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The top states rich millennials are flocking to as new home sales climb

2020-07-26 | 🔗
The housing market is booming and wealthy millennials are the most likely to buy.
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Jedediah home sales, across the: U Dot, s are on the rise as buyers take advantage of record low mortgage rates and a chance to leave city life behind PETE. According to a new report, more rich millenials are on the move, so where are they going and why Griff here to break it down is one of the top one hundred realtors in the? U DOT S Roger Healey of the Healey global Relocation. All right, where are these rich millenials headed well? First of all, rich millenials might need to calm down just a little bit. I think the places people are moving to places affordable where you can still get a good bang for your buck. Thankfully, millenials a couple years ago started saving their money up with everything going on in the world. They still want the american dream, weve seen a big shift to places that are the new New York, the New California, the New Illinois. We have pretty good places in mind to share with you guys this morning. The first place is Washington
State, which is proving to be a great place. Obviously, Seattle is there, but Olympia and Spokane cities like that. It is proven to be a really pretty place on the Pacific Northwest part of our country and youre right by Vancouver. People appreciate the outdoors life. If youre not able to be by Colorado, which is our next state. I think people will continue to flock to Washington youre also close to Idaho, Idaho, which is not a populous state just yet they have access to it. People enjoy the outdoor living that has been. That has been a big push. Colorado, like I said, no one will ever knocking Colorado places like Denver continue to grow. It is no longer a place. You go in the ski season, weve seen a big push to Denver as well. Can you hear me okay, PETE Rogers, on that Texas is another one. We see businesses move to Texas,
you say people are as well were based in North Texas and Dfw. Texas is big. Last five years, weve seen big moves with Elon Musk, making Austin his next headquarters. Washington, Florida, Texas, Et Cetera. There is no state income. Tax Texas has seen multiple fortune. Fifty companies move here last three years. It will continue to happen. The difference between Washington, Texas, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina on as well, Texas, doesnt really have the mountains. Texas doesnt, have the water were kind of flat. Texas has been great Florida proven to be another state. People are flocking to not just because of the water. It is because of the affordability factor, not necessarily beach towns. Weve seen places you know, inland that have done very, very well, especially in the pandemic. Millenials will be moving to these places in droves,
Griff look out, snowbirds.
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