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Chicago police beg for violence to stop amid search for suspects in funeral home shooting

2020-07-23 | 🔗
Chicago native Diante Johnson, president of the Black Conservative Federation and advisory board member for Black Voices for Trump, reacts.
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All right, Ainsley over to you, Ainsley thanks Steve now to a Fox news alert gunshots ringing thought this new surveillance, video from the Chicago funeral, shooting that left fifteen people wounded six in serious condition. This as police, expand their search to three suspects and they are begging for the violence to stop put your guns down. It ends when someone who has been hurt, doesnt reach for a gun, it ends. When someone calls a detective and we can hold people accountable, Ainsley, a Chicago native, grew unjust blocks, away from where the shooting took place. He is the president of Black Conservative Federation and Advisory board member for black voices for Trump good morning to you, Dionte good Morning, Ainsley good morning. I know you grew up in that neighborhood. I understand you still have family that lives there. So when you see stories like this on the news, what do you do?
It breaks my heart immediately. I have to do a family role call to make sure all my family is safe and friends and family thats in Chicago are safe. Thats sad that we have to do that, thats sad, that we have come to a point where we have to make sure that we are checking on our sure that we are checking on our family members. Any time you see a story like this breaking sad kids, cant play outside people, cant go to the grocery store and brings them home and feel safe. Its sad something has to happen thats. Why im so thankful for President Trump pause? He is definitely making sure his promise of making America safe again and with him and the partnership with the Doj and making sure they release federal agencies to Chicago its very important. You know I understand that some much these communities dont want the federal agents in there because they are scared that the crime will flair up, even for because of you who the direction of our country right now and all the emotion, but the president says I cant just stand by any longer and
just watch this. What am I supposed to do? Just let everyone pull out their guns and shoot people at funerals. That funeral was for a guy killed by gun violence. What did your family members in the neighborhood say? Do they want the president to send in the federal agents? You know I have talked to family members and they all agree that something has to be done. This is why I supported President Trump in twenty. Sixteen. Is he a Solutionist? He really means America first thats why he is sending federal agent, because black Americans in Chicago are not safe. There needs to be a peace of mind in Chicago peace of mind that people can feel safe by being in their own neighborhoods places where they are paying taxes, Lori, Lightfoot, doesnt care, although cares about, I heard one person say that when it comes to Democrats, black lives, doesnt matter black votes matter,
Ainsley, you watch these stories. Bark fourth of July at her grandmothers house, killed on the sidewalk. We just heard of this 3 year old little girl shot in the head in Chicago our children. Anything we do as a parent is for our kids. We are all Americans and when children are being shot, something has to be done. Diante. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. Ainsley. Everyone pray for his grandfather that lives near that funeral home.
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