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Fireside Chat Ep. 70 – Women, Socialism and Climate Change

2019-02-27 | 🔗
In his latest Fireside Chat, Dennis Prager discusses women in the workforce, socialism, and why you shouldn't listen to climate change alarmists. Check it out!
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Hi everybody I'm Dennis Prager. This is my home. This is my fireplace this is my chair Getting silly and I haven't even begun anyway, this is the fireside chats, it's probably about number seventy, which is a little mine blowing when I think about it, if you like, I just started a very recently Why do I want to remind you that, even if I talk about something that might be in the news and half the time, I don't but but about a third of the time I do now. I know a half in the third does unequal whole. I'm well aware of that. I I catch myself, but even for those that are about some news item, they are in fact a permanent because the themes that I talk about are larger than the in the given news item, so you can watch the first one, and it will be just as relevant here he snoring.
It's a service that I provide him that when I began speaking happen a human story act that way or there's no question. I would be seeking other work, but that's it does work Is it too loud as he is it the it's? Not, ok, we're! Ok! I we find it very calming, but I don't want you to get so calm at you join him in slumber. Anyway. I do want to remind you. This is completely unrehearsed. We don't even have a make up person which may be obvious, and it's just me talking to you and then taking your call Austrians, amateur, it's a wonderful waiter, so to speak, to know each other. Certainly you get to know me and there's nothing formal about it, but it's about life and it's my fireside chats each week. So ah, come again, german or read to you. What I want to talk about today is something that the the president said, president from said in his.
Of the union address these, I think, which you know what gets a little, push I it's getting a little out, even even for me and its adorable, but think that's? U him! Ok, Otto, that's the man, some one of the best known dogs and in the world right now, as a result of this We get a lot of views and a lot of people covered under an auto anyway, so then said the following: I'm quoting directly, all Americans can be proud. We have more women in the workforce than ever before. Get that again direct quote all Americans can be proud that we have more women in the workforce than ever before, and when he said that there was any resumption of cheers not only from Democrats, and not only from the women in Congress and in the hall. But from publicans and men every
I just stood up and cheered, was one of the rare moments that both Republicans and Democrats that up and cheered they have very few times in the state of the union. Address into Republicans Democrats agree on virtually nothing So? This was interesting to me that they were such an eruption of cheering and interesting to me that the president even said it. I am not proud, that there are more women than ever before in the workforce, and you might say, what's wrong what are you some sort of male chauvinist? No, simply realistic. Why? it is more women in the workforce, something to cheer. If the president had said more women than ever have a choice about whether to
at home or in the workforce. I would have cheered, but he didn't say that he said we can all be proud show here, is to prove my point. That it may not be something worth cheering about? Let's this question what if the president had said We can all be proud. Every able bodied woman in America is in the workforce without worth cheering for. Every single woman in America is in the workforce. If we're cheer that, more than ever our it. Seventy six million. I think the number, if we're cheering, that more than ever more than why? Wouldn't we cheer if everything the woman were in the workforce? If you can't answer that, then my point is Maybe we shouldn't be proud. Maybe it's not a source of pride.
How many women are in the workforce who want to be in the workforce? Isn't that relevant? any one of you watching is there any feminist is the most radical feminist, a believer that every woman at work wants to be at work command, If there's anything, feminist themselves have often said well, of course, whim. Half the work because they have to work. A lot of them are. Ours are single moms and they have to support their kids or the the, they're married and made the whole may feel that the husband and wife feel that they need a dual ink family, so even people who really are happy about women working outside the house, have to admit that a lot of women, don't Wanna be working outside the house and or because of echo MIKE necessity, so the cheers. Well,
explain why the cheers from the Democrats and from feminists well, which are largely the same, although their republican feminist not come to that in a moment, Because they are actually a central goal of feminism, the beginning was to have women, leave the home and work outside the home. Let's be honest, while they come aim that they all they want is to give women a choice. The fact is on planet earth and not on some make believe world. They really do want women to leave the home and work outside because there is.
