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The Perot Effect

What effect do third party candidates have in a two party system? This is an audio documentary about Ross Perot and the 1992 election that originally aired in October 2016.
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Hey there wasn't hers, Galen drew here earlier this week, Nate Perry and I discussed Howard Schultz is possible. Indypendent run for president. We talked a bit about past third Party and this is an I mentioned- that we did an audio documentary on Ross Perot and his effect on the nineteen ninety two election. So we thought we'd re up the episode in case you're. Looking for some weekend. Listening, there's originally aired in October of twenty sixteen so a couple of the references may sound dated, but in any case it's still helpful. And understanding the role that third party candidates play in a two party system all right here. It is Ross. Perot absolutely cost George Hw Bush reelection in ninety two: the idea that Perot caution Bush reelection in nineteen. Ninety two if supported by everything, but evidence,
I don't care what the Clinton people saying. They are only saying that, because they want to say President one out right, but he did not have a majority mandate that there are people that are going to go to the grave believing the earth is six thousand years old. Already, can do is say average. Yes, that's James, Carville's, chief strategist, for one thousand nine hundred and ninety two Bill Clinton presidential campaign. Mary Madeline. I was George Herbert Walker. Bush is deputy campaign manager in nineteen. Ninety two they're married and actually dated while working on opposite sides of the nineteen ninety two presidential election him for Clinton, her for Bush it's an election that still divides people today, not so much because of Clinton or Bush, but because of the other guy Ross Perot. Now before I start
Here's my voodoo stick again, and this is a simulated alligator claw on voodoo, stick This is the third installment in five hundred and thirty, eight series of audio documentaries made operation with ESPN films. We examining what we know about past campaigns, the time has come to talk about Ross Perot my name is Jody African and I'm some well, like Mary Madeline, insist. The third candidate, a former Republican, the election for Incumbent President George Hw Bush, others argue that built and in one it on his own merits to Peru, who got? Nineteen percent of the popular vote took votes evenly both sides. We talk people involved in all three campaigns: poster and researchers and dug through the archives to get a picture of what the campaign looked like and why? turned out the way it did Kayla.
Took the lead in reporting this story Galen take it away. One thousand nine hundred and ninety two your Whitney, Houston's bodyguard album became the selling soundtrack of all time. Lee The country's largest mall mall of America opened in Bloomington MN the economy was also in the pits welcome to the world class of ninety two and good luck your job for them just off campus the toughest job market in two decades. Who is the time where people really scared they're scared of the jobs? They were scared of the changes that were going on in the economy. Fred Malik was the campaign manager for the George Bush? One thousand nine hundred and ninety two reelection run your season well established institutions going bankrupt and and I think they were concerned for their future. Well, the candid for the democratic nomination, were preparing to face
in Iowa and New Hampshire. In early ninety two President Bush was fielding questions like this If you ask them now, are you economically better off than you were three years ago, do you think many people would say? Yes today know if you said economically because I think there is a lack of confidence out there across this country, a broad Bush had scored what was seen as a big and easy victory, jubilation in Kuwait City after seven months of a rocky occupation, and US forces have cut off all the state for a rocky troops, Saddam Hussein comes up with still another offer. He the president, who, of course, who had taken the United States into Kuwait Rakis out, it was quite a heroic expedition and successful exhibition and
removed. Spring of ninety one. He was riding very high, but in eighty percent plus approval rating. Very dramatic developments in Ipad indicate this war Why is coming rapidly through a close Bush's approval rating look at eighty nine percent after the Gulf WAR in nineteen ninety one no surprise his team decided to make it the focus of his If I don't listen to the leader of the United States Senate George Mitchell, Saddam Hussein had be in Saudi Arabia and you'd be paying twenty dollars a gallon for gasoline, not try that one on her side. He was very confident about reelection, I'm getting sick and tired. I am every single night here in one of these carping. Little liberal Democrats jumping all over my you know. You know what you're working strategy was emphasize the success of the Bush presidency. We had
action, but you always do hit that in a cycle we are coming out of it. Just fine on the other side of the race. Was this man the night we want to put the this is the status quo and short term greed on notice party's over we're in for a change. We want our country back, he had it. He was so actually was so charismatic. He also played our worst vulnerability, which ones generational, about George Bush said he do whatever it takes to get elected and Bill Clinton, He his match. Long rumored allegations of marital infidelity? Finally, just in a supermarket tabloid? Since then,
better or for worse Governor Clinton's private life is become the overriding issue in the democratic presidential campaign. We thought that, with a look he's got a good, consistent meshes. Then you can write it's the economy. Stupid was a smart thing, but based on his personal character, as evidenced by the series of of river option, with women that the american people probably not going to go in that direction? so. On one hand, the recession riddled, but very popular wartime president, and on the other, young charismatic governor now enveloped in a scandal and in walks this guy, I grew up in Texarkana. Tx five blocks from the Arkansas border, Ross Perot. Now before I start, I have to use my voodoo stick again. He slim and about five foot, five with short cropped hair at the time It was sixty two and it came from Texarkana the place where Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana all meat- and he did
