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134. Government Employees Gone Wild

2013-07-18 | 🔗
The Encyclopedia of Ethical Failures catalogs the fiscal, sexual, and mental lapses of federal workers -- all with an eye toward preventing the next big mistake.
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dumplings now in the freezer, I'll Are you looking for good betrayed the summer? If so, I can help you have got just a book, for you got pretty much everything in it: sex crime, power struggles dealers and prostitutes, cheating scientists, russian brides, even rogue real estate agents and the best part every word it is true in all, oh yeah. It won't cost you a penny because it's already been paid for by Europe. textile. What is this magical book? It's called the encyclopaedia of ethical failure.
From w and my see this is free economics, radio, the pot calves that explores the hidden side of everything. Here's your host, Stephen Governor, So I am very pleased to present today the founding editor and current editor of one of the most unusual publications I've ever come across. It's called the encyclopaedia of ethical failure and its published by the United States Department of Defense. Oh I'm, gentlemen, can I first ask it introduce yourselves, please I'm Jeff, Senor Torreon standards of conduct office as part of the office, a general council you're the Department of Defense, and that would make you the current editor of this publication. Grech
ok and I'm Steve Epstein. I used to work with Jeff at the Department of Defense. I've moved and now I'm the chief Council for ethics and blinded the Boeing company very good, and that would make you the founding editor of the Encyclopaedia of ethical failure. Cracked, yes so Epstein and Green. Are my new favorite authors, the encyclopaedia of ethical failure, and to be a sort of manual and ethics kind for government employees, Steve Epstein started, but ten years ago there is a requirement that we train. our senior officials and many other officials in the government every year, and the problem, of course, is key.
That training fresh keeping it relevant, and to do that, we discovered the first thing you have to do. Is you have to entertain folks enough? So label will pay attention and entertaining. It is because this encyclopedia is one hundred and sixty odd pages of true stories about government employees who screwed up now. The chapter headings are helpful. You ve got your fraud gambling conflict of interest abuse of power. and even though the book is published on the Department of Defense website, actually only been really publish its just sitting. There is a Microsoft word document for anybody to read, but anyway, the screw ups. It chronicles are not limited to the Department of defense. This Please come from all over the federal government. You ve got the IRS represented veterans affairs, government safety inspectors here, here's one end
the headline is but Judge I didn't get anything and offshore safety inspector found much of the government's equipment to be in need of repairs to meet safety standard He then referred the business to his brother in law, repair shop, the ring operators smelled a rat and called the FBI. They discovered that in return for each referral, the brother in law was Reading the inspector to an evening with a lady of dubious morals, the case was brought to trial in his defence. The inspector claimed that he had not received a thing of value in return for the referral, the judge didn't buy it and neither did his wife. Now it should be said that Epstein and Green, or rather consider it in how they point their fingers. They don't always name names and they don't include a story. Enlists been settled with a conviction nor guilty play or some other disciplinary.
the stories are taken from media reports. Press releases and the inspectors. General of other agencies. There's somebody favorite, something out. It's like going to. ice cream shop in favour and flavour, There is really no such thing, but what I'm the one that I always remember, was an employee and actually deal de who was all a real estate agent, and she basically her on her real estate card, her business card, she put her phone number. An address at the Pentagon, Blue and at her desk Pentagon. She would answer the phone can be real estate. Even I know- that's probably no girl. So in this one will served, surprised us that she was so bold and basically taking her outside, and making it her primary does not
How, well you know the case Steve, but we do have any recollection of our knowledge of what her response was when It was challenged on this when she was caught on. It was a matter of fact with that's part of it. In and yes, she was basically called and pointed out that, ass? She was misusing government office and her government resources to carry out her outside business and which is also prohibited by the rules and she said well in that case, I'd rather be a real estate agents. Ok, Jeff haven't a favorite from you. like stevedores, so many different one, When did the ones is actually was not involving it defends department employing involve the drug enforcement agency and they had an agent who was responsible for protecting a confidential,
worse, whose husband was a drug traffickers- and I remember this one- I hate to say this- is unbelievable- go ahead, silently ass, he had a government vehicle he was taken here, do CAFE, who sent you to the airport and never got to the point where even taking the hotel to go to bed with her, and he even was kind enough to give her some of his ammunition for her gun. So this is it the official who's got a confidential informant any cheating on the informants wife and giving her government bullets in a nutshell, yeah, yes, and one of the problems. They, unless people really went out from four was the misuse of the vehicle, which I thought was kind fanny.
Sex, as you may expect, is a common theme, but a plain old extramarital affair gets a lot more problematic in the military. Were adultery is a crime, and you know what happens next right like they say the cover up always worse than the crime one in border, a Navy officer who was in charge of submarine. He was married and it was carrying on an affair with another woman and he got pregnant, and so he rigged up is email so that someone else centre and email. It said why he passed away in the service of his country, so she was so upset about it. She took her mother, they drove to his home in Virginia and the new owners.