Sometimes expressed and often not expressed, feeling or opinion that a woman who is a full time, mom, wife and homemaker- that's just not on the level of a woman who leaves the hall and gets a paycheck outside no matter what she is doing. A lot of the women in the workforce and not exactly doing I see your work, a lot of them or driving goober and out of them are working in restaurants and a lot of them are doing all sorts of work, all of which is noble. I truly believe all work is noble, but not all Work is as prestigious or is desirable. As mother work when I'm in a restaurant any and sixty five seventy year old woman is Serving me at midnight in some rest,
when I'm on the road- and you know I get got off the plane hour you get something I don't any longer right now. I now do about. I average about seventeen hours of fasting every day, which I love. By the way I did some not noble, ranking it's just I like it. I have. I do have coffee with cream but other than that They have anything else, but until very until about four months ago I would be routine. I would arrive in a city, I'd be hungry or I think I will Hungary as it turns out, and I would get up I didn't. I always thought about the Euro, the waitress working. The the midnight to five a m shift- and it thing? I always you know why you ve felt a little a little bed for her
she has a job. Obviously I try to give her an extra Tipp to make it worthwhile amendments. I can make a big difference in her life, but a little difference, but I I you know I I thought of my mother- and I you know my mother worked my mother worth the warehouse. Wife, she retired at a given age of maybe it's sixty or so whatever it was. I don't know if my mom and you don't have to be a waitress at seventy, and I I would have felt a little sad that the that she felt necessary only give credit to these women? But let all I'm saying is: let's not romanticize, which is what the president did the present romanticized right. We can all be proud, this exception having all these seventy six million american women in the workforce It's a source of pride, but it's not necessarily a source of pride.
Voice is a source of pride in terms of work, but not the fact of so many women in in the workforce. That's not a source of pride, so why did the president's sing it? The president's republican President's wife is not in the workforce, so at an does and chooses not to be sure. She wanted to be at home, making a home and raising their youngest child. So why the president's say it I'm not sure. Actually, but Ike I haven't more perhaps an equally or more interesting question. Why did all the Republicans, many of whose wives are full time moms and an homemakers? Why did they stand up and cheer and I have a theory. One of these theories is that if there had been a picture of a republic
in congressman sitting, while everybody was cheering. Women in the workforce, you would have seen a picture of that. In every major newspaper on the internet, on the news congressmen show and show sits. Wild country cheers a republican president even announcing about how It is that all that a record number of women are in the american Workforce, the a sure to cheer was too overwhelming, but they didn't think it through and again question if you're gonna cheer the record number of women than why? Wouldn't you cheer that the woman was in the workforce, you gotta to that question and you have to and so will otherwise. My point is valid. Maybe it's not worth standing up and cheering for.
The fact is ever since I was in college, the empress This was so obvious that a girl should aspire, a young woman should aspire to a career, the old aspiration of dreaming about a wedding day and children is, no longer regarded as worthy of a sophisticated young woman. She should be thinking about career just happened yesterday, Again in a restaurant there was a twenty four year old, attractive, intelligent, vibrant and terrific. As a waitress MTV. She had a lot going for she was in every way she was exemplary. So I
Esther Courageous, at twenty force. I said. Let me ask you a question. I asked this of almost any woman, I mean in or twenties, and you know you don't have to answer. Obviously nobody answers. It's not risk a personal question really about her life, but her her thoughts. So I asked a question which I always s, women in their twenties. If you could be guaranteed again, you got you guaranteed, one of them it doesn't mean you cannot have the other. I explained that all the time, but why? is guaranteed either a great marriage, great career, which guarantee would you take with out a moment of hesitation, great career. I'm not even sure I want to get married. She said I'm just I'm just focused on career. I made a mistake and not asking her what career was. Obviously I'm sure she wasn't thinking about the lifetime of being a waitress or server, as they now say,.