the country holding a black pointer, he called his voodoo. Stick This is a simulated alligator claw on voodoo. Stick imagining my first trip to Arkansas, where one of the things no say this is for Disneyland, did go, see the alligators, His entry was absolutely preposterous, picture of a crazy person, actually a billion who made his money in tech. Some data processing system that suffice, it to say Super rich and earned him a name in Texas. All these guys in Texas, to each other and formative. Job John Conlee. He would call me every now and then- and I talk to is quite a character in was trying to yeah. You know Perot out in James. You got to understand Ross', just stone. Ask crazy! You can't figure him out prosper Oh had an everyman touch for someone who is a multi billionaire and he was one of the richest Americans at the time his business pro
systems were so incredibly successful. That's frank once the from the tv news focus groups at the time he ran internal polling for the Perot campaign, but that wasn't his title. I was the direct research and the reason. Why is that he told reporters that he didn't believe in pulling her focus groups. Research was ok, but polling was intense. I was director of research. Was it down homespun kind of off Schucks guy. You just have Jonas cigarette boat, that goes a hundred eighty miles an hour The goes is hundred eighty miles an hour so before he come into the It had quarters on occasion he and his son would raise the helicopter and the boat I mean who does that except Prospero Ross Perot wandered into the race seemingly by accident, During an interview on Larry King in late February of ninety two
Is there any scenario in which you would run for president? Who number one I don't want to? I know, but you know if you that serious you, the people for that series you register me in fifty states you're not willing to organize and do that. And he's also just talk. Are you straight into the ordinary folks if you're dead, serious sorry, our basically, he said no but and show me that you really mean it. The notion that you could just get bunch of strangers to the process to get you on the ballot just seemed unfathomable to us. Lo and behold, just later now. He says: he'll spend fifty to one hundred million dollars of his own money to run for president, if ordinary american sign petitions to put his name on the ballot in all fifty states
Perot's name already, is on the ballot in Tennessee and this weekend, voters in Texas signed petitions to get him on the ballot there we saw his phone in my own campaign on beholden to nobody and rich guy with that that would be very discord to. Perkins and one we hold it after running around making fun of it. It turned out that people, more precisely because of his own person Well, he had that thing. Every politician, once the outsider appeal he would talk like politicians didn't not before an plaintext is talk, it's time to take out trash and clean out the barn or it's going to be too late, and you know a lot of his appeal. When you do focus groups, he was not a typical politician. Shake things up in Washington, town of appeal. If you want you, I think she'll get a first class mechanic yeah, you know somebody selling aluminum siding
Map Washington right now and that's the reason. None of these problems get go to. I just don't know what to do Ross, Perot who never held elected office could credibly critique the political class during uh when, according to ABC an overwhelming majority, seventy nine percent say they are dissatisfied or just plain angry. The way the federal government works by April two, after his Larry King appearance, he was pulling in third four points behind Bill Clinton, the democratic front row, Our ABC News poll shows that, as of now, parole would garner twenty four percent of the vote in a three way: race with Bush and click and 10s of thousands of volunteers have turned out in meetings like this, one in Charlottesville, VA from work for Perot were going to send a message to Washington ART way that were fed up where men to Hell and we've had enough right? He didn't just I'm the outsider appeal either. He also economic message that resonated the messages,
deficit and the debt are destroying America, that your kids are getting screwed and he's the guy is going to do something about it. Here's a picture our countries that love their it's grown over the years. That is a stag. Load to country folks in Washington, financial long term problems short time to keep the interest rates down that suicide in business that suicide in your personal life that suicide, your government he had his outsider status and an economic message The only thing missing me strategy and lucky for his campaign. He loved the television cameras it's hard for to remember today, one thousand nine hundred and ninety, two being the last the normal media campaign. Were driven by not the twenty four slash, seven cycle, but the net
NEWS with the possible exception of Larry King, so a favorite format or Ross, Perot was to go on Larry King Pro wasn't really darling, of cable news election Coverage- and he didn't do tv interviews either Thirty minute ads thirty minutes, infomercials with the most boring charts that looks like television from the 1950s one of the things is best remembered for are these ads were, of course used. His voodoo stick tonight, Ross Perot claim talk about jobs, debt and the Washington mess. He would buy. Thirty minute blocks of network airtime, sit down with a stack of charts and talk. His first ad attracted sixteen and a half million viewers role? We talked a lot about the importance of having the american people fully informed so that they can make Intel
Decisions is all over this country. In fact, this is our first town Hall he was so connective. On tv, because he was usually good demand- could stay on message. He had a message and stay on message and Ross. Perot didn't put out one of these infomercials. He had a whole collection, including Ross row on balancing the budget and reforming government Ross Perot on how to build a business and create jobs. An hour long biography on Ross Perot part one the early years and part two in success and leadership and, of course chicken feather deep voodoo and the american dream commercials, weren't just an ego trip. They were part of a plan. You could not.
