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Fireside Chat Ep. 79 – Sri Lanka: Christians Targeted by Islamic Terrorists

2019-04-27 | 🔗
Sri Lanka: Christians Targeted by Islamic Terrorists During this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis talks about the bombings in Sri Lanka and democrats’ response. Why won’t they point out Islamic violence and oppression towards Christians? He continues on to answer questions from viewers. Have a question for Dennis? Submit it here: https://www.prageru.com/fireside-chats/#ask-dennis • Everything in Life Should be Earned • Sri Lanka Bombings • More Christians Killed by Muslims LINK: https://www.dennisprager.com/1400-english-girls-raped-multiculturalism/ • Sex is Not on a Spectrum • How do You Scale Back a Socialist Economy? LINK: https://www.prageru.com/video/is-denmark-socialist/ • The Left Doesn’t Care About the Constitution Donate $100 or more to receive a signed copy of The Rational Bible: https://donate.prageru.com/give/232428/#!/donation/checkout (edited) For YT Description: 0:00 Welcome To My Home 1:08 Dennis’s Favorite Verb Is Earn 4:15 Everything Should Be Earned 7:21 In The News But Always Relevant 8:10 Sri Lanka Bombings 12:30 Easter Worshippers AKA Christians 15:17 Why Didn’t They Say Christians? 17:52 Way More Christians Killed By Muslims 22:05 Many Fans Outside The US 23:13 Sex Is Not On A Spectrum 26:35 How Do You Scale Back Socialism? 29:34 Change Minds And Be Taken Seriously 31:07 Schoolwork Opposing Moral Beliefs 32:37 The Left Doesn’t Like The Constitution 34:00 The Rational Bible Changes Lives (edited)

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