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Theranos’ biggest clients, Walgreens and Safeway, are on the stand this week, testifying to what exactly they say they were told before signing multimillion-dollar deals with the blood testing startup. In email exchanges, text messages and board presentations, the prosecution paints a picture of deception while the defense claims the industry giants should’ve known better. Plus, we hear from Sunny Balwani’s dermatologist of 15 years, who happened to also become Theranos’ lab director.

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Please Firstly, on the drop out, there was drama from the jury poor when two women ass to be excused One was ultimately dismissed. Her buddhist values in concerns around punishment, preventing her from serving wearily a few weeks into the trial. And we ve now lost our second juror. Everyone's gonna be very mindful of the fact that jurors are starting to leave. veteran Silicon Valley Investor put that there are no saga into larger context, The notion that you could raise hundreds of millions of dollars. for a medical testing run by A person under the age of thirty was something that would have been vanishingly unlikely prior to two thousand. didn't seem out of place in the environment of the first decade of this century this week. We hear from former thereunto seo sunny by one he's dermatologist, who also have
The joint thereunto says it's lab director and to reach he'll giants, whose deals with their nose help propelled the company from a startup dream too big League business from ABC Audio, this is the drop out. Elizabeth homes on trial episode, dying the clients in twenty ten Elisabeth homes, was plodding along gathering investments. and working to make their noses supposedly revolutionary technology a reality, but when two major. U S, companies signed on to put their nose devices their stores, things very real, very quickly. While greens and safe way, leaders in the drug store and grocery businesses both fell hard and last big
hundreds of millions of dollars bag this week. We heard from senior executives at the companies, both very taken with a young Elizabeth and her ambitious vision. First the long time, leader of safe way, the supermarket chains, you hundred seventy six locations in California allowed. I'm delighted today to have with us Stephen a bird who is ceo, president and chairman of Safeway Corporation Mister Bird is a business girl. Retail giant and healthcare vision. Stephen bird served as the Safeway CEO for twenty years from nineteen, the three until his retirement in twenty thirteen throughout this trial. France has been working in overdrive to distance Elizabeth from decision making and operations, pinning those responsibilities on her former boyfriend and c o O Sunnyvale Ahwahnee, but wits Even bird on the stand it was,
to make that claim. Elisabeth hers I admitted it in a twenty seventeen, as he seed deposition that when it came to save a and c o bird. She plea: the pivotal role, who has ever seen that process, I'm I've had a very close relationship with Steve Furnaces where any others involved decisive word here a team that worked for him. I entirely interact directly with him wooden bird walked into the programme to be sworn in. Elizabeth did something we haven't seen her do in this trial. Instead, staring straight ahead. She turned her into your body to watch ass. He walked in Here's ABC news producer MILES Cohen, who is in the courtroom? It looked almost as if she was and to catch his eye and He continued to do so ass. He walked to the stand, but it never look like she got it when work.
