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Lee Carter examines Kamala Harris’ policy agenda 0:02:05 2020-08-14
subscriber only Judge Jeanine previews announcement of 'development' in Durham probe 0:05:17 2020-08-14
subscriber only Gen. Keane: Israel-UAE peace deal a huge geopolitical advance towards stability in the region 0:05:24 2020-08-14
subscriber only Purdue University football coach unveils plan to keep season alive after Big Ten abandons fall play 0:04:18 2020-08-14
Rep. McCarthy: Joe Biden can't handle the tough questions on COVID-19 0:06:42 2020-08-14
Cabot Phillips calls out 1619 Project curriculum set to hit K-12 classrooms 0:02:56 2020-08-14
subscriber only Chicago Ronald McDonald House vandalized by looters 0:05:09 2020-08-14
subscriber only US ambassador to Israel: Trump has dramatically changed Mideast foreign policy for the better 0:04:56 2020-08-14
Fake Chinese social media accounts target Trump with English-language videos 0:02:22 2020-08-14
Rep. Zeldin on Israel-UAE peace deal, stalled COVID-19 stimulus talks 0:06:54 2020-08-14
Dr. Saphier's three questions for Biden's call for national mask mandate 0:04:19 2020-08-14
Progressives' desperate attempts to defeat Trump to blame for rise in crime: US Commission on Civil Rights 0:04:17 2020-08-14
subscriber only Eric Trump: Don’t know why Harris will ‘magically become this unicorn to rejuvenate Biden’ 0:06:49 2020-08-13
Bo Derek on giving back to nation’s heroes 0:03:19 2020-08-13
subscriber only NJ gym stays open after town revokes license: 'They do not have the right to shut us down' 0:03:35 2020-08-13
subscriber only Peebles: Blaming Trump for pandemic won't resonate with voters Biden and Harris want to attract 0:05:32 2020-08-13
subscriber only Chicago boutique looted for second time in three months 0:03:30 2020-08-13
University cancels talk by author of anti-racism book after students deem event 'violent' 0:03:36 2020-08-13
Moms react to Trump's pitch to 'suburban housewives,' Kamala Harris joining Biden ticket 0:07:26 2020-08-13
Whitaker: 2020 election a defining moment in American history for addressing crime 0:04:47 2020-08-13
subscriber only Biden-Harris will destroy the suburbs, Center for Urban Renewal and Education warns 0:04:08 2020-08-13
Why aren't Biden, top Democrats denouncing Antifa? 0:07:14 2020-08-13
subscriber only Rachel Campos-Duffy warns of impact of pandemic lockdown on special needs children 0:04:42 2020-08-13
Tom Homan calls on Oregon county DA to resign, blasts Kamala Harris comparing ICE to KKK 0:03:36 2020-08-13
Dr. Marc Siegel on how coronavirus impacts children 0:03:35 2020-08-12
Ben Shapiro: At this point, Trump is running against Harris not Biden 0:06:38 2020-08-12
subscriber only What does Kamala Harris on the Democrat ticket mean for the economy? 0:05:08 2020-08-12
Police officer says he was nearly killed when protesters swarmed his girlfriend's home 0:04:57 2020-08-12
subscriber only Republican Attorneys General Association blasts Kamala Harris' record as California AG 0:02:53 2020-08-12
subscriber only Sarah Sanders: A Biden-Harris administration would be a 'disaster' for our country 0:06:47 2020-08-12
subscriber only Media spin Kamala Harris as 'pragmatic moderate' instead of far-left Democrat 0:05:53 2020-08-12
subscriber only Black Voices for Trump member: Biden chose Harris because she's Black, but to most Black Americans she's not 0:04:12 2020-08-12
DHS chief: We will remain in Portland to protect our facilities 0:04:52 2020-08-12
Kamala Harris is the 2020 version of Hillary Clinton, Gianno Caldwell says 0:03:17 2020-08-12
subscriber only Pro-police groups sue NYC Mayor de Blasio for denying Blue Lives Matter mural 0:04:31 2020-08-12
Is Kamala Harris a hit or miss for the Biden campaign? 0:13:45 2020-08-12
Chaffetz: Kamala Harris does nothing to solve Biden's enthusiasm problem 0:02:26 2020-08-12
subscriber only Former Kamala Harris opponent: She's about vanity, not policy 0:02:36 2020-08-12
subscriber only Janice Dean: NY lawmakers were 'uncomfortable' having me as a witness at hearing on nursing home deaths 0:06:10 2020-08-11
Rep. Gonzalez: Taking away college football destroys an incredible opportunity for student athletes 0:03:16 2020-08-11
subscriber only Lara Trump: Karen Bass has a fondness and affection for communists 0:03:51 2020-08-11
Larry Elder: Cops are pulling back and the bad guys know it 0:04:47 2020-08-11
Dr. Saphier: Russia's rushed COVID-19 vaccine is 'extremely concerning' 0:04:13 2020-08-11
subscriber only In 'defund police' cities with rising crime, getting a gun is no easy task 0:02:53 2020-08-11
Sen. Cotton on defund police movement, Biden's VP pick, getting sanctioned by China 0:04:50 2020-08-11
subscriber only Kellyanne Conway on White House security scare, Chicago violence, COVID-19 relief and vaccine efforts 0:06:12 2020-08-11
Philadelphia group launches movement to fight for free speech amid 'cancel culture' movement 0:03:19 2020-08-11
subscriber only School closures damage the youngest children, new op-ed warns 0:03:47 2020-08-11
Lawrence Jones: Why Kamala Harris makes the most sense for the Biden campaign 0:05:26 2020-08-11
