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Introducing 'The Dropout: Elizabeth Holmes on Trial'


Starting Aug. 31, in a series of new episodes, "The Dropout: Elizabeth Holmes on Trial" will take you inside the courtroom, breaking down the evidence and keeping score for both sides until 12 jurors decide the fate of the Theranos founder and new mother. Three years after she was first charged, we find out how this saga finally ends. 

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This is the testimony of Elizabeth haunts going on the record and Samson she was arising STAR in Silicon Valley concerning and that a number of us want working on thoroughness device. I know so many mistakes, Elizabeth HOMES, the stand for drop out, who appeared boys to change the world with her revolutionary blood testing technology. If she had made this work, she would have been the next new jobs, but didn't this is not taken to make in this was a product that didn't work, she's accused of misleading doctors, patients and investors. It's just a moral
great down at the highest level or fall from grace, was spectacular. In the three years since Elizabeth was charged with criminal fraud, she's been living life to its fullest. Just amazing most people would be devastated, but not hurt she's in a new relationship with the hotel air. Nearly a decade. Her junior she introduced her friend as her fiance I wonder what story she has been telling him and herself really and she's a new mom and just gave birth to our first child. Half life certainly was just waiting for that great weight to garner jury. Sympathy. I really think that could back farm, but Elizabeth is finally going to trial Why is she now being tried separately from her former boyfriend, CLO Sunnyvale wanting whose also pleaded not guilty will? Certainly they could turn the case against each other. Sunny Elizabeth by point,
to each other. Will she testify. I would definitely consider putting on the stand I don't do that often and what happened to a missing database. Full of evidence attorneys for homes accuse the government of losing a database that contain three years worth. If there are no stance. Prosecutors allege that their nose executives destroy that data base, because it proves that the blood testing product was inaccurate. I'm ready a Jarvis, Rebecca drugs have been following this. from the start and covering business for more than a decade and spent the last five years investigating therein and Elizabeth homes my team and I have poured over hundreds of new legal documents, emails text, even what? to be Elizabeth, I've. It notes from yourself some of the notes. I would say Eddie Damning, packed the bags. the country, something like that, if convicted she could face decades in prison, but two
stay, Elizabeth maintains or innocence and his pleaded not guilty to all charges. For the duration of this trial will take you inside the court room. I've been subpoena, yes, introducing you to witness its key updates, new information and every surprise along the way. This case will probably go down in Silicon Valley history, in my mind s eye slammed on, and if history is any indication, Elizabeth HOMES, the drop out Not going down without a fight, this is Happens when you work to change things and first, they think you're crazy than they you and then all of a sudden, you change the world, followed the drop out blizzard homes on trial wherever you get your package and listen to our first two opposite August: thirty. First, every Tuesday after that.
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