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Voters think 'cancel culture' has gone too far in new poll

2020-07-26 | 🔗
Turning Point USA contributor Graham Allen, author of the new book 'America 3:16,' reacts.
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It happened to the Chuck Knoblach, you know the definition, a new true reporter Griff well done. Nearly half of reporters think cancel. Culture goes too far. Forty nine percent believe cancel. Culture has had a negative effect on society. Graham Allen joins us. I am jealous stole the title of my third book. It is fantastic before we get to the book. I do want to unpack your argument a little bit the cancel culture. A lot of people agree. It is bad amongst millenials and younger people seem to be more okay with it. Where are we on this? Ironically, I talk about this in the book. I think it is sad were breeding a new generation that thinks that, just because you dont like the way something feels or just because you dont like the way. Something sounds that you should
do everything in your power to cancel that person or that business I mean, God forbid. Someone has a different opinion than we have in todays society. We need to cancel, cancel culture PETE because too be blunt, cancel culture, kind of sucks. It is okay to agree to disagree. It is okay for people to say something that you may not actually like and believe it or not people arent perfect. It is okay for people to make mistakes, so maybe what we should actually try to stop trying to cancel people and businesses. Maybe we should try a little bit of grace and understanding. Sometimes PETE could use a little bit of that these days. Where does that mentality come from? Where are kids learning that we need to shut it down? Oh, my goodness, I think that again goes with the current climate, which we find ourselves. It goes into honestly, if were being honest, a lack of parenting in the sense hey life isnt, always going to go your way.
People are always going to give you not exactly what you want and people will not always think exactly how you think PETE absolutely break down the new book. It is America 316. What can America expect? Sixteen I made my entire career saying what everyone else wants to say. Sixty percent of Americans cant express what they feel through repercussions of cancel culture. This book is for you. They may not. Let me write another book. I put pro life Pro Freedom Pro second amendment. A chapter says our rights are not up for debate, my God, if not every day, onslaught infringement of our rights. I wish that chapter wasnt prevalent today you about, unfortunately it is this book is for real Americans and I hope that everyone will
check it out at America. 316 dot com, PETE, you served country in uniform. You have a huge following youre known to be a truth. Teller, a blunt speaker. I got a copy of that book. It comes through the pages as well. Congratulations, Graham Allen. Thanks for joining.
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