Chicago alderman: City is in total unrest, has lost confidence in the mayor 0:04:06 2020-08-11
subscriber only Former Trump executive assistant says it was very important to be 'completely honest' in new book 0:04:56 2020-08-11
Rep. Stefanik hopes Trump's executive action on COVID-19 relief brings Democrats back to negotiating table 0:07:51 2020-08-11
Is anyone safe from the ‘cancel culture’ mob? 0:03:38 2020-08-11
subscriber only Seattle City Council set to vote on proposal to cut police budget 0:02:27 2020-08-10
subscriber only Rascal Flatts singer promises jobs to anyone who needs one in three US cities 0:04:29 2020-08-10
subscriber only Texas reports highest 7-day COVID-19 positivity rate since pandemic started 0:04:17 2020-08-10
subscriber only Kayleigh McEnany gives update on Trump's executive orders on COVID-19 relief and testing efforts 0:05:53 2020-08-10
Susan Rice on the Biden ticket would be dangerous for America, Rep. Waltz warns 0:04:44 2020-08-10
subscriber only Has COVID-19 ended gyms as we know them? 0:04:05 2020-08-10
subscriber only RNC promises 'some surprises' at the GOP convention 0:04:07 2020-08-10
Will 'cancel culture' become too big to overcome? 0:04:10 2020-08-10
Media dishonesty and hypocrisy worse than ever heading into 2020 election? 0:05:17 2020-08-10
subscriber only Charles Payne on Trump's executive orders for COVID-19 relief: He had to do this 0:04:27 2020-08-10
subscriber only Dan Bongino: FBI Director Christopher Wray has got to go 0:07:45 2020-08-10
One year after Jeffrey Epstein's death, questions remain unanswered about what happened 0:04:02 2020-08-10
Would picking Karen Bass for VP help or hurt Joe Biden's campaign? 0:03:45 2020-08-10
subscriber only Former US Navy Seals on swimming across Hudson honoring American heroes 0:01:50 2020-08-09
subscriber only Gov. Mike Huckabee weighs in on religious voters, 2020 election 0:04:49 2020-08-09
Robert Wolf reacts to Trump saying ‘Biden’s gone further left than Sanders’ 0:03:37 2020-08-09
Chef Rocco Dispirito’s makes simple smoothies on ‘Fox & Friends’ 0:04:06 2020-08-09
California worship leader on holding ‘Let Us Worship’ rallies 0:02:22 2020-08-09
subscriber only Mark Levin previews interview with AG Barr 0:12:10 2020-08-09
subscriber only Stephen Moore on Trump signing executive orders extending COVID-19 relief 0:04:02 2020-08-09
Friends explore political differences, common ground and one unique road trip in new book 0:03:19 2020-08-09
subscriber only Texas offers a big welcome to the NRA 0:02:16 2020-08-09
subscriber only Do religious voters have common ground with the Democratic Party? 0:03:10 2020-08-09
Company develops at-home hologram machines 0:02:50 2020-08-09
Bail reform backlash spreads across the country 0:03:22 2020-08-09
subscriber only Marking one year since Jeffrey Epstein's death 0:03:41 2020-08-09
Steve Cortes reacts to Biden’s immigration agenda 0:05:36 2020-08-08
subscriber only Harmeet Dhillon on ACLU launching push to free 50K inmates 0:02:37 2020-08-08
subscriber only Charles Payne breaks down the July jobs report 0:04:32 2020-08-08
subscriber only Rep. Scott Taylor reacts to Trump threatening COVID-19 relief executive order 0:04:14 2020-08-08
subscriber only Pete Hegseth swims with Navy Seals to honor veterans 0:03:35 2020-08-08
subscriber only Ex-Denver cop helps find Colorado fugitive caught after 46 years on the run 0:04:04 2020-08-08
How to bowl safely amid pandemic for National Bowling Day 0:02:10 2020-08-08
subscriber only Biden backtracks remarks on Black, Latino voters 0:02:46 2020-08-08
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on allowing schools to reopen amid pandemic 0:03:33 2020-08-08
Most Black Americans want police presence: poll 0:03:17 2020-08-08
ESPN host jokes about NBA player not kneeling and getting injured 0:03:59 2020-08-08
subscriber only Former Acting AG Whitaker on mail-in voting 0:04:37 2020-08-08
Pete Hegseth joins Navy SEALS for swim across the Hudson River 0:05:49 2020-08-08
How many COVID test results could be false positives? 0:03:57 2020-08-08
Would a GOP candidate get away with as many racial remarks as Biden has? 0:05:41 2020-08-08
Cuomo says New York schools can reopen as teachers unions fight against reopening efforts 0:05:25 2020-08-08
subscriber only Country stars Tim Montana, Billy Gibbons team up with Army veterans in new song 0:03:52 2020-08-07
subscriber only Gen. Keane: Azar's Taiwan visit will cause a stir with China but it's the right move 0:06:05 2020-08-07
Judge Jeanine: Trump-hating NY attorney general is coming through with her promise to destroy the NRA 0:04:22 2020-08-07
subscriber only Space Force sponsors NASCAR driver Ed Carpenter's car for Indianapolis 500 0:04:11 2020-08-07
subscriber only Timothy Cardinal Dolan on religion's role in 2020 election, reopening schools, violence in America 0:09:45 2020-08-07
Majority of Black Americans don't want less police, new poll says 0:03:34 2020-08-07
Gadgets to get your home and kids ready for online learning 0:02:37 2020-08-07
subscriber only Mark Morgan on Portland mayor blaming Trump for violence, Biden's immigration agenda 0:04:51 2020-08-07
