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Today, after four postponements, a global pandemic and a baby, Elizabeth’s long-awaited trial finally begins with jury selection. With millions of pages of discovery, a potential witness list of more than 200, and nearly 4,000 exhibits, Elizabeth’s team of heavyweights has their work cut out. And at the 11th hour, the biggest bombshell yet -- Elizabeth’s team has alleged that she was subjected to a decade of physical, sexual and psychological abuse. How will this play for a jury? Will Elizabeth take the stand, and what are the chances of a conviction?

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Previously, on the drop out Elizabeth homes on trial. It's been more than three years since Elizabeth HOMES was charged with multiple counts of fraud, if convicted she could be facing decades in prison, but Elizabeth has seemingly been living life to its fullest. It just amazing most people would be devastated, But not her, she lands on her feet and, and God knows what she's got planned next she's in a relationship with a hotel air nearly a decade, her junior- I remember thinking while you know she just bounces right into the next opportunity- good luck to that guy, and perhaps most surprisingly We used to some Elizabeth gave birth to our first child. Boy named William HOMES, Evans a month and a half before her criminal trial. Half life certainly was just waiting for that.
The great way to garner jury, sympathy, throughout all Elizabeth has maintained her innocence. But now, a jury of twelve will have the final say from ABC Audio. This is the drop out Elizabeth homes on trial episode to bombshell its August thirty first, twenty twenty one, one thousand two hundred sixty six days since Elisabeth homes was charged with multiple out of criminal fraud. Allots happened in that time, but perhaps the most jobs, Robbing bombshell landed just three days ago. This is a huge Elizabeth HOMES is essentially alleging a decade long history of systematic abuse, sexual abuse, even physical abuse. Caroline policy is a federal white collar crime.
defence attorney in New York and has been defending people accused of financial fraud for over a decade but offences really putting forth this argument that she had caused dramatic, stress disorder and that she believed these misstatements that she then put forth to investors because she suffered from essentially a battered women syndrome seem like this is going to be the main focus of this trial powerful. Might these accusations be in helping Elizabeth Defence will soon find out today after four points parliament's her long awaited trial finally begins with jury selection. Her case will be high in San Jose California, the heart of Silicon Valley located in Santa Clara County, one of the most affluent in the country, and it's all happening inside the Robert F, Peckham, federal Building and United States Court house. If you ve, seen footage of
Elizabeth walking in and out of her pretrial hearings over the last few years, the images Familiar Elizabeth, typically breezes, past the gag over porters. A polite smile on her face, I spoke, is staring straight ahead. She never responds to questions from the crowd was what what do you think about this lengthy, He no longer wears a black turtleneck. Instead on court days, gray and Navy skirt suits for Elizabeth. Her hairs been out of its signature. Bonn replaced with a wavy blow out and in recent months, she's been showing a conspicuous baby bump. What you haven't seen is what's been happening inside the courthouse during these pretrial dates. Elizabeth sets with pen in pay
furiously taking notes she pay very close attention any time the judge would talk about jury selection, ABC News field. You, Sir Deah Athens, was at the court two weeks ago for a pre trial hearing. She literally turned her neck and crane to look to see. The jury would potentially be sitting and there is a good chance about two hundred of those perspective. Jurors are just now walking through the courthouse, worse, passing through the metal detectors and filing into courtroom. Before the fifth floor of the building, its smallish space and seats about a hundred, even fewer, with the new covert restrictions like plough, see glass now installed almost everywhere. It surrounds the judges desk, the Lecter earns the attorneys will be speaking and the end of the jury box almost
Courtroom will also be required to wear a mask. There's one person who has been pushing for an exception. Ms harms leaned attorney said that she has a strong preference to be mass glass. You always want to humanize your client for the jury, and you want the jurors to grow fond of the defendant to get a sense of attachment. and you really can't do that behind masks. Requests like this one will ultimately be up to you S. District judge, Edward Dollar, for the northern district of California, he'll be presiding. The trial, my name, is down below an automated district court, judge from Norton District of California citizen judged. Avalon is sixty nine years old, with a full head of salt and pepper, hair and rectangular framed glasses. He's been a: U S. District judge for a little over ten years, appointed by President Obama. Here's California Senator Barber boxer
