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Pandemic Perspectives: Insights from Our First Virtual Intern Class


Three interns from Goldman Sachs' first virtual intern class share their perspectives with Bentley de Beyer, global head of Human Capital Management. 

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This is exchange, the Goldman Sachs. When we discuss developments currently shaping markets industries in the global economy objects. You got ahead of corporate communication, chaired the firm and today on the pod, cast and delighted to be joined by three of our summer in turns, and while here look at more from them shortly, but we have just come back from London, Samuel Prepay, who thus in the SALT Lake City Office, but virtually so he was in Seattle and Man Doyle who joined us in our Bengal office. So I'm going to talk to each of them in turn and moving to run, through some of the results of the survey we do every summer of our interns and what it revealed about the most unusual intern summer that we never had so unjustly. Start by letting each them introduced themselves. They will sort of just got just Where did you join us from virtually an indescribable nobody experience? The summer
yeah, hi JAG. First of all, I am I tend to be here, and I was, and turning in the investment banking division in the London office, but working remotely. from Germany, so I had a great experience. It was fantastic and what you're getting out of the internet, as when you put em Sammy, How do you describe a little bit of how it went for you? Why was you expecting to be in SALT Lake City that didn't work out? I was it like to work. Remotely learning experience. Initially, I was confused and little nervous as to how things should go about then getting some amazing supplier for my mentor. Nobody kind of prepared me before day, one Malaysia had was the nominal irony groping, gone West Africa and similar those a little bit of a different culture in here and soap. Perry me before they always just perfect and I just went in gave up my all and me supporting sustainable and adding anything was a positive outcome,
and when did you give us your perspective? There are definitely so I won't even Bangor Office of promise and I join from Bomb Bay in India was one summer looking experience bitches, because my team was amazing that the people was very supportive and help me. They threw a whole eyes to complete. Do my war bank any doubt anybody would they were already more than willing to hoping that an issue that is Europe apprehensions as to how this intention is gonna work, whether this was a forced him, every building, something a quote from home in such an environment, but it never been divided from the EU and disoriented from the war you don't think don't should serve as a good experience. Some one had been debates. People are having possesses no experience and we don't have a lot of daddy yet is about productivity and well
productivity was at hand store heard by this experienced wanting it's your own perspective. On that I'll start- and I am with you- were added- you feel about your productivity level this summer and what did if you like, and it should it with a very difficult or kind of get accustomed to this kind of culture. But I think it was a steep learning curve. It was the second or third beat I kind of got into the cycle of updating, adjusted to the working time the demon working environment, and yet I think the one challenges we face in desert and other productivity was that those lines between the profession opened offers an emphatic somewhat Jordan from but every time you kind of get older it had been disappointed with marking property ass to what you, when you want to work, and how much when a complete ban saying that we have seen that of stirring up I'm doing the right thing. tell me about your choice, often hard to benchmark, because this is a brand new job. So it's hard to age. What
you're more or less productive than you would have been about. What was your experience life for me, productivity was largely based on my back to guarantee an out, succeeded and urgent So what I didn't really was visible: wake up a couple of hours try and get myself immensely and whisky prepared because it was virtually not being in the office. I have everything seemed to be more structured about ass questions or how to catch up on my buddy. I've had a specific email about stand and your compelled things that I wouldn't usually do if I was there in person and so getting that time to prepare myself before the day was actually one of the best, and I do and also keeping all the relevant. Isn't it a bus to what I was doing because then again you're in the different location, but then you have to make sure that everyone isn't it. Why you're doing this you working their projects, making sure that every doing something that is not what is expected? You ve got a correction fix. It ran away before
winning void and you re taking on short breaks during the course of the day, this being a judge or so and come back to your death because it could be launched, could be lonely and so having that kind of things, and there was just got like your perspective and also I'll ask another question which is fully three quarters of in turn, surveyed said that working virtually there concerned it would have a negative ability and their impact to build relationships, dress that question too, because that's all the sea understandable that people feel like working virtually would hurt their ability to form deeper bonds yeah. So first of all, regarding my productivity, I would say work from home, increase my productivity, ginger three main reasons so first I kept, key to do less, where I was writing down. What I wanted to accomplish each week and sex I made sure I discuss deadlines with my colleagues to prayer, has proved eggs and always ask for feedback and third every evening.