Rob Smith: Biden's comments show how Democrats really feel about Black Americans 0:04:29 2020-08-07
subscriber only Pence criticizes Chief Justice Roberts, says future of Supreme Court is on the ballot in 2020 0:04:02 2020-08-07
subscriber only Arkansas police on replacing 7-yr-old’s stolen bike 0:04:25 2020-08-06
Texas cancer researcher murdered on jog 0:00:19 2020-08-06
1.19M jobless claims filed in a week, lowest level since pandemic began 0:06:18 2020-08-06
subscriber only Biden kicks off a virtual tour of Ohio, but will voters buy it? 0:04:32 2020-08-06
Seattle City Council rejects plan to cut police department budget in half 0:03:31 2020-08-06
subscriber only Yale student seeking tuition reimbursement over university's 'inferior' online classes during pandemic 0:03:46 2020-08-06
Tunnel to Towers organizing in-person 9/11 name-reading ceremony after memorial cancels live tributes 0:04:06 2020-08-06
subscriber only Joey Jones marks the 10th anniversary of his 'Alive Day' 0:06:03 2020-08-06
Rudy Giuliani sends letter from Trump campaign to request fourth presidential debate in early September 0:09:23 2020-08-06
subscriber only Why Republicans are hoping Susan Rice is Biden's VP pick 0:02:52 2020-08-06
Sarah Sanders: If Biden can't handle basic questions, how can he handle being president? 0:08:03 2020-08-06
subscriber only Tom Homan blasts hypocrisy of NYC's COVID-19 quarantine checkpoints 0:03:38 2020-08-06
The biggest takeaways from the Sally Yates hearing 0:04:23 2020-08-06
Shay Hawkins: Biden and Dems falsely claim they're entitled to Black vote, ignoring Trump's pro-Black policies 0:03:18 2020-08-06
Rep. Mast: Biden out to undo Trump's America First agenda to appease the left 0:08:53 2020-08-06
subscriber only Steve Doocy's daughter marries amid COVID-19 pandemic, hurricane 0:05:08 2020-08-05
subscriber only Why are some media members calling on Joe Biden not to debate President Trump? 0:03:13 2020-08-05
subscriber only Sen. Blackburn: Democrats will not come out and say violence and breaking the law is wrong 0:03:27 2020-08-05
President Trump talks mail-in voting, 2020 race, COVID-19 response on 'Fox & Friends' 0:53:09 2020-08-05
subscriber only Mike Huckabee's advice for President Trump's campaign strategy 0:05:27 2020-08-05
subscriber only Rep. Roger Marshall's GOP primary win in Kansas sets up November election that could determine Senate majority 0:02:49 2020-08-05
subscriber only Newt Gingrich on mail-in voting debate, impact of progressives on Democrat Party, heated Antifa hearing 0:10:14 2020-08-05
subscriber only Sen. Hawley on fate of TikTok in the US, coronavirus relief debate on Capitol Hill 0:05:27 2020-08-05
subscriber only Political extortion? Teachers issue demands before returning to the classroom 0:03:18 2020-08-05
subscriber only Jason Riley on what's driving calls for Biden to skip debates and Obama's progressive pivot 0:03:38 2020-08-05
Joey Jones says surge in gun sales is thanks to unrest, 'defund the police' efforts 0:03:36 2020-08-04
High school student raises $2,500 for veterans by making wooden American flags 0:02:57 2020-08-04
subscriber only Burger King employee reportedly murdered after a woman complained about the drive-thru wait time 0:03:47 2020-08-04
Sen. Cruz chairing hearing on Antifa's role in violence across America 0:05:02 2020-08-04
Sean Hannity breaks down what's at stake in the 2020 race and discusses his new book on 'Fox & Friends' 0:16:30 2020-08-04
subscriber only Fox Nation dives into the mystery of TWA Flight 800 0:03:35 2020-08-04
Maryland governor overturns county mandate to keep private schools closed this fall 0:04:23 2020-08-04
As districts across the US decide whether to reopen schools, what do teachers think about returning? 0:06:41 2020-08-04
subscriber only Ben Domenech weighs in on pundits predicting Trump will refuse to leave White House 0:04:57 2020-08-04
subscriber only Janice Dean on NY lawmakers holding hearings on COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes 0:07:15 2020-08-04
subscriber only Iconic Greek Orthodox church destroyed during 9/11 terror attacks resumes construction 0:06:29 2020-08-04
Dr. Siegel on why COVID-19 affects people differently and the warning of a potential tuberculosis resurgence 0:03:30 2020-08-04
SWAT team that caught Boston Marathon bomber disbanded 0:03:43 2020-08-04
subscriber only Goodwin: Liberals can't deny the complications that come with mail-in ballots 0:03:08 2020-08-03
subscriber only Sen. Cotton on future of TikTok in the US, COVID-19 stimulus negotiations, Biden's policy agenda 0:05:28 2020-08-03
subscriber only Lara Logan: 'Cancel culture' is a tactic of 'information warfare' 0:04:31 2020-08-03
Biden kicks off 'Made in America' tour targeting Ohio's working class voters, Trump warns of Democratic control 0:04:20 2020-08-03
Chicago homicides up over 50 percent in 2020 0:03:56 2020-08-03
Dr. Birx warns of a 'new phase' in coronavirus as Americans start to move around the country 0:03:22 2020-08-03
subscriber only Trump 2020 campaign manager Bill Stepien: We want more debates against Biden and sooner 0:07:42 2020-08-03