at his Senate. Confirmation hearing judged Vila will be the only latino serving manure. And district court. A villa was born in Palo Alto, one of three children raised by a single mother- and this isn't judge, doubtless burst high profile case- He recently presided over portions of the wreck, singer operation, varsity, blues trial, where parents and celebrities aid to get their kids into college. Then there is the robust team of U S: prosecutors, led by assistant. U S. attorney for the northern District of California. Jeffrey Shank he's been in the rule for ten years, and a specialty is white, collar prosecution and finally, theirs Elizabeth, some of the heaviest hitting white collar defence attorneys in the country, ten lawyers: nine from Williams in Connally atop Deasey firm with a stern reputation,
famous alarms like Supreme Court Justice, Brad Cavanaugh, former secretary State MIKE Palm PEO and former far there's a Jeffrey. Can Elizabeth led attorney, is Kevin. Downy, you ve problem we see him at Elizabeth Side, walking into court, he's the guy with the White Beard and pale blue eyes, Kevin Downeys, but a partner at Williams in Connally for more than twenty years with impeccable credentials, Harvard LAW editor of the Heart law review and he's defended dozens of corporate executives. putting the former ceo of Fanny may against allegations of fraud in two thousand for, but with millions of pages of discovery, a potential way This list of more than two hundred and nearly four thousand exhibits. Elizabeth team of heavy It has their work cut out and well
there still so much up in the air. One thing is certain Elizabeth legal bill. It's gonna be asked call a lot of money about eight figures. It would be a figure defence you're. Looking at tens of millions, that's criminal defence attorney pose a bias. I've handled the defences of Casey, Anthony Aaron Hernandez as well. Billion dollar fraud cases on Wall Street, tens of millions of dollars. That's a lot of money, actually for a woman who claims she couldn't afford to pay investors who suit their nose for their losses according to attorney Red Katharine, who represented by any of them, You met red and season one, my and suddenly our case with her was that she had no money and therefore we basically had to look to other sources, so I'm complete
MR fighters to who's paying for her defence and why, in fact, in a separate civil suit, Elizabeth attorneys quit after they say she wasn't paying them their feet, her lawyers, over a year, another asking a judge to let them quit so whose footing that potential eight figure Bell was likely an insurance policy, but paying for these lawyers Many of these big corporations have insurance policies that within them, the father top executives, including criminal case. So even if the company goes bankrupt and they can afford to pay investors who, Ben defrauded. They might not be covered by an insurance policy, but her defence would correct. and team, Elizabeth is already proving its worth. Perhaps the biggest win today,
when getting Elizabeth trial severed from Sunnyvale Waddies arguably sickness value pulling forever. First, Minister Mesh remembers Chinese and Elizabeth my friend and there are no c o o what we will call me sign the two first met when she was about eighteen. Sunny was thirty, seven, homes and two dozen too in China. We were in the same stupor program at university, then, thousand nine sunny came to Elizabeth Rescue saving their nose with a multi million dollar good faith loan soul, A company must know on the cash, and I ended up giving thirteen million daughter. Personal long study also started working at their house, but they kept their relationship mostly a secret,
tell investors that unity Balwani had a romantic relationship at the time that you were asking them to invest in various Elizabeth and sunny were originally charged together by the Department of Justice, but you won't see. Sonny who's also pleaded not guilty by Elizabeth side at this trial, Their cases have been severed until three days ago we only had small clues as to why, but early in the morning, on Saturday August, twenty Eightth Judge overall unsealed eighteen documents review. Shocking disturbing allegations of abuse. According one filing Elizabeth and Sunny had an abusive, intimate partner relationship, but the ledges sunny had psychological and emotional control over her and that the pattern of abuse and coercive control lasted over
there. Ten year, long relationship court documents indicate the defence is planning to introduce evidence, sunny verbally disparaged, Elizabeth and withdrew affection. If she displeased him and then he controlled what she ate, how she dressed, how much money she could spend who she could interact with the alleged he monitored. Her calls text messages and emails and was physically violet, throwing hard sharp objects at her. Restricting her sleep and monitoring her movements. That here insist any success she achieved was because of him. The documents claim just seeing sunny were standing remotely near him could trigger quote debilitating PETE. He s DE symptoms for Elizabeth, here's, Caroline policing. The defence made this argument that Elizabeth
