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Week 15 Studs & Duds + Mid-Show Surprises, Monday Punday - Fantasy Football Podcast for 12/19

2022-12-19 | 🔗

What a wild weekend of football! On today’s fantasy football podcast, a Week 15 recap with the best and worst fantasy performances! Which duds should be benched in Week 16? Which surprising studs are worth a look? Plus, injury updates, a Week 15 edition of Monday Punday, and more! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. -- Fantasy Football Podcast for December 19th, 2022.

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To learn more. >> Welcome to the Fantasy Footballers Podcast with your hosts, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike Wright. >> Welcome in. Monday December 19th the fantasy footballers podcast you What a weekend. Oh man. Top to bottom.
- Saturday football, Jeff Saturday football. - Oh brother. - World Cup, Sunday playoff football. - This was-- - That would be the fantasy playoffs. - One of the greatest weekends of sports. That I can ever remember. The amount of, I mean the the the six afternoon games yesterday, down to the wire. All of... Than one score games late into the fourth quarter. You had the World Cup craziness. Multiple overtime in the morning the Saturday games the greatest NFL comeback of all time 33 to nothing Saturday collapse apps. Is amazing it was a lot of fun the uh i mean it was a weekend Of great consequence for fantasy players. I know it didn't work out for everybody, unless you had a bye week. It worked out really well for you. Yeah, congratulations. If you had a bye week, you avoided such things like Jarek McKinnon against you.
Jonathan Taylor for you? Or maybe you avoided Zay Jones against you? Uh, there was, um, I mean, it was just a fun weekend and I know like some people you went out and some... People went out swinging like Mike did sort of yeah sort of swinging sort of swinging and or sort of just demolished by a bigger stronger yeah fast I ran into a buzzsaw in League of Record, but I look I'm looking at this It's just I get to reassess my priorities of my life. Like what's my most important leak? Actually, right. I was I was like a fog. I was trapped last week I thought it was the league of record, but I was, guys, I was so wrong. Dead wrong? Yeah, just incredibly wrong about the priorities of which league I like the best. Yeah, because you, you know, you don't have a chance to def-
your title this year right in that league but in Dino Junior totally so I assume Based on recent events full house remodel completed this weekend Top to bottom, every room? - The house is gone. - Oh, oh no. - Yeah, it's just a-- - Demo's finished. - No, it's just a pit. A pet with a bottle of Jack Daniels in the middle of it just sitting there empty of course there's some empties I got the recycling guy Coming by later oh yeah gonna make I've since the bottle yeah got some cash coming but Now you got a new most important league which is all... It seems like Dino Junior is really existing to be that for you guys. Each year when you need it. - Yeah, I mean everyone needs a safety net. - That is, that's smart, that's smart. Let's react as. We always do get sophisticated with your pun submissions on Twitter
I'll kick it off. Go ahead. How about Jerrick McWinnin'? Mmm, are you talking about Jerrick McCaffrey? Oh, yes. Or the Myers remorse. Yes, a lot of unhappy people with Jacoby yesterday. Remandre Stevenson came back from injury. Otto, the Muth hath giv'd. Oh boy, oh boy. That was bad fryer poop, but I like yours better. Oh Darren, welcome back! That's pretty good. How about Crazy Jones? Or how about Rashad? Why? Oh, Nunnuth and Taylor. Oh, and Classic is back where he must start. For those of you with Mark Andrews, Tyler Stunkley or Greg Doll Ziller.
Shh. Aw. Or the way we kicked off the weekend. Jeff? Shatter day. Well, that worked out. That one was only going to be read by Mike. Feeling good? I'm just saying you had a really nice run with that game because you predicted It was a good one. - It was my almost upset. - Yeah, that was your almost upset and they just came out and dominated. 33-nothing, they're up, they're winning in all three phases. Also think that Mike said that Jeff Saturday is a sham and should not be head coach and then he He just led, let's say he led, because he's the leader of the men there, the greatest collapse in NFL history. And the only way to give up a 33 nothing lead Is to hand your playbook and every play call for the remainder of the game to the opposed
team and I feel like that's what happened right it was like it was very impressive no matter what like Matt Ryan has a gift Matt Ryan Has a gift. And um, it's a shame because he, he t 33 nothing that was one like my son was watching that game with me I'm like you're always gonna remember that like yeah, if this happens that that was a an all-timer now You know the ironic thing of that game is that the greatest comeback of all time, if you remember, Buffalo coming back against the Oilers, Frank Reich was the quarterback. Frank Reich was the QB? Yeah. I did not realize that. He just had his... Greatest comeback of all time broken by his replacement Jeff Saturday. Oh, man on a Saturday. Oh baby. To Kirk Cousins. So Frank Greg no longer has a job or a record. Yeah.
You want to know how you lose a game you're up 33-0 in? You give 25... Opportunities to Zach Moss. I mean, just come on every time you handed the ball to him. Why did you leave me? Dude sucks! Who was the Fumble? It was Dion Jackson, right? I think that led to it a little bit. It was a it takes a village it takes a village to blow a game it was a real team effort but hey colts covered well done Mike Weld and amazingly in the lowest yards per catch of I think his career in a game, Michael Pittman. Done right pity city ppr machine baby ten catches for all of where did we go 60 yards. We built the city brick by brick. Low walls, low Tony walls everywhere. Which uh unbelievable game. So fun to watch. Yeah. Lots of big games yesterday. We're gonna break down the studs and duds on today.
Show after we get into the news. News and notes from around the league presented by USAA insurance. Man, you're pumped for this news. A good week. You had a really big one. I had a big big weekend. It's been a rough year. Times especially the Monday night situations but no I had a good good Weekend where all the players it was a dream for our Dynasty League. Everybody scored some of them multiple times. Won the Wheel of Shame? Yeah! You're the champ this week. And you were Upset last week that you didn't get the buy in that dynasty league and it turns out you did have a buy because your team went ne- clear yeah no I've never had a week where that many players like I benched from Andre after my first four players scored 120
Points and I just was like, Ah, let's just be safe. But no, they had a good weekend, won the Wheel of Shame, which shouldn't be this much of an accomplishment really. But, no, I'm pumped. This is big time news to talk about too. You're gonna have to make some arrangements if you have Jonathan Taylor. Who has been diagnosed with a high ankle sprain and is highly unlikely to return this season. This was brilliant. This is as bad as it gets. This was the number two Running back on the week by consensus ranking so everybody thought big opportunity big game first week of the playoffs first touch for him and he looked Great breaks off a nice run down the left and then re-aggravates the same ankle. Injury and so you you had him in your lineup he's an audio person he's a hundred percent started and he basically goosed
Everyone outside of that one touch and man brutal now you've lost him for the if you were able to overcome his actual injury. Or congratulations for those of you that had to play against the scary Jonathan Taylor Points put up by them. - And now you don't have a clear backup situation due to the abundance of Zach Moss carries, Dion Jackson. - I have a clear path. I'd rather be dead than put Zach Moss on my playoff roster. I think in light of this Jonathan Taylor injury, which is the second of the year for him, Something here.
