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Jedediah Bila tours Staten Island Academy to see coronavirus preps

2020-09-05 | 🔗
Fox News’ Jedidiah Bila takes us inside school reopening plans.
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Students who are heading back this week take a look. Jedediah school is looking a little bit different this year we have read all the protocols and seen all the plans on paper. What does it actually look like in person Jedediah, we went to Staten Island Academy in New York to find out. They are independent, pre K to 12th grade school and plan to reopen September. Ninth are most of the students coming back one hundred percent of our students. One hundred percent are coming back, thats impressive number. Those consider expect changes the morning start with a text to every family asking about how their child is feeling they will enter the main building and go through a temperature screaming. They will see some little things more hand, Sanitizerring stations, Erin, obviously, kids will be wearing a mask. I have taught for years. I have to ask this question: what happens when a kids shows up and forgotten his or her mask forgotten lost? It got wet sneezed
in all those things Jedediah. This is a lady who has been in the classroom chewed on, so we have all sizes shaping for faculty as well. Jedediah Staten Islands, Academy teachers had a major say in the new protocols we met with our faculty, virtually all throughout the summer every other week, just talking brainstorming. What are the angsts? What are the things we are looking forward to? What are those things we want to not lose in this new normal and what are the things that we need to adjust? Jedediah the campus for one all these doors and stairwells are now one way. Tents have popped up, and lunch in the cafeteria definitely wont look the same for younger students like those in Erin Kennedys, second grade class. Those adjustments impact everything from the story time to snack time. These dividers are going to be used. While we are sitting in the classroom. If they are eating masks, they can unmask and have
their snack safely. Each child can sit safely and distance from one another you can see. There is a book quarantine books have to sit in there for seventy two hours after they are touched. Second grader is grab. Are you thinking about that? Like one student is going to say? Oh, I will take that again, its all about rules. There are going to be those hiccups at the end of the day say: keep safe. We want to keep it open and come here every day lets do our best Jedediah upper level. Students are trying to do just that. How are you feeling about having a mask on all day? Obviously its a little uncomfortable your face is harder to talk if its, what we have to do to be here, im, okay with it its definitely nerve racking adjusting. I know the protocols have been safe. I feel safer here than my own home teachers say with these precautions. They are finally ready to get back in the classroom im getting excited to be in the classroom physically with the students. I think we did a great job last spring with the remote learning.
There is something about being physically together. For those you know, those conversations that take place outside of the curriculum that are really meaningful, im ready to go and to see the smiles or gut smiles or eye.
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