Scalise: We're very far apart on COVID-19 relief, liberals want to leave no cause behind 0:05:13 2020-08-03
subscriber only NASA astronauts in SpaceX capsule splash down in the Gulf of Mexico 0:03:11 2020-08-03
subscriber only Biden VP contenders Karen Bass and Susan Rice scramble to explain previous comments 0:03:47 2020-08-03
Bongino: Liberals have turned their cities over to the mob 0:04:30 2020-08-03
Supporters urge Biden to skip presidential debates 0:06:16 2020-08-03
subscriber only Rep. Roy: Democrats are perfectly happy to let cities burn and politicize COVID-19 to win in November 0:07:13 2020-08-03
subscriber only Retired racecar driver Danica Patrick on teaming up with ‘Folds of Honor’ 0:04:20 2020-08-02
Kurt Knutsson breaks down best beer cooler tech 0:03:47 2020-08-02
Navy Seal Hudson River Swim on raising money for veterans 0:02:48 2020-08-02
Rep. Devin Nunes warns of Big Tech censoring conservatives 0:05:11 2020-08-02
subscriber only University leaders prepare for semester amid coronavirus pandemic 0:06:06 2020-08-02
subscriber only Rep. Clyburn on Tropical Storm Isaias heading towards the Carolinas, Biden’s search for running mate 0:06:34 2020-08-02
subscriber only Florida reporter thanks viewer who spotted cancer early 0:03:23 2020-08-02
subscriber only South Carolina soldier who finished his degree while serving overseas returns home to big surprise 0:04:09 2020-08-02
Sen. Rick Scott on Florida's response to Isaias 0:04:57 2020-08-02
subscriber only Has New Jersey turned the corner in its COVID fight? 0:03:36 2020-08-02
subscriber only Army National Guard veteran reacts to Portland unrest 0:03:03 2020-08-02
subscriber only Joe Biden reportedly pushes back his VP announcement another week 0:03:27 2020-08-02
TikTok fires back after President Trump announces plan to ban the social media app 0:04:08 2020-08-02
subscriber only NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine on whether Isaias will impact Crew Dragon's return from ISS 0:02:55 2020-08-02
Biden campaign launches new push targeting religious voters 0:05:36 2020-08-02
Seattle's city council moves to abolish its police department 0:03:25 2020-08-02
subscriber only NAPO president on Trump roundtable with law enforcement leaders 0:04:54 2020-08-01
subscriber only Made in the USA: Three prominent social media stars ditch TikTok for Triller 0:02:59 2020-08-01
subscriber only Chip Wade wraps up cross-country RV trip with his family 0:02:18 2020-08-01
subscriber only Entrepreneur Ken Rusk on reforming America's workforce 0:01:51 2020-08-01
subscriber only Rep. Mark Green on the push to get kids safely back to school amid COVID pandemic 0:04:30 2020-08-01
subscriber only Emergency management response to Hurricane Isaias complicated by coronavirus crisis 0:03:28 2020-08-01
Rep. Ken Buck says Trump administration, Democratic congressional leaders must reach deal on COVID relief 0:04:14 2020-08-01
subscriber only Former Boston police superintendent-in-chief reacts to court vacating Boston Marathon bomber's death sentence 0:03:30 2020-08-01
subscriber only Detroit police chief 'excited' for continuing relationship with federal law enforcement 0:02:31 2020-08-01
subscriber only Owners of Fraunces Tavern say COVID-19 restrictions threaten historic New York City bar 0:05:01 2020-08-01
subscriber only Florida braces for Hurricane Isaias 0:01:59 2020-08-01
subscriber only Fourth grader with Navy SEAL aspirations helps veterans in South Carolina 0:02:52 2020-08-01
subscriber only Should reopening elementary schools be the nation's top priority? 0:04:42 2020-08-01
subscriber only Sister responds to early release of brother's murderer 0:05:19 2020-08-01
subscriber only Military college requiring class on the Constitution 0:02:57 2020-08-01
subscriber only Lawmakers press White House task force on process of getting kids back to school 0:04:10 2020-08-01
subscriber only Bill Clinton visited Jeffrey Epstein's private island, unsealed court documents reveal 0:03:58 2020-08-01
subscriber only Gov. John Sununu: Biden has raised expectations of potential VP picks 0:03:57 2020-07-31
subscriber only Stephen Miller: Nobody who mails in a ballot has their identity confirmed 0:08:52 2020-07-31
Alveda King: Obama's wordplay at John Lewis' funeral took us back to the segregated '60s 0:03:20 2020-07-31
subscriber only Eric Shawn: Release the Jimmy Hoffa files 0:03:46 2020-07-31
Allen West: Herman Cain was a Black life that truly mattered 0:05:50 2020-07-31
subscriber only Florida Rep. Mast on preparing for Hurricane Isaias, Biden slamming Republicans over COVID-19 relief 0:05:00 2020-07-31
Florida's largest police union endorses President Trump in unanimous vote 0:03:40 2020-07-31
DHS secretary: Portland has finally stepped up to the challenge of policing their city 0:08:11 2020-07-31
subscriber only Twitter accused of double standard for censoring Trump but not Iranian leader 0:03:52 2020-07-31
Rob Smith on Herman Cain's legacy, Black Democrat Trump supporter calling out MSNBC host 0:05:04 2020-07-31
