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Tammy Bruce on growing violence in cities, liberal mob attacking Goya CEO

2020-07-17 | 🔗
Fox News contributor and Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce weighs in.
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Weve been telling weve been telling you about the violence rocking major cities, so do their leaders truly have a grasp on why crime is soaring here to discuss all of this Fox NEWS, contributor, Tammy, Bruce host of get Tammy Bruce on Fox nation Tammy thanks so much for being here. Thank you. Katie explain the root of the problem that people politically are choosing to ignore. Well, they really are choosing to ignore its a very good example. The mayor of New York, Bill Deblasio. Just yesterday, had this press conference announcing more restrictions on the details of how police officers can arrest individuals well, then, also declaring that, like this is an accomplishment as though crime is down that theres fewer people in New York City jails since World WAR Ii, as though again indicating that well, everything must be fine. The reason theres fewer people in jail is because theyve been let out because of the coronavirus and theyre on the street. Murders in this city have risen. Murders in this city have risen.
I think over fifty percent. At this point, other crimes, burglary, robberies, have all gone up, double and triple digits in New York and look even black leaders in this city have coming together, asking begging the mayor to reinstate two squad: s of police that have been disbanned, including an undercover crime squad and other squads that deal with individual gang members and violent individuals. Those have been disbanned and its another reason why crime has gone up. So this is about liberal policies and decisions, and yet its not like theyre having a MIA culpa moment saying lets change policy. They are trying to gaslight people into believing everything is fine, which tells you Katie that they have no intention of changing course. Well. Yeah lets take a look at the long list of excuses that bill deblasios making for the rise in crime heartbreaking, for so many reasons, and it begins with the fact that there are just so
many guns out there. We cannot keep the city safe. If we dont have a functioning court system, we now have fewer people in our jails than anytime since World WAR Ii applause and we are safer for it and better for it. Tammy the dilution. There is remarkable isnt it look. The other issue is the no bail policy which was implement Ed through Albany and C Uomo, where youve got people who are arrested and who now know they are released. As an example, the nation saw a horrible attack on police at the Brooklyn bridge. Two individuals who injured police officers have already been released back on to the streets, and this is why, whether its Antifa career criminals now have a get out of jail, free card literally and know that theyre going to go and not even a revolving door, and this is why, of course, the crime increases,
because they feel now that the city wants them to commit crime, or at least the leadership does yeah Tammy over the last couple of weeks, weve certainly see that mob rule is reigning and a different issue. You have a new op ed at Foxnews COM, and the title is attacks on Goya. Ceo expose the left, mob men, mentality tactics and the ceo of the immigrant based business, went to the White House, and now the left is calling for a boycott yeah its interesting its the same issue, Katie that this is about identity. Politics is refusing to deal with reality that anybody in this particular case that happens to be Goya foods, but were dealing with this cultural ly overall. Now that, if you dare to step out of line, if you dare to not conform to the liberal narrative or the liberal agenda, youre going to be crushed and, interestingly, this is a threat geared mostly toward those individuals and groups that the left claims to
protect like people of color, women, gays and lesbians, that those are the individuals who are told over and over again. If you dare confront the unreality, the danger of what were doing were going to destroy. You were going to cancel you and thats. Why Goya Foods was a particularly appealing target by the Democrats and by the left in general, because he dares to be an individual and he dares to be successful and he dared his crime. Of course, Katie, as we know, was to praise the president for lifting this country up, I think thats, all you need to know about Todays left well, Tammy Bruce. We know youre, never afraid to stand up for the left against the left, rather check out your op ed at Foxnews.
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