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Police officer says he was nearly killed when protesters swarmed his girlfriend's home

2020-08-12 | 🔗
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Police Officer Joseph Mensah, who is currently suspended amid review of the shooting death of a 17-year-old, tells his story on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Brian police officer says he Brian police officer says he was nearly killed after protestors swarmed his girlfriends house, where he was staying and claimed they were both assaulted, punched and shot several times protestors, calling for the firing of the officer of shooting deaths. The third still under review here with his side of the story, the Wisconsin officer, Joseph of the police Department there in Wisconsin officer first off, when did protestors, start zeroing in on you. I honestly dont know the protests at that location had been going on for the last few weeks, though Brian, why do you think you were targeted because of the incidents? Absolutely I had three officer involving shootings and I had not violated any laws Brian who
the people that showed up to your house or your girlfriends house. I dont know over the past few weeks, theyve been coming over to the house and the first time that ive been at the location while protests are going on. But for the fast few weeks that there have been protests, there have been protests and they knew that Brian there were shots there. You dont know if you were shot at correct. I one hundred percent believe I was shot at Brian. You try to engage with them. Absolutely. I went down the property. I had a, u haul parked behind the house, because we are in the process of moving jump in on the: U Haul, breaking windows. We went outside to pretty much
get them to stop it, and when we did that thats, when I was assaulted and my girlfriend was assaulted, I went back to the house. While we were trying to get into the house, they assaulted after they followed us with weapons and thats when the shots happened. Brian here is what democratic, Wisconsin State Governor disputes account victim narrative put forth by Mensa and Police Department is totally inaccurate. In my time at the protests in front of Mensas home, I personally felt threatened by his actions throwing pepper spray into the crowed. No one tried to kill him or his girlfriend your reaction. My reaction is pretty much this. There is version that I have and version that he has whether you want to believe my perspective and not his perspective. Doesnt change. The fact that theres evidence and
support my version and does not support his Brian unbelievable. When you look at this big picture, the fact that we are talking about this, the people rise against you, who you sacrificed not to get rich but to serve in law enforcement. Does it make you question why you got into the business to begin with? Not at all, I knew exactly what I signed up for. We signed up to protect people serve people. Unfortunately, my city is has not allowed me to do that. The reason why im suspended in the first Place- and if you go to web page, it explains the entire story in great detail and the reason im suspended because of shooting that happened in twenty. Sixteen that was investigated by my own police department. No policies and procedures were violated and Milwaukee and no laws violated again justified no laws violated and then attorneys office. No civil
rights violation occurred back to now. After all of these years. Now they investigated me after the investigation. They changed the rules to reinvestigate that again and once they suspended me, they did not give a single reason. Why I was suspended, even though everything was justified? I violated no policies. I was still suspended. Brian mayor says this. The city supports right to protest and last night was not peaceful protest and it was criminal behavior if the perpetrators will be per thats. Why we didnt talk about thats? Why we didnt talk about the specific groups and I didnt
want to screw up your case exactly.
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