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When she’s diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, Molly decides to do something bold: she leaves her unhappy marriage and embarks on a series of sexual adventures to help her feel alive. These experiences are beyond anything she could have imagined, so she shares the details with her closest friend, host Nikki Boyer. The two best friends dissect these hilarious, often touching stories. And they growing even closer as they share Molly's journey together. From Wondery, the makers of The Shrink Next Door and Imagined Life, Dying for Sex is a six-part series about friendship, death, sex, and what you do with the time you have left.

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Let's pause the malpractice for a moment and introduce a new show from wondering: meet Molly she's thirty, recently single in the midst of a sexual renaissance- oh and also she was recently diagnosed with stage for breast cancer and then there's Nicky, Molly's best friend, and the co host of their groundbreaking podcast dying for sex. In this six part, many series, Nicky and Molly, recount volleys, momentous and outrageous sexual escapades, as only best friends, can from wondering dying for sex, is about lust love and exploring relationships. But it's also a story of friendship, self discovery and making the best of every moment you're about to hear a preview of dying for sex. But before that, make sure to subscribe, to dying for sex and other great shows from wondering on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you're listening right now,.
Guanaria a quick note before we start in case the title doesn't give it away. This podcast has a lot of frank talk about sex, so let's backtrack and go to where your health was during the time of the story that we're going to tell so. I had just gone travel to New York, so I had flown to New York and back which completely committed my immune system and have a stressful trip you're there struck my best friend Molly, and I can talk about anything anywhere today. We're in a small cramped record in studio in west outlay. It has scuffed white walls, couple of beat up office chairs, Molly, looks completely out of place short blonde hair, blue eyes and lawless
can an she's wearing. This can be tank tap and tight black genes. Someone would never even guess she was sick, but she is so. I came back and I had an entire like listen that happened to me help wise. I was hospitalized because I couldn't keep food in. So I was like a hospitalized and says: can stop complaining such a complaint or angry? I still to drive everywhere. I think they call that gallows humor, even Molly, and I use it alot they say laughter- is that Medicine and all that we ve cried together a lot too, but when Molly learned she was terminal, she made a decision. We had a few years to live. She was going to experience life in a completely new way and it was going to be epic again three
two year Listenin to dine for sex. I molly, I am Forty four and I have stage for breast cancer quickly, I'm dying, but aren't we all I'm Nicky, best friend in the world known each other for like twenty years, and you know everything I've been going through in that time, getting diagnosis terminal, leaving my husband during two have sexual escapades to fuel I threw me tell you these sex stories theirs damn interesting that we had to make a park cast about it and about our friendship. Yes about our friendship. You know that our friendship as me so much meaning in the face of all this. You are actually one of the people that makes me want to continue to live that Turkey disconnected this currency, that when, in God's name, did you have time in all of this year to have in sexual awakening? How did that happen for you?
ok. Well, I have to rewind so like so after I had the surgeries, radiation in. I was on this hormone therapy, which is supposed to kind of squash, your libido, but it had the opposite reaction. I was working all the time I felt like teenager and I don't know what happened,
I said no leg. I just need facts everywhere. Our lives were so different. It's crazy! When I think about it, I had a boyfriend, a two step. Kids, while I was at home, making other cargo told Molly was dealing with cancer met and having a full on sexual awakening. I started to learn my body and like stuff that I hadn't when it was always a sexual person, but like you were, and at the same time I had found this app, which is kind of like an innocent ass. It was called face feed. He would take a picture of yourself right, a message and you would like send it to somebody that you wanted to talk to a bank like anywhere in the world and then they would respond with the self. It was all selfie based freedom. Sometimes the pictures would start to get a little.
Pricing, and the things like like I was taken in pictures, and then people like men would tell me that I was attractive than it was like a really needed now. Ok, so so I said there was one kid that I was talking to. I want to see is from ITALY or something anyway, Columbine gentle like you, I giving due again you're good at that you're good fellow again so Vincenzos hey, you wanna, migrates, Snapchat, most likely the nose lego. Ok, give me give me a few minutes to download this thing, but I vows we're gonna go there This was just like your first, so Vincenzo, and I was when he was like show me how to do the Snapchat thing and like intervention there was great. He was like turning all of his stuff in the black and white. With these filters, and then I don't know, I'm on my bath mat would like terrible letting you know
I reading on the fact the phone and like I have no idea what I'm doing, but it was fantastic sweetly you having link Snapchat settings. Young slave was basically snug. I've never done that. I didn't know existed yet again. I mean among us, what's goin out the husband in the city at unlike air. Does he fall on this? so he came home and I was like radio in Europe so you eat anything. I was just like. My body had gone. Wouldn't but I was also egg filled with anxiety because I was late. I'm going on to this make me cheater because, like I'm not achieved, I'd never chew on somebody. In my whole, life, like I, was very loyal but like I was torn because. Something that I really really needed, and it was you know, so I felt something, but at the same time like what have I got home in lump of like anxiety for you, it did so
like his first night back or lying in bed, and I'm sitting there like my eyes, are wide open in the dark and is my heart is racing, and I confess- and I tell him what happened and that his reaction was that was dying for sex. To hear more make sure to subscribe, to die for sex and other great shows from wondering an apple pie cast Spotify or wherever you're listening right now hi, I'm lucky boy. A host of wonder is ground. Breaking new podcast dying for sex meet my best friend Molly she's, in the midst the sexual renaissance and was recently diagnosed with stage for breast cancer, and this six part, Syria, Molly and I recount her momentous and outrageous sexual escapades, as only best this can dine for x is about love, friendship. Any act like the
so the story of self discovery and making the best Every moment make sure to subscribe, to dine for sex and other great shows from wondering pineapple Apple podcast spot, fight for wherever you're listening right now,
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