subscriber only 21-year-old who caught massive bull shark speaks out on 'Fox & Friends' 0:02:26 2020-07-31
Jarrett: Mail-in ballots are ripe for fraud and the evidence demonstrates it 0:05:02 2020-07-31
Don't let sharks keep you from getting in the water this summer, expert says 0:03:09 2020-07-30
subscriber only Donald Trump Jr. sounds off on 'Fox & Friends' after being temporarily suspended on Twitter 0:09:11 2020-07-30
subscriber only Fund the First startup becomes first crowdfunding platform for first responders 0:03:23 2020-07-30
Dr. Deborah Birx gives update on COVID-19 cases, vaccine development, reopening schools, hydroxychloroquine 0:09:47 2020-07-30
subscriber only Rep. Stefanik on next COVID-19 relief package, Cuomo launching investigation into Hamptons concert 0:02:50 2020-07-30
NASA's next Mars rover lifts off from Cape Canaveral, Florida 0:07:04 2020-07-30
subscriber only Lawrence Jones investigates public drug use in NYC 0:04:47 2020-07-30
Ben Domenech on Big Tech CEOS being grilled in DC as Breitbart claims Google is 'purging' their content 0:05:21 2020-07-30
Tammy Bruce: If guns are so freely available everywhere else, why is Chicago such a bloodbath? 0:03:43 2020-07-30
subscriber only Police chief explains decision to back out of Democrat convention security 0:04:32 2020-07-30
subscriber only Judge Napolitano on federal presence in Portland, St. Louis gun couple filing to get prosecutor off case 0:05:49 2020-07-30
Thousands of Californians attend 'Let Us Worship' beach protests in defiance of state lockdown 0:03:29 2020-07-30
subscriber only Pros and cons of Biden's top VP contenders 0:04:05 2020-07-30
subscriber only Greg Gutfeld pens book for ‘People Who Hate Self-Help’ 0:06:30 2020-07-29
Biden campaign accused of suppressing Hispanic vote 0:02:15 2020-07-29
Sen. Scott: Barr hearing was 'embarrassing' for Democrats 0:07:41 2020-07-29
subscriber only Biden reveals final pillar of Build Back Better economic recovery plan 0:04:30 2020-07-29
subscriber only Former NYC fashion executive killed by great white shark off Maine coast 0:03:44 2020-07-29
subscriber only Gov. Noem: South Dakota children will 'definitely be in the classroom' this fall 0:05:33 2020-07-29
subscriber only Concha: Media, Democrats denying violence in US cities to take the opposite position as Trump 0:04:30 2020-07-29
Reporter who questioned Rep. Nadler about Antifa violence in Portland speaks out 0:03:27 2020-07-29
subscriber only Michigan swing voters voice concerns about a President Biden 0:04:04 2020-07-29
subscriber only Biden claims women of color 'have never had a fair shot to get ahead' in America 0:03:36 2020-07-29
subscriber only Andrew McCarthy: Democrats used Barr hearing for political attacks on attorney general, Trump 0:03:49 2020-07-29
Rep. Jordan sounds off on Democrats' treatment of AG Barr at House hearing 0:07:17 2020-07-29
Kayleigh McEnany on Barr's testimony on Russia probe, national security adviser testing positive for COVID-19 0:07:03 2020-07-28
subscriber only 12-year-old's lemonade stand gets help from local police officer 0:03:31 2020-07-28
Devine: Joe Biden will never be enough for Bernie Sanders' supporters 0:04:17 2020-07-28
subscriber only Nearly 100-year-old NYC shop closes permanently amid pandemic 0:04:44 2020-07-28
Sen. Rubio: Passing next COVID-19 relief package won't be easy but we'll get there 0:06:21 2020-07-28
subscriber only Bob Woodson: John Lewis should be remembered as a noble and honorable man 0:02:07 2020-07-28
subscriber only National September 11 Memorial & Museum will not have families of 9/11 victims read names this year 0:04:11 2020-07-28
subscriber only Markowicz: New Yorkers won't return if they don't have a stable city to come home to 0:03:32 2020-07-28
Lawrence Jones on Chicago violence: This is a war zone 0:07:14 2020-07-28
subscriber only Alveda King: Important to remember John Lewis' legacy as a peacemaker 0:03:14 2020-07-28
Judge Napolitano questions timing of Barr testimony, reacts to arrest of NJ gym owners defying lockdown rules 0:06:41 2020-07-28
subscriber only Dr. Saphier: Governors can't just say they want to try to reopen schools, we need to hear a plan to do it 0:04:15 2020-07-28
subscriber only Gregg Jarrett on investigation into secret source of Steele dossier expanding to Brookings Institute 0:04:29 2020-07-28
subscriber only Jon Taffer offering free online training course to help restaurants rebuild from COVID-19 pandemic 0:04:33 2020-07-27
NY assemblyman: Disrespect against NYPD has come a long way from last summer's pails of water 0:02:31 2020-07-27
subscriber only Rep. Crenshaw: There's a clear choice in 2020 and the difference could not be more severe 0:05:41 2020-07-27
Navarro praises Trump for fast-tracking COVID-19 vaccine development 0:05:31 2020-07-27
subscriber only RNC: Enthusiasm for Trump is higher than 2016, Republicans are being under-polled 0:04:03 2020-07-27
subscriber only Joe Rogan is latest big name to announce move from California to Texas 0:03:48 2020-07-27
subscriber only HHS calls on Americans to remain vigilant on COVID-19 as treatments, vaccines are developed 0:05:32 2020-07-27