Am Ross Perot into a traditional thirty second spot. You needed something. Bigger again: Frank wants Perot's internal pollster outside the store tell it frank. We were finally allowed to go to research in early June, so I've been on since April. Maybe the end of march, beginning of a and finally, in early June they said, go out. Do dau sessions see how people react and let me know what you find basic. Figure out how to sell Ross Perot to Americans. We had at the time Vhs tapes and there are three different types one, is Ross Perot speaking to an audience when he uses all those really weird phrases like the ants in the attic in check under the hood knowledge things. He used to say the second for endorsements of him, and the third tape was a biography of him the normal way that we would show it is that we would with me the biography, have the endorsements, and then we show him speaking
lunch was traveling on the road and after stop, how to rewind the Vhs tapes. So in the next city, the order was mixed up. And we got to call orado. We showed him speaking first then we did the endorsed. And then we did. His bio and if you don't know his background, but you hear him speak, you think he's a little off a little weird people in that This group didn't respond to the same way as previous groups, so in the next session he switched the tapes back to the original order, the biography then Perot himself and then the endorsements and you could not tear people away once they supported grope. You could not move them. That pre station in that order, no matter negative information. I gave them after work. Afterward, they're unmovable tell people first and foremost that Perot was a down home self made businessman and they'll be on board with the rest and it just
Let me away, and from that point on, I knew how he needed to be introduced to the american people, which was the beginning of them. Citing that they're going do communications that aren't thirty seconds long, going to be a minute two minutes, even half an hour good morning Ross Perot Texas, undeclared candidate for president, our special guest here to take your calls today, Thursday June the 11th. Ninety two by the bee June Ross, Perot was pulling ahead of both Bush and Clinton. With thirty nine percent of the vote and good morning. Everyone welcome to today on what figures to be a very interesting morning. We are joined as noted by Ross Perot, if you believe most polls will be formidable candidate for president all of a sudden next,
now he's running. First we're running third in the span for months. Perot had from using about running for president on Larry King Two leading the two major party candidates, but as he climbed in the the same media attention that had hyped his campaign, turned increasingly critical. Here's Peter L kind of the Dallas observer. Talking to ABC in nineteen ninety two now important than ever. Obviously to look into his past to look into what he's done because He says what you see is what you get there's a lot. History that offers contradictory signals. In late June, the Washington Post reported that Perot had, private investigator in the 80s to try to Unc damaging information about the family of George Bush, who was then vice president to Ronald Reagan. Let me put it this way.