as it suffered so greatly other has about wanting and not. Therefore, she couldn't even maintain or composure physically. Trial, I mean that's a pretty devastating allegation so now we know the trials were severed because Elizabeth Team argued successfully she couldn't face for alleged abuser sunny in court Sonny will have his trial later next year. If I were you his lawyers I would be live in that I am not going first because his name is going. get dragged through the mud and he's really gonna have no microphone to defend himself so for going to have a Greek conceived notion about him back in December of twenty nineteen Elizabeth team shared they intended to introduce expert evidence from clinical psychologist, Doktor Mandy mechanic, who specialty is the psychological consequences of violence against women addition? We have documented mechanic up the festive psychology calcite forging respect
life is the psychological trauma. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for inviting. We now know doktor mechanics testimony will concern the alleged intimate partner, violence and abuse. Elizabeth claims to have suffered at the hands of sunny documents, also show doktor mechanic evaluated Elizabeth for fourteen hours and also interviewed her parents. other. It's really important to get a sense of how she was prior to this relationship and how she may have changed so her parents. your brother. Anyone from our past is gonna, be really important for the doktor to put forth her views. Sonny's lawyer, Jeffrey Cooper, Psmith has called Elizabeth allegations salacious an inflammatory. He said there deeply offensive to Mister Bell, Lonnie Devastating person
way to him. Sunny categorically denies all allegations of abuse back when I spoke to Jeffrey Cooper, Smith and twenty nineteen, he indicated no evidence of such a deeply fractured relationship. He also made crystal clear. Sunny was not going to throw Elizabeth under the bus. Does he feel anyway, that he was duped by Elisabeth homes? No, that's not what is going on here Mister Bell, I believe, and Elizabeth HOMES and her vision for the company. He tried to execute that plan with her to make it a success, but no he's not saying that he was duped. Does he hold her responsible for where everything
hands today. No, they made mistakes along the way and executing a business plan. Prior to today, we really haven't heard Elizabeth, say much on the topic of her relationship with sunny other than discussing his management style and their break up. Once we started working together. Those very intense working relationship, a mere romantic piece. It was at the very beginning, die It happened in one moment time, but it was very clear that we were colleagues, but we now know Elizabeth is firmly turning on sunny cares: Caroline police. He again. What does the prosecution have to do now? They are really going to have to make an effort, not to be perceived as victim blaming, so they need to sort of acknowledge, potentially, the
and act that did that he potentially inflicted on Elizabeth homes while simultaneously really maintaining their argument that it did not negate Erst of mine, but she still knew that she was misleading investors. So it's a fine line. They don't want. You eliminate any jurors by appearing to be insensitive to the potential cycle. Boy sexual abuse- that Elizabeth suffered at the hands of our Lahti, but they ve gotta maintain a strong. Here and not sorted. Give in on that front and it'll be a significant hurdle. Essentially, the d is arguing Elizabeth as a result of this alleged abuse had no troll over her actions or decision making, but to people like Kevin Hunter, who saw Elizabeth and sunny working together, interacting in dealing with clear,
Hence the idea she was somehow the one being influenced by him is impossible. To imagine. She was clearly in charge. Remember Kevin is the lab consulting you met in season, one who raised red flags about their nose back when Walgreens was looking to invest? Kevin originally told the story of that bizarre three o clock in the afternoon dinner with Elizabeth and sunny. We do this restaurant there's no one, then that we still need the bag. Elizabeth got her standard colleague ringing protein showed She was dressed in black and sunny got sushi or something like that. But there were not enough. Talk to each other by name. Sonny drivers Lamborghini, as you are concerned about people following you are saying they were you know why you drive and run parallel to black Lamborghini, adjust it just didn't at up. Kevin's now been subpoenaed to testify the trial, its interest, stable,
You say it was so obvious that Elizabeth was in charge because Elizabeth Friends, maybe that she wasn't in charge, but this was really Sonny's operation. What would you say to that? The garish gives completely untrue. I mean there's no way. Sonny was was a Second, you know she came up with the plans and the strategies and he helped execute him. He was the bad guy. but she ran the meetings he rarely participated unless it had something to do with I or whatever. Clearly the Elizabeth Shout there is no question about it, He says he even warns the pair back before the Walgreens deal. They could end up facing serious legal trouble if the technology wasn't a hundred per cent.