Seattle business owner fears his property could be next target of rioters: 'Enough is enough' 0:04:10 2020-07-27
Sen. Cotton on Portland violence, next COVID-19 stimulus plan, his bill taking on The 1619 Project 0:09:16 2020-07-27
subscriber only Jack Brewer on celebrations of John Lewis' life, NFL's new player rules to discourage spread of COVID-19 0:03:58 2020-07-27
subscriber only Bongino: How was Steele connected with the real people in the fake Russia dossier? 0:07:24 2020-07-27
subscriber only Will any of Biden's VP contenders satisfy the Democrat base? 0:03:45 2020-07-27
subscriber only What can millions of unemployed Americans expect from the next COVID-19 relief bill? 0:03:20 2020-07-27
subscriber only Police officer on retiring after 29 years of service 0:03:59 2020-07-26
Rep. Louie Gohmert calls out Democrats in proposed COVID-19 relief bill 0:04:38 2020-07-26
subscriber only Robert Wolf on Biden’s search for a running mate 0:04:12 2020-07-26
NASA gearing up for historic Mars Rover launch 0:03:17 2020-07-26
subscriber only Dr. Carol Swain on the push to get kids safely back to school 0:04:29 2020-07-26
Hogan Gidley reacts to ‘persuadable voters’ in 2020 election 0:03:43 2020-07-26
Alveda King: Rep. John Lewis was always a compassionate person, bringing people together 0:04:22 2020-07-26
subscriber only One person shot, killed at Black Lives Matter protest in Texas 0:01:13 2020-07-26
Widow of fallen NYPD sergeant on holding ‘Back the Blue’ rally 0:03:31 2020-07-26
subscriber only Lawrence Jones: Rep. John Lewis was a strong, peaceful man 0:03:18 2020-07-26
subscriber only Dean Cain reacts to legendary TV host Regis Philbin’s death 0:05:37 2020-07-26
Activists demand federal officers to withdraw from cities 0:08:08 2020-07-26
subscriber only College student arranges for pro-police billboard to be displayed in Oregon 0:02:36 2020-07-26
Voters think 'cancel culture' has gone too far in new poll 0:03:10 2020-07-26
subscriber only AOC introduces amendment to defund Trump's 'opportunity zones' 0:03:26 2020-07-26
subscriber only Hurricane Douglas inches closer to Hawaii coastline 0:01:49 2020-07-26
The top states rich millennials are flocking to as new home sales climb 0:02:59 2020-07-26
Over 1,500 physicians sign petition supporting reopening schools 0:04:49 2020-07-26
Unemployment checks set to return to pre-pandemic amounts 0:03:54 2020-07-26
Rep. Vernon Jones weighs in on Biden’s search for running mate 0:04:39 2020-07-25
Joe Concha reacts to ‘cancel culture’ 0:03:59 2020-07-25
subscriber only DIY expert Chip Wade checks in from his cross-country family adventure 0:03:42 2020-07-25
subscriber only Chicago business owner on impact of coronavirus shutdown 0:03:16 2020-07-25
Dr. Alveda King on ‘celebration of life’ for Rep. John Lewis 0:04:28 2020-07-25
Jim Ryun on receiving Presidential Medal of Freedom 0:05:22 2020-07-25
How the illegal drug trade banks billions 0:04:01 2020-07-25
subscriber only Gym owners on fighting back against shutdown order amid pandemic 0:05:55 2020-07-25
subscriber only Matt Whitaker on DOJ announcing first federal arrests in Chicago 0:03:23 2020-07-25
More people planning picnics as a way to spend time together while socially distancing 0:03:05 2020-07-25
subscriber only Brian Brenberg on implications of a fifth coronavirus relief bill 0:04:26 2020-07-25
Customs and Border Protection tactical team on 'standby' as more riots in Seattle expected 0:03:16 2020-07-25
subscriber only Out-of-work mom gifts lottery winnings to officer shot in the line of duty 0:03:16 2020-07-25
Chicago pastor organizes prayer walks after rise in violence 0:03:08 2020-07-25
WalkAway Campaign holds rally following surge in membership 0:03:20 2020-07-25
Gov. Abbott gives update on coronavirus strategy in Texas 0:05:13 2020-07-24
subscriber only MLB returns to FOX with first-ever quadruple header 0:01:07 2020-07-24
China orders US to close Chengdu consulate as China prepares to be evicted from Houston 0:06:29 2020-07-24
Retired Marine who marched into Portland chaos with American flag says he was attacked by Antifa members 0:04:22 2020-07-24
Trump continues push to open schools as CDC unveils new safety guidelines 0:07:04 2020-07-24
Detroit chief of police: Enough is enough 0:05:09 2020-07-24
subscriber only Rep. Collins on Pelosi attacking next Senate COVID-19 relief bill, latest declassified docs in Russia probe 0:05:36 2020-07-24
Hogan Gidley on how unrest in cities will impact 2020 race, decision to cancel GOP convention in Jacksonville 0:07:52 2020-07-24
Accused ringleader of Florida triple murder denied bail 0:02:58 2020-07-24
subscriber only Allen West on cancel culture over statues and monuments, winning election for Texas GOP chair 0:04:52 2020-07-24
subscriber only California parents sue governor to reopen schools for in-person learning 0:05:04 2020-07-24
subscriber only Rep. Waltz on Pelosi's attack on federal officers, GOP convention cancellation in Florida, reopening schools 0:11:10 2020-07-24
subscriber only Thin Blue Line motorcycle club members speak out after illegal immigrant kills three riders in crash 0:05:01 2020-07-24
