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Fireside Chat Ep. 154 — A Society in Decline?

2020-10-01 | 🔗
2020's first Presidential debate showcased a striking departure in civility and sophistication. Is it a mirror of our society at large? Our modern culture does appear to confirm it: society is in decline. Subscribe so you never miss a new Fireside Chat! 👉 https://www.prageru.com/series/fireside-chats/ 0:00 Welcome To The Fireside Chat 0:55 Quick Debate Thoughts 2:00 The Acceptance Of Public Cursing 3:01 Public Vs. Private 4:26 Signs Of The Decline: Prayer In School 7:30 Signs Of The Decline: Late Night TV 9:11 Signs Of The Decline: Sports & Music 11:09 Our Culture’s Increasing Degradation 13:06 Free Speech Online & At Universities 17:01 Should We Form Our Own Social Media? 18:56 Dennis Lived His High School Dreams 20:42 Comparing Seat Belts To Wearing Masks 25:55 Moral Opposition To The Lockdown 27:48 Comparing Ruined Livelihoods To Lives?
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Hi everybody, I'm Dennis Prager. This is the weekly fireside, chats there's the fire. Here's the side and there is auto what do you say say hello to the Gang Otto Oh, is very relaxed. That's his personality and there's nothing and I loved it just the best. I'm surprised not snoring. Now but he's not actually if it would definitely be a little distracting the audio park. that's good out of there. We go he's the man, he'll be in the room, snoop he's on there. You don't see him, he might be worth king by, but their mom, a k, a my wife is Not here now, which causes great pain to the dogs, oddly enough he's not in pay now, because he's distracted by the Fireside chap. Ok, some food
thoughts. So we have a presidential debate and. I'm I'm a lot of mottoes with regard to my we owe show which have been doing for thirty five years one of the Mai. Mottoes is first tell the truth and give your opinion truth is. Truth is wholly in my opinion,. The truth is, it was not. It was not an elevating debate, it just wasn't and I think I think about kids watch. the debate. My think when I was eleven, I watched Kennedy mixing debate and if you watch that debate, you can watch it on Youtube or Europe. The internet. It will blow your mind as to how sophisticated
How elevated it was compared to what we we just had in the United States now. So I have a theory on this, but I'd like to share with you. Almost everything has been degraded in the last two years. Relations and you know I'll tell you where I think it began. The acceptance of public cursing I knew that this was a bad thing when it started, I am not approved. You tell me, tell me a good job. with with a colorful word with an exploitative I will laugh on, There are occasions welsh. ocean with intimate friends. I will even use one, as I have often said, if a piano falls on your toe and you go Oh gosh
a better man or woman than I am okay, I m o, hey if you used a more colorful expletive, but public cursing, that's very different public and private. our different worlds- people don't know this. I learned this in in my religious education, it's a very big different, so I mean the an obvious one. Nudity. Private nudity is nothing public nudity is a big deal. Right, relieving yourself, I mean to go to the extreme you relieve yourself in private is completely normal and the non issue you really yourself in public, it's awful and probably means you're, sick, mentally sick. Emotionally sick same with Pershing cursing does not belong in the public sphere. Just just on CNN right after the debate
of the women anchors use the s word to describe the debate, And she said all I can do this because its cable tv- yes, she can legally, but but it is the right thing to do She brought down the society as much as anything that happened in the debated judge. By doing that. So I thought from the beginning that public expletive an example- and I said at the time I said that this is a bad sign. Things are gonna, go downhill and give you an example. Of the down hill that I've than I witnessed in my life in nineteen, sixty
to end, I don't remember it, but I know about it of course, of smite. That was the. If that was the Supreme Court decision that ushered in the the left wing, attack on our norms. There was there was prayer in most american public schools opening the day. The. air in New York State now was the one on trial. The prayer in New York State was essentially a following. It was cool fleetly non denominational? oh god, we asked I blessings on our teachers, our pair Rynch in our countries, I think that was based some something very some. Creation on that. It was Christian, wasn't jewish it wasn't Muslim and wasn't denominational at all.
