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Florida extends voter registration deadline after website outages

2020-10-07 | 🔗
Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez details efforts to ensure voters are able to register on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Ainsley we couldnt hear you at first great, tell us whats your message to the Florida voters. I know people were up in arms about this. Certainly what Governor Desantis said yesterday. Obviously we addressed the situation. There was an inordinate amount of traffic to the web site over a million hits to that web site per hour, something that is extraordinarily unusual, but we wanted to make sure that, obviously, that deadline, which was midnight on Monday, was extended to give people an opportunity, those that wanted to register and were trying to comply with that deadline, which is I why we extended it from noon to seven and also allowed for postmarking as well. We feel we sufficiently addressed those challenges with that web site Monday by allowing that additional extension on Tuesday Ainsley. Why do you think the numbers were so high? Is it because so many people from New York and other areas are moving to the area and trying to register? That certainly could be a part of it? We know theres been an intense effort, obviously to rebelling thester voters on both sides
register voters on both sides. We dont have any reason to believe there was anything nefarious going on, but there is an investigation ongoing just to be certain. We understand that there was frustration on certain voters parts, but we also we did everything we could to remedy it, and we feel that right now, theres a good system. We have that all under control were working diligently to insure that theres, no challenges, no cyber challenges or any other challenges with the integrity of our election come November. Third Ainsley: what are the experts doing to make sure this wasnt deliberate, certainly weve consulted and working with the FBI and cybersecurity and infrastructure security agencies to look at what were the ip addresses? Was there anything that we would infer? Something nefarious like I said before, but were in the middle of that investigation, so were hopeful that that reveals no negative aspects but were working closely and diligently to insure coming.
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