Having my children investigated, that is beyond the pale leave my kids alone. I'd, say: they're, good, honest boys and a daughter, good, honest girl, pro continue to attract criticism into July. At an NAACP event. He referred to the black audience, as quote you, people this added to previous, miss like when he told Barbara Walters on twenty and twenty, that he would appoint gays to his cabinet in order to avoid controversy, as the pressure mounted conflict arose within campaign in the office. There was a little bit of intrigue, but it was more about challenge of managing Ross Perot. He ignored his staff's advice. Is to deliver his own speeches over the ones written by consultants. Staffers began to leak to the press that only four people he taught Pro would have these meetings with those four people
in twenty four hours, it would appear in the Wall Street Journal and he would be apoplectic. They could not stop leaking, a just out tonight. Ross Perot is undeclared. Candidacy seems to losing some of its team. Recently in today's Paul Bush leads with thirty five percent ROE had slipped five points behind and Clinton a close third, or was the first to put Perot in the lead. That was just one month ago, day after day, Perot continued to slide further down in the polls so That time, we as everyone else did thought it was somewhat of a version of a roman candle. If you will he kind of shot up framed and bad wife, but that didn't quite happen. ' ABC News Election Night Command Center in New York. This is the ninety two vote once again, David Brinkley and Peter Jennings we're going to make another projection now we project Bill Clinton is
The next president of the United States, we projected Ohio, has gone for Governor Clinton. Let's take a look at the Big Board, election night. I remember not being that surprised by the results taking actions little closer than I expected bill, Kristol Chief of staff to Vice President Dan. Well? I think it is writing about a five point race, but being surprised by pros numbers, was running, as I recall around one thousand and twelve percent in the polls about a week before Election date ends up with nineteen percent, nineteen percent of the vote almost one Five Americans voted for him. Starting February, you did something that everybody said couldn't be done millions of you came together to take your country back who was the best performance by a third party candidate since one thousand nine hundred and twelve Teddy Roosevelt ran with the Progressive party after already served two terms in office Laserlike message to listen to the people
so we arrive where we began to my grave Ross, Perot cost. Which Hw Bush is reelection. One thousand nine hundred and ninety two, a former Republican, with a conservative economic message, wins almost twenty percent of the vote. Leaving either major party candidate with a majority. Unlike Clinton, look at forty three percent of the vote and it was hard to see him getting past. Three percent- maybe forty four percent, but that remaining vote from forty create a fifty percent. Plus one was not going to Bill Clinton and the Ross Perot. Boiling the election for George Hw Bush is born.
Here's the plan we're going to check out this theory from a few perspectives. Let's start with the man who did internal polling firm had me. Do a survey late in the campaign to test a number of different items. One of the questions was, if voting for Pro will not an option. Who would you vote for, and it was fifty two Bill Clinton. Forty eight George Bush. The campaign's internal numbers showed that it was an even split and external numbers back that up exit polls people who would your second choice have been, if I went running Nate Silver Editor in chief of five hundred and thirty eight, and it split about evenly between Bush and Clinton. Official exit polls asked that question on election day itself, the day after the election, the New York Times cited. Those polls writing quote the imp,
if Mister Perot supporters on the campaigns outcome appears to have been minimal by the way. If Bush had one hundred and sixty percent the Perot vote. You can do the math a somewhat of a lost the electoral college by a pretty good margin, so both internal and external polls pretty much agreed, but there's also further evidence to suggest Perot was not a spoiler We have this kind of natural experiment because campaign for a big chunk of the race. We never got to that part Ross actually dropped out of the race in the middle of July. For his numbers in the polls began to slip throughout this effort. We have said repeatedly then Rj it is to improve our country not disrupt the political process, Basically, he said if he were to run Probably none of the three candidates would get two hundred and seventy electoral votes, meaning
election, would be decided in the House of Representatives. Anne Pro said that would be bad for the country So, therefore I will not become for the record to suggest he would have forced the election to the house, even with twenty percent popular vote. Get a single electoral vote, but then, on October, first just a month and three days before the election, the sixty girl, billionaire racer cost the american political landscape, like a Texas tornado last summer, before dropping out, but he kept and for a Perot organization, and today he cashed in volunteers. In all, fifty states have asked me to run as a candidate for President United States. Jim Stockdale, our vice presidential candidate, and I honored to accept their request, Ross, Perot, election. Ninety twos October surprise. He got back in the after being on the sidelines for two and a half months, the whole episode