So I dont know what exact them, but whatever it might be at for all. I know it's, you know a neurosurgeon I I have no idea what what career she was anticipating, but nevertheless it was. It was so clear to her that marriage was not enough, ask where, as you know two generations ago and three, and one five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten, and throughout recorded western history of We're still woman would have said a great marriage. So too which, of course, the modern responses. Well, They were wrong to bear them. Options were closed, but again Feel options no woman should be into staying at home, it's terrible idea, but the question: is it without coercion? Why
works and especially not even you know and a guarantee of a good marriage. You know that that is one of the great guarantees not known up. Many great marriages mean there are many but percentage wise. It may not be. I don't think it's fifty percent, it's it's got up to special people to have a great marriage. You have to ignore them. I will talk about that, but that what what? What makes a marriage work and having been divorced, I know what works and what does not work. Fact I I can't do it with greater expertise in somebody was just that one very happy Lord buried. They may not know my parents were married sixty nine years, if you'd have asked them. What's the secret to a happy, long, marriage they one answer- and they were right- look so that and to mature p-
who helped so? I was. I was thinking about the maturity part, but anyway back to this, so They cheered because they're happy women oriented home. Let's be honest, that's that's the case, but I got a bunch of questions. Are women happier today? I. How to I write a column every week and if you like, the fireside chats, I promise you, like my column. Each week you could founded on I website a town Hall National Review american greatness. I mean it. It's printed a lot of places, and I I I I never did this. In twenty five years of column. Writing I never did. This was the only time I all it is transcriber phone call to my radio show a fifty year old woman called up
she spoke about how she felt tat. She had been fooled because she bought the feminist line. That career is what a woman should most aspire to and she's had a very successful career, and she goes home to a home without a husband without a family and career doesn't quite fill that whole. Of course, it's not gonna feel that whole. Now there look. I know there a man and there are women who, who just are very happy, never getting married. I understand that, although I.
An answer to that too, because it is quite possible to be happy single for the your whole life. I understand that and I want you to be happy. I wrote a book unhappiness, but how do you know you wouldn't be happier with a good make the goods pass? You dont know. How do you know that wouldn't be? They are fulfilling look? You know some of the happiest marriages. Don't have children but having children is still. A deeper way to live a life then not having children and their people. Without children, whom I adore, who spectacular people snow, knock on them and they would admit this. They would agree. Just didn't work out for them to have kids and kids can be a source of terrible pain,
But you have to ask in life: do I want to live? Is deep, a life is possible or is easy. Life is possible. Easy and deep generally, don't go together. I knew what a very young age promotional and intellectual reasons. I wanted to get married. I know what in high school it was. I thought about it. A lot in high school who's, gonna be the woman, oh Mary. What kind of woman will I marry? What will it be like and I want to children at a very young age. I mean then get married to thirty two, but because it just didn't work out that I met somebody to marry, but I want a married earlier anyway,
I don't know what there is to be proud of. I disagree with the president's statement, but what is most important is to analyze why the cheering was so lengthy. What, if the president had said. We can all be proud of the fact that, though american women have a choice, more women than ever have decided that they will devote the years that their children or young too, to running the house. To making sure that there is a happy home well with what would the wooden. While with the response be, then I wouldn't have been cheering. There might have been a few people who cheered no Democrat, dangerous thing: question: isn't it
Can you tell me what here's another question? What does society need? War more women? see owes or more women. Peter, is more women, I'm giving glamorous professions or more children to be raised to be good people. My my wife is a lawyer. She was a member of the bars and I'm practicing now obviously went to law. School did very well pass the bar first time in California, and all all that stuff. My wife and I feel funny saying if she's brilliant, my wife
it is simply brilliant and she was a single mom. When I met her, she was raising her two boys and the to the two girls of her sister who died in her thirties of cancer. She was a full time and When I look at how her boys turned out, I I I understand how advantageous that was now, that's not to say that what you see the wealthy can get away with it in some way, with nannies and with with people taking in supervising and everything. De the wealthy can get away with it in some way, with nannies and with with people taking in supervising and everything
so a lot of times a lot of these movements. I think environmentalism in feminism, in particular our movements of the wealthy, believe me, a eight, a woman who goes to work every day and is not in anything glamorous Not now, particularly in love with her work, but she goes. Could she has do? If you told her, you No we're tripling your husband, salary or doubling your husband salary. You don't have to worry. At all now, you'll have the same exact income and you can. I'll stay at home and take care of the kids and take care of the home and take care of your marriage. I think a lot of women would would be ecstatic so. But you must not allow to say anything that I just said.