recap today and rode down three good things, but also reflected on three things. I wanted to get better on or improved but myself regarding the ability to build relationships. I have to admit that I first saw building cunning, energy and relationships with my colleagues may prisons. Challenges in a watch, your working environment. However, I just tried to always be proactive and reaching out to my team and overcome you hated my progress and always ask questions data fantastic job again than making me feel close to the team, even though we did not physically work alongside. Jim inhabit new. Did you feel like you're able to build relationships despite the distance and the hardness of working virtually? Yes, I was able to pretend I see this as a seventy. Three
because there was that missing of not having the fiscal interaction in there, but then at the end of the day, it gave me the opportunity to even work on my communication skills better and also amplify. my personality or resume, or what kind of software that I was using answer? at the end of the day as equal to build that. But it was a lie. Experience as well. That force me to be even better in committee much more and so were the seventy thirty. With that fiscal ass, they ve been missing aside that everything seemed to be perfect There is keeping everyone in the beginning to happen that constant communication the man. You missed an opportunity to spend time in our brand new office in Bangalore, but were you able to build relationships as though you were there? He s eyes, Simon and gas? We did it new balance it really helping improve on my communications goes in terms of integrating Andrews was talking about So many everything buddy, I feel a little bit of physical communication
could have been better late in submitting a hundred percent. I want someone would obviously giving the pain situation. We cannot have that, but any moving forward. Relationships and well for one thing, is that you get added under unless you maintain that official delegation as basil via at some point what you are doing dance pigs Also, there needs to be more precise that I had to interact with people from other offices. In all events, I think, even God, help me and communicate in vain in building relations as people, and yet there was a good experience the world has been right and thinking about the future of work. I know badly spending a lot of time politically, on that roughly two thirds Varden turn sixty three percent thought that flexible workers, judgments and customized schedules will become more common, partly because employees. What demanded? What's your own view on that? Maybe I'll start with Jessica? I agree I think customized on schedules will be more coin because I had the best expense, ever so. I definitely think is good,
the beginning of a future trend its annual. How about you, you are you ready to have a blend of work in the future? Yes is presented, as the people were just for said, I believe, were an unprecedented times and companies are being pushed to do things, having previously done and doesn't raising you normal answer really having bad perfect balance. Changing things and making sure that they are putting things increase to get the best out of their employees, still shows, isn't enough, gonna happen and really They also eaten. The mental health is walking a very important thing, giving a please a chance to be flexible to do things in a way that will let them be. The best is just a calculator inciting that's the future again, I look towards a married man. Are you part of the two thirds Lord, are you ready to spend all your days in the office your point of do terrific?
in the coming years: monomer rise above inflexible schedules from a variety of obligations, and it will not just be their homes by means of a place. I don't want you to travel and the visit and just We have come a long way from a ninety five percent of culture to look for them. Creating beach at went along. This review will be moving towards respectable working arrangements and its content the visit, and it was an individual to dangerous. They want- and you get to this point in force and aspirations and also to his was alive and at the same time, maiden about work life balance gave a thing is: is this, but with a future
we'll have to go out and try to find one of that. One third, that things work is not changing, but now this cop so outside work all the fun things about the surveys. We get to ask the interns. What's going on culture, what's going on outside work? Obviously our interests are added users of streaming services. We always asked what their favorite is. Forty two percent twisted Netflix as their favorite maple, just take a little breakin say: what's your favorite thing to watch and are you a binge watcher Diane about you? So I'm not much of a teenager person. I was more of movies, but, as I'm not have been voted on, I cannot just sit and watch tv shows that's not my thing and depends on the shores of the founder and as a step on the way they surely something or something I might, but not by poverty. Yadda said so, and by what I'm gonna do watching would be how to get away with murder by God. It's just one showed its ever watches sailor, but not a bishop and, of course, Ok I'll bet you Jessica
Once in a while, I like to watch a movie, you calm down, but I'm definitely not a bench watcher either so decide, that also like watching travel documentaries sends, I think, They provide an opportunity to connect with the world and understand different cultures, especially since we can travel so tat. Its closest, wouldn't get right now, Samuel, I'm a part of the networks, But again, just like everyone else, I'm not a bench watcher, I'm not a single person as well, but then I seem to get more inclined to documentaries. The committee's about nature technology history because I've been using it for me, I find the more interesting than these have at the moment, and I see what you might call Krim camp and talking about the training of how the disability ACT was enacted in the USA without super interesting. That's what I would spend my time watching
call didn't not surprisingly, in our interns are big social media users to an interesting an at a time when this, when this law debate around the role, Facebook and Twitter alike in our culture full. Seventy percent of our ancient said. They believe that social media hasn't net positive impact on society, some time this year were seeing a lot of social media noise around public figures and celebrities, perhaps said something inappropriate. What are your thoughts on the so called cancel culture, and you think people should be given more of an optional apology eyes and changing and how you feel about the role social media plays in that part of the culture of start with Diane? Yes, definitely, council countries, something which has again good into this new age, but I think people should be given a chance. explain themselves and change that I've been some ten social media and become really intolerant and box. Its face and people can get become very rarely unapologetic bird.