boosted. The narrative the Perot was just stolen. Last crazy. You can't figure him out but it also gives us a two and a half month window into The race would have looked like without Ross Perot in it. And what happened when he dropped out. During that period, Clinton's lead was actually larger. Over Bush in the poll not smaller. He was leading by one thousand five hundred and twenty points at one point, Bush pulling ahead of Clinton before Perot dropped out after he exited Clinton shot up to the MID 50S, while Bush remained in the MID thirties and what's remained about there until program back in the race in October. Did the idea that parole cost Bush reelection in nineteen ninety, is supported by everything, but evidence took from them. He took one from us. That's the argument for Perot not spoiling the election for Bush, and it has been studied by political scientists. And they've arrived at the same conclusion pro support
quite equally, both ways, but I think that understate the importance of Perrotin damn Bush in the dynamics of the campaign again Bill Kristol, who is working this president, Dan Quayle Bro a traditional Republican some was very associated with the Reagan and Bush administrations abyss, is mine. I that all the things that connote the voters out there from legitimate republican conservative Perot takes on Bush. I think it affected the dynamic of the campaign We can push much more than that Clinton. Crystal makes a point. That's hard to quantify sure, on election day itself, Perot support may have split five thousand and fifty, but throughout the campaign Perot hurt Bush more than he hurt. Did. Bush is deputy campaign manager. Mary Madeline agrees, Prospero's presence gave Clinton, running room, wouldn't otherwise have the attacks that Ross Perot made on Bush hurt Bush more than
and could have, because Ross Perot but ability on those issues and Bill Clinton didn't every meant that we found ourselves in particular the debates with him caused present, Porsche to underperform perform. Hold back in the debates here. He is in the first one, also the first presidential debate to include three candidates: I don't like to see the countries principles violated. I don't like to see the people in a deteriorating economy into deteriorating country, because our government is lost touch with the people. When you go to bed tonight, look at your children bank of their dreams and ask yourself: isn't it time to stop talking about it? Isn't it time to do it? Another example of pro hurting Bush is the pro dropped out of the race. Even Frank Luntz agrees pro. If you wanted to
George Bush could not have dropped out at a better moment than when he did. Who, backed out of the race literally hours before Bill Clinton, took the stage at the democratic convention to accept the nomination. My fellow delegates and my fellow Americans, pulls out all the sudden. All the pro people like what do I do now and Bill Clinton takes the stage, delivers a very remarkable convention speech. And pro numbers collapse and all these people move to Bill Clinton. I still believe at a place called hope God bless you and God bless America. You could not go from Bush to Clinton. He was impossible. The differences great, not Justin issues but in the persona of the people. But you can go from Bush to Perot and Paroda Clinton, so pro became a stopping point
and at the moment that Perot pulls out the bush. People are insulting him at the very moment all these Perot voters, two thousand two hundred and twenty three percent are deciding what to do. The Republicans, the official Republicans are trashing him and all these parole people said you know what not sure about Bill Clinton, but I hate these Republicans and they all moved over to Clinton you watch this surge. He was one of the biggest engine bounces in modern times to be fair, the only disadvantage Bush he also attack Clinton's record Evan of Arkansas and from a strategic interview voters. Looking A change in rough economic times had both Perot and Clinton to choose from instead of just Clinton. But let's try to tease this out one more way. Let's put Perot aside for a moment
without him in the race. Were there reasons to expect a Clinton victory for one thing President Bush was extremely unpopular an approval rating in the 30s? You had a recession, it was the most severe recession, but usually hurts incumbent Party would have the same party in charge for for many years. There was also this read my lips, George Herbert Walker, Bush, said in the nineteen eighty eight convention read my lips, no new taxes and that's just blunt and has direct and as tough as you can be, and then he goes and breaks it two years after read my lips Bush signed about. That raised taxes somewhere public we're upset enough to back a challenger Pat Buchanan in the primaries Bush was struggling.
We started that campaign with a nine thousand one hundred and ninety one percent approval rating, and there were those that thought that ninety one percent approval rating, which was the legacy of the first, four was somehow static and permanent and it was quite the opposite, it was fleeting, it was a femoral was irrelevant Bush face. Campaign hurdles that would have been there with or without Perot, and on top of that Clinton did have some things going for him Clinton obviously is one of along with Reagan, and maybe Obama is kind of one of the most skilled politicians of the Forty years he's a guy and who number one is persuasive. He got one of the biggest convince. Imbalances. We call it of all time when he introduced himself with Al Gore to the public number Clinton was running as a new quote. Unquote, Democrat he's running on welfare reform
he's running on free enterprise, but a southerner and understands how to relate to people in different parts of the not just the northeast in the senior George Bush, made headlines for being unfamiliar with a modern grocery store scanner. Clinton and Al Gore were well and got more than a running mate. He found a jogging partner, the youth team, well today looking for votes wherever they could find them, jogging around little rock talking to folks in minivans, with tv crews, in to So this is the youngest ticket ever to run for national office. Everybody remembers it's D'Economie stupid, but what Other message was changed. Not more the same change. It's time for a change, this car will famously said I'll. Never forgive him for it. When I look at George Hw Bush, I think of last year's calendar. After twelve years of the same party, amid a recession.