Unless you are anti religious, it was completely inoffensive and by if a kid they want to say that I have to say it and they re ask who didn't say it: nobody, who didn't say it means you can just stand. There was checking that women have checkers. But the Supreme Court rule. This violated separation of church and state which ironic, as it doesn't even appear in the constitution, separation of church and state, talk to violate something that does it appear the constitution, but this, but starting in sixty two, the Supreme Court,
decided to become a law maker, not a law, decider, there's a big difference. Congress makes laws that they courts do not, but as the as the left over the courts, they felt we can make laws. Guess what we believe in is worthy and therefore should be done. So here is the here's. Some thing, I've said in many speeches we went from blessing teachers in one generation to cursing teachers. Interesting though,. See when you, when you remove elevate good ideas and what You believe in God or not is irrelevant to me, but you have to acknowledge, is at its best it's an elevated idea that there were some something above you
but that is the source of right and wrong that you try to you imitate. For you know. The concept of of imitation of God is is very deep in in in all judeo christian religions. So this is, This is no longer what we have. Everything he's got, the great I'd like you to watch another. I can give you another example. Watch late night tv, the most the most popular late night television host was Johnny, Carson, And I don't know what he maybe he don't he stopped and maybe two thousand and I don't know around Lenny, but he was on for like thirty years he was a legend in the United States, but I I want you to watch it because I want. you see how non political
Nobody knew Johnny Carson's politics, no one, because he felt tat. He thought he had almost a sacred duty, to make Americans laugh at the end of a tough day? That's it republican Democrat Socialist but a list black white irrelevant, have a job? Life is tough. I want to bring a smile to your face. At the end of your day, that was an offshore because she was a nice human being. I dont know what is politics works I don't know if he had any religion. I only oh, that he had a very professional duty to to me king. The show something broad joy into people's lives. That's gone late night tv now is
another variation of some left wing show. That's it it's not that it's. There is even less funny, because the purpose is not to bring laughter into your life. The purpose is to bring politics into your life. Take sports look at the degradation in sports. The rules in the National Football League, were you, couldn't have any message on on your shirt or on your eye on your issue. or anything because the only message was the Chicago bears all the Detroit Lions or the New York Giants. That was the only message, and that was me reform. By the way, even I messages I agree with. I dont want on football uniforms,
one of the models of the United States is in God. We trust. I love that model. I don't want it on football uniforms. I want Oh messages. I want the guy's name in number in the name of the team. That's fine, but now that's been degraded. this no institution that hasn't the Philadelphia orchestra had a concert lead year, I'm very at the classical music. So I know about this, When I wrote about in one of my columns, so I'm just paraphrasing have every exact word right, but they put on a piece of Philadelphia Orchestra last year all well! Well, before be a lamb and so on, and they do is some piece of music with a young, a black boy. doing the mare raving and in it it uses. The F word in the middle
for its part of the concern of the Philadelphia orchestra, somebody like the fuck em to what I have to say and I, I thought about it and in an article- and I thought about it on the other. The radio show that, that's that's, that's think, degrading. So when you look at the debate and think in a while. So. The way was previously bullshit you're right. Nothing is like it wasn't a previous generation. the degradation is almost universal. God I remember in this in the sixty or seventy s it was you know many of us thought it was a joke, but it Symbolic of the of the decline, there was a woman, she called herself a stripper for Christ.
That's one way to bring people too to Christianity, but I dont know fully effective. but you can look it up by we. I haven't looked it up, but is I only remember it, but I should look it up actually, but There is really nothing was immune. To the degradation to today it today you haven't fit for kids. Were five years old. You have drag queen What is it the reading story area drag queen. Story. Our the robbing children of sexual innocence is such a sin mean if there's something you want to protect your children with regard What's that you don't get a long time in life to be innocent? Why? Not, why not sort of guarded in our children, but even that that's been taken.
So I just I just see it at debate. That is not elevated as part of the decade nation of virtually every institution. I really do believe the the opening salvo was public cursing. Don't don't think it's a non issue? Let's not a non issue. All right, let's go to our a q and a here the a year. The cue Are you begin with a hand? dude. Now, where is he from birth, the more that's right here. Ok, here we go Mister Brett. Nice to meet you. My name is great Fox, I'm twenty five years old and robotics I do armed Security, Donna, Baltimore sitting. So my question for you Is how can we combat censorship without the gun,
Stepping in and regulating free speech ripe, the member Prager force. He is good man. tell you. If I were in my twenties, I would join Prager Force just to meet terrific people, and especially girls. I mean that's. That's but to its guy. You know it's funny. It's an interesting thing. Just should notice. It has been a life saving thing the love of my mail friends in my life and in I have an article on the internet. I wrote this like made. Fifteen years ago. I something like eight quest I remember how many but questions you should ask before you marry someone,
both of you should then one of them that I put in to does the person have friends of the same sex. It's usually not a good sign for woman doesn't have girl female friends. and ass, a boy bail friends, it's not a good sign anyway. Having said that, I want to make that clear to be a lot of reasons for it to join Prager Force, but that would be one of them. Ok, so? Yes, how can we combat censorship without the government? Stepping in with regulating freedom of speech beats me. I've been racking my brains on this particular issue. What twitter and Facebook and Youtube and Google are doing to free speech where doctors are not allowed to advocate Hydroxyl Chloric when it's cold, it's called Miss information. Really.