Gov. DeSantis on Florida investigating reports of COVID-19 test errors 0:05:05 2020-07-23
Gov. DeSantis: Coronavirus spike not caused by Floridians’ behavior, it’s ‘seasonal’ 0:07:29 2020-07-23
subscriber only Detroit Police Chief: Kick partisan politics to the curb, think about the victims 0:02:06 2020-07-23
CMS administrator on new COVID-19 protections for America's elderly population 0:04:54 2020-07-23
Rep. McCarthy on Operation Legend, next phase of COVID-19 relief package, holding China accountable 0:08:06 2020-07-23
Michigan teacher says he was fired for pro-Trump tweets 0:03:00 2020-07-23
Trump sending federal agents to Chicago, Albuquerque and Kansas City as part of Operation Legend 0:05:44 2020-07-23
Houston consulate was epicenter of research theft by China, State Department says 0:04:23 2020-07-23
subscriber only Dr. Siegel: Trump confident but serious on COVID-19 0:05:13 2020-07-23
subscriber only Judge Napolitano on Operation Legend, California parents suing Gov. Newsom to reopen schools 0:06:01 2020-07-23
Chicago police beg for violence to stop amid search for suspects in funeral home shooting 0:03:26 2020-07-23
Lawrence Jones on Biden's reliance on Obama's popularity, new 'One Nation' special airing on FNC 0:03:51 2020-07-23
subscriber only Company develops drone to clean stadiums in 3 hours 0:02:11 2020-07-22
subscriber only Ben Domenech on federal agents in Portland: Media builds ‘absurd’ narratives 0:04:27 2020-07-22
Is Biden's Build Back Better economic plan the right strategy for America? 0:06:35 2020-07-22
Bruce: State leaders putting control over common sense with COVID-19 decisions 0:05:09 2020-07-22
subscriber only Rep. Jordan deflects questions on confrontation with Rep. Cheney: I'm focused on getting Trump reelected 0:10:20 2020-07-22
subscriber only Navy veteran raises over $3M in bid to take Rep. Maxine Waters' seat in California 0:03:21 2020-07-22
subscriber only Starbucks barista fired, charged for allegedly spitting in police officers' drinks 0:03:56 2020-07-22
subscriber only How long can Joe Biden go without taking questions from the press? 0:04:15 2020-07-22
subscriber only HHS secretary on deal with Pfizer on COVID-19 vaccine, Democrat pushback on Remdesivir 0:06:36 2020-07-22
subscriber only Rep. Liz Cheney responds to Rep. Gaetz's call for her to resign 0:10:34 2020-07-22
Community raises money to place hundreds of American flags throughout neighborhood 0:03:45 2020-07-22
Nathan's celebrates National Hot Dog Day with 5-cent hot dogs at participating locations 0:01:43 2020-07-22
Charles Payne: Biden's economic plan for caregivers is 'nonsensical' 0:06:06 2020-07-22
Trump encourages Americans to wear masks at first coronavirus briefing in months 0:03:50 2020-07-22
Mark Morgan on US crime wave: Politics are being put ahead of public safety and it has to stop 0:12:04 2020-07-22
Tolman: St. Louis prosecutor siding with the mob instead of rule of law 0:04:54 2020-07-22
NFL training camps begin as some players express concerns about safety protocols 0:03:36 2020-07-21
subscriber only Georgia Gov. Kemp defends lawsuit against Atlanta mayor on mask mandate 0:09:27 2020-07-21
Markowicz: We immigrants know the America-bashers are ridiculously wrong 0:03:15 2020-07-21
subscriber only McEnany on sending federal agents to violent cities, prosecutor charging St. Louis couple, Trump's mask stance 0:11:47 2020-07-21
NY pub sells 'Cuomo chips' to comply with governor's restaurant rules 0:04:18 2020-07-21
subscriber only Sen. Cotton: Federal government can't stand for anarchists destroying its property 0:07:21 2020-07-21
subscriber only Dr. Siegel: Oxford vaccine trial shows 'very optimistic results' in the fight against COVID-19 0:02:12 2020-07-21
Biden says four Black women are on VP shortlist; Hillary Clinton concerned Trump won't accept election results 0:02:53 2020-07-21
Gingrich: Trump has obligation to defend innocent Americans who are not being protected by city governments 0:11:36 2020-07-21
subscriber only Napolitano: DHS can protect federal assets in cities, but they can't enforce local criminal law 0:06:23 2020-07-21
subscriber only Rob Smith's five words Trump can use to help win over Black voters in 2020 0:03:21 2020-07-21
Sen. Hawley calls on DOJ to investigate St. Louis circuit attorney after gun couple is charged 0:03:47 2020-07-21
Family rescues massive American flag that fell from perch over Utah canyon 0:04:15 2020-07-20
subscriber only Ben Shapiro on Trump's rebuke of the radical left, America's view of the Founders, his new book 0:06:27 2020-07-20
subscriber only DHS on Portland violence: We are not escalating, we are protecting federal facilities 0:11:13 2020-07-20
subscriber only Gunman in FedEx uniform kills son, wounds husband of NJ judge linked to high-profile cases 0:02:40 2020-07-20
NYPD officer speaks out after being brutally beaten during violent protest on Brooklyn Bridge 0:06:03 2020-07-20
Herschel Walker's message to unite America 0:03:28 2020-07-20
Surgeon general on COVID-19: The power to stop this is in the hands of the American people 0:08:49 2020-07-20