I just noticed that this is the time of year where people are reflecting on draft picks a little bit on Twitter. So I am going to read you the top 10 picks and I want you to reply with it. 10 of this year? The top 10 picks of this year and I want you to reply with a sound of some sort. Some sort of reaction to them. Okay. All right, the number one pick. This is a ADP right in PPR League You wanna have PPR? I guess I should switch to happy peer. Okay Jonathan Taylor Ow! Okay. Yeah, that's fair. Very nice. Number two, Christian McCaffrey. Whee! Yeah, you go with a Kaching on that one. Number three, Austin Eckler. Hell yeah! Nice, this is what I was hoping for. Number four, Derrick Henry.
Oh yeah! Nice, thank you. Number five, Cooper Cupp. Awwww. Yeah. Yep, that's it, that's the one. Number six, Justin Jefferson. Yeah, that's fair. Uh, number seven, Dalvin Cook. Eh? Okay, alright. Haji Harris. Okay. All right. That was the end of season. - Uh huh, uh huh. Number nine, Jamar Chase. - Maybe that's the-- - I'm going with that. That's my sound. I wasn't thinking, that was the sound. - And then let's round it out with, I saw a lot of tweets about this fella. Number 10, Joe Mixon. - Hmm. Yeah, because you have that's been the consent flashes of dominance which shows why he
He really consolidated into that one week. Yeah, I was gonna say he had a flash. The one week against me! Yeah, but I mean he is for his opportunities, you know at the beginning of the year we were talking about how great his opportunity These were and that the fantasy production was going to come and then it did in that game and then it was kind of back to just ho-hum. And I think he, there is, at least for me, it's compounded a... Bit by when he was out, Smaj P Ryan was freaking awesome. Like it's. So you can't be saying well that the scheme is broken with the offensive like Yep, the backup running back was Sensational for fantasy purposes and then Joe mixing came back and you're like, oh Okay, here we are again. Breaking news. What? Might as well get this right here on the show, Jason. Do not look down. Okay.
To you. Have you already seen it? I have no idea. What today is just full of surprises. I know. This is from Matt. Please don't be bad for me. Matt Miller on, yeah, @NFLDraftScout. Texas. Running back, Bijan Robinson announced that he-- - No, no, no, no, he's declared. - I announced that he. He will not enter the 2023. NFL draft. Are you serious? He's going back to school? No, I'm just kidding! Oh my gosh! Alright. Oh my goodness. He declared he's going to go into the draft. Literally. I couldn't help myself. My heart stopped all the beating part. I was about to die.
You can watch Jason here. He was in suspended animation. Oh my gosh. I really believed you. I know I couldn't help it I didn't know what to do. I was just gonna break the good news, and then I saw how Excited you were oh, so he is Clearing for the NFL draft. He has declared that he will enter the 2023 NFL draft. Sanity prevails. For those that are not following along, Bijan Robinson, the number one running back prospect coming out of Texas, an elite prospect. Not sure where he'll go in the draft because you don't generally see these Saquon... McCaffrey or Fournette. But he'll be the number one running back off the board. He feels... Special. He feels like a first rounder. By the way, getting back to congratulations. You might as well go for the ride. Oh, I appreciate it. In hindsight, knowing that the conclusion of the ride was fun, I'm happy.
Happy to have a nice loopty loop in there. Al, you thought I read the tweet wrong? Yeah, you sold it well enough that I thought you were misreading the tweet. Yeah, so, uh, by the way, getting back to Joe Mixon, this is why, like, some of the you if you got knocked out or you're out of a couple leagues and you're still tuning in, you're going to benefit from staying in tune with the fantasy community and the fantasy world. One of the things we do at the end of the year is we kind of, you know, tell you the truth. About certain players. Joe Mixon's end of year result is gonna feel better than having him on your roster for sure. He's the number 11 running back right now. So, and that's number 11 with missing two games, right? So from a points per game standpoint, you're still gonna think he's better, but 30% of his fantasy points came in week 9. So the truth about players...
What they did to get you to the playoffs or not, we will be highlighting that with all of these names in the heading into the off season. Alright, Cardinals lost another quarterback. Yeah. But they now have the number four pick in the draft, gentlemen. So. Oh, that's that's that's great. Also, they don't have a quarterback behind the quarterback that they lost because Trace McSorley should never. Drafted in the NFL. Was he drafted? I believe he was. Oh maybe he was an unrestricted free... I'm saying I don't remember. I just remember scouting his weapons and thinking, Man, this is a bad college quarterback. And then that guy went to the NFL, which was crazy. Drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the sixth round. The 2019 draft and we were mixorally sorry that we put him into the lineup yesterday. It was doing some math here while you were talking about Joe Mixon who's averaging 15 fantasy points a game.
If you take that one week out, he's down to 11 fantasy points a game. Right. It's just not been good. And if he was drafted as a running back two, you'd be fine. But he was drafted in the first round. Just real quick then, on McSorley, I mean, if you survive this week and you have Cardinals on your team, that's... It's gonna be pretty tough. - If Colt McCoy doesn't come back. - Yeah, it's a concussion for Colt McCoy. So who knows, 'cause I've had some guys, we've seen some guys come back the week. We've seen multiple weeks missed, so I have no idea what's gonna happen with Colt, but McSorley is not.
He's not even a backup. The emotional rollercoaster of the weekend was compounded by players that exited and then returned to play after injury that included Ryan Tannehill, Justin Fields, Zonnovan Knight, Travis Etienne, Austin Eckler, and Justin Jefferson. All of them leaving the field due to injury at one point and then coming back out onto the field. Zonnovan came back? I don't remember him coming back. He came back at one point. Okay. He came back for nothing. Yeah, and then he did nothing. Yeah, so Monday night football tonight We've got the Packers and then Baker Mayfield's team And, you know, I know there are decisions to be made for this evening. News on Romeo Dobbs, just that he basically said you don't expect a full compliment of snaps for Romeo Dobbs.