I had the conversation with her and sunny and I'd said to them. This is not facebook. You got to be careful, you're, going to kill somebody and hopefully wonderful jail and her comment was onto pretty to go to jail. What did Sunnyside, he didn't say a word this. Ride, milky hosted ABC Daily NEWS. Podcast start here more drop out in a minute, but first lots of us avoided going to the doktor during the pandemic. I escaped right over your physical, your dentist, in your trip to the eye. Doktor, like I'll, take the blow revision for another six months, I'm fine, but now that everything is opening up it's time to catch up on your regular healthcare, just download the free sock dock at the easiest way to find a great doctor and instantly book, an appointment was knocked out. You can search for local doctors who take your insurance, reed, verified patient reviews and booking appointment in person or video chat. if you just like I'm still not into this whole office thing yet never weight on hold with the receptionist again with you need a primary care. Physician dentist, dermatologists psychiatry, I doctor
other specialist Zadok, has covered good azof, doc, dot com, slashed, drop out and download the Tsar Doc apt to sign up for free every month. Millions of people use ought doc, as it makes healthcare easy. Now is the time to prioritize your health, good, Azof, Doc, dot, com, slash drop out and download the Tsar dock at for free and book a top rated doktor. Many are available soon as today. So Zaka that z, o c d, o c dotcom, slash, drop out a quick reminder if you're looking for a daily recap at the days, news Putting updates on the Elizabeth HOMES trial join me over on start here, the daily podcast from ABC News again that start here available wherever you listen, If Elizabeth is going to allege all her actions were controlled by sunny. How does that explain her behaviour before he ever join the company? Remember in February, two thousand five at least four years before Sonny came on board. Elizabeth was already.
King very bold claims to the press about her adventure nation audio segment. You listening to our original on edited interview with Elizabeth HOMES, president and ceo of their net, tells it Play, how big is it? What is it do what he you gonna do few using, and so, the handheld device, and it's fully integrated the only thing you have to do with hold your finger. or you could actually do any part of your hand or your arm up toward the device to extract from your hand exactly at the world teeny needle that pose a little you drop of blood and when it gets a drop of blood. Basically, a send it through what we call a biochip which separate out all the cells and other types of analyzing? blood which could traditionally clodagh biosensor and in real time, runs many different chemistry so working. It was around this time when Elizabeth
product designer honour our away from Apple Elizabeth, was very obsessed with apple. A lot of the fact that she hired during our period were exit You met honour in season, one she and as its chief design architect and says she watched Elizabeth transformation. so she would wear these frumpy Christmas sweaters, but the how the cloning came in where she was very curious about thieves, entire some, like Stanford, Professor Phyllis, gardener, even remembered Elizabeth Voice changing dramatically when she came in, she didn't have a low voice. She didn't know what was your voice like what is just like a typical undergrad student?
