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Fireside Chat Ep. 20 - ESPN Pulling Reporter Robert Lee

2019-02-04 | 🔗
We're LIVE with Dennis Prager from his home study. Topics today include ESPN pulling reporter Robert Lee from a broadcast, Dennis's travels to totalitarian countries, and...a special guest! Recorded on Aug. 24, 2017.
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Hi everybody welcome to my home, I'm Dennis Prager, and this is our fireside chats, there's the fireside and I'm the chatter great to be with you. This is completely unrehearsed. What is it's not Stun rehearsed is another word on scripted on scripted unrehearsed? spontaneous whatever synonym, you can come up with that's what it is and that's part of its appeal I don't wear make up, which should be rather obvious, so this is not like regular tv, etc, etc. I'm on Tv God! If I spoke the cigar while. I think, it's easier to smoke a joint on tv than a cigar. That's part of our law sided of value system, but that's another idea for another time got a lot to talk. Talk to you about to take your questions. First, however, I'd like you to know Prager, you is doing a lot of good.
and we're getting now about four million views a day if I go for, million views a year. I would have thought Prager Use really having an impact so what I have about half a billion views this year. We are doing good things and we made the people's health, because everything is free and of people didn't help us. We we couldn't. Do it work so a few things, then I'm gonna get right to my talks with you this is the fund raising month. Just works out that way. August is fundraising month. It's my birthday in August. It was already on the second and we just decided one up. By joining, this group would like you to join one of our exclusive membership groups. Obviously, whatever anyone gives us we're deeply deeply appreciative, but we
like you to know that the most loyal supporters join the Mica Club, my cat named after the prophet Micah, who said? Oh man, is God not told you what he really wants from you and that is to preach, pursue justice, love, righteousness and mercy and walk humbly with your God, Micah Sixty eight, it's very powerful to me. God wants us to be good. My my life has been devoted by the way to that, God wants us to be good period. It's an amazing thing. How simple it is and how difficult it is to achieve.
Pretty university will show your their gratitude, its gratitude for your support with invitations to events like the upcoming full gala October, seventeenth in Beverly Hills. I'll. Tell you more about how to do that. That's ten thousand dollar donation- a million people- will see at young people in particular, who have a benefactor club for five thousand dollars. Tax deductible, Okidoki everybody, so we didn't have a session last week. Is that correct the reason? Was I conducted last week at the Wolf Disney Concert Hall, so I think I mentioned it because it was nationally covered the core, unquote controversy. But, firstly, all the good stuff. I never dreamed.
I never dreamed I would get to conduct orchestras, but that. As was at least a remote thought, but never even have as it is a remote thought that I would conduct a symphony with an orchestra in a place like Walt Disney Concert Hall, one of the most. prestigious falls in the world. It was it was. It was a knife, Everybody who some of the people everybody here went right. All you guys. It was, it was just glorious, I have to say, for the people forget. For me it was just glorious. and I was so relieved that was over though I mean that's, not my field, I am a serious musician, but I'm not a professional.
but it really really went well. You're not allowed to produce whole videos, but I'm we're going to put eggs are that's allowed excerpt we're going to put them up at Prageru and it my website dennisprager dot com. It was quite a and it ended by the way it was all sold out, which nobody, including me, predicted. Twenty two.
hundred seats, everyone sold out, numb none were free, they were, they average thirty in two hundred fifty dollars and it was sold out in part because some folks on the left in the orchestra tried to convince all the members of the orchestra not to play. For me. Ninety percent of the orchestra showed up- and this is the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra, one of the most liberal left cities in America, but all I wanted to do was make music and not make politics. I wanted to show that music and transcend differences, but some people didn't like that idea. They failed, we sold out the place they made it possible, I think, to celebrate People bought tickets who have no interest in classical music, but I'll bet a lot of people did get interested in classical music. That's what that's why I do it. It was a big deal.
I need a lawyer there: okay, barricade yellow later a big deal. I I want to show you by the way that most of you have never seen the others. I'm keeping by the way is a souvenir really it'll, be with me. The rest of my life. The souvenir as assume This is the actual score that are used. can you zoom in or you don't have to zoom in and here where the Baton And this is the actual return I did not have a lighter orridly, Gar narrative. The symphony number fifty one by hiding, he wrote a hundred four masterpieces. The guy is my favorite.
