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NFL players test positive for COVID-19, multiple week 4 games postponed

2020-10-04 | 🔗
Steelers vs. Titans, Patriots vs. Chiefs games postponed after players from several teams test positive for coronavirus; Fox Sports NFL reporter Jen Hale with an update.
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Will one of the major will one of the major underlying stories as we talk about the presidents infection is, can we create perfect bubbles where nobody gets infected? Well, the NFL is showing thats somewhat impossible week. Four two games, the stealers and titans and Patriots and chiefs have been postponed after multiple players tested positive for Covid 19, including star patriots, quarterback CAM Newton. Here, with an update on where things stand for today, Fox Sports, NFL, reporter Jen, Hail good morning. Lets go through this lets start with titans and Steelers. That game is postponed off into the future, well make that up at a future buy week. What are we up to eighteen, titans players now tested positive? This seems to be a growing problem in Tennessee. It does will its an anxious time in the NFL thats for sure eighteen players, personnel in the Tennessee Titans organization, but you know whats interesting, not one. In the Vikings the Vikings were the Titans opponent last week, so its interesting and curious. When was incubation happening
when was this virus contagious? So far, vikings are a go even though Titans Steelers Game has to be postponed. Well see how the testing goes and how the protocols are actually working, at least for Minnesota. It seems like the protocols put in place are being effective. Will you know? Ththat is fascinating Jen, as you point out, because one would say: football is a very in in Matt. Sport, obviously no masks being worn on the line and no Vikings players infected. How fascinating lets go. Patriots chief that game, CAM Newton, tested positive to my knowledge, hes, the only player involved in that game that tested positive and were only postponing this game a couple days is that right, well, lets hope so and youve had a quarterback on the chiefs test. Positive, so well see as this unfolds. Once you get a positive test, the protocol steps up for these teams instead of just testing once a day. Now they are testing twice a day, both the point of care and the PRC test. So it really depends what the results come back and say.
The league obviously is going to be very careful err on the side of caution when it comes to containing this. Will I cant help but draw parallels to the wider world the tests around the president? That brings me to the saints game now help me out. The saints game is on today, even though they had a player tested positive. But then a second test revealed negative. Is that right, its on today correct absolutely at least so far you know were living in a very rapidly changing developing world thats for sure minute by minute. But yes, it was a false positive. Thankfully, the NFL had protocols in place that when you get a positive test, they go back and west twice more, and if both of those two backup tests come back clean, then they will rule it a false, positive, so thats the situation in New Orleans with that saints player will so many parallels on testing on contagiousness on contact tracing its a big week in the NFL for Fox today, Jen Hail is here bringing us up with the latest Jen thanks for your time today, thanks F for having me will.
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