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Indiana voter: Trump ‘fights for America’

2020-11-03 | 🔗
Pete Hegseth talks to Trump supporters at Cackleberries in Terre Haute, Ind.
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Brian, that was rush Limbaugh and lets go with PETE Hegseth hes having breakfast with friends, laughter PETE Good Morning, and God bless rush Limbaugh. What a great great American am, I right guys cheers and Applause PETE America Swing county. We are talking to voters and I cant help to reflect four years ago when we were at a diner and tons of undecided voters how many undecided voters do we have in here right now, not many a lot of folks who have voted and support. The president. Everyone im talking to here has already voted youre a trucker and you support youre a trucker, and you support the president.
He kept his promises for America. Thank you very much great stuff. We love you. He loves us is something that usually dont hear from politicians. Blake one heck of a beard. I tell you a vote for trump- is being Proamerica theres too much hate in the country, and I think that President Trump can do that. Pete very well said Blake, you might be outnumbered in school, but not outnumbered here. Hunter youre in support of the president as well. Your message on election day vote trump. We need to save America, PETE Short and tweet. My man, hair, dresser, Nancy, retired nurse. You know fends that were Democrats. Do you regret switching your vote? I think promises made promises kept hes pro life hes prolaw and order. I voted straight republican
ticket today and im proud of it PETE last thoughts. I love Donald Trump. He fights for America to keep us great PETE there you go, you guys nailed it. I said short and sweet four. More years cheers and applause PETE fired up folks.
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