The pressure was so intense career career career. That's why they cheered. Even the Republicans. As a right, my column is on this subject my column this week and I e, I wonder if I were a congress, whether I would have stood up and cheered, I find it very hard to fake anything because I would have known as soon as the President said it I'm not I'm not proud of that amount, ashamed of it about a proud of it. It's not a source of pride pride is that people have a choice, whether work or not, not than a record number of women are working oaken Elk opening thoughts. Your questions now question time,
James twenty one Fort Worth Texas, how would you deal with climate, alarmist professors so I'll? Try to answer you literally? How would I deal if I were student, your age at college and the teacher were telling us that the word like, like one congresswoman, whom I don't need to me, said the in twelve years, though, that the world of life will be extinct for something like that. If I had a professor who spoke like that, it's a very good question, as I did take issue with professors, even if it did hurt my grades and I wouldn't I wouldn't you stand up and argue I would say here something you might want to say, for example, Ok, so professor. Are you for nuclear power? That's my favorite quest.
And to ask the alarmist, because if they really we carbon emissions. Fossil fuel is gonna, kill the world make life as we know it almost extinct or extinct. The biggest advocates of nuclear power for energy should be the p who believe that fossil fuels are destroying the planet but they're, not nuclear power, spectacularly safe Sweden, which is the model for many of these people, gets almost half of all its energy from nuclear power? So what do they know that we don't, while they're not hysterics? That's what, they know they know how how relatively inexpensive, how effective, how clean nuclear energy is. Its unbelievably safe, unbelievably safe.
Even Fukushima, cushy the the terrible example of up to I mean everything I could go away, went wrong an end. It did meltdown and. Don't have we don't have a radiation death directly attributed among the workers at the at the plant. It is this. Are you when report from twenty twelve, that I'm saying to you from its soul This taught me something very early on this issue for some other climate scientists. If you really leave the earth is gonna. Be extinct carbon emissions. Fossil fuels are destroying your life, you you and you should go crazy on behalf of nuclear power, So, professor want, when you say with the end of the professor was too dangerous people would die from from radiation if it melted down its own, then you know the person is an. Is a hysteric. Is an alarmist that they,
not scientifically credible. Secondly, even if the United States did everything possible, Changed overnight, like this green new deal, wants change every house everything to two to non fossil fuel. It would have no effect in in any virtually no effect on the temperature. The world, the United States, is still a small percentage of humanity. Thirty, three Arizona. Does the constitution protect states from the tyranny of federal socialism, custody. Pushing does protect the states, but it's the cottage it has been so violated in this matter. That is irrelevant. Constitution, says that unless something is specifically to be taken care of by the federal government, everything else is by the state. This have been vital, was violated so early in the twentieth century. Nobody pays attention to it now
Now everyone thinks I mean the very notion that the government should take care of your health. If it's that, that's not Institutional and that's that is not something that the government is supposed to protect us. The government has monetary duties, but to take care of us, this was the opposite of what the the founders of the United States believed in that they they believed in small government I take care of me. I take care of my family. I take care of my community and now people believe that government takes care of me. The government takes care of my family. The government takes care of my community it before the folks on the left. The constitution is irrelevant. That's why they're trying to get rid of the the electoral college.