A young challenger selling, a new kind of politics entered the scene. Anyone it's not shocking Here's President Bush's campaign manager, Fred Malek I believe that we would have won without Ross Perot. It would have been convenient to believe that lame at all and that, after all, that is what Bush is campaign manager, Mary Matalin, believes unequivocally, to my grave but after the election Malik checked it out for himself everything we could see Ella Pauline we did which Esther. We lost the election ourselves because we fail to as the economic concerns of the american people, but even up early in the race we probably would have lost it. That's what I believe
So pro probably didn't affect the outcome of the ninety two race in the way that some will claim But there's more to be learned from that election I mean what does Ross Perot's expiry proven this sense. It's it's guy who ran and then dropped out and got back in the race for weeks out with no will campaign structure at all got himself into the since surged at the end to the ninety percent. That's a lot of votes, a guy who pulled out. And said I don't want to run anymore and went away and, change his mind. One out of five Americans voted for him. That's remark: by most measures of political wisdom, Ross Perot had a lot of faults. He also tapped into something powerful my golly you're, taking your country back everything's campaign scope. Election staff one election staff, one election stuff, they do not have their own a continuum and if you really look at what
interaction to, as you can see, the I thank state what the attraction to Trump is today three view the Americans Donald Trump, is to cut it Jesus of just to share a displaced on college white voters. Perot was to John the Baptist of that movie. Now it's her. They say anyone is quite like Donald Trump. The difference between Perot and Trump is a protein. Go off in every different tangent pro did not started. Can gold star, wasn't telling second amendment advocates to take just
it into their own hands. Ross Perot is much more optimistic. Much more positive in his approach Donald Trump is always on the attack, but it's also difficult deny the similarities in my head. They blur 'cause there were similarities between them in this simply Leave the message and how power, it resonated with so many people, their political outsiders, successful businessmen, charismatic populists, the It like it, is and focus on a simple message, this thing or that thing is destroying America, the pool details are secondary. I don't have a written position paper on every little thing anybody wants to know about you long time- and I will look anything I say right now- I'm not the president. Everything is a suggestion, no matter what you say, it's a suggestion and their faults could be forgiven.
Stand in the middle of Fifth avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters. Okay, it's like a it didn't matter. If journalists doubted their intention right. You should not do you want to run for president, but do you want to be president or if they dabble? conspiracy grow, even with visions of his all former campaign manager Excuse me at one point in time of being a plant from the White House, I'm afraid the election is going to be wrecked. I have to be honest or if people on their own teams spoke out against them like Ross, Perot's former economic adviser Ross withdrawing as he did, and when he did raises doubts in anybody's mind about his temperament for being president or how many norms they broke. The attraction was there
millions of crazy people in this country. I don't know what we're going to do about so I've got a theme song for our campaign. Here comes just listen to weird, crazy, crazy Ross Perot away as an anomaly or incorrectly as a spoiler. But of those now seem insufficient. The fact that nineteen million people voted from wizard a sign that I think of the degree of dissatisfaction with the political class that it produced. Clinton and away may be a bit of a harbinger for the next quarter century when that dissatisfaction, popped up at all kinds of ways and maybe grew over those twenty five years or so and given Maybe it's even worth asking why? Why
Pro didn't actually end up doing better than he did or would have demonstrated to me is that, in spite of a strong effort and really striking a chord with broad street in american people, that is very difficult for a third party candidate to succeed and this. A big lesson from Perot's campaign. Even though Americans say that to not partisan, they still have a home, they still start by being a Republican or crap, and then they move based on the candidates in the environment in that election, grow, waged his campaign outside the party system. He got nineteen boats a single electoral vote but Donald has waged his campaign from within. He got thirteen votes in the republican primary enough for a victory, ended and to put him within striking distance of the White House. I am. If you I will. Type, for you-
and I will win for you. The question people always ask about Ross. Perot is how would the election have been different in ninety two, if you didn't run but the more interesting question is: how would the outcome have been different if he ran as a major party candidate Donald Trump will come short of winning the election, but like Pero, leave behind lessons to be learned by the next charismatic populist and just as Donald Trump did better than Perot Maybe the next charismatic populist will do Donald Trump,
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