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Crew of all-female firefighters makes history in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

2020-09-26 | 🔗
The historic firefighters join 'FOX & Friends' to describe their experience of working together.
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Jedediah five Florida Jedediah five Florida, firefighters, making history when an all female crew from Palm Beach Gardens was called to serve together joining me now from the Palm Beach fire rescue, LT, Christina Canurkowski, Kelsey, Kriswala, Julie, Dudley, Monica Marsula and Sandy Lekusky. Welcome all of you to the show so awesome. This is a great story, so let me start with you Christina. How did you all wind up on the same shift? Thank goodness over time, two of us were on overtime and the others are assigned to that shift. So we just got lucky Jedediah right and Kelsey. What was it like to work with an amazing team? It was really cool im, the youngest, so it was really cool to be with all of them that have been here for a while and learn from them and
its never happened before. So it was definitely fun, Jedediah Julie. What was the experience like for you? Probably the same as Kelsey said it was fun. It was inspiring to work with other strong women. It was a little different because we didnt have the guys around, so we got to laugh at them a little bit, but all in all, it was a great shift. Jedediah laughter, Lt Marsulo. I want to ask you, because firefighting is typically people, think of it as a male career, but theres a lot of young women out there. That may want to become firewomen and they look at you and are so inspired by you. So whats your message to them. Dont. Let anybody ever tell you that you cant do it and if you ever encounter that dont listen to it and keep reaching and its out there for you, if you want it, just dont ever give up Jedediah and Sandy. Is it different? I have to ask: is it different
when you have just all women? Is there a different energy? Is there a different approach to the task im curious? If women approach this particular job differently, I think everyone has their unique talents and their attributes that they bring to the job in any job and in this job, particularly. I think it definitely helps for certain calls. When you have someone thats pregnant or going through female things, its nice to have a female on the call, Jedediah and Lt Kurkowski, was there any community reaction? Did they realize it was an all female crew and have a response? Of course they did. We got support from our guys down south who sent messages and they were praying that we would get something big so that we could show the guys because they knew what were capable of, and we could show the guys up that were capable of doing the job as well as our guys posed in the
same way that we did, which is hysterical. Its been outpouring and all of the people contacted us asking for motivation, inspiration and just to keep going Jedediah. Well, I want to thank you all you know, being a firefighter is a really physically challenging job. The training is intense. I am so inspired by all of you really really cool to have you all here, pretty strong women sending a great message to young girls everywhere. Who may want to do this for a living great job? Thank you. So much.
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