So be careful. We haven't even seen him with Christian Watson and with Randall Cobb. Not that he can't make his entire day with one play, but like Mike, would you play two-two at will? Nine targets, five catches, or would you play Romeo Dobbs? - I would play the player who's trending up. The player freshly off of injury. Alright, that was today's news and notes presented by USAA Insurance. Learn more at USAA.com/insurance. We're gonna take a quick break, quick break, quick break, and come With the studs. Thanks for the question. It's time for what? What would you do? Maybe more fantasy football, I don't know. If time was unlimited, how would you use it? What would be the first thing you turn to if you had that extra hour? I think for me, I would often say maybe I'd finally read
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Followers. Damaged items are repaired or replaced, even if they cost more today than they did when you bought them, which could put your wallet at ease too. Tap the banner or visit usaa.com/homeowners to learn more and get a quote. Restrictions apply. - Not a quick bake. We don't want a quick bake, Al. - Gonna put together an egg bake for Christmas. - Quick bake is more, it's more Tavis. Brian territory. All right, let's move on.
Bijan Robinson wallpaper for your computer? Oh yeah, baby. I'm putting him in high-res photos. Currently photoshopping him into all uniforms so that I'm prepared for wherever he goes. Very smart. You're talented. All right, studs. Joshua. Joshua Allen, you beautiful, beautiful ... Beautiful man there is nothing better when the than when the best players just do what you Know they should do and can do and you know you get to the playoffs on Josh Allen or or Jaylen Hurts. Excellent. Mahomes like great play you know yeah and then they like should be great. And then they like use their number one weapon and like bring them along for the ride. It's a Stefan Diggs moment, right? Yeah. Four passing touchdowns for Josh Allen.
None of them mattered. Well, he was, if you had Josh Allen, they all mattered. He was knocks it out. Yeah. Big week for Dawson Knox. But, uh, Josh Allen next week against Chicago, I'm excited. Sure. That should be a fun, fun game. Justin Fields continues to make opposing quarterbacks do stuff. Speaking of which, Jalen hurts 22 for 37 for 315 had, uh, oh, three rushing touch. Didn't throw any, had two picks to start the game, looked a little shaky, but... At one point I turned to Jason and I said, Eh, he'll figure it out, won't he? And he said yes. Yeah, there was, after those quick two interceptions... And he was in your DraftKings lineup, you were like, Of course! Of course it's bad! And we knew he'd get it together. He is currently the quarterback one on the season. - Yeah. - Ahead of Josh Allen, ahead of...
Patrick Mahomes. - Yeah, and rolling back to that Buffalo game, that's true. The weather was something people were following right up to kickoff. At some point during that game, well, the snowballs were ridiculous, first of all. And so people are throwing snowballs, but when it started to like the game was pretty clear like it was nice They were able to play this game, but in the fourth they start it started snowing, and I couldn't help think to myself like Should all these fans just spend the night like it was like I? I don't want to think about them trying to get home after that game with that much snow Just seemed like a terrifying prospect. I mean, you just, you must sh- Yeah, you got a snowmobile. I'm sure that's how they got there mush. That's a dog sleds. Yeah, okay? That's not what they're doing? Is that what they do in Buffalo? Everyone has their own like... I... Look, my view of anything in the north is... Everyone has... A full, uh, fleet of
Dogs at any moment. - Fleet is what they call it. - Yeah. - A group of dogs. - Yeah, a group of dogs is a fleet. - Yeah. And they can get where they need to go. I'm sure have wolves fewer, but you know that's the north right exactly or you get your cross-country skis on I felt like we might have a I'd have come to a bit of an agreement on the dome situation though on Twitter Jason did we I thought so okay What was it cuz I've been on like you know team snow Yes, but then you were kind of on like team dome right yeah, but then like I think I'm on team dome for things other than snow. Yeah, the, the, the, I'm on- Which is where the retractable roof comes into- Yes, I'm on team retractable dome. I love, outside games are obvious. Better but if there's terrible weather that affects football and this was not that like this was this was cold but it wasn't windy right it wasn't the weather wasn't actually bad we were afraid that it was gonna be bad but yes if it's a
a hurricane, rainy, sleazy... - That doesn't add to the atmosphere. - No, no, just be able to close it. Yeah, and they can do that now. That's one of the gifts of engineering. Patrick Mahomes. My name is James. Called this one. He said he thought he might have a pretty good game against Houston. How about five incomplete passes on 41 passes? What I did not project in my game scripts was the... Rascally Houston Texans. They are. They did it again. Like this was if you didn't watch it you'll be like well yeah I assumed that the Chiefs blew out the Texans. No. Uh It was a very competitive game the entire way through. Didn't it go to overtime? It did. It did. It took them to all first time. That's crazy. Now, I know a lot of people ... Is it the Titans that we've been stashing for next week?
of people on Twitter, they're saying, well, do I stop targeting the Houston Texans? I have my thoughts on that, which is they play in Tennessee and then at home again against Jacksonville. I'm not targeting the Jacksonville defense in Houston. But I am happy to play Tennessee. Yeah, I think I still roll Houston. Are you do you disagree with that? No, I that's currently where I'm at. I have yes all you do you have Tennessee's defense I have Tennessee's defense and I've got The Philadelphia Eagles I've seen that exact question on twitter so what are you gonna do between those two because the eagles play dallas right exactly and for that reason specifically i'm gonna i'm gonna play tennessee okay uh
What else do we got? We got Kirk Cousins, the Miracle Man himself. Quarterback eight on the year now after this massive comeback. He looked downright disgusting in the first half. I mean, 460 and four, that was... Like, that's in the second half. Yes, he threw two interceptions in this game. A real UGO one in the first half. Well, they were... Both of them... I don't know if you guys realize this. Both interceptions were... To Jalen Rager. Oh yeah. And where he stay both like the reason that Jalen Rager was there for both of those plays was cuz Justin Jefferson got knocked off the field. I blame coaches for that. Right. Please don't like the play that Justin Jefferson goes out maybe you Right run the ball over the last two weeks for Kirk Cousins. He is on pace for to passing yards. So that's pretty good. When's his next prime time, Kim?