next Sargon had. She says it is low voice. I call my god: it was quite out you were thrown, but it wasn't just surface level. Peculiarities, honest says: she saw behaviour and Elizabeth that surprised and in some cases upset her. She did not want to hear other people's opinions show, and positive results. I think that no anyone who basically told the wisdom of no disagreed. With her perspective and point of view, you were immediately terminated. One incident was particularly troubling to honour Elizabeth was going after big farm business and she'd convinced a major drug company to let their nose test its technology on terminal cancer. Patients in a study,
Tennessee truly vulnerable people. This made on a really nervous because she says she knew the technology wasn't working. There were a patients who are third and fourth stage on college cancer. Patients at the University of Tennessee that had given a third, basically their blood, to test this device. honest says she and other employees had no idea the test results wooden impact, the actual treatments given these cancer patients Elizabeth kept that detail from most their are employees, regardless on a hated making such vulnerable people, guinea pigs, and she confronted Elizabeth, and she basically conveyed to me that I should not intervene that this is an incredibly critical juncture in the company's current fund raising, and I was like that's unacceptable from an ethical perspective. I just cannot stomach it,
and I confronted with this information and she gave me an ultimatum, suppress it and continue on its business. As usual. or I said I was resigning and I decided to resign by just literally had nothing. I wanted to do that company, this all happen at their nose years before sunny ever arrived. Other employees hired around same time. His honor, like Justin Maxwell, said they saw similar behaviors from Elizabeth first watching people that I really trusted vanish and then actually those things that this person is willing to lie to me about extremely trivial unimportant things, and how do you know she lied o because we were we discussing some product design over email and she's expecting to stay in the office late to finish it up and she's said something to the effect of you know like I can't you know. I can't help with that right now, but I will get back to you when I'm in the office tomorrow and she was actually just in an
this right down the hall from Me- and you could see her Sunday view that so I walked over to her and had a bit of an argument with her and then went back to my office and she stormed after me and came in and shut the door me I mean I don't ever walk off on the again Elizabeth Track record of grossly exaggerating her technology to the press, creating what many describe as a secretive and toxic work, environment allegedly lying to employees. Will it matter in the eyes of the law? This all happened before sunny came to work at and house. Here's Caroline Policia again absolutely, and that is the type of evidence that the government is going to absolutely put forward to poke holes in this defence is highly relevant that she
was making misstatements prior to even the time period alleged in the indictment. There is also the fact Elizabeth and sunny are on the record about their disagreements Sonny wasn't on board with Elizabeth doing Press and she vigorously pursued it anyway. I was held under guess media in a text exchange. Seen the pair in July, twenty fifteen sunny tells Elizabeth quote. I do dislike the direction you ve taken with all this pr, if Sonny was actually controlling every one of Elizabeth moves. How did she managed to so frequently pursue media attention? Does that undermine the argument? These contradictions should be useful to the government's case, according to Caroline policing, they're going to have to show that she acted independent way. So, for example, they may introduce evidence that sunny didn't want her to do press interviews and that
None nonetheless went board and did it showing that she had a mind of her own that she was an independent person making independent judgments with respect to open Benny really and her personal life. So any evidence of that nature is going oh really far in terms of rebutting this defence and finally, how does Elizabeth posts there? no life a new relationship, a new baby factor, To this new narrative will a jury believe she could seemingly bounce back so quickly, but that's exactly what the prosecution is now going to be allowed to introduce into and this is going to be an apple battle by all accounts for the defense. They are going to have to show that in a while, she appeared to the outside world to be so high functioning that she was suffering inside from this abuse.
