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Wondery Presents The Vanished


In The Vanished podcast from Wondery, Host Marissa Jones explores the stories of those who have gone missing, going beyond conventional news reports to take a deep dive into the story of a different missing person each week. In one of the latest episodes, you’ll learn about the disappearance of Echo Lloyd. The last time her daughter Kelsey ever spoke to her was the day before Mother’s Day. She promised she’d be by the next day with flowers and a card. But when she got there, Echo and her car were nowhere to be found. Over the next several days, Kelsey kept trying to reach Echo, but her calls kept going straight to voicemail. Her concerns began to grow, and when she later made the trip back over to Echo’s home, Kelsey found the car was in the driveway, but there was no trace of Echo. Since that time, suspicions have focused on one person who lived near Echo’s home and had taken an unhealthy interest in her. Listen to the story of Echo Lloyd on The Vanished at wondery.fm/TheVanishedPod.

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