Just like everyone else, even sell their produce results are even wizard is at gunpoint at that time can make mistakes and they should be given a fair chance to prove themselves again, especially and informed yesterday, there has been a lot of debate going on in this particular debate because of the current situation by the young I don't think this is some thing which we as a society where they put it. I would add, definitely James's orders, couldn't agree: more, haven't you Samuel? What do you think for me? I think a first of all the council conscious, sits the activism and trying to provide support to people many begins in some way, but then it has evolved over time and I believe this be a re evaluation of how it is. I personally do not think social media should make listen, I'm counting someone I'm at university revolves around. She was a personal values that you hold.
I believe, as time goes on and that this should be is the more sensory or even a public. Much that would help you individual, probably regulate and know how to take these decisions. Can I believe, human progress on the friends successions appointed he's over time and it changes and saw giving them another. Chance would be the best thing to do because at the end of the day, with China, our compassion. But then in every depends on your friends and there are some non negotiable, but then I am, I think it very important to say that when you cancel on someone, you don't just cancel on some themselves as a person and cancel the ideas there. There you're telling her guests and even decades of work that is done and so having an appropriate balance between how'd. You won't work and that will be the best thing to do, in my opinion, giving them another chance, we evacuating circumstances would be the best
that's a more nuanced and thoughtful view than them? We would find that social media, but thanks for that same haven't you Jessica, I fully agree with your honor enter ends. I think Media has changed away, we interact with each other. For ever, On the one hand they combine torrential on site in a positive way, because allows us to stay in touch. On the other hand, social media can foster anti social behaviour and cameras. and the spread of misinformation, so I think tat it in a person can be cancelled. The collector why, in saying we're not going to bed and flew to dump public figure or celebrity anymore, so it goes without saying that commits changed our lives pretty dramatically and a lot of ways. What I thought was interesting: the surveys that a lot of interns thought the daily life would change permanently, just once that a quarter of them twenty four percent mention they will never view attending. answer my wife's sporting event the same in the future, not that they would never do it. But then
family change their way of thinking about that. view, and would you miss about life? Three covert will start with NEO concert point of view. I think it's just a short something I believe an unless I'm being too optimistic on this, but I do believe you begin to get to attend as consistent as regards again. I've also and Coming to people that live when miss the moors about that aim is spending diamond was to live and faint. I met bodies and hanging out and just setting this conversation that night and it s generosity of aid from the EU and making those impromptu plans being taking everything so that something like eighty famous would have to do that again. So just got but you're just gonna permanently change the way you view certain things in mind. What do you miss about life before the pandemic? Yes, Thank is sport, amounts in front birds will change permanently. I think it will never be the same. Maybe I think well totally change and water,
the most as definitely exploring new cultures around the world to live lived in Singapore for almost a year before starting the internship Goldman Sachs, and I have lived in three different european countries in the last few years So I really mistake: storing cultures are living in different places, joy, so much travel documentaries can do so I assume you haven't you. What are you? What are you missing about life before the pandemic? Not breed hunches uncalculated myself about I've been known only chemist it, but I have to be well geared up. I have re careful about the distances, and between people where I'm going, what I'm catching and why not end edges out onto the things I have to do in the day and so few women
come back to normal. I wouldn't have to whereby all that again and regards the activity that happen outside. Even if everything goes back to normal, I think ass humans. We will have this kind of procedure. Effects behind our backs into will be extra careful about things that we would do and it will take a while for things to get back to normal. But then I am hopeful that the future thinking you're gonna get much. and a couple of days gone by the hair. But I'm sharing my responsibility with Bentley the buyer, who joined government pretty recently at an interesting point in time and is running our human capital management system globally order. What some people call HR so he's in charge of our people and is ultimately in charge. this interim problem that we welcome the problem. Thank you Having me here in its great summit, Samuel and Iron Jessica's, well so, but just talk about the virtual, program when she ran the summer with your team. How did you prepare for it? How do you think about trying to make
some rich experience and had it play out would meet your expectations. What was different, I think it is. It's fine that you'd asked organised The majority of learning to Chile in the participants in the sun. Around, but in our leadership without manages Ericsson team as Well- and it was this year and a lot of our focus right up to David. John Stephen laid simulation, prefer was to ensure that every in turn, every new arrival in summer had a very compelling real, well experience. I think that's where we really fight. That's a lot of our attention. Ericsson team had to think about how we virtual eyes. We did everything from and in generators, Africa to support people and county looking at twenty five or thirty percent, I think it was vital to we're gonna be based in their future location, to do this through the truly. Why wall highly