They ve no at twitter enough science to know kill hundreds upon hundreds of doctors advocated and you won't even allowed descent. Just remember something we next I'm you hear the medieval church attacked for its tree. Galileo, please. We know that that was nothing compared to what is done today, By universities, and by of the big tech firms to two scientists to dissent. Ok? These are the Galileo's of our time. These doctors who descent there Esther Sheep, because The human being is not courageous here means are by nature sheep, so we we have hundreds of doctors who are willing to risk opprobrium, so fancy word for attack, but it, but to better word, like good words
The these doctors should be should be voluntary, it or at least allowed to speak, I'm not a sign, Besides, I don't know about hydrochloric. When I only know, I know enough to take it more than fifteen years, for more than fifty years, people have been taking drugs clerk when with no side effect. Of course, they were side of theirs side effects for aspirin. This side effects in offer from everything is side effects that peanuts. Some people die from peanuts. So I don't know if there's an answer without the government's stepping in I. If you know of on any of you watching. Let me know people. Say all been start. Your own. I mean that's a little odd. Let me ask you a question Delta, United and American announced that a few walk out with you. We will not allow passengers a walk on the plane with Wall Street Journal only only left wing journals are allowed?
What would you say? That's fine private enterprise. Let them do what they want. Why is that any different from what google you to Facebook and twitter do? There's no difference whatsoever. If the airlines announced you can't come on the playing with the Wall Street Journal, it would be the exact same thing is what they're doing and what would you do form your own airline. Let's be realistic, what is the alternative to Google? You tube Facebook, twitter right now? Ok, the the reason I can reach the numbers of people through Prager you that I do is because of these vehicles. I acknowledge that fact, and you know am, I acknowledge the fact that, with all of those times that Prager you, a video, is put on the restricted list. We still Have an enormous audience with what we were banned, which could happen if.
You were banned from all of them. What would we do start a new twitter, a new Google, the new you tube new Facebook, Who would know it exists there, Some people who know like video is that I was pronounced, be than God bless them the government should should simply say if you we. We allowed you to be free from lawsuits, because You promised us open forums if you're not open your no longer freed from law. Should you can have it both ways? That's that's what needs to be said. Bianca, forty two years old in Brazil, hello, Mr Prager, thinking about the big the government, the smaller the citizen. What do you think about the obligation to use a seat belt in the car
people, you see that laws as a justification to force people to wear a mask. We have to wear a scene. For our safety? Why not a mask you have allowed fans in brazil- thank you, Aubrey God or to you, Bianca, though, I have a lot of fans or Brazil I can't wait to come and meet you to be honest gotta figure out a way in once lecturing resumes to come to So I've lectured in Brazil, but I'd like to were obviously I've been there a few times and I'd like to come back incredibly lively and fascinating country. Just credible. You know I looked back at my life and I got to say the travel is up there in the top five memories of my life hundred thirty countries. When I was in high school, I will really lived out a life of high school dreams.
I wrote my in my diary in high school. I know what I want to do with my life. I want to influence people to the good. I wrote that is as a junior in high school and I hopefully that's that's what I'm doing, and I said I want- I want to visit every country in the world. That was another big and I don't know if I'll get to every, but one hundred and thirty is closed. It's a big Anyway. I've been to Brazil a few times. I love visiting Latin America and South America specifically show to your question. All of life consists of drawing lines it's very hard. Make a hard and fast rule that as no exceptions. I generally believe, if you want to ruin your life, you should be allowed to go, though I admit that I draw lines
draw a line on drugs. Ok, that's that when's, your life, and I. and by the way there are very powerful arguments for the legalization of drugs, but their only powerful in my opinion, in theory. Well you you Then you, you know you knock out the criminals from the, but you don't. The criminals will just develop cheaper drugs or new, new forms of drugs and and what is the government gonna? Every single drug that's available on the on the street, the store we as our is out. What is our people who Want legalization of drugs envision a math store. You know an open historical Kane store ahead, when store anyway, That's obviously another subject, so the question of how much you can harm yourself, look
do we legalise euthanasia and in some european countries they have, and you know people have arranged to have themselves killed just because you know they thought life wasn't worth living anymore. They were healthy, they didn't have a terminal disease with terrible pain. So we all draw lines. Should the government, And they seat belts. First of all, I have to admit that big proponents of freedom- I don't quite understand what Frida deprived them by bearing a seat. Really I ate it. hard for me to quiet, Get my mind around. whoa. This is really restrictive. I mean yes, it restricts
your body from crashing into the windshield at all steering he off with a crash I being believer in seat belts. Now, when it comes to masks, believe that they should be mandated, because we don't have the proof with regard to mass that we do about seat belts, you could see it difference in the seat belt. Obviously, in a crash simulation just look at the dummy? What happened to the dummy wearing a seat belt? What I was in the dummy not wearing a seat belt, Asks the New England Journal of Medicine, the most prestigious medical journal in Amerika had a peace at the end of July of this year and said that out, died there were essentially worthless and Am indoors.
