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Janice Dean discusses COVID-19 nursing home crisis

2020-08-20 | 🔗
Janice Dean opens up about joining the bipartisan push for an investigation into New York nursing homes.
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Brian incredible never stops, meanwhile, New Yorks, nursing, home tragedy hitting close to home in our own Fox news family. As you know, Janice Dean lost both her father in law and mother in law, tragically to the Covid 19 virus, while nursing home facilities brought them back in earlier this week. She finally testified before New York State s lawmakers after initially being denied that opportunity. Last week, and yesterday she joined a bipartisan group of state lawmakers calling for an independent investigation into New Yorks Nursing home deaths. How are we going to stop it from happening? We need the facts they have not been presented to us. We share the grief and the anger sometimes and not getting the questions answered, im, looking forward to hear ing those answers, Brian. So what took place and what are the results? Janice? You join us now, no maps behind you just the facts. What was it like in Albany yesterday?
It was wonderful. It was wonderful to meet lawmakers on both sides. They told me this hasnt happened in a long time to have bipartisan support for a bill that would empower the legislature to form a commission with subpoena power to conduct an investigation into the nursing home tragedy Brian. So you had how many lawmakers on each side roughly and what do you think was accomplished, as everyone testified and weighed in, I think we had at least ten people representing both sides, the person that is co sponsoring this bill is assembly, member RON, Kim and hes very vocal about wanting a bipartisan investigation. He lost his uncle in a nursing home and he was you know very critical of both the health commissioner, Howard Zucker and
the governor himself. There was a lot of talk about how the governor wants to investigate himself but is not open into a bipartisan investigation that would give us answers and, finally, a real count of how many people we lost in nursing homes. New York state is the only state that doesnt count the deaths that happened in the hospital, but those patients contracted the virus in their assisted living or elder care facility. So we need to get those answers to make sure this never happens again, Brian, so six thousand abhorent, but it could be double that thats. What youre saying so the number could be eleven thousand people, and yet the governors not curious to how this happened, or do you think he knows and doesnt want some fingers pointed in his direction. I definitely think there is a coverup and every time hes asked the question. He blames everyone else, except the person that signed the mandate March, twenty five to allow
covid positive patients into nursing homes. That was in place for forty six days and every time hes asked that question. He blames everyone else and at the beginning of this he said, if you have a problem, you blame me, the buck stops at my desk hes, yet to take any accountability. And now, of course, we know hes writing a book about his leadership in the middle of the pandemic. I think he actually should be writing con dole ensemble cards to people Brian we reached out for a statement. His office did not get back to us. Real quick, Seema Verma came on here and said dont, you dare point the fingers to the federal government. That was not our policy. Listen Governor Cuomo got everything he asked for. He got the comfort ship. He got the makeshift hospitals all over the state. Why did he not use them? We wont get those answers until we have an independent bipartisan investigation with subpoena power and thats what that was about yesterday. Thank you all to all those who made that happen. It was a wonderful day of democracy,
Brian. It was great to see you come out, but he could also get this vote and decide not to do it and kick it back down back to the legislature right. He could but well keep fighting Brian Brian itll be remarkably unpopular. As you see, Janice brought Democrats and.
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