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103. Free-conomics

2012-11-28 | 🔗
Economists are a notoriously self-interested bunch. But a British outfit called Pro Bono Economics is giving away its services to selected charities.
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I'm or a party of one. There is no better way to mix up mealtime, then with baby girl, so go mix it up and go baby go authentic Korean. dumplings. Now in the freezer, I'll. From a p M american public media and w- and my see this is economics, radio, on marketplace. Here's the host of Marketplace- tyrants, Don t- know if a little butter- economic radio. That moment in the broadcast, every couple of weeks where we talked to Stephen number in the cause of the books and the blog of the same name, about wait for it, wait for it. Yes, the hidden I'd, have everything w? I great I love the holidays in everybody starts to feel charitable toward her fellow humans. Let me ask you this guy. If you had to guess how would you say that economies
shrank on the sale of charitable, giving Europe a zero is negative number that I could draw their. Let me you know the wheat we do think of economists is a little bit more self interested than average. I say there is a lab experiment: nets known as the dictator game that were you we're it's meant to test charitable, giving between strangers and one of the best predictors that one person will give Z, Earl of their money to another person is if that person is an undergraduate economics, major itself, it's the understanding. The incentives thing man of debts doesn't surprise me a tall exactly, but let me say this: in infrequent tax rate is ongoing. Efforts to understand the creature known as homo economic has little have uncovered evidence in the wild mind that the species may in fact be evolving? Okay, there is a british Mr Martin Brooks were he works at a hedge fund and for some time he had been interest.
In bringing a more data driven approach to philanthropy. Ok and then one day his phone rang, a big UK charity, equal bonobos, Chauncey rang me up and says: could they borrow an economist from me because they didn't know where to and am, and they couldn't afford to high one, even if they did know whether to find some guessing here. But it's it's. The charity was the higher and economists to see if they're getting a good return on the money. If the do things ride, all that economists, that priority yeah. That's that's exactly the right idea, so so Martin Brooks thought. Well what if I could recruit a bunch of economists and who are willing to donate their time and skills and kind of That's them up with charities who who need it and they did it and they they called this thing pro bono economics for us as the pitch appropriate economic says that economists have bet with spreadsheet, LEO, with pain rush and you should marry them out. Those economies are whither spreadsheet to help a charity rather than give them a paint brush the pain to heart, more
was my hard governor? Does me good to hear about economists during good in the world right? And let me tell you specifically this first charity that contacted Brooks ask Bernard owes its its focus is helping young people who ve been sexually exploited, soda, Brooks here a couple of economists who worked for the Bank of England analyze Bernardo Data, and they found that for every one pound that this charity spent on services UK taxpayers saved at least six pounds. So look that's good to know right a charity wants to go around saying it does good work, but it's even better tat the data to show it, especially when you need to plead your case to the government or donors or the public yes, so you gotta figure pro bono. Economics has more business than it knows. What to do with right. Charities are lining up to get these get you think so pro bono, economic, safe, signed up more than two hundred economists who volunteered, but the chair,
These are not coming out of the woodwork to take advantage of them; in other words, the supply of economists is currently out stripping the demand from charities, even though the economists are working for free now, maybe the says something about the low regard with which people hold economists, or it may be, that charities think that the economists aren't necessarily going to give them good news. Ok, here's to Holloway who works as the director of pro bono, economic. We ve worked with a number of charity swear and the evidence has not been conclusive that they are having a big impact or its share this. At the moment, they having making much change in the way they were expecting. Defect are worried that the they're gonna get more bad news or trouble a wrong or or say Their mission is not really in a viable malaria right. I would thank the end,
right minded charity would want to know where it's failing every bit as much as words succeeding. That's that's valuable information yet bought up stuff human egos being what they are and institutions being what they are. You may be right. Martin Brooks found that the typical charity does not run itself at all like a business. If you go towards a fun raises. One thing the fun raises: don't tend to do is use data. They tend to sell the story by telling a story about a beneficiary right. So what Martin Bricks wants to do? is publicly rank charities by how effective they are, which, as you can imagine, has gotten a little push back from the charity sector. In the meantime, I've been looking to see if there is kind of a? U S equivalent of pro bono economics. I haven't turned up anything yeah. Maybe here's my holiday wish. Some warm heart
economists is driving home right now listening to this programme and when he gets all male fire up is via one c three paperwork and get it going has at forgetting. I like that, I'm I'm I'm trying to think of it like begun. An economist in here, man marketplace just to poke around that believe careful. What you ask for buddy boy, even under for economic start gum is the website will save us thanks guys. on the next for economics. Radio people spend a lot of time in college. Today's. What did they take with them when they're gone? Various examples comes Reese away from
didn't I had probably three years ago four years ago, and he recently high the appalachian trail. He wrote to me and said that in the last days when he was so sick of it so weary he kept repeating. from Beckett, I can't go on. Our government will go on next week on trigonometry for economics, radio sponsored by the George Attack Schiller College of Business technology is at the forefront of you think we do, and Georgia Tex full time evening and executive MBA programmes are designed to keep debate leaders who are tech, savvy and business smart visit G too MBA, dot com, slash freak, o nuts.
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