And I got carried away the you know there were times while I was conducting. I closed my eyes and I just thought I'll never have this experience again. I've conducted a lot before, but you know it's wonderful orchestra in this incredible hall. So I closed my eyes at times, and I tried to just sort of leave this world when I did it worked because I was also conducting at the same time and in stop conducting just to enjoy the moment. music is very powerful to me has been with me my whole life and I try to
bring my love of it, the other people and it and it works cuz. I like transmitted some of the beauty not by by conducting, but after that I conduct. I, I show people how the composer constructed different parts and it blows people's minds, including my mind. My mind's, that's funny my mind anyway. That's why we have a show. Last week I do have a fireside chat. so What else do we are we going to? Oh ok, so this is great well, what's on your mind, everybody. By the way, all I would like you to look please please make a note of this. I wrote the longest column of my life. Commonages was to be seven hundred fifty words I work.
Very hard work very hard on mine on my syndicated column each week, but this one. I worked super hard on its two thousand five hundred words, but it reads fast, love it not a book. I like you to read it. I would like you to see how the press, the New York Times the LOS Angeles Times and NPR covered me not the night. I can knock the cover to the controversy that a few of the left musicians made calling me a hate, filled bigot, and you will understand why President Trump calls them the fake news and I don't call them
Names, I simply analyze the non truths that they purvey and how they get away with it. You'll find it fascinating. I dissect the coverage of my doing the symphony in the New York Times La Times and NPR, so you can find that is it's titled how how the how the media operate to Town Hall, Review and review a
Dennis Prager com. But again, if you want to understand the crisis- and it is it's a serious crisis of credibility with regard to the media, you should read that column: okay, Jake, eighteen yeah, I like to know the ages if you're eighty eight, I'm also happy. Oh first before the questions we have a special guest, that's correct, so I am delighted to introduce you two Corinna Lopez. Do I pronounce you? correctly Karina and spelled Karina yes K, a r, I n a k, a r, I n a. I will never forget that now Karina.
Karina is been. You have been working at Prager. U this summer. Yes, I've been working in production, Sistine and you're a student at Santa Monica College. What are you studying political science? One minute I need a puff are terrific. Thank you, yep, that's the job. I took a vote and they voted eight to two that you were terrific. Who were the two that are the it's like an old Jewish, the the I got sick and the, He sent him a note. The board of directors voted, Nine seven to wish, it was you Office, I love that job. It's done.
humor, I love here. So Karina. How did you find out? Were you and Prager you, the Prager and force? Were you a prayer force? Member before you came to us yeah, I'm a prayer force member, that's how I got this job. This summer I learned about Prager you from my american history teacher when I was a junior in high school. That is awesome. The teacher really did is. Was it known in your high school that this teacher was not on the left? I mean I wouldn't necessarily calling. Conservative! That's why I said left. I probably. Why is it that it was known that he was more open mind open minded, it's bad enough. He did you hear that, auto care. If he's left right sentries, I wanted to be open minded
so he introduce you to celebre videos yeah we were. I was in a classroom nice. They still love hanging out with him at lunch because he would listen to me ramble on about politics and he said that he thought I would be interested in these videos that were being produced by Prager you and started watching them. And I wasn't. In them here I am now yeah no kidding. So when did you join Prager Force at Santa Monica Community College or in high school at Santa Monica College at Santa Monica College?
and tell everybody just in a nutshell. What Prager Force is so prayer force. Is a student ambassador program for pray to you? It's this incredible program. We have a network of international students, students from all around the world who just love, Prager you and your main responsibilities. As a member of Prager Force are to share two Prager, you videos per month, any videos that you want and from then on. Your levels of involvement can vary. We have four different committees that you can join and you just provided so many incredible opportunities. As a member Prager force, I mean I've been working at the prayer. You offices, which has been just such a dream. I went on a trip to Israel with Prager you because of Prager Force and I've met. So many of my political heroes- I mean I'm sitting here with Dennis Prager today So that's sweet! It's it's incredible! Everyone should join. All you have to do. Is text Prager force. One word Prager force to six: four: six: zero, zero! I didn't know any of that.
as for six zero, zero! That's great! so. Why did you enjoy it? Enjoy it summer the summer with with. It gave me a new sound appreciation for Prager you and what we do there and the impact that we're having, because I really got to see the behind the scenes process and all the work that goes into these five minute. Videos and I've also going to read what people think of the videos and. Hear their feedback and it's it's been really been, really rewarding and and all the wonderful people I mean. I gotta believe that that's a huge thing yeah to be surrounded by. I know that one I got to say the Prager Force quality has been. The type of person is just it moves me very. anyway, we really enjoyed you and work. I miss you gonna ceremony, he's gonna miss you.