That's not a constitution because we were not set up to be a democracy were set up to be republic. That's why there are two senators from every state, even though some states have two million people, and some states have twenty five million people. Robbie thirty eight Atlanta, hello, Mr Prager. How should I deal with regret in like thanks for all your wisdom? Will that's a great question? That's a very tough question. My immediate response to you is: it is probably both healthy and unhealthy, its healthy to have regrets, because that means you know what I recognise that I did something wrong, but it's unhealthy to dwell on it because it's over What what what good is it going to do you now, I'm thirty,
you have a long life ahead, hopefully to live in a way that you won't regret. My father had a good model. We said what is it if I am ashamed of it? I dont do it and if I do it, I'm not ashamed of it. It was a good life. It's not very helpful. I met you. I'm even be right, are you believe me and how many parents have regrets with the way they raise their kids? I would say about eighty two point, seven percent, but you know what it's possible to race. Kids perfectly doesn't exist, but if you're, the perfect Aren't you a big problem because how's it kid gonna measure up to a perfect parent. So, even if your purse. Your your problem for your child,
Billy twenty six Toronto, Canada, question is silly but valid because I said smoking cigars because of Dennis, whereas the cigar. Thank you. Merely are you made my day? Thank cigars. Are awesome and extraordinarily safe? Yes, I knows a handful of people get tongue cancer and so on, my God, the chances of your in turn. Cancer are an hour or so much slimmer, then getting hit by a car crossing the street, but you cross the street, and you do so because you you take risks in order to function in, like some risks are worth it. Cigarettes is not worthy of a risk because its inhale
Georgia, not in hell, they're, just tasted in the mouth, and it's not a silly question. It's actually depressing I'll, but we could not after the first forty or so that I did with a cigar which people just love cuz. It's so made it so much more. Even more of a home like atmosphere, we were told by Facebook that we couldn't promote the videos. If I'm smoking a cigar, I should have said it was marijuana medical marijuana. Then I am sure they would have been fine. That's the reason, no more cigar, Julia, seventeen this autumn. Can I hear your thoughts on the green new deal I'll talk about that? Probably next time or or one of these times, it's it's impossible
to overstate how absurd it is. It's just an absurdity. We would end up with a country that would be utterly broke. Monetarily broke, dysfunctional and, and it would be a tyranny. The government would control everything in including what you did in your home in terms of power and so much else it it's a it's a it's hard to believe that anyone takes it serious. The wall. Street journal did a terrific God, dissection of it, but maybe an I did on my radio show and by I do want to remind all of you: I am on nationally and internationally through the internet every day, three hours and if it is that is worth, I think it's worth your listening. If you like this, you love that so check into where I am in your city, if I'm not on in nurse and local station, I'm certainly on the internet,
Chanel, how much time, what's a time thirty one I gotta take this one, I can I Chanel twenty Miami Florida Dennis in class. The professor asked. In a moral society should billionaires exist. My stay yes, of course, but what would be a good philosophical reasoning? Well, sometimes it Question is best answered with a question, so in a moral society should millionaires exist. What.
That person is really asking is in a moral society. Should there be income inequality and of course the answer is yes. If you want a free society in a free society, people are free to make a billion dollars. I have no problem with that and I'm not a rich man, certainly not a poor man, but I'm not a rich man and it never end up. My life for one day struck me as awful, but there are billions errors in society. It has no impact on my life. I've always ask one question: a my basic material needs met and if the answer was yes, I was a happy dude. The notion. What what has happened here is there is an enormous jealousy of people earning more and people want to take. That downed, of course, in a moral society, people could earn a billion dollars.
If the poorest in society have health care and food and shelter and air conditioning and heating and a car, then why should there be billions. By the way, if we took all the money from billionaires away, it would have no impact. We would Scabbard have no billionaires, but we wouldn't be helping anybody else. The government, which must have more money to waste or spend on give a ways to get more votes, which is another subject. I will talk to you about a very important thing: how the left wing supreme value of equal.
We has caused more death, torture and enslavement, then even racism in the twentieth century. I know it's hard to believe, but I will prove it to you. It doesn't take long. Communism kill more people in the twentyth century than anything else, and its great idea was equal I can live with billionaires and non billionaires. I I I like it because it means I live in a free society and I love liberty. Ok, everybody. I want to remind you that Prager, you videos receiving more than once there very important they come at every week like to remind you of my work volume to was coming out by one came at last year. The rash
Bible. It is the greatest source of wisdom in the history of the world. Without wisdom, you can be a good or happy person. Wisdom is the key to everything and I have a that's another one. Let me do one: where do you get your wisdom from wisdom is what is life about? How do I need a good life thanks for watching I'm Dennis Prager see annex we thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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