Uhhhhh... Watch out. I mean, well, that was... That technically was a prime time game. So, good job. It's an island game. Yeah. Yeah, but it's a morning game. Okay. Yeah You have to be in there. I mean the whole idiom of like, you know fading Under the lights, you know what I mean? When the bright lights hit you, that's the key. He's got really sensitive vision. So like, sunrise is not a bright light for him? Not in the stadium, no. Okay. No, you can't see the sun right then. Because of the big stadium walls. Yeah, yeah. Learn about science, Mike. Trevor Lawrence, buddy. Buddy, four touchdowns. Amazing victory for Jacksonville. Really the most impressive one on the year. Battled back. They were down big in the third quarter. Zay Jones went crazy.
Trevor Lawrence is now the quarterback six on the year the Jets in New York next week then Houston then, Tennessee Man there's a chance Trevor Lawrence is a key cog in a championship roster. I know those matchups are not not a Cakewalk, but there were opportunities for Jared Goff against the Jets down the field. I mean he missed Jamison Williams on an easy touchdown, he ended up with the long ridiculous touchdown to Mike's brother. Yes. So... Trevor Lawrence has been interesting Trevor Lawrence has been very good over the last nine weeks There's only two games where he hasn't been a quarterback one. He's been playing well the spot start is a job We'll talk about him in a minute has been awesome. He's got weapons to throw the ball to and the team has been do you really?
their situation. Yeah, we talked about this on the footcaches about next year. No, this year. Okay, play it out They control their own destiny to the playoffs now to the division title because they play Tennessee in week 18. They're one game out Tennessee's got a banged up quarterback. They haven't figured things out Tennessee I think has lost four games in a row. That is very not Mike Vrabel Yeah, but the just for the long-term outlook here of Trevor Lawrence. He's been spectacular The turnaround has been massive, I mean We all were when you were watching Trevor Last year you were really really hoping that this was not Lawrence's fault. It was Urban Meyer's fault. I Think that you can put a lot of that blame now directly to Urban Meyer and his coaching staff and their decisions But we were talking with Jay on the foot cast of remembering this team traded for
- Calvin Ridley. If Calvin Ridley has anything left, I'm not even gonna say if he could come back and be a top 12 fan. Wide receivers. If he's just something just be a wide receiver three be better than Marvin Jones, which shouldn't be hard to do this team with with Kirk Zay Jones and Calvin Ridley and ETN like really really interested in you. They didn't even mention Schmevin. Yeah, yes Schmevin. We try not to, we keep that on the... Hey, you're gonna have to read about him later. Oh my. He made it in baby. So just for the record, we looked this up this morning, Zay Jones is under contract for two more years as well. Yeah, they just picked him up. He was kinda like a-- So it was a three year deal. He was a cheapie. Trevor Lawrence, big game. Go Jacksonville. Boy, I'd love to see a couple of, couple of kids.
In the playoffs. Sure. Jacksonville, Detroit. Alright, Joe Burrow, how did he end up here after that first half? I don't know. Uh it was called the gift of short fields. It was it was the dream. Like if you had Joe Burrow, you were that first half it was a disaster. In the second half they came out and turned the ball over four consecutive times. Short fields turned into touchdowns. Only threw for 200 Have thrown for more for all of the yards. They didn't give him many yards to be able to acquire. He tried to go backwards on that one sack to pick up some extra yards. Smart Joe. Justin Fields? 14 for 21 just 152 yards must have been a horrible game right? Yeah, of course almost 100 rushing yards because he's just fields and then That's not correct with oh, we had two passing touchdowns. Yeah, I thought that was listed as interceptions. Nope DAC Got it done. Jason started the week. Yeah, big game. T56 and 3. Philly next week.
That's gonna be such an amazing game. I mean, just the actual... Everything on the line and I really need the Cowboys to win. Really good defense. I'm so scared of the Eagles. Like, Is anybody else worried? I know what you're getting into here, which is, we were talking about it this weekend, just the idea that, you know, certain teams, if they've clinched their spot and they're not battling for something, there's risk to workloads. For key players even in week 17 like obviously in week 18 That's why we don't play fantasy championships in week 18 because there are always a handful of your best players in the best teams that are sitting waiting for the playoffs because everything's clinched. I'm worried that the Eagles are so dominant this year and
Have the one loss. So it's not like they're going for history or anything that week 17 is going to come around. I'm in my championship and they play a half. I would be less concerned about the quarterback in week 17 than I would workloads for running backs. My concern is that like the 49ers, if they don't have anything to gain, is that a situation you're giving Christian McCaffrey 20 plus carries? - No. - That's concerning. But I don't think you're gonna lose Jalen Hurts unless they're dominating the very game they're in, which would be because of Jalen Hurts. So there's your encouragement. - Okay, thank you. - And then Derek Carr. I guess ends up in the studs this week. What's the line of the Philadelphia Dallas game? It's Dallas minus two, which is kind of shocking Dallas is at home. I Get it Yeah, I mean you you find it you thought Philly'd be favorite. I mean, I thought it'd be a pick them. Yeah
off of two losses in a row right they are no they beat Houston yeah we just felt like oh that's right they did win at the very end against the Texans all - You ready for some running back studs? - Yeah. - This is two straight running back one. - Yeah. - Finishes in a row. Jarek McKenan, eight targets, eight for 70 and a touchdown, 10 for 52 and a touchdown. He was buoyed a little bit, snap count wise, by the Isaiah Pacheco fumble for loss. But McKenan has had so much space to work with. And if you lost to Jarek McKenan, it doesn't feel great. It's so funny because you know the Houston Texans we've talked about it a lot about the fact that you know The passing game doesn't work because you don't need to and then they just they were up like they're in this game It's so funny that the Texans have the last two weeks against great teams. Just they've come to play. Yeah, but can
And did it again. And that was that was us all day in the office yesterday. Every target Again in okay now it makes more sense is it's like when you have these just Have your own little, you know, phrases that you could throw out. Yeah. It makes the game a lot more fun. Like if Dalvin cook catches like a, like a, kind of like a screen and then it goes. Down the field against you and you're like man he's cooking. Yeah yeah that's what I said right into the end. I think you might have used a different four letter word that I cook. Yeah but it sounded pretty similar. I mean Dalvin cook. Was having a really tough luck game. Yes. Four goal to go from inside the five possessions. Where the Vikings did-- Score! Yeah, Dalvin should have had a record, like a record setting. An Alvin Kamara Christmas Day miracle. That is honestly what Dalvin Cook should.