I never saw this relaxed look at that he's always falling asleep our rightful bless. You Corina, we really. We really adore you. Ok, okey time for questions. Is that correct the Rio Jake eighteen from Frederick Maryland. Dennis? What are your thoughts on ESPN pulling reporter Robert Lee from reporting a football game? Okay, I have to control myself. Okay, I'm come I'll. Tell you my first thought. First thought is: it is no longer possible to parity the law. by the way, whenever I say left I mean I don't mean liberals, I adore liberal. I still think I am a liberal, but on call the conservative, which is fine, I'm happy to be called a conservative and proud of it.
but I haven't abandon any of my liberal values that I grew up with and was Democrat. Ronald Reagan, anyway, I I can no longer make any jokes. This the absurdity of this that yes, P ended the absurdity level is so high. I can't make up, a joke any longer and people will say say: oh you made that up this is Chinese American, so his name is Lee okay, And he is easy: sports, CASTOR football broadcaster for twenty years. With ESPN or with others. I don't know, but for twenty years and now he's with the spn and they decided wouldn't be a good idea for him to announced. The Uva University of Virginia Football game from Charlottesville because ass, his name is Robert Lee.
and they keep defending themselves. This is, a ban, its got look who Google fired a guy? What a guy works, Google, because he wrote and an internal memo with rigour or to his views on why there are more women in Sir areas of of ip and attack. Is the the preoccupation of the media is with the NEO Nazis and end the white supremacist okay, as a Jew, let alone as anything as a human, let alone is a Jew. My hatred of Nazism is is beyond description. but Nazis in the United States, pose no threat there. Nothing nothing Their numbers are nothing, there influences nothing, it's nothing!
it's not issue the issue, the threat. The United States is coming from the far left, not the far right they're, the ones who who take over deans and President's of colleges. Offices they're the ones who will initiate violence in inside Many demonstrations closing down bridges and tunnels and an highways mean that that's that's! That's the fear. They're, the ones shooting up right wing, a shooting cups Was it a right winger who shot up member the cat. We spent, or is that now in the memory hole of history, I say Then I wrote then it's gonna be fine in a few days and has been guy, went to to kill every member of Congress who was republican at the at the baseball practice if they were having. That's where the real dangerous, but they can
troll the media and the universities and the high schools. So you specially you, young people. All you here is is NEO Nazi. These NEO Nazis NEO Nazis there nothing they're, nothing, the real. The real threat is is that is the unraveling of the American Revolution, which is which is being done by the left. And I mean that literally like freedom of speech, you know the half of young p but on this country, don't believe in freedom of speech for hate speech, which of course means they don't believe in freedom of speech, because everybody determines what they'd speeches that, Speeches that they don't like his hate speech, the concern of students ever shut down a left wing speaker at a college. It's its unheard of in hasn't happened once but left wing, it was shut down. Conservatives who come to colleges regular, You know how many even Emily yeah videos, Prager. You Youtube has put on the restricted list which is supposed
to be for violence and sex. We would We violence in and any in any Prager you video, no, of course, not Maybe what is the number? Not twenty, four, how many of our videos overthrow Sober thirty, is it true? up to do not murder by the way or is that a rumor, a check it. It's that would be the ultimate if the that I happen to have done on the ten commandments, which includes do not murder if they turn that down here, I am spending five minutes telling people not to and that's taken now. If it's taken now under way any is there anyone Take down is an absurdity, the
dumbing down of liberty in this country doesn't happen from the right. It happens from the left only from the left, not from liberals, not from liberals. But liberals don't have the courage to attack the left. That's my beef with liberals, not what they believe, but there are a lack of courage in standing up to the left. That's the problem with liberals. because they have been brainwashed too, to think that the enemy is the right conservatives about the enemy of liberals. The left is the enemy of liberal. That's what I think of the Robert Lee issue. no one. Eighteen from Sun Ramon, California, Anna Prager forced member. Thank you finish. The bar. Teaches us that God loves all of his children, but some of his creations commit terrible acts of evil. Does God love them too? I don't think so. I this
This is one of the rare times. Where fellow religious conservatives and I differ, especially my favorite many ways: Christians who or what conservative has I am and who are oriented toward biblical wisdom and insight. I dont think God loves truly evil people. The idea that this, This is a fascinating issued by the way. I don't have a problem with those who believe in this is. Does a theological question, not a moral question, but if God Loves everybody equally. That means and to a certain extent that God doesn't prefer goodness, because if, if we forget guy You know people say well what, if your son were a mass murderer, my were a mass murderer. I would love him less. To be honest, okay,.