even considering how inflammatory these newly revealed claims are. They couldn't backfire with a jury according to attorney Jose by ass. People in general are not very sympathetic to mental health. The fences there very difficult cases, so what other tactics might the defence introduce, while the alleged abuse will be frightened centre at the heart of the case? Is fraud and her attorneys have signalled they might also try the so called puffy defence. The idea Silicon Valley is filled with people faking it till they make it it's just par for the course former. U S attorney for the southern district of New York, prepare our. I had this to say. I can see the defence arguing I've seen this before a trials. That was just you know, a good faith exaggeration. There were just puffing little because that's what seals people do and you might buy them
but there's a fine line between poverty and lying right and in one of the issues that at play here is representation that the company made through Elizabeth and maybe others that they had. You know their product used on the battlefield. The department of Defense embraced the of the product and technology and I think any fair reading of the evidence is that you really can't get out of the truth that this was never used on the battle, held. So depending on how many examples the prosecution has of so called poverty
I believe, given what I know it will likely fall flat and poverty with doctors and patients is a very different path. Then poverty with investors is much more difficult when you talking about patients who are not sophisticated, who don't have investment bankers? Who were those people who want a good product, and I think drawers will take less of a generous view. They can all imagine themselves to be patient and they call imagine themselves feeling duped if they were told that you can have a small needle and it can test for all these conditions, and it's really simple. It's really fastened at super accurate and, if that's wrong, I think that,
to make them absurd, and as for that jury team, Elizabeth Spin, fighting tooth and nail over what they'll see and won't see at trial like possibly incriminating emails and tax between Elizabeth and sunny in season one, we revealed the Paris frequent exchanges that came to light when the two were separately deposed by the US he see and twenty seventeen there. There's an s amass message on the Rembrandt Anti Terrorism courteously, and it occurs to me from Sunday about wanting to yourself as a single one I trust that I think so sunny texted Elizabeth when the deal with Walgreens seem to be blowing up behind the scenes on, and he says we can't scale with wag. While you understand, as Walgreens alone in his next text message, he says there are terrible and we need
as doubly wine CBS donors, while there were even more damning tax between the two in one sunny messages, Elizabeth Normandy lab is a disasters out, remember, Normandy, the lab, where thoroughness kept its supposedly ground breaking finger print blood testing device sunny later rights are validation. Reports are terrible, really painful. Going through this process. Same issues FDA point out going bad, so far, pray Elizabeth response praying praying continually prosecutors spent three days at our pre trial. Hearing arguing those messages should be allowed as evidence, but Elizabeth team pushed back. The text originated from a subpoena issued by the US. You see
and they were collected on a spreadsheet by Wilma Hale Olaf's retained by fair knows the defence claimed there were authenticity issues they could have been tampered with or suffered from human error, even though remember it was therein owes themselves who provided it. I would say the firmer with which Elizabeth attorneys are fighting to keep them out. Give some indication of sort of the level of risk. Against that they may or may not have Elizabeth even shown the spreadsheet in her depositions with the Assisi and twenty seventeen under oath. She testified.
