shoplifting. I read it and
Remarkably, he was putting comments on his own article saying it is untrue that this was a bit conspiracy that did it. This was a ball the Me Don Juan and the plainest attorneys? Finally, Kirby himself jumps in. Does anyone reading this area dentists, comments on this article doubt I was a hundred percent correct and reporting him to the Texas Medical Board, followed by two question marks and an exclamation point dungeon. Online tirade went on for days He was threatening us whose threatening cave anyway way and myself Doug One member was a partner at the medical group that first recruited dent to Dallas printed, allow at took it back down the days off. It's like eighty, two pages of their Marcella guys. This goes,
doing all this on purposes, basically admitting online these doing stuff on purpose, or maybe you can convey this guy. You can't do anything by them. There was also a new district attorney in Dallas County it kings. You my division, whereby, when one of Chiefs Donna was looking at the case to see if there is anything gonna do on it and I offer her talking about it. I thought it was interesting. Silent and started doing my own research on it to help her, and then I just can't ended up taking over the case Michelle sugar is an assistant d. She's worked in Dallas has a prosecutor for thirteen years
normally putting robbers, thieves, murderers and drug dealers on trial. But she was about to learn a whole lot about neurosurgery shootin varying for us and sheep, took the case on with a great deal passion sugar grappled with what done should be charged with, since no doktor had ever faced criminal charges for something that happened in the operating room, and then it dawned on her Mary effort because she was over the age of sixty five qualified her as an elderly person, undertakes a law, and so we were able to increase the punishment range said of the jury, but had the the full range of from five years up to ninety nine years or life, and then also the fact that leading up to that he had just
killed. Two other patients made his best friend quadriplegic. All of that would have been telling him he should not have been going into Mary surgery at all, but there were running out of time. Mary efforts operation had been in July of two thousand twelve. Almost three years earlier, we had about four months left before we were gonna run out on the statute of limitations from when I got the case, so I spent this for months just digging as hard as I possibly could trying together as much information as I could, and by the time we got down that July, I had overwhelming evidence to indict him. She and her team consulted. Doktor laws are the neurosurgeon together understanding of just how bad benches surgeries were the common threads wrong diagnosis, poorly designed procedures.
And very badly executed so that the technical errors in operation or multiple and to the nervous system, just for prospective. Have you seen areas like to the nervous system. Just for perspective. Have you seen was like this before there? The taking Send team was very cognizant that there were taking, on a case entirely new to the criminal justice system, putting a doctor on trial for the way he practiced medicine, its. Dreamily unusual. We did a lot of research to see if we could find any one else. Who'd done any cases like this any other doctors who been prosecuted for what they had actually done during the surgery, their surgical actions. We couldn't find any they put together an indictment not only from Mary effort, but five cases of aggravated assaults, including flow a brown, the lady who had died after her operation the day before marriage
and to have guidelines. Now they waited for damage to return to Texas. Don't was living in Colorado, but he was still making regular trip to Dallas to see his children. The prosecutors had therein diamond ready and on July, twenty first, two thousand fifteen we found out that he was in town right around the time we were going to indict, so we made sure that the indictments were sealed that nobody would know that they were coming. I presented to the grand jury that morning it took a couple of hours, and immediately. They they were turned an indictment and issued a warrant for him, and we had the Dallas Police Department. They are ready to go to grab him, so they went in laying on the door.
Did he go willingly. I don't think he understood the gravity of what was coming. I don't think he understood the possibilities of going to jail and that it was looking and doing some serious time because he had been getting away with this pursuit. Years and years where he had not had any consequences. He didn't pay out any money. He didn't have to account for what he had done in. So he just thought that he could talk his way out of it again, like he'd been trying to talk his way out of everything else gets done. Hospitals and with the civil attorneys and with the medical board. He thought he could talk is where the criminal prosecution to die
what's police booked him into the county jail, he was wearing a rumpled green t. Shirt had dark circles under his eyes. His face was puffy, this vision of what are known as a brain will, by God rest a directly elected at everything so that they would have full disclosure, rigorous hell, I don't know- what's happening- The changes I mean between jobs, dance says you have been charged with fine house agrees on one count: Specifically, the the were figures. Were nice Jeffrey like well
about baggage and then dense does something extraordinary. He launches into an explanation as if the cases had been perfectly routine. Ro. I presented a severe, and I say this with worse Whewell difficult Shortsighted, ran through the Irish General Hospital. Various case there was difficulty with a petition was growing on top of the bone one by one. The detective asked him about each case: the safer? What happened, but over true lies in this, but by one. He explains them away and I was three mm off to the midline and it broke out to the middle and it and it caught her one of her nerves, sober l45 nerve on the left, by the way in about six percent of all surgeries
but it was my first and then he was distracted by another patient who is dying, flow brown, the hospital coming a barrier free now about page coming into a operating room about pay. Following my orders about Aspasia patient he's. Trying to get this closed. If I slow down and fall pray, I would have been faced with for and golf Was there an argument or something a little bit an argument about whether or not we were going to take care of a guy in face, right there than in there or the other green trash for them, and I talked cuz. I told him very clearly. If you transfer expected to another hospital shield, I still have brain death and then die then transfer her and she didn't bring.
Where is, if you, let me take the elevation right now, is Norris Road to go, save her life, one hundred percent and they didn't have Detective Anderson asked them about his drug and alcohol use. The issue of drugs and alcohol in the first twenty two years of my career never came up once no testing no fail test, no suggestion, no allegation You know, Augustine Run, he explained that surgeons and attorneys in Dallas cooked up the allegations of drug and alcohol abuse.
Two years ago, related fire just ass, you, yes, he tries to call his father. Do yes, I will hi there. This is Christopher. I was supposed to come home tonight as you know, and I'm not now. Unexpectedly, haven't they re up regarding the issues you this The outer edges viewing, please call him back. Hey. What's going on an idea voluntary, what's gonna happen next, to isolate in very things. Doktor Henderson later saw the tape of tents being
stand by police. The first time I really observed him speaking was after he got, arrested and interviewed by the police department and the d had sent me a video table. I mean really appear to be a pathologic liar is totally not in touch with the reality of the situation. Distant district attorney. Michel sugar was just getting started. We spent the next year and a half after he'd been arrested, continuing to find more witnesses and just more of these horrible injuries kept coming up everywhere we looked total. There were thirty, eight patient, and we spoke to everyone. The patients, without we needed to investigate everyone to see how prevailing was this in his career when she found shocked her thirty three of those patients were her either they came out
surgery and more pain or they couldn't talk or they couldn't move. Some sort of strange anomaly happen in all of those cases, and many of the patients at least twenty of them were severely injured, where they had from an injuries will never go away ass. She built the case. Sugar was still grappling with how something like this could happen. What are you thinking as your doings days. I was trying to find a way to explain the behavior. I couldn't figure out what would make somebody keep going after they had caused so much damage to the people and his patience at midday. Their stores, which spoke her heart they had been through so much and their families are going so much ado fry with them, and so I really
We were trying to find out why. Why would? But she was going to make sure that a measure of justice was served. That's next time on the final episode. Did they from wondering this is part five of six of doktor death and invest. Native many serious about the system that failed to protect thirty three patients in Dallas. If you'd like to help spread the word, please give us a five star review and tell you. Friends to subscribe were available on apple pie, Cast Spotify, NPR Wine and every major listing up, as well as wondering dot com. If you like to read a print version of the story and see photos, please visit pro public at probe public, I thought
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