I mean this. There's always going to be an element, that's my child and you can't a parent can't and that that's that's primal Your child was your child. I understand that. But if my look We are all godchildren, that's. That was the premise of the question, and that is correct, So that means that a murderer is murdering another child of God. If of my children killed murdered another one of my children. wouldn't love em. We'll just have fury right, I mean remember it's not just the murderer, who was godchild with the murdered? Who is God's child too? So this is not it's not a teaching that I have by the way God says to the Jews when he choked chooses them as the chosen people and in the Bible says. But if you know what Nor can it be precious to me. If you will.
and in my ways, if you become evil a precious anymore. Ok, there is thing is conditional, love in the Bible. I am not a fan of unconditional love. I image that, no matter how you act that keep loving you doesn't it They say that anybody for woman is, is it Used by your husband, oh honey, No. I still love you no matter how much you abuse me said. Somebody who is in order to a woman who does it does the same thing? Man or woman Jason sixteen from Minneapolis asked Dennis. Did you have a favorite class in high school? If so, what was it? It's. A great question, I think my favorite class in high school was Fred Because I love languages and because I I knew that I needed a teacher. It's very hard.
learn, a language on your own? I don't know whose done it I'm sure people can do it. I can't you need a teacher to really language. I think so. I really love my french class and I remember my teacher: may he rest in peace, I'm sure he's passed away quite some time ago, Oscar Rosenthall, it's a very funny man too. So hats off. I also like one of and I went to a high school. It was a jewish high school, not meaning a high school for Jews. Obviously the kids were jewish, but it Jewish half the day was in Hebrew and half the day was an English Fda in Hebrew was all religious studies. It was intense. I learned a lot and I had one Bible teacher who was
just magnificent, I'm known Arabatis. I remember I remember it's funny. You don't remember college teachers, but you remember high school teachers, I think more and anyway, that's what I liked other than that. I spent most of my time in class laughing. I. sounds awful. I forced around for years, I did know homework. I I I just made it through graduation and I I have to say it was proof for me was the right decision. You know what I was doing by the way. Just just for the record. I wasn't what I wasn't doing. Homework I wasn't partying or watching tv one, the things I was doing is learning how to reach symphonic scores and it paid off. Okay, Doke
Auto Belano, if that is the correct pronunciation? Eighteen from book from Bucharest, maybe a book or dash d, but I asked I was in Romania under Ceausescu when it was communist. I gotta go back. One woman Died Dennis travel to totalitarian regimes when you were young water. Some observations, indifference. You notice between free societies and unfair ones. Oh boy, could I I could spend hours talking about the difference between totalitarian
Societies and free ones, one of the biggest differences, is how boring life in a totalitarian state is everything about. It is boring. I remember when I first went to Soviet Union ever The building was grey. There was no color, there was no visual. The only visual color were was read for communist posters, because there's no It's either. I remember when I after I spent a month in the Soviet Union, when I was twenty twenty one and I came back to the West The first thing that hit me was how much color there is including thing something I Hey did before and then I stopped eating forever advertised on billboards Oh, it was alive, you know
by freds used cars. I loved it. Also people laugh in the street in free societies. they talk, they laugh nobody laughs in a totalitarian state or they drink there. Their way through through life. That's what's called totalitarian, it takes over your life totally the worst, example ever in human history is North Korea. You are told, went to laugh and went to cry. You can only here. in every apartment to that most people don't even have an apartment? They live in shacks, but those who have apartments, there's a speaker and never can be shut off, it could be lower than volume, but it can't be shot. I interviewed north korean defectors in South Korea and it can. It came
we shut off the words of the regime are bombarded at you all the time, even When you are going to sleep, that's all you here. It's terrible curse, Christopher no age on Christopher, let's give him an age a hundred and six. I Christopher hope you doing well. Then, is how do adult siblings maintain a close relationship if they live far apart the same adult friends, would you call each other. You skype you you were faced. I knew. Now today, it's easier than ever to to maintain contact, but No, it's it's a very mixed bag with adult siblings summer. Close, I have a theory and I'm I have no idea what you're what I live on theories. I've a theory.
