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You may remember the woman in the infomercial about Dr. Duntsch who admiringly calls him “one great man” and claims “he’ll fix you.” Laura Beil wasn’t able to get in touch with her when she first reported the series. She guessed that the woman must have been a paid actress, or perhaps even the rare patient who had a good result with Dr. Duntsch. But then the woman in the video reached out after hearing her voice in ”Dr. Death.” And the real story turned out to be much stranger. In this special episode, we also hear from a juror who helped deliver the verdict in the trial of Christopher Duntsch. 

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Imagine that you're, a technology sales, executive, Wendy, As you come home to your condo, you pick up the mail and there it is a jury summons, lived in Dallas for thirty years and you ve been called a few times before, but have never been selected. You defer the summons twice. Whoever has time for jury duty, but finally, you call into work, and you had to the courthouse passed through them,
detector and head into the giant room where they hold the prospective jurors, where we were fired off to a court, and there is about two hundred of us feeling added Jerry Survey and if you ve heard of this case, while hadn't heard anything about it, answered machine air and then we took a bright two days later. I show up in eight, they call us in order and I'm on the first row, in war and have been of been to enough to four, to know that if you're on the first couple arose that there's a high likelihood there looking at you to serve, that's a man named Terry. He sat there worried about the time commitment since they were predicting. The trial would take five or six weeks as they listed the jurors. He heard his name called out. He had just been selected for the trial
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new events occur or, as I find new stories to tell you, my remit This lady doktor damage. One great man he is the best doctor, I think Anybody could ever go to any future, and the problems that I had you know gave him call fiction. The voice, from the infomercial that dutch patient, Jeff glide well would watch online, the one that would help convince them to choose doktor Dutch as his surgeon. The Cairo on the screen only identified the patient as PAM, nothing more. I unable to find out anything about the woman in the video at first. I thought she might Be the one patient who acts did have a positive experience in surgery with Dutch early in his Dallas career, and that's why she we need to be in the video later
I figured she must have been a paid actor. Neither of those turned out to be true. Laurie widely lives in Trenton, Texas, a tiny town but an hour north of Dallas she's, not the woman in the video evidence number of two thousand eighteen. She was preparing to take a flight and needed something to help pass the time on the plane. Immediately, went and dollar the pot cast, and I thought out start up one now on point: I'm a husband get off worked. It came up to the airport and go about ninety seconds, and then, of course, you know the very beginning of episode, one is doctor dangerous one, great hen and theirs mom's boy, see how haunting us all I hear it in it just matter.
Like dropped, I mean literally my stomach draw and I just died. I believe that this is, you know back to haunt. Again and anybody lorry immediately found an email address for wondering and fired off a message. I'm not even three minutes and episode. One of doktor death and I've already heard my mother, my mother, is the patient on stocks. Lorries mother is PAM, PAM Trusty, which like a fitting name for her and pretty much any patient of doktor dance. Am lives in the same Texas town as her daughter. They started. Probably a year before I ever met doktor dash out. Heaven shots put in my neck and down my arm in everywhere, and I was it now has a bad every three weeks and nothing was getting any better. Her pain, doktor Refer,
her to array metallic just he said she names, have Sarge re cause. She's got a paint nerve and we got a great sergeant down here in Dallas on water and see a doctor, Christopher Dutch. This was in October of two thousand twelve after doktor Dungeon had already had a string of bad results, including to death. She didn't those out of course. She liked him with the first then I made him. He had in my eyes, and he was showing them tell me and hasten rod. Hears worrier paints Harvey, is in we'll go any will relieve the pressure on that and I'll do fusion. He told me that he had ever had a do over there. He had football players that were back on the fail within six months and he was very convincing
I feel like a heel, I mean I really feel low. That's palms husband, Larry whenever we left that doctors office and I got were a good story researching him in hospital and I could not find method. I told my ass soon ass. It there's something wrong with that man and he said what do you mean immersive? I don't know There's something wrong with me in Asia. Do you think is bad I don't know Maxie as my name I don't know better wrong and acid. Your mama has made her man the that this issue to do or surgery and ass it. I hate to put down. In a man. Could she's got have confidence in a doctor, this fiction occurred only