took the stand. You frequently reiterated his close connection to Elizabeth testifying, It was early admiration. There are very few people that I've met in business that I would actually say our charismatic. He said she was clearly charismatic she was very smart and she doing one of the hardest things that you can do in business and that's to create and enterprise from scratch said that not all ceos are alike, but Elizabeth would rise to half of the pile in terms of vision in terms of command of the information when she was talking bird told the jury? She on the room. He even compared Elizabeth to President's he'd man. I've had the I guess. The privilege of meeting for U S. Presidency said when the press It is in the room. Let me just tell you, the president owns the room. Elizabeth had that quality too
bird said, but in addition to that star Power, Elizabeth was warm friendly and a good listener testified bird Santa Clara University LAW School, Professor Ellen Crates Borg, says birds orientation towards Elizabeth made. His testimony all the more valuable to the government's case. She didn't speak in an angry town or an indignant town most people would think of us. of a large corporation like Safeway as someone who would demand compliance, the lash out when it's not happening the way he would want it to happen, but that clearly wasn't Mr Byrne Style and it's not what he did with Sarah knows: the prosecution took back to the early days of safe ways, relationship with their house safe. was nearly a one hundred year old company. Their nose was a hot start up
were twenty. Seventeen, as he see deposition, Elizabeth talked about the shared vision between the two companies. Violence therein is interested in entering into a contract with safe way. However, was another of the vehicle filling a retail footprint and with our focus on people's access to health, information and five can be really meaningful to help people start linking diet to their health data. Did you have an air sending us why Safeway wanted to turn to our relationship with Baroness my understanding is that they sure that vision and also were interested in ways to expand their and differentiate their pharmacy bird said it wasn't just an inspired ceo that excited him. It was what she was selling Evolutionary solution according to the government, and birds own testimony Elizabeth told say:
way. Her many blood analyzer had the ability to replace a full scale lab to do almost every day. test imaginable in a box presentations. There are no said explicitly: it could run any blood test from the many lab and included the oft repeated inaccurate clay. that there are no systems have been comprehensively validated over the course of the last seven years by ten of the fifteen, largest pharmaceutical companies, bird said he was especially excited by the promise of a miniature blood analyzer. They could delivers, media test results and present customers with a cheaper option He could envision his customers walking into Safeway. Getting a fair knows, blood test doing Some grocery shopping in walking out the store with their food and their test results bird. Saw this as an important competitive advantage. He knew well.
It was in discussions with their nose to at the time and, as he told the court, it was important that they not get out ahead of us The plan was to stack aeronauts devices on top of one another inside the store and build up Special Multi Bay device just for Safeway Something Elizabeth so addressed and her ass. He seed opposition was purposes as I do that Those in response to say for his request to invest in and develop a specific version of many love that could fit into the cabinets they were building. Indeed, Safeway stores. What would happen to the development we stopped at us? point- and I I dont remember when- and why specifically we stopped According to bird fair, knows also shared wildly optimistic revenue projections with Safeway claiming the
three chain could reasonably expect to generate sales of two hundred twenty three million dollars in twenty eleven. Four hundred so the four million dollars in twenty twelve and nearly billion dollars by twenty thirteen. If the two companies did ideal throughout birds test the money he reiterated. It was always Elizabeth Herself sharing data and negotiating with Safeway food. To negotiate with from their nose prosecutor. Robert Leech asked it was almost exclusively with Elizabeth Homs said bird. If anything straw bird is unusual during these negotiations. It was the fact never saw an attorney, he testified Alyssa. It seemed to me negotiating the deal completely on her own. He said in support. two thousand twenty ten. After six months of discussions, Safeway entered into a contract with their in the agreement granted safe, exclusivity and there are no
a payment of fifty five million dollars, but it didn't take for that there are no sheen to start fading, while there are no had projected Safeway would make a windfall in new revenue by twenty eleven by twenty twelve, there still wasn't even a product to roll out bird testified. He was growing frustrated deadlines were continuing to be messed. We often weren't, given a lot of explanation for that. He said Elizabeth at one point blame the delays on clandestine work for the Department of Defense. She told me her device was in medevac units around the world in places that you know A lot of Americans didn't even know. We were four testified: These claims were new to bird, but we ve heard them a number of times before discredited by Elisabeth herself. Growth in front of the ass. You see what about the deity the Department of Defense,
