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Paula Deen cooks up steak & veggies for Labor Day Weekend

2020-09-06 | 🔗
Celebrity chef Paula Deen joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Jedediah she welcomes us into her kitchen in each episode of at home, with Paula Deen. Will this weekend shes doing just that for the Labor Day holiday, love, Anding, togetherness, thats, the show PETE Maul Dean joins us now with her son Bobby Deen great to have you both. Thank you happy Labor Day to yall and were thrilled to be here. Im so excited. You know theres. So many wonderful things is this PETE Pete? Yes, Paula! Yes, oh my gosh Diane thinks youre the bomb PETE. Thank you. Dye grab as well as I do. We are getting ready to open Paula, Deens, family kitchen. Finally, in Nashville Tennessee October, the 19th and were located next to the grand the grand Ole Opry hotel. I just want to say their name right.
Huh, PETE cant wait to be able to go there in person, but first everybody would love to have your meal on labor day if they could. What are you cooking up here? Well Bobby, my son is: does a reverse Sere on New York, Stipes and ribeyes and hes doing it on his life? Smart grill, its his grill so Bobby? Take it away s and ill try to do the talking as to what youre talking about now Bobby had these steaks in here and they were smoking, theyre, actually smoking and now hes going to move em to the grill and he is going to sere both sides and smocking them. First PETE smoking them first makes the most incredible steak up ever put in your mouth PETE. So you smoke, you basically cook the inside and you sere it in right right, its the very reverse of what we are taught to do and Bobby
started cooking these for me, and I tell you what I dont want: a steak Bobby and PETE thats not reversed will not smoked. This is look here. What I got I got broccoli casserole and look at these wonderful strawberry cream, cheese, danishes and an incredible blond, Brownie Brownie Orange Brownie. Will this is not PETE by the way this is will, hopefully your finish. Oh hey will. How are you doing by the way your wife made your my wife made your lemon blossoms? Yes, try Hell her to try, tell her to try the lemon and orange blossoms. How about Fox nation Jedediah, you have a fox nation, show,
oh my gosh, its Paula Deen at home, and you never know what you going to find me cooking. You never know who youre going to find here with me and its just like we come in for about an hour and show yall what our real life is like here will all right, PETE, take a peek of Paula, Deens Kitchen Fox nation check out her recipes available at foxampfriends dot com, Paula! Thank you so much congrats on the show. Oh thank you.
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