but there's something wrong with him, but but I dont know what and I can't find out, and why was it? What was it that gave me this bad feeling whenever we got there in an hour wait room. There was nobody, Just me and my wife PAM had her surgery in December of two thousand twelve dodge had led trusting to believe that her operation would be a Baylor Plano, even though he was long gone from there, but it ended up taking place University general in the southern part of Dallas the surgery, longer than anticipated when she Look up in the recovery room. Her shoulder was an excruciating pain unable to bear. Or even the slightest touch haste Well, I must have tat. Jude down to tat- and I said, ok, so what's gonna happen with
He said I will get better hesitates. Gesture muscle you now spaz in or something the pain was still there. Three weeks later, when she went back for her followup visit, her shoulder and her neck were both hurting afore. The visit her daughter lorry, noticed something odd within her scar. There was something blue coming out of her scar. Her sisters were black like what color blue, like royal blue firm? It there's something royal blue coming out of her coming out of her scar and ongoing tweezers and I it and pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled out of this scar as it was open, just small, maybe quarter of an inch. The scar was open and everything was probably tooth. Inches long when our eyes going to dine choices, ditch an Inter
stage that was coming out. Courted him. I don't think so I think it was. I did it look like piece of something like sponge material to me like. I think it was peace. Sponge now that we know We think that we now, I think it could have possibly been a piece of sponge. Doktor dont didn't seem all that concerned about the whatever it was. He was eager to talk about something else. He then proceeds detail made there. He had been awarded the best doctor in Dallas and their his staff which there was two or three people bear head paint may to do, a video shot, because they liked me, I just thought: I'd do great, we'll call she get excited cause. You think I'm gonna do a video spot and in all this step you now in it there
oh and I knew nothing. You know that that was wrong. I'm thinking how is she so successful She still in a lot of pain. You know, but I didn't say anything about it and it's too that it's pretty normal for pain to linger after a surgery. So my daughter, drove me down there, because at the time I could drive stale hours one day a shower of billions, Evan wakes out. But I've never seen him again on the The shewed she brought photos whither, they had asked for action. Shots one walking with her granddaughter one from the Texas state. Fair then someone from, production sat down in front of a green screen ain't. She said. Next year's Doktor Dante's name ever change. You get in your talk and said just make sure you put him out there. Whereby knows who you are talking about, and did they tell you what to say or did they ask you good ideas,
said you know, need to talk about how good he is and what an excellent outcome eve in unison. Pretty well was telling me the time that we walked into that building it. Not an infomercial, it was an award, was chosen. It wasn't paid for that's the words of best. She signed a release form they were in and out of the studio in less than an hour in the air on Where is seventeen two thousand and thirteen channel twenty one there recorded the info partial when it aired meanwhile PAM kept enjoying follow up appointments to see. Doktor, Dutch, but his office kept rescheduling them. The pain wasn't getting any better This went on month after month. Finally Pair had an appointment set for late June of two thousand thirteen. She was on her, to the office when she got a call, it was done office,
saying they had to cancel today's appointment and that he wouldn't be able to see any patients until at least October now raise our recent just omission. Ask as he okay and yeah he's. Ok, you know he just gonna have takes him he's ever to take some time off I'll, say yeah right, and so The way we even found now was later. I, the new patient, showing up to his play no office trying to get ready, They learn from the news that on that same day, Christopher his medical licence was temporarily suspended around. I cried and especially when I found out about the patients that he had killed an whence he had maimed and I urge the new gas Maxine made worse than May, like the ones that could walk his best friend and add
cried, and then I thought, thank God he was with. May God was because I could have been any of those and that's what rushed into my thoughts eventually ended up in the office of another neurosurgeon, who told her that had inserted the wrong screws and her neck and likely torn the rotating. Covered her shoulder during the operation. He also said nerve damage and the pain will likely never go away. So that doctor that he's talking about when I told him that Doctor Dutch had operated, how may hey just come on glowed main hasty, I believe that he said how did you he had to him, and I him about this other doktor sending me Anne. Said, he knew better Hain. You better. We all knew better in Dallas all of us, they said no you and nearer near outside during and he said
