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Queens restaurant sues New York governor, mayor, attorney general over indoor dining

2020-09-02 | 🔗
Il Bacco owner Tina Oppedisano and her attorney James Mermigis speak out against dining restrictions and the impact on business.
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Brian restaurant owners in new Brian restaurant owners in New York City, taking a stand against democratic officials suing the governor and the mayor, and the states attorney general over what they say are unfair dining restrictions like you, cant dine, the Queens restaurant leading the charge, says theyre losing business to neighboring counties where customers can dine inside the lawsuit alleges. According to Governor Cuomo, it is dangerous to eat at the plaintiffs restaurant in little neck queens, but it is safe to dine indoors. A few hundred feet, east and theyre, not exaggerating joining us now with more is the owner of El Baco and her attorney James Murbigas James thanks for joining us Tina. First for you, just in New York City, no indoor, dining and long Island in Westchester County in upstate New York, you can do it whats. The reasoning hi Brian just want to say thank you for having me first and foremost, Brian no problem thats. Why we started this suit. We have about three hundred restaurants together for us,
no one is sure of what the reasoning is. The mayor and the governor have made numerous outlandish comments on indoor dining its just not that important or we dont really need indoor dining. Just last week the mayor had made a comment saying that indoor dining is only for the middle to upper class, its completely ridiculous, completely unacceptable, just five hundred allowed to eat in side and then once you get into the queens border, once you get into the five Burroughs youre not allowed, we were told July three. We be shutdown and now its indefinitely. So now all these business owners, restaurant owner s, they are left in limbo. They arent sure where to turn what the to do and how to you know, plan their futures, Brian, so James. I understand that Tina AMP Company have gotten about three hundred restaurants, who feel the exact same way. They just dont want to let their careers and livelihoods burn before their eyes. What have you done legally to force? I hope the governor and mayors hand.
Well. Good morning Brian, we filed the class action on Friday in New York Supreme Court and right now, im working on an injunction motion to be filed by tomorrow or Friday. Whereguy im going to ask for emergency hearing, so the governor and the mayor could produce the science that theyre relying on to show us that eating in little neck is more dangerous than eating in great neck. So I want to see the science were going to force them to provide us the science to show us why its so dangerous to eat just across the boarder Brian James. In four days from when the gym lawsuit was going to actually see its day in court, they came and allowed gyms to open what are the chances of them see leg to stand on and backing off? Well Brian, similar to this lawsuit, I asked for the science for the gyms as well and four days prior to our hearing. You are correct
that the governor announced that gyms could open Brian right. So I asked for the science for the gyms I didnt receive. I didnt receive a response from the attorney general or the governor with regards to the science, and I expect the same Brian Brian here is what Governor Cuomos Office said. Bottom line is New York City was hit the hardest and the governor took action to reduce infections, and we understand some people are unhappy, but better unhappy than sick or, worse, hey Tina this. He knows better about your future than you know about your future. How hard have you worked to build up this business and what is your message for the twenty five other thousand Eateri es who are going to die because theyre not allowed to compete and open up their doors? This business? We have been open for twenty eight years we have worked very hard. Ive worked very hard for fifteen of them and I think my main message that id like to come across is im not out here speaking right now, just for myself, im speaking for everybody, and I know the struggle, and I truly
believe that, if we all stand together, we will make a change. I truly truly believe that Brian, you know how to do it responsibly, give you the regulations, youll, do it and you understand the ventilation and if people dont abide by it, we get it. Meanwhile, the mayor had put out a statement. I guess he woke up. He says weve seen troubling reports from localities that have restarted economic activity too quickly. The New York City were taking a different approach and its working well continue to evaluate the extremely dynamic health situation, its working for him, whose sleeps, until ten every day, gets a paycheck every day Tina and has no idea what its like to run a restaurant and sign a check. Yeah, I take it. This is my livelihood, the people in restaurant business, the owners managers, the bus boys, the waiters. This is how they know how to make money and their livelihood for him to just go on the tv and just say: hey im, going to take it away from you and thats it its just. I take it to heart. I take it very personal, its
just unbelievable and I believe that we have to come together. We have to bring awareness to this its very, very important, because lots of people will go out of business. Brian, you need more than three hundred youve got to get thousands on your side, and maybe we can get the billion dollars his wife threw in the street with her thrive program which weve never seen any results from in case you dont know, Google, it.
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