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Big 12 powerhouses Oklahoma and Texas get ready for the historic Red River showdown

2020-10-10 | 🔗
Former Texas Longhorn Nate Boyer joins 'Fox & Friends Weekend' to preview the game.
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Negotiations to achieve complete, denuclearization Peter they have zero cases. Texas, cornerback, SAM Dellinger will face off against Oklahoma and Oklahoma quarterback, one of the biggest events in college football. The shootout you can catch on Fox here with the preview. Is: U Dot S army, veteran, Nate Boyer, a former longhorn before every Texas game who carries the flag who charged onto the field carried the american flag, carried the american flag that man on your screen, so I dont get crucified, so I dont get crucified, not playing you on the field. Neither team looks at the top level. Neither team looks at the top. What is going to happen level?
What is going to happen do know, tha this game and came down to the last play of the game. It is crazy to imagine playing the cotton ball classic playing in that standing. None of that actually happened. The lack of fans I cant fathom that, but it is a good thing. It is happening, go back to playing football, it used to be called the river
shootout and the rivalry or whatever it is, but I think it will be issued out. I want to have your optimism: Oklahoma has a strong Oklahoma, has a strong quarterback on fox and give us some talks on an interesting week. Things are changing quite a bit the Niners in the super bowl. The dolphins are only one in three.
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