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Bongino: Liberals have turned their cities over to the mob

2020-08-03 | 🔗
'When are people going to have enough?,' Fox News contributor Dan Bongino asks.
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People showed up to my house, people showed up to my house. It certainly felt very personal about me. It really did seem like a mob mentality and bullying to intimidate a public official lets bring in Dan Bongino Fox NEWS, contributor, former secret service agent and former Cr Nt officer Dan. We wanted you on to react to that, because protesters are now going to her house. She says I am a civil servant im out here, trying to keep everyone safe and you are targeting my home. Is this the new way that were going to do business mob rule? She wrote a letter to City Council saying stand up for what is right. What do you think well, its the new way the mob is going to do business. Theres, no question about that. If you are have Abby ive presence on social media, have you seen this all over social media? Where these you know, Antifa an Blm related groups? They are showing up its not just her house, its other peoples houses as well Ainsley. The only question left here really amongst sane, rational people is when are
people going to reach the red line, and when I say people I mean the people who have to live in these cities governed by liberals. This is not a democrat republican thing either. I want to be clear. Its a liberal conservative thing, cities dominated by liberals, have turned the city over to mob show up at peoples, houses and intimidate public officials and intimidate the police chief. Ms best, the only question is: when are people going to have enough? Can I add one more thing here: pretty prominent national political figure, im, not name dropping im, saying it for a reason called me about. Two weeks ago we were on the phone in the middle of the call im not kidding. She started to breakdown and began to cry a bit because she was so upset about how bad this has gotten and how rationality has gone out the window. Do we really believe there is a future for America if we literally turn the streets over to an Antifa and Blm a group out there that some of them
have no respect for the public Ainsley? Who was it? You cant name drop? If you dont tell us the name, I would love to say she didnt, give me permission so sincerely upset about it. A lot of people felt that way it broke my heart. It really did Brian going after the mayor of Oakland Liberal, going after the mayor of Portland Liberal, going after the mayor of Seattle, liberal. They are going after the police chief in New York City Dermot Shea went after the police chief of Nassau County im sure they are going to go after Suffolk County. They are apolitical. They are going after the people implementing the policy. When are they going to realize that this liberal lion they unleashed is going for their Jugglerjugjugular New York City protests and also get rid of the anticrime unit? And next thing you know you have this stat, seven hundred and eighty four dead this year, shootings this year compared to seven hundred and seventy six all of last year
we just Glan August thats what you get with no end in sight, and if you look at the New York Post editorial today, nothing will change until you allow the police to do the job. They have been trained to do right now. They are not well a couple things. I would like to address your first point. First and its a good one: listen. They are lining up outside of the homes of far left liberal mayors, Brian the thing with purity, revolutions and thats. What this is you are either ideologically pure with us or out. You are never pure enough. Famous last words in the french revolution heads under the guillotine. Do you know I am on your side two hallmarks in this purity. You will never reach nihilism. These groupings destroy and cannibalize themselves every single time, because nobody is pure enough. Secondly, on New York, the New York Post has been doing amazing. Work with their front covers the one with the shooting gallery is devastating going to make a real impact.
This is not a democrat republican thing. This is a human being thing. There are people being shot in New York like we are in. You know a cabal downtown cabal during the hot zone. If this happened im not diagnosed Brian. If this story was about Afghanistan, it would be international diplomacy failure. You would be like. Oh my gosh, seven hundred people shot in Cabal. This is New York City, I mean serious. The place is falling into Gotham from a bad Batman comic. This is sad to watch PETE Dan good point. We are out of time. You spoke on my behalf. I will call you later and we.
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