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Ep. 152 — A Marxist Takeover Would Destroy America

2020-09-17 | 🔗
How do you determine right from wrong, good from evil? Two perspectives are dominant: the Judeo-Christian view and the Leftist/Marxist approach. The first approach is the reason America has been such a remarkably good and decent society compared to all others—and Dennis explains why it remains crucial for maintaining a good society. Dennis High Holy Days Services: http://salemnow.com/series-collection/high-holy-days-services-with-dennis-prager/ Dennis’s Column this week: https://www.dennisprager.com/column/the-lefts-moral-compass-isnt-broken/ 0:00 Welcome From Dennis, Otto & Snoopy 2:05 Dennis High Holy Days Services 5:00 What Dennis Would Rather Discuss 6:00 America Is Good 8:00 America Could Be Destroyed 8:55 Excellence & Wisdom Over Diversity 14:22 Right & Wrong: Determined By Morality 16:14 Right & Wrong: Determined By Marx 19:05 The Left’s Undoing Of A Moral Standard 20:50 The Left Wants You To Be Unhappy 24:31 Justice Vs. Revenge 27:06 Dennis’s Collection On The Mantel 29:40 Thank You For Watching

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