Oh he's, fine he's up in Connecticut Survey drove up and all the suddenly find out that it was all a ruse. So, let's make a long story short. Her sister contacted the Navy Jack. office, and now he will no longer be head of any kind shepherd commander of any sort. But now let me just ask you quickly, Jeff What's worse, there, the sex or the pretending to be dead you see I M J, which is the law that governs military officers, prohibits that kind of activity. In addition, pretending to be TAT is pre draconian way of trying to solve the problem of the poor judgment. I think
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instantly vs where card a free business, debit card or transfer it to your bank account on. You reschedule see all the ways Square can health at square dot com slash, go slash! Freak though nonsense. From W and Y see. This is for economics, radio, here's, your host, Stephen Governor The encyclopaedia of ethical failure and ethics guide published by the Department of Defense includes plenty of kick back. send bribes misuse of government funds and what might be called the misuse of the ology summer military members who were they have taken the annual leave, which is the government's pay of vacation time.
they decided to bank everything under what they called religiously and weather was going to doktor whether it was playing golf. They used it as religious leave, so at some point we found out about this in called the idea for investigation and when they were questioned about this somewhat well. What did you think, of course, as a religious experience and the military member said, I think it certainly could be in it, but they are ultimately were dismissed in that were unable to take advantage of their religiously. I think it's only a religious experience when you hit the whole in what one thing that's astonishing. Leezie some scammers are about covering their tracks here from the encyclopaedia of ethical failure. Is an entry called its five o clock somewhere a governor?
employ attached to service base in the United States, ended up taking a permanent vacation after a pattern of working in abbreviated workweek, the investigation showed the employ worked, an average of three hours a day before leaving around nine or ten each morning to spend the rest of the day drinking in a local boys, the employ put in for retirement in lieu of disciplinary action, and this one is called. What do you mean this? Isn't my property, one entrepreneurial federal employ backed his panel Van up to the office door one night and stole all the computer equipment. He wasn't too hard to catch. He tried to sell everything at a yard, sale the next day with bar codes and property of. U S: government stickers, still prominently displayed I'm curious to know any observations that either of you have made over the years, whether their empirical or anecdotal, on a different kinds of iron.
since among different departments, maybe among even different political parties, male versus female, any kind of categorizing that you can help us with the way to think about how different violations sort of breakdown actually did. Taxonomy of this aid is again and because I was intrigued by why in most cases, good people Make bad meetings- and I found it, didn't really relate to grade or rank or gender, but I found it at least within the government, where I think most of your people are trying to do that. Right thing. The predominant issue was at the moment they didn't think of the ramification. It was an error in judgment people who are generally well meaning. But at the time
They saw I'm an advantage in or they saw something which was which distracted them from what they should have been, and I think in most of the cases when you would sit down with these folks afterwards and say what were you thinking they would be bringing their heads on the table and saying you're right. I wasn't thinking Jeff and Steve you, you both sound and on paper, look like the kind of guys who would not have the jobs you have if you were the type who make the kind of bad decisions that get made by the people who are in your book, but I'm, but I'm still here Yes, whether either of you have ever been on the border of bring something that may be just a little bit beyond the reach of good judgment and thought back to that story. In your own encyclopedia of ethical failure and helped yourself with your encyclopedia alike, and emphatically say: yes,
and more more than once, ok times when I would like to do something and I first of all check the legality of it: and say: ok, I don't think this is legal, but there I stepped back and say: okay. Now, it's think about one more time. How would disappear? You know how would people would people challenge my judgment if this were disclosed and and then comes into very much some of the stories we look at about that night and it This is made of the back off. Do either ever worry that this encyclopedia of ethical failure could he read, not so much as a set of cautionary tales, but instead as a handbook for There's a there's something I hadn't thought of doing. There's a waiter rang a little extra money, your influence or what not words, fight good
point you raised there, I don't see that, because in most of these cases you see people who made very poor judgment calls and They they weren't very successful in a criminal matter. So It would hardly be a handbook for how to be a successful grim. I met affected it's more of a handbook of out of me. An unsuccessful Why the lessons of the encyclopaedia of ethical failure a pretty straightforward and helpful, whether you workin governor, not don't steal stuff from your office and sell it at home in the arts? Don't spend all day in a bar if you're supposed to be working, dont pay a kick back with hookers and
If you are going to do any of these things, don't lie about it and then pretend you're dead that just wont work Now it's impossible to say how successful the encyclopedia has been, if at all, in preventing ethical failures. one thing and has going for it is that it tells stories it doesnt dwell on the rule that gets broken. It tells us who does what to whom and how sometimes why Nobody wants to read a set of rules, but all of us like a goods You will remember it too. With that in mind, I ll leave you with my favorite story from this wonderful book. Once called employees fail to pay
from red tape to workers at the veterans Affairs consolidated, male outpatient pharmacy, which males prescriptions to veterans were charged with taking kickbacks for purchasing a product from a supplier at more than twice the normal price, the product red tape. The employees were charged with purchasing one hundred thousand roles of the tape which has stamped with the word security and is meant to deter tampering at six dollars and ninety five cents, a role rather than its to dollar and fifty cent retail value. return they received kickbacks of more than one dollar per all. The dual will have plenty of time to appreciate. The irony of their situation as they face a sentence of fifty years in jail
pay packets listeners, you know what they say: a quitter, never wins, and winner never quits or Miss Churchill. Put it never ever ever ever ever give up well that's what they say. One of the single most important explanations from. our. I managed to succeed against in the field of economics. It was by being quitter, except, the sort of economics, radio we revisit the upside of quitting,
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