board members who were very engaged on talking to you What then do indeed, but we never really focused on? those systems off the ground, because we were so focused on the retail deployments who's ever deployed a matter back hotter meantime in twenty twelve. There knows as part of a pilot phase was running a clinic for employees at safe ways headquarters, but two birds, surprise, many of the tests were being done. Is traditional Venus draws not revolutionary finger stick tests. He was promised bird said. He asked Elizabeth what was going on and she told him it was because they wanted to continue to test and calibrate of core as we have now heard from multiple witness, as the reality was there, and I was his device which there were calling a t, s p at the time could only run twelve tests. Something Elizabeth
didn't share with Safeway according to our own as he seed opposition are you. Never informing safe way that the test here was performing twelve us to create any discussions with them about what we were doing in the clinical Many tests were being run on third party devices and modified third party devices, something bird said. He didn't know and would have been a deal breaker not all Was there a nose, mostly using Venus draws, but the results were frequently too getting more than four days we had SAM were temperature was not properly controlled. We had samples that we're lost we had result. That didn't make any sense bird testified. He wrote to Elizabeth in September twenty twelve I am genuinely concerned that safe ways, lab reputation gets worse by the day, keep in mind. I have now require that our employees and their near by dependence use this lab the sooner we get. Anger. Stick the better we will be accorded
to the same email. There are no had also been ignoring calls from safe way by the following month October, twenty twelve bird had become increasingly frustrated. Writing to allow Beth in an email if of already decided. It is not going to happen until next year. I would like to know why It would be very unfortunate to not launch in queue, for it looks pretty remote. I feel it jogger running in place, waiting for the stoplight, determine Green Elizabeth risk was vague. She said she was debriefing on it with her team and that she'd call bird over the weekend. But by November nothing seemed to have changed, and even more dishearten bird wrote to Elizabeth at an email with the subject becoming scourged in it? He said, in only recall, having been discouraged once in the last sixty two years. That said, I am getting close to my second event. Alyssa,
the responded with another excuse she said dont be discouraged. And then described it as an unusual time and told him She'd ended up having to take an employee to the hospital who came down with internal bleeding in the office at the start of twenty three team? There are no still haven't move forward with the safe we roll out, but the start up had completed. different task that incense bird, their nose redesign the signage that would appear at Safeway stores without birds, final approval in an email. Elizabeth, he wrote, I cannot be and tell you how disappointed I am that you redesign the word mark without were telling us you're doing it burden on to lay out all the issues Safeway was having with therein else, but in his typical positive fashion he concluded with encouragement. I believe and you I believe in your company, and I share your vision. Not so much to help you change the world
We are so good together when we collaborate, but I have never been more frustrated. He wrote to Elizabeth in the end bird would never get to in the world with Elizabeth. He retired from safe way and may twenty thirteen never seeing a fair, no Spock's make it into one of his stores fairness ever end up rolling out of services and Safeway stories knew the deal it was supposed to secure nearly a billion dollars in new revenue for safe way and perhaps put steam bird and the CEO Hall of Fame ultimately cost the group restore chain more than three hundred million dollars because of its invest, Synthetic knows and preparing so where's for a rule out, it never came to be in it. Ever added a dime to safely The bottom line after prosecutor leech concluded with bird the defenceless
up, and Robert Downy began the cross examination by juxtaposing Safeway the established brand with their nose. A young start up. You know at the time she was a very young entrepreneur, correct Downy asked yes, bird replied down emphasise, Safeway, strong executive team. You had a lot of people who have a lot of experience in business. Downy asked that's correct bird replied Donnie, highlighted birds, background in private equity, framing him as a skilled negotiator. Here's law, professor Ellen Crates, Burke again and cross examination. The defence raised a couple of important points to show the unequal position essentially between Safeway and Sarah knows. He brought out the fact, safely, was very interested in making money on this project that their stock prices had dipped several points during the couple a month, pure these negotiations took place and safely
looking at this partnership in order to bring up their stock prices and their image and in the corporate world and finally that they really knew that there was the possibility of delays because they were dealing with technology and that they know with technology. There's always a little bit of uncertainty downy showed the jury, a presentation by bird to save ways board outlining the risks associated with their nose, stressing that safe. We knew what it was getting into before signing a deal, so is fair to say that in the process of considering whether to do a deal safe, we did huh. rid of ours, of due diligence, Downy asked at least a hundred bird replied Downy also emphasised that, according to the agreement safe, we could end the contract with there. without cause cross examination was quick compared to others. It last a little over an hour.