Have done. And he played great the whole game. It wasn't like it wasn't you know oh he didn't get the touchdowns. He was ripping off runs left right and center. Getting him down to the goal line, and then still had a couple opportunities where he was giving the ball, and the chance to score just didn't happen to get in, still ended up with an incredible game because of that last long receiving touchdown. Henry 21 for 104 and one for targets including a big one down the sideline such as the weird it was such a weird game for Derek Henry where I mean dominant for fantasy purposes still ends up with 21 carries but watching the game
Of why in the world is Ryan Tannehill throwing the ball so much with a busted ankle? It was shocking to me seeing like this felt like a game that Derrick Henry should have carried the ball at least 25 to 30 times. The last two weeks obviously McKinnon counts as that running back but Houston's given up 39 fantasy points gets Derek Henry next week and they're at home in Tennessee. Henry's last forever games against the Houston Texans are comical. If you look at the box scores, yeah, it's like 200 yards rushing basically every single week. Better hope that Houston doesn't compete again and make Ryan Tannehill throw the ball too much. Well, my hope is that Ryan Tannehill is the quarterback to throw the ball. Ooh, that'd be huge. You know, this is an ankle issue that kept him out for multiple weeks. And yes, he came back in the game and played, but we've talked about this. That happens sometimes where not able to go.
Did you hear what he said about his ankle too? On the pain scale? He said it was the maximum that you're allowed on the pain scale. Wow. Oh man. If it's Malik Willis, you'd be really hurting your chances that you want him to get down the field. Exactly. No, you need the offense to be good to have touchdowns. Hope like oh well the entirety of the offense could be Derek Henry just give him the ball 35 times and and whatever I mean that would he should be Yeah, he will be alright, but I want massive big giant things of course. I mean. He's the Yeti you expect nothing Less. It's his time. Hey how's Ramondre Stevenson's ankle doing? I guess it's okay. 19 for one seven. To you. You know, not, not starter. Remondre Stevenson. Uh, yeah, well, finisher. - Yeah. - 19 for 172 and a touchdown. Damien Harris, if you saw it, I'm sure you did.
It on Sunday live. Out again with the thigh injury, not ready to come back. Next week, we're monitoring it Cincinnati, then Miami to finish the year. Here. He's lined up. I mean, Damian Harris, if he returns, is not going to eat in more than I think Kevin Harris and these other guys did. Do you guys disagree? and Romandre showed what he could do. - He was pretty locked in for the year. - Yeah, Romandre-- - Probably shouldn't have lateraled it to Jacoby Myers. - Oh man, that play is an all-timer. It's just the stupidest if you didn't see it this This game was headed to overtime Man, the Patriots had done what so many teams had done before which is allow the Raiders to collapse from a large lead and Then Jacobi Myers throws a touchdown pass to the other team Why would you Mac Jones!
I don't know. Mac Jones can't break tackles, can't throw the ball forward. There's a long ways down the field to do that too. He said after the game, and a lot of credit to Gobi Meyers, he took full accountability. Said that in the huddle they said, Just run the ball and go down. So this was all improvised by the players. Ah, so it's Romandre's fault, I gotcha. Yeah, I mean, and Jacoby said quote, I saw Mac Jones and thought he was open. And then Chandler Jones. Sent Mac Jones to the Nether. No, is anybody else... I thought I was locked in on that almost upset. And then oh yeah, and then the key look great the Keelan Cole foot looked out of bounds now see I'm not that would have ended the game the the Keelan Cole call. I mean we don't The refs over the course this weekend. They got some things wrong mm-hmm the key the Keelan Cole catch
It's tough because the best shot of it was at an overhead like it's the overhead but it's coming from an angle where We've you experienced this all the time in life. We're like your angle of viewing distorts where a Where an object actually is so I agree from that view it looked like it but Other ones it looked like it was in did you hear what they said after the game about that the actual NFL officiating team came and said that it was inconclusive yeah and therefore if it had been called not a touchdown It would have stayed not a touchdown. They said there was just not enough evidence. Yeah change the call on the Which is the right way to do it like that is the rule if you feel like it's not clear Then it's got to go with the call. It's just funny when you have reviews. It's obviously like
The reviews are relevant because if you can't it's the call that's made on the field it's a live call that ends up winning when it's non-conclusive right yeah so and this it was a close one and it was a great catch i'm not taking anything away from Derek Carr and and Keelan Cola it was just i'm staring at it yeah and i still am shocked it's just it's one of those things of like how if if this is part of your procedure is when a call is challenged you go check out all the cameras. How is this the best camera angle that you have? Buy more cameras, NFL. They were asked if they had a down the line shot on that play and they did not. Which, to your point, is what? Yeah, how are they not... We don't rely just on the television cameras. Have a couple cameras throughout the stadium that are just there for review. Yeah, I mean just you're not gonna break the bank put them in a fell put them in all the pylons going both directions Maybe we can like buy some cameras for
- Right, these don't have to be broadcast cameras, they just have like-- - No! To us. I mean this would have helped this situation. I think he would have called it a catch. Al, you're sending us pictures of this, the shots that you have. Make the call. Be the catch child today. He's out. Alright, well, it is crazy because like you said, a couple more cameras. Like, it's reasonable. To say that this cost New England the playoffs if he was really out and we don't know. Yeah but play that can't afford more cameras. No we can't do that. Studs this week worth mentioning David Montgomery Tyler L. Gere 17 for 139 against New Orleans very impressive Baltimore next week in Baltimore not that excited
about that. David Montgomery has Mr. Buffalo. Yeah. So, yeah. And his, one of his touchdowns was also, you know, a little bit of a... Of a gift because it looked like Fields had scored on that drive on an incredible... Oh my goodness! One of the best repl- plays. That is not an actual highlight but on on the the live call is it looked like it was a touchdown and he I don't know how many tackles he broke on that run a lot. We were we were talking yesterday about how Justin Fields takes one stride and that's where Kyla would have three strides. Yeah, that's fair. Like he doesn't ever look like he's going as fast as he's going cuz he takes these long.
Steps and then he's faster than everybody. Latavius Murray. Yeah baby! 24 for one, 30 and one. I hope you jumped in the dumpster with me. Mike's start of the week. Very nice Mike. You're the guy that recommended the tavius murray. I hope it won some weeks. Yeah, I've seen some Latavious Murray Zay Jones teams that had had a good time this weekend.