it's only effective aside from surgical mass. We known have for everybody, it's only effective. If your face to face with someone ten to thirty minutes How often is that happen, especially if it's a stranger. I'm not telling you not to wear it, but I it's not the same as a seatbelt by the way, of course, the doctors, who wrote this thing in the New England Journal. A medicine in like a week later wrote an addendum course we didn't write you I want to make it. We want to make it clear. We ridden right against masks. because they are in the terrible pressure on people you don't believe in Massa using your article was proof. Yes, of course, the using erotica was proof, because it is proof that the FAO
She said they were useless in the beginning and then he changed his mind. I don't regard them as the same as seat belts on this one. Other huge factor, there's no downside to a seatbelt, there's a huge downside to masks people don't relate to people in masks like they do without masks. The face is who we are for better or for worse? That's who you are that's, who I am when you are faceless. so big difference in life. It has a terrible impact on the quality of life in society. I feel bad about. Kids, you don't see faces. That's a very big part of growing up is to see faces that there's no price paid for seatbelts is a huge
I paid for our faceless society as it is people or too much alone. Costs of these ill advised criminal. Now criminal lockdown, I'm not just America wherever it is My opposition to lock down is not political, its moral, its medical. I am a big fan of of Israel. May Israel is one of the worst examples of lockdown send a second lockdown Australia. has locked down the state of Victoria there. It's left wing guy in Israel to right wing. I. So these are locked out, will you don't see people and then you go out and you don't see people either, because the Basques, I always ask the only adult question you can ask
about any policy in the world, and that is what is the price. We pay a price. When we raise the speed limit from fifty five to sixty five miles per hour, we know x, number of people will die as a result. We do it anyway, The environmentalists want us to all DR smaller cars to use less fossil fuel ripe, but there's a price paid their The smaller the car, the more likely you'll die in an accident. More people die. small car accidents than an suv accidents, but they don't care because the price is worth it. Less fuel is used maybe they're right, maybe they're wrong, but they have The decision death is okay. If we lose for fossil fuel use,. all of life is tradeoffs long.
Through to a seat, both question, but every has long answers, because there's lot involved. What's our time factor. that my internal watches, pretty accurate, isn't it can? I do to me, let's see here: ok, Stephanie Sixteen Oakland California outta high Dennis I Stephanie when people come from The fact that the number of people in danger of dying because of covert is not comparable to that. number of people that are losing their livelihood because of the lock a lot of people say quote Lee: I was more important than saving people Lives are more important than saving people from economic hardship. What would you this argument love you work, give out o er rub. Please his response is moving.
He's he's he's delighted beyond words did he did even twitch his mouth? Nothing he's variously. Ok, that's fine, but she asked that I rubbed him. I did ok very quickly. First of all, the only people who say that haven't lost their livelihoods given notice, that is the people who still have their livelihoods. You say: well, of course, we have to save lives. You can compare livelihood, told to a life so that's number one: I've never met. Anybody who lost their livelihoods said. Yeah was a good thing. I mean because after all, my losing my livelihood saved lives. If I believe, that the lockdown was saving serious number of lives. I would be prolonged down. know what your chances of, if you get covert forget, if you don't your check the chances,
the sea be seen just published this, me one under like forty or whatever your choice. And she is of not dying from cove it. If you get, of on ninety nine point: nine something percent. and for this we are deprived of Europe, its it? I don't think people on this Then I really don't want to lose. Your livelihood means. People commit suicide when they lose their livelihood. Couples break up. Peoples have to get out of their house that they lose. Their dignity, they lose their life savings for no good reason.
Never in the history of the world. Have healthy people been quarantine? This is a first. You know why, because as Joe Biden put it in the debate when the president spoke against locked nouns, he said people the President said people want to go back to work. People want to go to a restaurant and Joe Biden said people want to be safe. That's I spoke about that when a most important fireside chats I ever gave was on being so, if it's worth watching again on that? No thanks for being with me, I'm Dennis Prager and I'll, see you next week. Thank you for watching this video to help keep Prager you videos free, please consider making a tax deductible donation.
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