But in the end crates Burg believes bird came off as a credible. Witness It seemed that one of the most important facts that was illicit by the government of Mr Bird was that if Mr Byrne knew that third, hardy machines were going to be used. He was not interested that point alone that he was never told that they were going to be using different machines other than the thoroughness machines. I was not contradicted so that an import point to show that he was given either missing nation or unreliable information as to how the testing was going to be done. Fate
his bride milky. I host ABC Daily NEWS. Podcast start here. The drop out will be back in a minute, but first I want to invite you to start your day with us. Every morning on start here we die deep into the biggest news stories with some of the best journalists in the world. It smart its relevant and maybe most importantly, for you, it's quick again that start here, the daily podcast from ABC News available realism with former Safeway, see out Stephen birds. Testimony concluded on executive from their noses other most high profile client took the stand, Wade MC align this a form of Walgreens, the second largest pharmacy chain and the country Heres a list better than that twenty seventeen, as he see deposition, wealth Bob brains. I remember him is the CFO, but I know he's spearheaded a number of strategic initiatives. Mikel on worked for while green,
between two thousand nine and twenty fourteen and was the one who over saw the pharmacy chains deal with therein house as it came together in twenty ten like bird make alone spoke of his initial. I what their nose was selling. This was one of the most exciting companies we had seen not, just in the lab, but in general he testified. What they were doing was very disruptive and could be better, faster and cheaper than what had been done before Mc alone said he thought their noses. Compact blood testing device was attractive and Walgreens could leverage it in their aid thousand stores without having to attic through space and like Safeway Wall in Saint millions of dollars into the partnership about a hunt with forty million dollars. Both companies seem too give it a sort of corporate fell now, but I'm safe way their nose
actually did end up rolling out their noses technology and forty one of its locations. Putting the blood testing turn up in contact with millions of real life patients it would. Ultimately, the only significant commercial partnership there knows ever launched in stores. Mc alone, grabbed his first meeting with Elizabeth and sunny at their noses Palo Alto headquarters in March Twenty ten, where he recalled both Elizabeth and Sonny would Chinamen remember this is the meeting lab consulted Kevin Hunter, who worked closely with Michael to evaluate their nose on behalf of Walgreens told us about in Season one. It was filled with pomp and circumstance. Insinuations of their noses. Close ties to the military when there were joined by the CFO of Walgreens await MILAN and they pray the planned that had flown over Afghanistan.
Elizabeth made a big deal about it. Just as Elizabeth had Blue, about their noses work with the Department of Defense to others like Safeway. Ceo Milan testify he too was told, there knows, was doing work with the military, during the first meeting Elizabeth sent MILAN and email anemia, Michael on testified. He remembered well when Elizabeth was asked in a deposition about the same email. Her recollections notably spotter say wait. It was great me too has promised. Please find the present originally presented today, Do you recall way Reading, your having that day as well. It sounds like Mr Midline attended. Do you know if anyone Alston in that twenty ten email to make upon Elizabeth
who did a lot of information about therein Oaks Prosecutor, Jeffrey Shake, drew the court's attention to the first bullet point. which said Baroness technology runs comprehensive blood tests from a finger stick in real time at the point of care outside of traditional lap settings in deposition. With the assay see Elizabeth was asked the same point comprehensive review trying to convey that it can do all. Loved us. Adaptation can use their innocence technology to run a whole range of that would otherwise be available through any commercial lab. I don't think that's what this specific bullet points was referring to think The point was just like other witnesses. Before him. The government went over with Morocco on many of the bold claims made by Elizabeth and their nose and the incomes