She had no reason to believe the messages weren't hers far. This file that Baroness provided the SSC pursuant to sustain our wish is supposed to reflect the text messages between you and miserable Lonnie on you're Turnus issued sulphur. Do you have any reason to believe that this is a true question of those technical text messages from your were sulphur? But the defences argument worked for now. So now it's on the government to us and to keep the messages if they want to show them a trial. How difficult might that be? way. The judge rule briskly teat it up for the government. All it would take to authenticate the document would be for that attorney to get on the stand and say testified. How you handled in a week the information,
It's a pretty low bar and I think it's pretty clear that that that the text messages will at some point come in, because the government will be able to mean that there are also thirteen email exchanges. The defence has fought desperately to keep it you somewhere between Elizabeth and former Thoroughness board, member and Council David Boys, David boys. By the way is one of the leading trial attorneys of his time he represents. Al Gore in the presidential recount of two thousand he later helped near the legalization of gay marriage, but he's also known as an intimidating corporate litigator, and he was the long time attorney of Harvey wine steam. Remember Elizabeth relationship with David boys. Wasn't that straightforward
He worked closely with her even helping to arrange interviews for her, like the famous fortune article by Roger Parliament, that said her finger. Prick technology could run two hundred tests. You reach out in this report are moves in his David David Boys is pure person to do its work, restoring peace on their Williamson Connally was hoping Elizabeth, complicated relationship with David Boys would grant her attorney client privilege, but that's not going to fly judged Arbela his ruled the communications are admissible. The actual thirteen communications at the time of this pod cast were sealed, but we know from court documents what they generally cover legal strategies for dealing with journalists in vain,
There's an regulators recall attorney Red Katharine who suit therein else on behalf of investors. In the process he recovered a stash of what he says appear to be a lizard. It's private notes to herself and yes, some theories about. What's in those documents, those documents are probably very very key and very damaging, and the reason I say that is in the production that there are no scale to us. I was able to find a place where Elizabeth homes kept her notes, notes to- herself, so what exactly was Elizabeth keeping to herself mainly what looks like her conversations with David boys and Also there there's some rumination about leaving country said pact bags, leave the country, something like that: it clear that she's upset that she's dead
figure out how to get out of this mess, she's going to deal with the press or how she's going deal with the board. I suspect she was in part coming clean with David. I think she trusted him very much but the most important thing about them out. She appears to be talking about the issues of whether or not she she intended to deceive and fine, There is the issue of the missing databases that use the government of losing a database that contained three years worth of accuracy and failure rates of their nose Tass prosecutors alleged that there are no executives destroyed that database, because it proves that the blood testing product was inaccurate at the heart of it is the laboratory information system it contain three years of fair and owes test results, data on millions of patient tests, but the database was destroyed. This made big headlines when it came up earlier in the summer,
ass, the infamous missing database. Really has been very hotly contested issue from the start of this case, and both sides have really pointed the finger at the other the product We should try to argue that there are no intentionally destroyed this database with all its potentially incriminating false patient results, but the judge ruled they would not be able to introduce this theory unless they could show an actual to Elizabeth? The defence, on the other hand, wanted to use the database or lack thereof, to block the government, calling eleven therein owes customers and eleven medical professionals. Would testify about inaccurate test from their nose. Elizabeth team claim that without the database, the evidence of these patients and medical professionals would just be anecdotal, The fact that the data base no longer is exists is he argued that well, you know the government
here is trying to put on eleven patients saying that they got an accurate test results when that really is a statistically insignificant number. But in a win for the government the judge decided prosecutors can put the eleven patients they have identified on the stand. Team Elizabeth can try all they want to argue. Their stories aren't statistically significant, but a jury might find that hard to accept when these patients actually disclose with their false results. Were one patient received a false each the positive diagnosis, some women receive results indicating they were pregnant when they work. One woman who had struggled with fertility for years got an inaccurate result indicating she had miscarried Elizabeth Team also fought to exclude testimony from patients that went into the emotional impact of these inaccurate result and they succeeded. The judges allowing the fact to be
accurate, resolved to come in and what that indicates that come into evidence, but he's not allowing some of that more emotional, testimony about the effects sort of psychologically that it on the witness you know I was emotionally. others data and things like that, but false pregnancies, false each ivy positive results. The government is banking on a jury, understanding just how devastating that type of misdiagnosis would be emotional elaboration or not. John Rueful was a nobody. He was heavy settings, were holding, but from behind that mass conscious way into more than three hundred and fifty million dollars. They said he was one of the biggest can men of the century and then got away. I got a phone call Russia now ABC News joins the pursuit for John Roofer, follow have you seen this man forever
you're listening now, in addition to all this Paxton email evidence that offences tried to throw out they evolve fought to keep Elizabeth five STAR lifestyle out of view, but they mostly lost that argument the low Gary travel, a luxury suv, an expensive home rental. Therein owes paid assistants who had run personal Aaron's, perform personal tasks and purchase luxury goods. The handbags the make up. Jewelry the shoes, the wardrobe all on the cap. but he died. The jury will hear it you're about relevant lifestyle of how much Elizabeth may not have cash out of her fair, no shares along the way, but prosecutors will argue. She certainly cashed in on her celebrity and use her title is founder and ceo to obtain quote personal benefits jurists.
