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The Battle for Our Screens, Part 3: Social Media in the Social Distancing Age


As lockdown measures turned our real lives digital, we’ve looked to social media to connect with the outside world. This has only accelerated trends within the industry, like the increasing appetite for user-generated short-form video.

To explore these shifting habits, Heather Bellini and Piyush Mubayi of Goldman Sachs Research discuss consumers’ social media consumption in the U.S. and Asia. Then, Jane Dunlevie from the Investment Banking Division discusses the state of play among her social media clients and how the pandemic has impacted their corporate strategies.

This is the third episode of a four-part miniseries: Exchanges Deep Dive: The Battle for Our Screens, which brings together experts from across Goldman Sachs to analyze how the pandemic has shifted our lives digitally and forever changed how we rely on technology.  

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