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California pastor issues rebuke over church restrictions amid coronavirus

2020-10-11 | 🔗
A Los Angeles pastor issues blistering rebuke of Democrat leadership for using 'fear of coronavirus' to keep churches shut down; Pastor John MacArthur explains on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Todays current crop of todays current crop of politicians are trampling on the constitution and on the resolve of citizens to demand their right under the pressure of a manufactured fear. The reality is that the Covid data just doesnt match the governments. Covid narrative open your church. The church is essential: PETE, a LOS Angeles pastor, issuing that rebuke to Democrat leadership over the crackdown on houses of worship that Pastor John Macarthur of Grace Community Church joins us now, with more of that message, thats gaining a lot of traction on social media pastor. Thank you so much for being here on this good Sunday morning. We appreciate it expand on your message that you have for other pastors and other Christians. Well, its pretty simple. There is a narrative floating around that theres, this great grave danger in California, and so we shouldnt have church because were going to spread death. Nobody believes that anymore.
In fact, you have if youre, between, if youre, between fifty and sixty four in California, you have one in nineteen million chances of dying from covid. The rated of infection in Covid is one hundred one hundredth of one percent. There are something like six hundred people in the hospital with Covid complications out of forty million, and this is just a ridiculous narrative to try to match with reality and with facts that doesnt scare up and so were saying, have church meet with your church and weve been doing it for weeks we have about seven, eight thousand people on a Sunday and theyre just normally pushed together, no mask no social distancing and we dont have anybody sick and we havent for a number of weeks, PETE pastor youve, been in defiance youve been encouraging. Other youve been encouraging other same. The question I have for you is the why?
Why does the left yell about data and science? But when its numbers like this and especially people of faith in churches? Do they insist on draconian lockdown measures? Why well? There has to be an obvious underlying reason. You know I dont mind masses of people, tens of thousands of people in the streets. You know the black lives matter, events and all of that those things are perfectly permissible, but they dont allow a church service theres, only one possible underlying reason, and that is that they favor one over the other. The problem with that is the constitution. Favors religious freedom over anything else were not asking for. Equal treatment were asking for the preferred treatment that the constitution gives us PETE absolutely and the assembles youre referring to are supposed to be peaceably assembled. Last time. I checked not a lot of criteria being met there. Often
when you mention what are you preaching to your parishioners these days? Whats the message in life where we are with this as well? Well, thats, a really good question: PETE and its been a long siege. Ive been preaching in this kind of environment for six months, so you know: do the math ive had to preach thirty different messages on all of these Sundays 30 plus messages, so I have run the gamut everything from. Why are there riots to whos behind the riots? How do we understand the collapse of our nation? He did a message a few weeks ago on. Is this a nation under God that got an immense aamount of traction, but primarily what were trying to do initially is bring comfort to people once we realized that we werent going to kill, grandma and people were not going to die. If we had church- and again I remind you- you weve had no one from our church in the hospital for almost seven months, PETE wow. So once we knew that I just
wanted to encourage the people, and the encouragement came in such a profound way that at first a few hundred people came back after we started with social distancing, because we were told people were going to die so PETE sure we backed off and we didnt have anybody there. Few weeks passed and people started coming on their own just kept coming and coming, and then a few weeks ago we had a Sunday, we invited the children back for the first time. In six months we had a thousand kids show up. On a Sunday incredible Sunday we had balloons and little lollipops for the kids. Pete weve got a phenomenal time.
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