the great effort and not seek from out landed the basic right to speak the intently to their reflections. You guys, are you nervous, Right now, the virtual environment and through the pandemic on top of the agenda, without an ongoing raise prices ends. He's the conversations about systemic racial inequalities and gained a lot of my mental. It's not a protest around the world semi percent of our into. As I understand then surely, having discussions with family friends about race discrimination. Now? Why do you think these conversations report? Let me start with you. Samuel urged the boy. I believe it is very important for preparations have this conversation because it tells whoever is gonna work there their stance on that issue, and I will relieve us before thirty. In search of me, I got an email from common that said that told us about their stand on the racial clothes. You know what's happening than for me,
Then, after again, come into the EU isn't working here. It sort of game in the awareness that I am joining a company that except the people who I am and trust and believe me, my abilities, I believe, Having that Canada, Werner's really shows compassion, says we care for you and so every putting a better place. So I get back to being the better employee as compared to Cummings, work and thinking. He is what is someone thinking about me what I said about working, etc? I didn't give me the bat: he's a lightweight effectively and be the person I could be really powerful seller. Thank you MA am. I welcome your reflections on this, how you see the edge itself into space and sixty five percent intensive, educated, Mr Automation, inequality by reading books, and I go. What have you been waiting in space These conversations are extremely important because it makes us more sensitive towards other communities and people and of the meat
he's and by this commission stance. It's because of ignorance, not to mention the prejudices. People have to visit the communities in everything and these politicians makes us aware of their struggles and what they may be foolish me may be completely unaware of animals in a big makes us a bit of a privilege to be out in a day, and I think that when heads of becoming more sense It was an understanding best, others as well, and I think this is what will help us in changing society ass at large, because the more we talk about it among people become a bed and a more sensitive. Maybe somebody did everything else that's great land energetically, as someone who is a global citizen and saying, is living in many different purchased in environmentally related understand. What's the conversations you're having a space right now with family friends, Conversations about Rachel inequalities are fundamental to create awareness that exist, Turkey is not yet a reality and its
couldn't understand those two eventually improve the situation and credit, meaningful change, so yeah that's what I learned about it and I think tat welcome these inequalities does not justify Unscom, one single nation or institution think we would rather need a combined approach of private and public institutions cross all nations very energized. When I hear these responses as night, I think to so much the work we do in Goldman Sachs around the system, stability and about work in this space, not just an episode, our reaction that sustainable response. Thank you for that very excited. That less pivotal. see you next jobs, a lot of our intends to set the three. Things they might care about what they do day today, who they were with an advance adoption. This sum, when choosing an employer is being socially conscious or having a high birth is something that you look for now as well. Let me go back to you Jessica. First,
You understand how employees being socially conscious the written, pointing socially conscious and having I thirsty, sensitive decision making, so I would say to my mind for me or three things having a challenging job. Bracken continuously have to operate attitude to grow and further develop myself. Second, working together with interesting clients where you can feel a sense of purpose. if you passionate about improving the current situation and buried, being surrounded by smart colleagues here, and actually stimulate you an Iphone dad and my team. I garments x and investment bank. It that's right, we say mentions you don't pick see the signal from a company or a relief. Also were really delighted to hear that it. How important is He says he decisionmaking around feeling and connecting just the feminist, socially conscious appeal in it very, very important theme to look out for a blue, especially for me, and I think so, because working in the company,
is socially conscious translates into the coffee that work and without having a go culture word means you're working, break your coworkers, namely a clear answer: what with no legal culture, then again means everyday that work with everyone has great energy positive, any junior working towards attaining what is expected of me and when you do that again, you are able to grow and advance in Europe which in future be able to intervene in kind of sits in the whole framework of coming to be about a person to be socially conscious kind of gives us empathy and allows us to be the best ending the business you blow, and there have been a very important thing that I've I will come for countries and companies, Samuel and Gonna be recruiting for our people strategy roll out. I think I just got a new candidate diet. I'd love to hear from you to around looking for an employer with a sense of as recognition to your own personal values and engage in extreme him.
Why? Because I feel that it is not true that as an added burden or something, but it is a part of your identity and its saw defines you as a person, so I feel people who asked openness and as motivated as you are, and what have seemed to lecture level. I think it really helps you enough forming us as a great individual annual given you imbibed, was conscious or has been also brings forward such people in Rio. state of the values, emu have a tendency to give back to your new generation than needs when they joined the vote saving? That's something which is really? imported in stating that the effect of university organization and yes decides extremely important. When choosing one organization, fantastic the futures, looking very bright thanks badly for that, as well It's always interesting. We hear about this generations views about how their lives my pen out rocket, hold you to any these commitments. We ass a couple questions about the future.
