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WalkAway Campaign holds rally following surge in membership

2020-07-25 | 🔗
Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway Campaign, responds to the support.
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Over to you PETE Pete, thank you. Jed all right calls to defund the police radiating from the left. The movement is turns some Democrats against their party. In fact, one group comprised of former Democrats has seen a surge of manipulate membership. Eight members joining the walk away campaign, the founder of the walk away campaign, Brandon Strakka, thanks for being here appreciate it good morning, PETE Pete talk about this dynamic. Why people may have been part of the protest in the beginning and see where its going and leaving the democratic party? Why? Well, I think there is such an exextremity happening right now from the left, overstature rate Offed, with it constantly images of people burning looting. Commissioner, acts of violence and vandalism, moderate liberals who are moderate Democrats who, at this point feeling like they have to point feeling like they have to
make a choice here and im going to continue to go down the road with these fringe people acting crazy or being pushed over toward the center toward the right and thats, where a lot of people are finding themselves. As you said, within the last sixty days we have seen over eighty six thousand people join the walk away, movement and thousands of testimonials rolling in its been absolutely incredible, PETE its not that you sign up on the email list, and you are a member. You have to submit a testimonial. Why you want to go. You have people who vet those videos? How are they hanging in with all the backlog of demand? So glad? You asked me that everywhere time I do interview. I forget to thank my amazing volunteers and moderation team. They are working themselves to the bone over here we have, as we speak, about forty six thousand more people who are in the queue waiting to be vet. You had
so theyre doing an amazing job PETE you are verifying. These are peel people with real stories who truly do want to leave the left and realize what its become. You are manifesting in rallies. Hopefully, have you back on and show images of the difficult time with Covid 19 stuff show us about where you are going to governmental sure. Today we are about to launch the very first rescue America rally. We will be taking these all around the country we are in Baltimore today. I would highly encourage anybody if you are even close to the Baltimore area, just make the drive today, because at 300 p dot m at the Baltimore WAR Memorial, we are kicking off. Our very first rescue America Rally go to walk away, dot com to register. The purpose of these rallies is to give a voice to people who are in that common sense center or people who are on the right, who are sick and tired of sitting home watching their television sets watching radical people destroy America. I have been saying that I feel America is in payroll. America needs heroes right now. This is time for conservatives
to show up. This is time for people in the center to show up. We want to show people on the left that they do not have Carte Blanche to destroy our country. We are going to show up. We are going to fight back. We are going to fight for America. I want to see everybody in Baltimore today they can go to walk away campaign, dot com to register for the rally you are so right, native heroes. You are one of them: building a real movement.
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