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'Person of interest' identified in connection to Nashville blast

2020-12-27 | 🔗
FBI are investigating a home after an explosion rocks downtown Nashville.
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Will welcome to will welcome to Fox AMP friends straight to a Fox news. Alert authorities identify a person of interest in connection to the Nashville bombing, Rachel FBI agents, search ad home outside of the city linked to that person. New details emerging that Christmas morning blast reporter good morning, guys federal straight local authorities are working around the clock to learn the motive behind Fridays. Bombing three people were hurt and now recovering this morning, investigators discovering human remains near the crime scene, those are being tested. Last twenty four hours authorities were seen collecting evidence from a home outside of the city. You can see it there. It is unclear what red them there, but a picture of the property in May of twenty nineteen shows an rv parked in the backyard. It is similar to the one used in fridays. Bombing more than five hundred tips have come insofar
I am confident in the team we have that we will get to the bottom of this. We will find out the story of this individual or individuals. We dont know right now reporter the explosion, wiping out cell phone and internet service for many people across the South Atampt is working to bring the system back online. This morning, Tennessees governor is now seeking an emergency declaration.
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