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Joey Jones says surge in gun sales is thanks to unrest, 'defund the police' efforts

2020-08-04 | 🔗
2020 gun sales reportedly already exceed total from 2019; reaction from Fox News contributor Joey Jones, retired USMC bomb technician.
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Pete welcome back as the PETE welcome back as the country continues to grapple with Covid 19 and nationwide unrests. It appears more. Americans are arming themselves, gun sales for two thousand and twenty so far have already exceeded the number of firms sold in twenty nineteen with July sales up one hundred and thirty four percent since July of last year here to weigh in Fox NEWS contributor and veteran Joey Jones, proud, gun owner himself. I know that my gun guy in New Jersey said hes, never seen anything like this. First time gun buyers off the charts, no youre, absolutely right, ive, been in my local gun, store, good friend of Army Ranger owns it hes busy and nothing on the shelves. He has half a million dollars on back order PETE. Why is that? Millions of Americans are discovering how important it is to have right to defend yourself when local municipality is trying to defund the police that protects you its pretty common sense.
You know last week, Lucy Mcbath was interrogating harassing Bill Barr and she asked him about the program. Background checks program having twenty three thousand people that they kicked out of the system because they were lying on their application and background checks, as if that was a bad thing, thats exactly why we have that system and when he told her that for the first time they have an effort on prosecuting these people pinpointed effort she says. Well, I will take that as a no that wasnt a yes or no question to begin with or yes or no answer and it wasnt about making it safer. But political talking, point im, really happy one: the system is working the way it should and two Americans are discovering how important it is to have the fundamental right, PETE Joey from the second amendment to the first, the entire league in the NBA has taken the knee these days. Yet there are a few standing, one of which is Jonathan Isaac of Orlando MAGIC Jersey. Sales have gone through the roof
number two in sales. Now behind Lebron James Lebron, James hasnt, been just him. Gregg Popovich stood these few that are standing. Why are they taking the stand? Listen, I can tell you, I dont agree with Gregg Popovich on anything, but they are standing and zero percent support. They know what the country can be and they know how hard to be in a place where you can kneel and for that reason alone you shouldnt be kneeling for the anthem. You should be standing proudly with it and bringing people to your side to your grievances. Listen, invest, follow in what we have in common and convince the rest of the country that you think doesnt understand you why the issues are important. I promise you we are benevolent and we listen and love each other, but all you do is draw a
other, but all you do is draw a line to cross it, its the veterans that came home and were spit at and chose to love the country and make it better for the next generation and why we elect a president. Now that says he will get us out of war, its not just being loud for or offensive its investing in something and having the wherewithal to see its, not perfect, but worth making better that matters. Those are the people that have changed the people for the long haul and thats. What will come from this PETE? I think you see those that are closest to people who have served or served themselves understand the depth of the sacrifice and what that anthem stands for Joey Jones. Thank you very much.
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