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Fireside Chat Ep. 161 — Lockdowns Hurt More Than They Help

2020-11-19 | 🔗
There is a cost of locking down the country, just as there is a cost of NOT locking it down. Every decision comes with a price, but in the case of coronavirus, too few are asking—or caring—what that is. 0:00 Otto’s Oblivious To The World 1:42 Be Mature & Ask: What Is The Price? 6:30 We Can’t Only Ask: Will People Die? 8:30 The US & Worldwide Lockdown Price 11:10 “Follow The Science” Is A Lie 13:33 Why Are Leaders So Pro-Lockdown? 17:26 Why Are Most Jews On The Left? 21:55 Small Businesses: Don’t Listen! 25:05 Socialism No Longer Has A Dirty Name 26:31 Who Is Teaching You Wisdom?

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