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113. Sure, I Remember That

2013-02-06 | 🔗
It is startlingly easy to create false memories, especially in politics.
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From a p M american public media and w and Y see, this is for economics, radio on marketplace, there's a host of marketplace: tyrants, doc. Time now for little, but a freak in homage radio. That moment in the broadcast. Every couple of weeks where we talk to Stephen under the co author of the books and the blog of the same name, it is the hidden side of everything done now. I mean I'm great thanks. Kai have been thinking about you, we're going wrong the item in the reminiscing now think about, but the very first radio peace that you and I did together. Becky. Oh yeah data that you remember the limit. Do let me take you back your eye, so here we are in this great I'm having a good time, but behind us like an hour now why we advance. So you may remember that guy energy, you member
you're watching batting practice and we saw a rod Alex almost mass of home, runs into the bleachers, shocking and now kites. It's funny. You remember that cause. In fact, it did not happen world out there. I was that we did not see a we were there. We did not see a ride him any home runs, but you did just beautifully illustrate the topic of our conversation today. What is false memory? Thank you. Very much sure plenty time, I'm glad we can do now. I got to thinking about this topic during all the round up interviews that Hillary Clinton has been held recently, more reminiscing about you know, she's had a very eventful term secretary state and I was reminded of another Hillary Clinton reminiscence that turned out to be a bit off I'm I'm interested. No view remembered this precipitate. I remember land. under sniper fire, it was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down dig into the vehicles to get to our base
the thing was there was there was no sniper fire. I that's exactly right. Hillary Clinton later said that she misspoke or he'd be Miss remembered so to speak, about Miss. Remembering here is Elizabeth Loftus. What I love about this exists full as that it shows you that all that education, all that experience all those IQ points, at Yale LAW School degree. It doesn't protect you from having a false memory, so kind Loftus is a site profess as you see: Irvine she's, a leading scholar in memory generally and false memory in particular, so recently, she and a couple of colleagues along with us, sleet the online magazine, Leslie completed the study and the study was huge, five thousand participants and they looked, how well we people Jim, We remember political events, I so what but do as the researchers would show people photographs of various political events, but the gimmick was that each participant would would c4 photographs.
three of them real and then one that was doctored so, for instance, that George Bush hanging out at his ranch with his buddy Roger Clemens during Hurricane Katrina, which did not happen. They see a picture of Barack Obama in a nice friendly handshake with president. Danish catch also never had but Kai. Here's the amazing thing about half the participants in this study said that they do Remember one thing that never happened: ok, here's Elizabeth Loftus again many indeed jewels rodion details that expanded upon Joe The claim I remember seeing this photograph. I remember seeing this photograph of President Obama shaking the hand of the present and of IRAN, and they may, even, Tell you something about the feelings they remember having at the time they saw that photographed for the first time, but of course they couldn't have ever seen it before, because it was completely made up with Photoshop
That's crazy man. It is crazy, honestly gets crazier in the crazier part and weeks to the crazy. Apart, speaks to how partisan we are a country and are not just talking about the politicians but the rest of us too. So what what Loftus and her colleagues did? They? They follow up study and they found the Democrats and Republicans remembered different fake events very differently to say the democratic voter was much the likely to think that the picture of Bush and Roger Clementines was real and similarly Urca. You know. Conversely, a Republican was more likely to we did. Obama had really shaken hands without within ASEAN and one wonders why Washington is in the state that rife it. It's it's it. the pressing. I mean you, you could say that we do a lot of it on purpose, but you could also argue based on this. It may be a lot of it is just the way. The way were hard wired route for our teams. I will tell you this is the reason,
which also suggested there may be a way to improve. However, this gridlock in Washington songs, you to engage in a little bit of trickery. What I'm saying hi is Washington never about this? A nice doctored photograph, you- and I could put this together of President Obama, how Speaker John Wayne or maybe shootings together. I think we ve got our good or or how the two of them at a ball game and Yankee Stadium. Just like you- and I were there, although even the more I think about I assure him that you- and I rarely ever at Yankee Stadium at all there, that I was there at the donor for economics. Dot com is the website that was pretty cool thanks. Guy thinks about me pay, packets listeners, my free economics friend and CO author, Steve Levitt, studied crime for years, including gun control, which is why he thinks most of the new government
station- won't do much of anything. If your goal is to limit the amount of damage done by guns, then, given the fact that guns a durable goods that will work for fifty four hundred years. You can't have policies that only affect new. if you have a stock of three hundred million guns, really matter what you do with the new guns. If you don't do anything with the guns that are already, on the next for economics: Radio, how to talk about guns
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