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Fireside Chat Ep. 148 — We Must Understand History To Value Liberty

2020-08-20 | 🔗
It is difficult to value liberty without a strong understanding of history. Because naturally, humans desire equality over liberty. Yet anytime a society strives for equality of result, it will necessarily sacrifice freedom. America's preference, Dennis explains, is that we are all equal before God and the law, and results are up to you. 0:00 Welcome Back Otto 2:13 Understand History, Liberty & Equality 3:11 Equal Result Means No Freedom 6:07 Why People Prefer Equality To Liberty 8:01 What Is The American Ideal? 9:51 Socialism Goes Against “Do Not Covet” 11:49 Allowing Nazis Freedom Of Speech 13:59 Otto Is Wiggling Away 14:56 Using “Misinformation” To Suppress 17:20 “Circumcise Your Heart” In The Bible 20:44 The Hardest Law In The Bible 22:21 Being Your Child’s Friend Vs. Parent 24:35 China’s Aggression Towards Hong Kong 26:59 Will Leftism Eventually Collapse?

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