Stills got into the end zone. Raheem Mostert had a uh a big day without scoring. Seventeen for 136. Almost got down the sideline for a seventy plus yard run. Najee Harris scored again and has uh really. He's looked so much better. Yeah, he's come on in the second half of the year. I I it tends to lend itself to the was injured narrative a little bit. Sure. And I think I mean it's basically a lost fantasy season here for Najee uh to come through on his draft capital but at least we can have some hope going going into next year cuz if he had finished if the second half was the same as the first half you would Najee would be a dead zone running back you'd have no idea what to do with him but he has looked uh in in my opinion he has looked faster he's looked more decisive I mean his touchdown run with just a vintage Najee Harris stiff arm of of get off me I'm scoring this touchdown touchdown is I'm hopeful.
For the future. He's looked much better, no question. And it's on a team that still has not a lot of passing threats, so things could improve for him. What if he catches passes again someday? Sure. Let's talk about the spot start himself, which thank goodness I called him that. Eight targets, six for 109, three touches. Down. Oh baby. Zay Jones. He has three out of four top ten finishes over the last month. Plays the Jets next week. Are you riding? Oh man. Are you are you playing the spot?
Start next week. I can't even think about it right now. Okay, we'll talk about it later. Playing against the Jets is so difficult. It is, and it's in New York. Like, did... and I know Goff missed, but I mean, it's part of the defense getting you getting you shook so you don't hit on your opportunities. Did... like, no one from the from the Lions had an actual... Like impactful fantasy game. Like Swift was fine. Like where did Amenraa end up? - Amenraa was okay. - He was okay, right? - Yeah, he was 11.7 fantasy point, seven for 76, no touchdown. - Yeah, it's okay. Who is a star, Amr Razi, is a bona fide star, is the guaranteed number one target of this offense. That's what you're hoping for from Zay next week. - Seven for 76. - Yeah. So that'll be a fun decision. - Yeah, and golf, I mean, to talk back to Trevor Lawrence, golf this last week.
You had a bad game and that includes basically a giant broken 60 yard or something. Yeah See that's a touchdown the Zay touchdown. Yeah, the long one. No. No, we're talking about the the Jared Goff that Jared Goff Oh got Jared Goff's fantasy finish of where he is includes One huge broken play. That's the old that's that's safe
Jared Goff from being a complete disaster. Yeah, that including that massive, basically bomb touchdown even though it was a screen. Yeah. He finished with 14 fantasy points including that play. And they won. Yeah, they did. Go Lions. KJ Osbourne had a game, 10 for one, 57 and one. Justin Jefferson is great as is AJ Brown and Devante Smith as are AJ Brown and Devante Smith. AJ Brown had 16 targets, Devante Smith had eight of them. Incredible performances by both. Dallas Goddard's coming. Coming for your targets Devante. Don't you put that evil on us. I mean they have two number one receivers that's what it comes down to. They're both number ones. Chris Godwin eight targets eight for 83 and a touchdown. Yeah.
- Mike Evans. - Oh no! - Ten targets, five for 83. When you were doing your touchdown guarantee, which is I mean, it's mystical in nature. I Felt like you didn't concede you didn't have a conversation with your spirits before you felt back into the corner of having to support my parents. - There's a lot of spirits around right now. Spirit is sure so I might have gotten that a little bit you got your wires crossed Yeah wires crossed a little I understand ten targets is nice. Eighty-three yards is nice wasn't all in the first half yeah, it wasn't a horrific game, but
Still the best fantasy day in weeks. Double digits for Mike Evans. - No touchdown. - Yeah. - I mean, the funny thing is, is if he had gotten in, I mean, a year, over the last five years, if you had to put money, dollars, down, on any wide receiver in football to potentially score a touchdown during a given week, Mike Evans is at the tippy top of the list of all the players. - 14 touchdowns last year, 13 touchdowns the year prior. Three so far this season. he plays Arizona. Don't next week. Okay. He's scoring next week. I mean it has to be right probably right Jason Are we getting it? We need it. Yes, we are baby. Are you willing to make? it a touchdown guarantee? Absolutely it is a touchdown guarantee against Arizona of that I am sure. Twice, Cd Lamb big game, Jalen Waddle. One big play. Yeah, it was nice though. He was, he looked good. Like his speed on a couple of these plays. Tyreek Hill, nine for 69.
A touchdown no matter how long the game goes with Tyreek Hill not being relevant he always ends up relevant and then Jamar Chase, T Higgins and Tyler Boyd all scored touchdowns after turnovers. Yep. Michael Pittman. PPR special 10 for 60. Deontay Johnson 10 for 98. Yeah, he he was being force-fed targets to the demise of the Muth George Kittle led the way at the tight end position Dawson Knox huge game. How dare you say that? skip that name before Dawson. - Juwan Johnson for-- - Put some respect on Juwan Johnson's name. He wants to talk about guys who gets touchdowns. - He looks good. He looks over a thousand times better than Troutman ever did. - Hey, trust the process. - Dawson Knox though, interesting. - Yes. - Against Chicago, he looks really good right now. He six for 98 and one you can't not every tight end can do that right the athletic
Says him to go six for nine game and a touchdown. Saw him played in our League of Record this week. Um I mean I I think you're I think you just go back to it. I think you're fine playing him next week against Chicago. Yeah I mean the three of the past five games he's been at least a top six tight end but the ones where he was not. He finished with a grand total of 2.7 fantasy points combined in those two. Who would you rather play between Dawson Knox and Juwan Johnson? Dawson Knox. Yeah. That seemed pretty easy. I mean Juwan And he, I'd look it, I love Juwan Johnson and I legit thinks that, think that he is a, in the world of tight ends where like, I just, please give me a touchdown. Yeah. In your higher probability players. His touchdown was awesome too. But which one? Which one of his two? The one that was... Where he stretched like Superman? Yeah, that was called not a touchdown on the field. But it's like, give me Josh Allen.
That's the tiebreaker. That's a pretty good tiebreaker. I thought you just meant you'd take Josh Allen over Juwan Johnson, like straight up. Yeah, for sure. That's what he meant. Good advice once again. So say we all. Travis Kelce was 10 for 105 and I was kind of bummed by the performance. Understandable. Darren Waller, back to you. The end zone. Yep. He'll be a uh we'll be in lineups next week. Mm hmm. Evan Ingram. Schmiven. Ten targets, eight for six. I didn't even realize this line. That's why I didn't know which section. That's Evan Ingram for you I you know you're watching a lot of games. We I was with my family this weekend. We're watching red zone I didn't have all the screens up, so I wasn't Glued in on to how many receptions Evan Ingram had man, and when you said we're gonna talk about him later I had absolutely no idea which section he was in but he snuck in ten fantasy points which In the fantasy. Oh, that's fantastic position. Oh, yeah. Gourmet. Yeah. All right. That was the.