you're sure they doktor, so in south ain't you to him as a gas Hazan. We all knew that he knew it so I'd I would he have referred to. That was good. I was our question and that was the daily ever got. An answer to that is now no no ray food that he had several of those whose voices, but he could not believe the doktor, the refer her to say after they show you the website. That would be bad thoughts, network doc, that is the place to go down. The videos stayed online, it remained up even after DE magazine, dubbed him doktor death, even after long while news reports kept chronicling the story and ever more disturbing detail, it stayed up. There is true while we're anyone could google it and pull it up on Youtube. Pam tried to get the company to take it down, but they never responded to her. A really hard mean that I couldn't get it
the air the only thing about that video still being out. There is the fact that it might be there, but he's not so it won't hurt anybody aspirate maximum feel so angry. When I hear, mace thank the words, doktor dance. She is one good doctor I ask her what she would say if she were to make that same video today to die. I would say: I've been told that Doctor Christopher Bench was awarded. The best Docks in Dallas Award doubt go to him he is a murderer and he is a cripple or an whatever you do, never call that office Pam only learned from listening to this series that Jeff glide well, who would be doktor dentures final patient, had seen the vis
oh online, and that it help persuade him to go to Dutch, I feel like I wish and it really made me mad because the little girl in the office when she was smile. It may after he said that I had been selected by his office staff, I thought you was selected by his office staff. Gaza was one of the few that was up and walking around and if you could talk to Jeff glide well, what would you say? I would tell him I'm so sorry. I mean it breaks my heart to thank that anybody went to him because that video and specially what he went there.
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Imagine yourself in the shoes of world famous people thinking their thoughts feeling their feelings. You will confront their adversity, You will overcome their challenges. You will experience their hopes. You will try and fair and then eventually succeed to become the people they are today. Some, you think you know even admire, or maybe the opposite, but there's a tool only in the final moment of the show, will you find out who you are right today to imagine life on Apple Punkahs or wherever you listening to this right. Now, last month. I visited a man named Terry in the Congo. He and his wife live in Central Dallas he's. It has made fifty's
Rather I not uses last name, but in February of two thousand seventeen he sat in the jury box of one of the biggest trials in Dallas, a member of the group that convicted Christopher Dutch and sentenced him to life in prison. Terry sat second from the end he told me he was impressed with the way the judge conducted. The trial with the serious demeanor of the courtroom. Every day was business like much The testimony was unforgettable, Doktor Henderson for sure Doktor Joazar for sure and in doktor curvy. Their testimony was very, very powerful, but it was the patients and their families that moved him all of em effectiveness, every single one of them, MR urged Margo off Mister Somers everybody. I mean MR pass more everybody that surely mock there was a ton of and through, which was overwhelming. He remembers being most shaken by the testimony of Kelly Martens, husband,
remember, she's the patient, who died at paler hospital after what was supposed to be a routine outpatient procedure, amber, noticing and observing his pain, even after the type this time had gone by how much power painfully wasn't how much he loved his wife and how it was this them. These motions really were still raw with him and losing his wife so, tragically and unexpectedly, it was that affected me. In all the jury. Very there was not a dry in the house when we went to reassess after his testimony. Everybody in the room was a very emotional At the end of each day, the jurors warrant allowed to discuss what they'd heard to help process at all. There were many times after victim testimony, especially when you know people were pretty frazzled and respect and pretty emotional on arrival several times when we go
into the jury room- and we know how each other, while each other's tears, give each other support. As we really could talk about this couldn't discuss any other anything. You know we could. Just all we can do. Is no support each other in the hay understand how you feeling you now and then and then move on to the next day or the next testimony, and that this would happen day after day every day and every day he saw Christopher Dance,
on the other side of the court when they seem to have a five o clock shadow every day, but he did. He was well dressed. Mary was in a suit, but he I don't recall ever seeing him look at us. I never ever caught locked eyes with him her and ever really knows him. Looking at us did pay attention to the witness testimony, but he was really an emotional, very emotional. I was mainly focused on the witness myself. Occasionally I would take a glance over there and see if there was a reaction from him in there never was in fact, the first time Terry ever heard dent his voice. On this podcast. It was a police interview, maybe that you'd could play recording of, and I was really surprised at how he was not very Chris. Oh my god terrorist threat,