An interesting trend. We saw the results it more insurance listed that they plan to have a pet. to raise children in the next ten years. So I want you take on that. Don't spend a lot of time on a body think about that. I am an exchanges I would say If I gave better dog biggest, my mom Monday in Bologna goes over element as another more what I'm getting a dog for shop. He ass, I would say we would weirdo Samuel. For me, I will go a little differing were. The result should probably go both. because I had I love had since opt out at once. Had a possibly companionship is very important as you go, and that was the one at the council I believe the idea of a child. You are able to give off your bearings and think that man, the time to him or her until going up in saying? Ok, so there?
my offspring, meaning he does exactly. What I do is just perfect answer. I will be on the side of getting better just got how you think about it. Ex ten years. So I would answer, does were desire for freedom, so I think next ten years most of us will probably be focusing on our careers and are still like to take responsibility tea for raising a child and pets? Just only the same sacrificed, those required by raising children. I think another survey result, which is, I think, pretty interesting- is that thirty, eight percent of our entrance thought they d working in toll after the age of sixty five. Is that big, people. Think in modern society is easier to work longer or do you think that's out of economic necessity, nine think you'll be one king much longer Maybe your parents did, I think he s bigger, they feel dream the are becoming more and more and better
The choice of the meeting went from decision, which is timely because of two reasons. One is easy access to information information for sure. Secondly, it would be a does your spectrum of thing from the enforcement each other better before us and tat these days, and today's generation I feel, is apt to be seeking meaningful revoking apportioning do than at their she looking for work, which the truly enjoy save you did not as it was something as an added responsibility, but as part of their own identities of the day would love to work as long as they can, instead of looking at it as just a milestone for the east. Everything up this is true. I want to know what they're doing whatever do? What did you want to inspect the death penalty? I love that answer Samuel about you. I happened to be a party to thirty percent, the reason why I got still working out to sixty five is waning
I would have gained a an enormous amount of wealth of knowledge and I believe, would be very essential to changing the future. Then and so, to keep my mind, alert to give up to society and to be part of the change. I think it's best to still be in the workforce to help that patent partners, as does the presidency in mind you just got wordy views on that hard to imagine being sixty five at your age. But what do you think you'll be doing it had stage or how do you think about it, and I fully agree with that. So my personal view is that when you follow you, national life. You will be successful in your career. probably also live longer. So there are many benefits related to working. Your more active you stay socially engaged, so we feel more passionate about the work you're doing done about anything else. Why would you say what you doing to retire especially when we found ways, especially during covert to achieve more balanced. Well, we'll do
lightning round here. I want to add one so just off script. I want to ask you about a book recommendation for all of us: have the alchemy ten seconds to think about that, but will start lightning round I'll, just go ordered, Diane, Samuel, Jessica student really quickly, so man, video call or phone call phone call Samuel wherever you Lydia Club, Jessica, video com, Ok, tv shows and movies. Somebody already answered this, but now I am habit you're always always Samuel. I was the good movie because it will become and after an hour now. Ok, I'm your destiny, maybe we also got some insight into this already, but early bird or Nite Owl Diane Night, a cat and Jessica, Me too definitely night all I'd love,
fascinated here. Would people reading or what's moved them recently nigh on anything that you read recently book or article that you'd recommend for our audience? most of what I need is allowed for financing, that so I would say one basic, very famous. Nobody ever know they're still ammo proponent of that would be a step forward, and I would recommend that everyone should read it feared of any veto. Any branch- listen. What about your general anything? You read recently that you recommend for audience. reading one half way through a book called taking away the latter by had to change its a book on measures in the countries and power which conscious become rich in our developing countries, are adopt some of these policies to help them as well, and it is like a debate and if its working are not actually want to gain an understanding of how nations that we hold over time, and that will be the proverb to either taking away
I also thank you just about any thoughts on books or anything else that you'd recommend for audience. Recommendation for a book would be free. Economics, so does is about uncover the Paden things up almost everything's has really fun to read. Em it's? U. Inside of things, you haven't and thought about her. I would thank you all so much for joining and for sharing your perspective on what was an unusual summer? Certainly historic, somersault part of history Samuel, Jessica thanks for joining us today, you so much for having me yeah yeah. I think you Jane Thank you badly. It was amazing, for having these old Jake and we appreciate the time and I'll be raising on incites from everyone here. That concludes this episode. Exchanges of omens acts thanks for listening and if you enjoy shall we hope you subscribe and Apple pie, gas liberating or in common
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