Of the week presented by Madewell. Don't wait to upgrade your denim game. Go to madewell.com today and get $20 off your next pair of jeans. Use the code footballers20. 20... Watch Maven, man. You know who we didn't talk about in the studs who was a stud? Jahan Dotson. Oh man! I'm trying to talk you into him. Oh, I was with you? Yeah. He is so good. He's talent. The, his touchdown, just leaving the defender, just in a-- In smoke. His go up and I'll take that. Yes and the 60 yard catch which looked like an impossibility. When the ball was in the air. And Johan Dotson, not only did he catch it, it was easy, like he one handed.
Brought it in there was no bobbling it was just that's that's my ball all right let's ruin the moment then Terry McClure and your hon Dodson next year who's the quarterback it's gonna be Taylor Heineke yeah Is it? I think so. I mean it would be natural to have like Johan Dotson Heinecky Heinecky'd yesterday. He's going to continue to ascend. Mature. There is a world where, you know, I know that Elijah Moore didn't have quite the run that a Tara Mclaurin did, but from an athletic standpoint there's a world where Jahan Dotson is the Garrett Wilson of that equation. Sure. And to say Heineken, Heineken, he taught... The game like that yeah that was some BS that was the most BS have you heard I watched it have you heard Terry Mclaurin after the game his comments on what happened when the ref told him that he was good yes so
He gave a thumbs up to the right. Yeah, there was a play where if you didn't see it They're going down to try to tie the game They needed a touchdown a two-point conversions them being the Washington Manders and they get down to somewhere around like or so and they have a pla touchdown. Incredible. Th go tied and uh or you kno go for two and then there play and the and the flag Is not lined up on the ball. He's lined up just a little too far away. - Legal formation is only, yeah. - And then if you watch the play, he points to the ref. The ref tells him to move up. He moves up, points to the ref, and basically gets-- They're all good. Yeah, it's he said after very weird. He's up to the rest Yeah, he said this is where I lined up literally all game and I asked the ref. He told me to move up I asked him again. He said I was good and then
Got a flag on it like insanity yeah and then i followed up by a really bad pi call and again you know these games don't come down to just one call you know there's missed calls on both sides throughout the game but again egregious into that game. I know that the Washington fans were very upset and yeah, I need they need those refs from the World Cup final. Those guys were awesome. Excellent. But I don't know if they know you know, I guess they know Football? Alright, let's move on. as Big Boy Pans. To go up man from the crowd and read your eulogy for your fantasy team Justin Herbert just took the paper from your hands and he decided I will read it for you I got this
Oh man, they were a good team he said. The matchup was perfect and Justin Herbert did not throw a touchdown and... And was devastating. - Multiple interceptions. - Devastating for fantasy purposes. - But he didn't have his weapons. - But he had his weapons. Weapons. Tennessee was the, I believe 31st, 32nd in terms of pass funnel, terrible giving up yardage. Mike Williams. We're not going to use them today.
A... it's a rough, there's a rough rough year for Justin Herbert. This Justin Herbert performance sums up the year right? Yes. Yeah his, his like obviously Jonathan Taylor probably was the most destructive for week one of fantasy but that's not his fault this one is like Herbert let you down in an un- unbelievable way. Eight fantasy points at the quarterback position from Justin Herbert I was going back and forth like who do I like more Jaylen hurts or Justin Herbert as the quarterback won this week I was singularly knocked out by Justin Herbert this week I'm sure many were. As my quarterback. So I am with you Foote Cline. If you leaned on him, this was a case of everything looking great on paper and not ending up that way. And they were at home too. I mean, he threw for 300 yards and they scored, but it was rushing touchdowns.
Yeah, I mean that's the thing is like this is a separation a little bit from fantasy to reality echo got in for the touchdown. Yeah. And uh d get a touchdown as well. interceptions bad but he just for fantasy, he was Yes, he ended up with 300 yards, but on the... What an interception by the way at the end of the half. Sure. Yeah, the titans. Yeah, where they caught it out. Bounds and threw it in. The old tip drill. But like, I mean, he picked up, you know, at least 60 passing yards on that, on the final drive to just the playing against the pre-vent, Kick the field goal. So he just to win the game. It was it was not a good game. I agree in my opinion by Justin Herbert and as disappointing as he was at the quarterback position to me.
Sanders against the Chicago Bears where everywhere running backs are just destroying them for it for fantasy purposes for real life NFL purposes for he didn't touch the ball until like midway through the second quarter he finishes with 11 for 42 had a fumble it was mind boggling that the plan did not involve him more and so this one to me like he was in my draft kings lineup because it was he is one of the best plays of the week he's great he's got the matchup and it did not happen it was devastating he did get two carries The five-yard line. Obviously, they did not turn into touchdowns and a massive disappointment. Joe Mixon was was awful. Poor fantasy player, Donovan Knight, awful. Deonta Foreman, worse than awful. He was a single point...
Yeah, we have a family league where we manage some teams with our kids and everything. League that I manage, or the team I manage I should say, with my son, we snuck into the playoffs. Our running backs this week, Jonathan Taylor and Deonta Foreman. So you got like two points? Yeah. Are you out? than likely. Well that's impressive. That's an impressive answer. Yeah my son I believe needs like six points from Aaron Jones. Jamal Williams also at dud and then Rashad White. This one was a huge bummer. Yes Uh, just two targets in this game He had more carries than Fournette by one, but Fournette had four targets. And this team fell apart. They suck. They do suck and what's crazy is in the... The suckineers. In the... Oh yeah, we got 'em. Very nice. BUSTED! What was crazy is the beginning of this game was like...
Hey, yeah. Are the Bucks back? Yep. Or did they figure something out? I instantly thought in the first half going like, Oh my gosh, Brady's gonna do it again in the playoffs. Yeah, and then collapse eponymous. So wait, they lost, the Falcons lost, the Panthers lost, right? It's a gross division, but the Saints are still in it. The only reason the Saints won is because they played against the divisions. Against Ritter and they like that game came down to the wire yeah against Ritter who I believe oh he was check the box score I don't think he threw for 100 yards he was it was not a good first performance no no. Uh, well, let's move on to wide receiver duds and I'm gonna I'm gonna blitz these a little bit Just tell me tell me if you're worried about next week. That's the headline for sure people People don't need to dwell anymore on the sadness of this week. If they made it through with these players, are you worried?
out no Stefan Diggs no no Davis what about Chris no lava I am worried sure Until next week. Rashid Shaheed is awesome, by the way. He's legit, yeah. He's really good. That dude's so fast. Who's got him in Dynasty? Oh, man. But... The last, I'm looking at his offensive snap percentage, Chris Olave, and the last month, 49, 67, 69, and 49% of snaps. What? know why that has happened. You know, prior to that, 77, 90% of snaps. So, what if I could interest you in the in over under of 33.5 points against Cleveland next week? You could, that's not right. Yes, it is. That's the opening line. That is not. Thirty-three. That's not. It's been.