Sisters are more likely to be quite close as adults than brothers. Think brothers love each other, that's not, but I still think there is a sister a more. likely that sisters will do that. My father loved his brother very much. But my mother was very close to her sisters, just as the one example I have intimately. But it's up to you if you want to remain close, remain close seat, make sure to see each other make sure to talk on the phone closeness has to be cultivated like everything else that good in life you have to have to work at it. Just come in from Michael Environs Centre: Michigan A did. I not say that
however, they were not getting enough feedback from Byron Centre and I can't believe it Dennis keep up the good work. Thank you. I appreciate that a lot I intend to you're, obviously effective, based on the amount of space you occupy have left. This said, God. Don't start me, that's true. Thank you, era in Colombia Maryland Let's do you believe there should be term limits on members of Congress? Yes, I do. The founders of the United States of America did not envision lifelong politicians. They thought you do something. Productive with your life and of course it is productive to be in Congress too. Obviously, but you then devote some years to public service and leave. That was that with that would be. That would be better.
George Mcgovern, who ran for president and lost the almost every state. I think he only one Massachusetts draw. Mcgovern, who's, a left wing Democrat nominated, very nice man, Senator from South Dakota. I don't remember many of the particulars, but after he left the Senate, he then started a business and then acknowledged how hard it is to start a business. And how many, how much there were too many rules governing business that make it almost impossible for many people. to start a business and unemployed people. It was only when he became a business man that he realized how much he had voted on to make it hard for people to make a business. Ben twenty five from South Africa give us this.
They have been all over South Africa like to know where. Why has there been such a unique case Jews from Millennia, millennia? Okay, I wrote a book on it, you should read: you'd love it. It called why the Jews, the reason for antisemitism since its third edition it has been in print for about thirty five years, but we keep up updating the preface and so on, but what we wrote. We is because I co authored it and it is a very, very, very important subject for non Jews, because Jew hatred is an indication of
bad things are coming to everybody: Hitler started with the Jews and fifty five zero million people died as a result of Hitler. Had he that people understood that the Jew hater is going to hate all of civilization, they would have stopped him early and saved, not just the six million Jews in the Holocaust, but fifty million people told. All told because of Hitler to answer your question, I believe that, ultimately, it is a it is a result of jewish chosen this and I have a whole theory on that, maybe another time whether people
leaving it or not. It has been a very serious thing. People take it seriously. They don't laugh at the idea of this tiny people having a divine role in history. Most Jews don't believe they have the final most Jews are not religious, religiously believing but that's a big factor, the other is the Jews introduced, something into the world that nobody likes, a God who judges them. In the ancient world, gods were not moral judges, the Jews introduced a universal moral judge into the world, and for that, as one a catholic writer wrote, it would Flannery. They have never Then forgiven. So once again, my friends. This is a fund raising month for praying university and they're all sorts of clubs for for bigger donors. The MIKE Club at ten thousand,
dollars, make it possible for million young people and older people to see the preview videos. Do when a guest will receive a complimentary invitation to Prager use full gala or gala in Beverly Hills, where I will interview special guest, Nigel Farage from the UK, and I will extend an invitation for you to visit the radio program in person show my thanks. Bye thousand dollars. You will also receive a complementary invitation to attend to trigger you anyway. Call three two three you can remember is the number on the screen now we're not that sophisticated as the links are in the post. Whatever that means the links are in the post. There are no post in the link. No three hundred and twenty three five hundred and seventy seven two thousand four hundred and thirty seven or go to Prageru COM is that it for today it looks like
it is. So I want to tell you I like these, these fireside chats, the chance to talk human to human right, snow speech, no scrip, no, nothing, the real deal, Corina we're gonna, miss you see, stay in our life, I would love to yeah what year are you in I'm going into my second year going to your second year great. So and don't forget if you're in college or high school Prager Force, you'll make great people and you'll do a lot of good so until next week, thanks for watching
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