Currency is between what he was told and the reality. Here's LA professor Ellen Crates, Burke again, the governments spend a good. of time showing the sly presentations that therein owes gave to walgreens- and there were a couple of key points- the government then took each of those points in, and Dover into them establishing or hunting to establish why those representations were not true, MC alone talked about the excitement inside of Walgreens, the fact the farm see. Chain had code name, the partnership project beta, something Walgreens consultant. Kevin Hunter also recalled we all had shirts made up when they did project paid. And everybody got a nickname, and I was told the expert: do you still have the expertise? Sure I do on testified about a meeting with Elizabeth and Sunny worried had his finger print to showcase. What there are? No technology could do something: enter. Also remember when we spoke when we
out there with them. They drew wait like lawns blood they were gonna, send him results and the like, That is all we can give it a results, because we didn't have a doctor in like this cat and mouse game would go back and forth for weeks. Make allowance results. eventually delivered by a physician at a later time, The bottom line in make lawns mind, as he testified was therein This is technology, worked perfectly here's Alan Crates, Burke one thing we have to keep in mind as we listen to all these pieces of evidence that come in one, Time is put that up in juxtapose during those conversations with safe way and Walgreens. What was going on at thoroughness lab, and we have to go back to the testimony of doktor. Thousand Dorothy? Who was this bribing chaos or failures or inadequate standards that are going on. At the same time, these conversations and when you
put it through that lends these out were not possible and were not reliable. That's what gives the government a strong case at this point when it in time for the cross, examination, defence attorney. and down. He tried to show the Faroes partnership with Walgreens evolved over time and that make alone had been aware of this, Michael on acknowledged. He knew farragos had multiple generations of machines and was working Future generations. Technologies are an evolution MC alongside the defence scented emails from MILAN sent after he'd already left Walgreens in twenty fourteen that showed, even as their noses public reputation and was in question. Milan stood firm his devotion to the young ceo Downy read an email to the court that make along sent Elizabeth in twenty fifteen. We live in a world where anyone can say anything about anyone, whether true or not. Hang in there, The haters are everywhere, but
contributions. The world cannot be bottled up nickel on advised Elizabeth to fight back aggressively and say the email. Your friend Elizabeth, seemingly kept up that fight, making public appear It says, including this interview with CNN Sancho Gupta, which turned out to be pretty damning for thorough, knows this. Man who goes by the initials our sea right now in Arizona who is suggesting that the lab results that he got from their nose, we're not accurate and it led to him having a heart attack based on which you know. Is it possible that what he sings? True, I'm not the lab director. And so another you, the sea and founder of the company, and this is a serious as against after the inner he'll make on sent Elizabeth, another email writing nice job with Doktor Gupta. Don't stop working to help the world.
make alone signed off this note, with a smiley face. Elizabeth responded You know how much that means to me hope all his wonderful with you even two reports, Elizabeth was being investigated by regulators. Mikel onboard to her. The universe has an odd way of preparing very special people for even bigger missions ahead. That's how it goes for special people. Like you, You are going to help so many people during your lifetime, its absurd Dont lose sight of that. I am so very proud to be your friend keep rocking and keep being you. I think the emails that Mickelson ended up writing to Elizabeth homes. after he left, the company, even two years later, show that he has anger animosity towards her if it makes him a more objective witness for the government. A lot of the defence theory is that, some of these witnesses now have an axe to grind, but with the safe way
you and with Walgreens that just didn't happen. They clearly both had affection for an interest in Elizabeth HOMES and her success, make a testified that he very much believed in Elizabeth and what she was up to they carried him. Her very much and wanted her to be successful. Remember there were at the same meetings as MC along like lap consultant hunter, who said date in buying Everything Elizabeth homes was selling. There were several things that were you. the questions that we would ask that Sonny nor Elizabeth could respond to Hunter tone. Ass. He raised concerns, but make alone and others forged ahead anyway? It was something People wanted it to be real, so badly bad they were willing to kind of people's word for some of this stuff. Could that hurt the government's case really. When you look at what the charges are, its did a list.