We also see Elizabeth, the new mom, another stunning addition to this story that didn't at all surprised many of the people you met season, one like Phyllis, gardener, Elizabeth former Stanford, perfect are a great way to garner jury. Sympathy. Trust me. I was an expert witness once while pregnant my turn the whole case around, and I think you know don't worry about sending a woman to prison with a baby, but it will garner sympathy with the jury inevitably, but Jose biased, as the defence has to be careful with the baby
that could backfire significantly. They understand that people have lives, it's important to remind them of such because sometimes they forget what to have it in their face like that and to use a baby as a pawn once a juror feels that one side is trying to manipulate them over another, then I'm going to like it. I don't think you start a trial off by insulting the jury's and towing bottom line. Elizabeth baby is going to have an impact. Here's attorney Caroline Policing, You are right or wrong that is going to have a bearing on the jury's perception of her. In of those types of things. Actually, They are really large role in trials even other, not supposed to write showing the jury hey. You know this is a young mother. This is somebody who has a partner and a life. And a baby that is,
putting on, then you know, I think that not only is I can help in her trial, but it will really help in the event that she is convicted and add sentencing the fact she is a young new mother is going to plan to any potential sentence, actually gets. But what this case is really going to boil down to is Elizabeth herself. Can she convince twelve jurors same as she convince distinguish? Thereunto sport members, like former secretaries of State, George Shots and Henry Kissinger high profile. Investors like Rupert Murdoch, Kissinger and Murdoch by the way are also on the witness list to testify, along with others, air knows board members, including former senator bill, Frist and Admiral Gary rough head. Who does the jury yet to see? The woman who always presented herself in profiles and interviews like this one, with Forbes as a visionary. Some
with all the answers we're the only lab company that is actually really focused on leading with transparent. or the woman who, under oath with the SSC suddenly profess to remember very little, I dont know specifically, I'm sure eating her ignorance over. I don't know exactly an over sure, and over again I dont more than six hundred sixty times or is there are some new version of Elizabeth will see in court willingly? we buy it away. I just don't know: will Elizabeth actually speak now? We know She almost certainly well in the very or filings outlining the defences intention to raise issues about Elizabeth relationship with sunny. Her attorneys wrote miss her.
It is likely to testify herself to the reasons why she believed relied on and deferred to Mister Bell wanting. They have set its highly likely that she will take the stand which is and then then most events attorneys ever Jew. I and I would say with ninety nine percent certainty. We will see Elizabeth homes taking a stand in her trial, which is really quite extraordinary, doesn't happen very often in trials of this nature. So can the woman who never seem to miss an opportunity in the spotlight convinced her most important audience yet coming up on the drop out Elizabeth homes on trial? Who will that audience being deterred jurors deciding Elizabeth Spain? They are not going to let this. Single immersed in internet. Juridical that may have been heated would be hard to find Will they told in favour of the prosecution or the defence if you're the best
The commission Hannah Jersey, looking for in this case, somebody that has absolutely no empathy for person that you in trouble and someone that wants to enforce the law, no matter what she does needs one. And a fall in love with her, like so many have and say why stop don't persecutors young women, whose and whose mother that's the hope Elizabeth Home, sunny about wanting Channing, Robertson, Billy Evans and the Evans family did not respond or declined. Comment for this podcast the drop out with homes on trial, is written, reported by Tori Thomson, Taylor done and me victorious. The executive producer taylor- and I are the producers for ABC Audio Susie Lou is producer and Madeline Wood is associate producer. Our field producer is DIA Athens for heavy seas. This unit or associate producer is Victor, are donors and our production assistant is lane win mixing in School
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