Bet down from thirty four and a half earlier today but yeah it's thirty three and a half right now. What. They're they're considering have you seen the the Saints offense? Have you seen Deshaun Watson playing? They're considering doing just a knee-to-knee Offense prefer like back and forth knees knees knees knees punt you have Very uninterested. I am also scared of Mike Williams. He's what what happened? yesterday. @Indianapolis next week. It could be fine. But Big Mike. Yeah. When does he show up? When does he not? He shows up to win the game at the end. Yeah. 4 for 67. Two of his receptions were on that final comeback. Which, great. I mean, you salvaged a little bit from Mike. I would keep playing him. Hollywood you gotta be worried. It's mixed orderly you gotta you bail out. Yeah Amari Cooper four for 58. He's still dealing with the hip injury.
Interest you in 33 point over under. Jacoby Myers, 2 for 47, 6 targets. I'm okay with Myers against Cincinnati next week. I actually, I don't mind it. I feel so bad for him. I know it was his fault, but I just, as a human. Yes. Can we hit the button for Mark Andrews? - Yeah. - I feel like he is the, Mike Evans of the tight end position right now. And we're still you hit the button twice didn't you look you have I told him I told him last time If he doesn't take that away from me. I'm not gonna reprogram not hitting the ending button. Oh, man Where'd the lights are just still going this is a hundred percent on Al I'm not taking any responsibility Whatsoever I warned him. Owlcamedos, he's like guys. I got these I got these big ideas for lighting up. Yes
But you will have to reconfigure the way that your brain works for the whole show. I want to choose how long the panic alarm goes out. Do you hear me? I hear you. I might want it to run for half an hour since the bye week. For Mark Andrews which was in week 10. He's had five games since the bye week. He has not had a touchdown and I mean you're talking here's his fantasy points on a weekly basis 9.39 okay whatever you know that's tight in 7.4 2.74. Point six at the games with huntley have been i mean none of these none of these are market andrew's numbers
He's not a difference maker in any way right now. And he was phenomenal to start the year. I mean, you look at the first up through week six, he only had one bad performance, had several amazing performances. It looked at that point in the season, six weeks in, that he was the pick to have over Kelsey. Yeah. And then he got injured in week eight. And has And then you've lost Lamar so you've got to be worried and you need Lamar back And I don't know if Lamar is gonna be back this so if Lamar is not back because this is this matters And I know we'll talk more about it during the week and during waivers Are you playing like Dawson Knox in a plus matchup against Chicago? Oh my god over trying to I mean this is exactly like Mike Evans situation This is where except for you have a worse quarterback. So you can actually be more predictive. I Atlanta Falcons is the matchup coming up, which is a great matchup for tight ends in general and he's still getting the targets seven six seven seven targets
So you just stay with Andrews? I would stay with Andrews. I mean, I, you know, it sucks to have to go through bad stretches. Yeah, Dawson Knox might be too low down the... The probability. Right now the way he's playing with his targets? Evans floor has to be safer. That's what I think too. Baltimore got smashed. What a world. I mean they got absolutely destroyed. They put up three points. Yeah that's not a lot. Not enough. Pat Fryermuth. You think he's healthy? I don't. No it was the impossible of zero targets love and he was out there at least for some of the game I don't know his actual snap percentage but you saw him running routes he missed multiple days with the foot injury and then It's the, but then coming into the game, it's no injury designation.
Like I don't know at this point, it's like what do you do with those situations? 6% of the snaps what he's been playing. Yeah the last two weeks prior to that was 55% 56% now another 56% And obviously we've seen him be okay for fantasy in those two previous think you got a bailout. Yeah for sure Are you worried here's the list Dalton Schultz? No, no call commit I'm not worried because I'm He is what he is, which is a streamer. No, 9 targets again. I'm fine with Hawkinson. But I do think it is worth saying Hawkinson sucks. He keeps dropping balls. He's a really, really, really good player who has some mental governor in his brain that just makes him the Hockstra...
Play poorly. He has so much opportunity to be outstandingly great and he makes problems for himself over and over and over and over and it hasn't gone away this long into a career. You you sound like. You were describing Evan Ingram in New York that literally sounds like the description of Evan Ingram in New York Greg dolstich two targets one catch and yet Eric Tomlinson the other tight end three for 28 with the score so the The process was correct of chasing the tight end against Arizona, but Brett Rippon preferred not the starting tight end for a brief Portion of sunday the patriots had tied arizona with the most touchdowns given up to the tight end position arizona said
Yeah, that's our record. They gave up two. Nanda Dolcic. Makes some real sketch moving forward the way that this offense is playing. Gerald Everett, four for 42. Yeah, he is who he is at this point. Ndokou, man, I can't, it's so different. Say it that way. Oh I have really struggled. So we're trying to make just you know let's peel back the curve. Sure. Trying to make the transition from Njoku to Njoku. And the problem is... Because we've heard it change. What your tongue has to do is like complete opposite. So if you start, especially if it's David, you're so used to saying David in. Joku and my tongue's in the wrong spot. I'm not sure I'm willing to make the change. It's like, I tried. We'll get there. I gave it an hour. This is normally when we lean on a nickname. Oh, that's a good point. So be thinking about it. Okay. I don't have one right now. Will do. All right, we are going to, we're going to shut it down. We'll be back with waivers streamers on tomorrow.
And boy it's gonna be a big week. I'm excited. Still it's not done like I know there there's a lot of important fantasy pieces going tonight may all All of your important pieces do well. Your opponents do poorly. Absolutely. Enjoy the evening. We will see you in the morning, Foot Clan. Enjoy the game. Goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the Fantasy Footballers podcast. Join our fantasy football community on jointhefoot.com and follow us on Twitter @theffballers This show is sponsored by BetterHelp. It's a simple truth. No matter who you are, mental health challenges can affect you and how you manage them can make all the difference. That's why... Everyone should have access to mental health support that meets them where they are and helps them get through.
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