this house made Miss Rep. intentions. Did she do it with the intend to defraud? We need to Look, I'm not at the failures of a flame Walgreens if they existed, but we need to look more. What was Elizabeth HOMES doing. Law, greens would officially and its partnership with their nose and twenty sixteen suing the grace tat company and reaching a tentative thirty million dollars settlement with no finding implication of liability. It was afar cry from the one hundred forty million data originally put in before them government moved on from Walgreens prosecutors called the drugstore change vice president of health care services to testify, Namibia. two very was in charge of overseeing the roll out of the wellness centres inside Walgreens stores. He was overseeing the construction
That was going to happen at the stores, the design, the lay out the training of employees and also to monitor the customer experience, and so he was asked to talk about therein his failures in many of these areas to show, although stereos promised that they would be able to do liver on a lot of these issues, they fell short in a lot of ways. Ellen crates bark says he raised a key point. One thing Mr Dr Harry made clear is that he did not know that outside machines were going to be used, and this was an important component to walk. In the same way, it was an important piece in the safe way: partnership that, if outside machines going to be used there really not interested in pursuing this project has never go. What's happened.
get on this. That's all I'm dyin. Can you hear me out behind the scenes is always advantage. I believe, as does the people on reviewing the commercial world right they do. I have. I have no idea really what I was getting myself today that we walked out. I treasure I just couldn't. During your doing. I was crazy view behind the table we gave you can I want to tell you but another podcast you might like one where you might be able to help right. The ending hear me out the year is ninety nine create a new computer salesman and John Roof was just been sentenced for his role in one of them or just fraud. Scams in american history is ordered to show up for his prison sentence, but instead he just vanishes. Now, all these years,
the? U S marshals in our team or following the clues tracking down leads from across the country and around the world all along the way. Asking the question: have you seen this man help cracked the case the podcast is: have you seen this man and its available now, wherever you listen Remember that during all the mayhem with the Walgreens rollout inside their nose, plaintiffs witnesses testified that there was chaos for a week the company was even operating without a lab director. After lab director, Doktor Adam Rosen Dorothy had left in protest. As doktor rose, endorse, replacement Verona was hired doktor soon, you'll do on his background. Dermatologists. In fact, Doktor to wine had been Sonny's personal dermatologist for fifteen years
doktor to one on the stand told the court had accepted the role at the request of Sonny an email shown to jurors sunny, wrote Sunium. The time commitment is very minimal. This, We'll be mostly and on call consulting role, and I am extremely confident that it won't interfere with your work or with your family life. This will be one to three months. Doktor do replied. I can do this. What is next step doktor to one who joined their nose in November. Twenty fourteen about a year into the Walgreens launch, was paid five thousand dollars a month which he earned in stock options? He told the court he on board knowing very little about what their nose actually did. Wouldn't you thinking about taking this job to work at their nose. You obtain information about what their nose did by looking on Google prosecutor. Frank asked. Basically, yes, replied: Doktor Doin, you might.