is voiced a match. What I had thought his is, what would be kid? They can start as worry. I exactly his voice did not match to me. The arrogance and eco that was presented from his patience and test is victim, testimony after the defence rested and the jurors went off to Deliberate Terry says it was the weight of all the patients and doctors, testimony that led them to a quick verdict. One thing that mattered much less to them, even though it got so much attention outside the jury. Room was the email and which Doktor dent called himself a cold blooded killer of big everybody felt like that. Email was just another example of whom it being abused and being a nurse
in his and goes to his state of mind and the way he is the jury needed to decide that he had criminal intent. That's what made this trial different from a civil medical malpractice trial. One factor that Terry says did make a big impact on them was all the years that Christopher Dent had spent in his residency programme and fellowship that at least on paper. He should have been trained enough to no good surgical technique from bad. The guy was not covered by the Euro being incorporated in continuing to do it. Continuing to hurt these people and manage people now that was the that was it. That was the part that you know we saw as a jury. That was that was his guilt.
Jerry took only four hours to come to a verdict breakthrough at all. It is best which, in other words, the jurors, believed that if Turkey were to get out of prison, he could conceivably start operating again, somewhere, it was still a possibility down the road, maybe not in the U S, but he could do that. He could go to a foreign country where their credentials may not be as strict and stringent. We could let that happen. We could not let him operate on another person after the Pied Cast Terry reached out to me. First simple reason, It was the first time he heard details about dentures appeal. He wrote me a note that said what's those concerning other than the medical community system. Failure is the fact that damage could possibly get a new trial and be free. Some data practice, medicine, This simply cannot happen. There's not a day that goes by.
That I do not think about all the lives that were affected by his incompetence and ego. One thing dentures appeals attorney is pushing for is to exclude mention of others surgeries besides Mary efforts in any way, now she argued that, including the other cases made the trial unfair. The prosecutors used. Those cases near rent and not try to establish a pattern of behaviour to show that so many surgeries were botched before Mary efforts he had to know he would likely injure her if it was just Mary E4 only with no reference to pattern. Previous behaviour of maiming and killing people there. The jury, witches would not see all the facts and to be a travesty to justice and plus. I think it would victimize these people. Also.
They ve already had they ve already gone through this enough. The decision of whether to offer a new trial currently rests with the three judges on the fifth circuit of the Texas Court of criminal appeals, and there's no knowing exactly when thou announced their decision, it could be soon or it could be many months from now for the past couple of months. I've heard a lot more stories about different for from the people who knew him in medical school and residency. Two former name where's, who heard the wild parties at his house on Vance Avenue in Memphis. It seems that no one who interacted with Christopher Dutch found him easily forgettable, especially if you were the one who called him. One great man
Finally, I would like to end with an update about another patient in the pod cast, surely mark talk to her recently and she told me she was recovering from a broken arm that she'd suffered after a fall in her home, I and the whole team from wondering I would like to wish her well in her continued record. Who did don't take no vacation in this land from wondering this is a special episode of doctor death and investigative miniseries about the system that failed to protect thirty three patients in Dallas. If you'd like to help us spread the word. This gives us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe. If you know
of a story like doktor death or dirty John. That needs to be investigated. Please write to us at tips at wondering. Dotcom, doktor death was written. Reported and hosted by me La Beale, sound I end by Jeff's men executive produced by George Lavender. Similarly, and her name Lopez for one hi. I'm winds grant the host of wondering show american scandal. We bring to life some of the biggest controversies in. U S, history, presidential! eyes. Environmental disasters, corporate fraud this week were starting a new series about a carmaker, the duped millions of drivers ending up in the crosshairs of the federal government. It's the story of the Volkswagen diesel scandal to listen to this, and other great series subscribed now to american scandal from wondering
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