subscriber only Chicago police union calls on Trump to intervene to stop violence 0:04:36 2020-07-20
Congress returns to work with COVID-19 relief at the top of the agenda 0:03:46 2020-07-20
subscriber only Stuart Varney warns of big market losses if Trump loses election 0:06:37 2020-07-20
Kanye West turns heads with first campaign rally in South Carolina 0:04:11 2020-07-20
Dan Bongino on Brooklyn woman killed in fireworks argument, Democrats signaling delay on police reform 0:07:57 2020-07-20
Texas governor sends in Navy to help hospitals overwhelmed by COVID-19 0:02:49 2020-07-20
subscriber only Manhunt in Florida after three friends are 'massacred' on fishing trip 0:04:41 2020-07-20
Jack Brewer on GOP, Democrats at odds over police reform plans 0:05:38 2020-07-19
Mike Huckabee reacts to protests in Portland amid unrest 0:05:24 2020-07-19
subscriber only Harris Faulkner previews 'The Fight for America' special: 'There’s a conversation that needs to be had' 0:08:14 2020-07-19
subscriber only Boat rentals surge amid coronavirus pandemic 0:03:34 2020-07-19
New York business owner on how restrictions impact restaurant reopenings 0:03:58 2020-07-19
Alveda King on the legacy of Rep. John Lewis: Always remember his nobility, courage 0:05:39 2020-07-19
Hogan Gidley weighs in on ‘secret voters’ in key battleground states 0:03:43 2020-07-19
subscriber only Three DIY home projects you can easily tackle right now 0:03:19 2020-07-19
subscriber only Minnesota court hears arguments in lawsuit against governor's COVID-19 restrictions 0:04:43 2020-07-19
Millions of students in California, Texas and Denver prepare for remote learning in the fall 0:03:26 2020-07-19
subscriber only Is it time for the federal government to intervene in Chicago? 0:04:29 2020-07-19
subscriber only Rep. Doug Collins weighs in on major US cities rocked by violence 0:10:15 2020-07-19
subscriber only How did a group of young people pull off a highly-orchestrated hack of prominent Twitter accounts? 0:03:40 2020-07-19
subscriber only How will the debate over reopening schools play out on the campaign trail? 0:03:29 2020-07-19
Yonkers police commissioner tells officers to stay out of NYC amid chokehold ban 0:03:23 2020-07-19
Minnesota man rescues injured bald eagle from side of road 0:03:09 2020-07-18
subscriber only Sen. Tim Scott: Congressman John Lewis rose above violence, he knew love always conquered hate 0:03:57 2020-07-18
subscriber only Law enforcement under attack amid unrest 0:07:35 2020-07-18
Space Force chooses nearly 2.5K airmen to join ranks 0:05:06 2020-07-18
subscriber only Pam Bondi: We have to support our men, women in law enforcement 0:03:03 2020-07-18
Rep. Steve Scalise: Congressman John Lewis was a legend, honored to serve with him 0:05:43 2020-07-18
Dan Hoffman reacts to cyberattacks on vaccine research: Russia is conducting espionage 0:03:41 2020-07-18
New Mexico restaurant owner defies order to close amid pandemic 0:03:25 2020-07-18
subscriber only Moms discuss risks, benefits of reopening schools amid pandemic 0:04:56 2020-07-18
subscriber only Lawrence Jones: John Lewis always had the heart of the young people 0:06:32 2020-07-18
subscriber only Gus Trujillo on facing Ronny Jackson in November race 0:03:45 2020-07-18
subscriber only Alveda King gives message of peace, unity: We can stop violence with ‘God power’ 0:04:58 2020-07-18
Mission BBQ helping America's heroes 0:03:11 2020-07-18
Rep. Stefanik reacts to Cuomo's '3 strikes, you're closed' threat 0:04:10 2020-07-18
subscriber only Turning Point USA launches campaign to redirect donations away from liberal colleges 0:03:03 2020-07-18
Scientific panel urges schools to reopen full time 0:04:08 2020-07-18
subscriber only Project HOOD CEO on spike in US crime 0:03:01 2020-07-18
Gov. Noem on COVID-19: We gave South Dakotans their freedom and they stepped up 0:03:02 2020-07-17
subscriber only Kellyanne Conway on US shattering COVID-19 daily case record, her role in 2020 campaign 0:11:13 2020-07-17
Tammy Bruce on growing violence in cities, liberal mob attacking Goya CEO 0:04:36 2020-07-17
subscriber only Russia denies hacking attempt on COVID-19 vaccine trials, Pompeo says China will pay price for pandemic 0:05:40 2020-07-17
How did a British heiress become tangled in what could be the most shocking sex crime in the world? 0:03:26 2020-07-17
subscriber only Pete Hegseth on holding China accountable and his upcoming cross-country RV trip 0:05:38 2020-07-17
subscriber only Harris Faulkner previews 'The Fight for America' special 0:04:36 2020-07-17
subscriber only Corey Lewandowski explains Trump 2020 campaign shakeup 0:05:22 2020-07-17
subscriber only White House argues science supports reopening schools 0:03:42 2020-07-17
DHS urges Portland to accept federal help as the city sees more violence 0:07:14 2020-07-17
Trump touts administration's 'historic regulatory relief' for Americans 0:03:59 2020-07-17
US company making masks for sports fans to stay safe and show team pride 0:04:32 2020-07-17
NY trooper union wants troopers out of New York City 0:03:34 2020-07-17
subscriber only Chase Elliott wins NASCAR’s All-Star race 0:03:56 2020-07-16