pick a lap director in the early phases of a company's most consequential partnership would be working around the clock, but here's what surely happened at their nose for the roughly eight months after the ones. Hiring did you there are no savary day, Shank asked no doctor Doin, replied How many times did you go to it there, and I was during that period of time, doktor d want thought about. It may be a total of two types. That's right doktor Doin estimated he'd worked for their nose a combined five or ten hours over an eight month period as its lab director doktor to one Further testified. He had no interactions in that period with doctors, patients or even lab employees. In August, twenty fifteen doctor One said Daniel Young, the de facto number yet. There are no said the time stir sending him documents to sign. Hundreds of them then
of timber. Twenty fifteen to do. One was asked to come into the office for a government. Ought it just a week before sir We had asked him to come in and signed three hundred Recipes standard opera in procedure documents. This is despite the fact that, as doctor, the one testified hidden ever seen. A baronet device run a blood test. Thirty one said he was comfortable signing because doktor rose and door of his predecessor had our done so is Nature was everywhere, so I was essential we co signing? He testified at the government on it too. Months after dawn had started. He met Elizabeth for the first time as Taiwan told the court interactions with her were limited to saying hello. You signed on in November twenty fourteen and September twenty first twenty fifteen
was the first time you met Miss homes. The prosecution asked yes said: Doktor Doin. Behind the scenes, as that to date, government ought it went down. Sunny and Elizabeth were furiously texting with each other. There judges were read aloud in court. We ve seen but these messages before but never performed live. here's ABC News producer MILES Cohen when they were reading the tax. There was silence, Everyone's attention was focused on the dialogue and it every once in a while, there was a nervous charcoal. There was attacked that boy want. He had sent a homes at said love. You too, there were a few nervous laughs after he said that in midst of the audit on September twenty second, twenty fifteen sunny, texted, very hostile so far they say, have complaints then later
our validation reports are terrible, really painful. Going this process and then the next he texted going bad. So far, Pray Elizabeth responded. Praying praying continually when the product vision, ass, doktor D, want, if he knew sunny or Elizabeth, were praying during the section doktor do responded. I was not aware that no soon after doktor to want said he started to learn about serious issues that their nose and problems with the Walgreens partnership, not from sunny but for media reports when a financial times reporter reached out to doktor doin you for it the email to sunny who replied, don't answer any questions they will trap you or misquote you. We are trying to on top of the situation and release our statement to refute the falsehoods.
bring the cross examination. Defence attorney wants Wade, emphasised the doktor to one was qualified to be a lab director, then hired specifically to be part time as needed, something that didn't break any regulatory standards. We pointed out the fact that another employ doctor Sawyer was added to the licence. Co lab director during part of doktor Dawns time there, but doktor One said he'd never matter and didn't even recall her knee when asked about Doc, hence Doktor Sawyer had signed off on Doktor One said he couldn't offer an opinion or verify that is qualified to be a lab director because He had known about her. He added was never aware that she was signing off on all of these.
her sawyers name was removed from the lab licence. In August twenty fifteen the same month, Doktor Taiwan with suddenly asked to sign all those documents, then came the government audit in September. Ten HANS later doktor to want said he received a forwarded, email from Farragos General Council Heather King. That pointed to issues with the regulators, findings doktor to want divide. It was the first time he was hearing anything about the audit results for perhaps even more odd doc It was said he had no idea when his employment at their nose came to an end, was there a moment when you stopped being the lab directorate. Their announced the prosecution asked, I'm not sure what that date was honestly. Doktor to one responded in fact occur. to doktor Doin. No one Paranoia, told him he'd been terminated. His tenure
company had ended as ambiguously and bizarrely as it had started, doc. Taiwan's time with their nose was done, and as of June in twenty. Sixteen Walgreens was, with their announced to the partnership with all suppose it promise was over with doktor do while everything starts name upside down. Really because he's sunny boy dermatologists, he doesn't seem to have the same kind of and chose or experience in the area of managing the lab, and it's the government putting them peace on that. At this point, their noses run out of time running of money and is trying to push forward anyway, next week, The drop out Elizabeth homes on trial will hear from one of the so called Farrah brows. An old friend of Elizabeth Brother Dan Edlin, recalled
was there no senior project manager and one of many people recruited the company by Elizabeth Brother Christian, How you came to the company, because you knew Christian Holmes, who is your fraternity brother, at Duke Correct Trust? You are involved in proposals for the Department of Defense. What happened with the relationships with the DOD? Did they ever go forward? They stopped at some point, because there is no realistic path forward with that, tuna next Tuesday for that Elizabeth HOMES and sunny about wanting did not respond or decline. To comment for this part cast
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so much at stake. So much on the line more Americans turn here than any other use cast. You see me Louis World NEWS tonight with David America's number one most wants newscasts across all of television.
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