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Fireside Chat Ep. 142 — How to Defeat the "America Is Racist" Lie

2020-07-09 | 🔗
EVERYTHING and every kind of person and belief exist in America. That racists do exist here—just like they exist everywhere—says nothing about the country as a whole. Because this is so important: Here are Dennis Prager's 5 arguments against the biggest lie of our time—that America is a racist society. In our fast-paced world, it’s tough to make reading a priority. At least it used to be. At Thinkr.org, they summarize the key ideas from new and noteworthy nonfiction, giving you access to an entire library of great books in bite-size form. Read or listen to hundreds of titles in a matter of minutes: start your free trial today at https://thinkr.org/ 0:00 Routine Is Critical 2:25 This Episode Is Sponsored By Thinkr 3:23 Arguments Against “America Is Racist” 4:21 Argument #1: Race Hoaxes 6:45 Argument #2: Slavery 8:04 Argument #3: Lies About Race 10:48 Argument #4: Microaggressions 11:51 Argument #5: Immigration To The U.S. 12:52 All Whites Are Racist? 14:07 A Response To White Privilege 17:46 Gay And Conservative? 19:42 Otto Break 21:16 If It Bleeds, It Leads 24:19 Defining Freedom 25:11 The Most Basic Freedom 27:18 Thoughts On The Chilean Rugby Team 29:32 Dennis On Not Losing Hope

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