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347. Why You Shouldn’t Open a Restaurant

2018-08-30 | 🔗

Kenji Lopez-Alt became a rock star of the food world by bringing science into the kitchen in a way that everyday cooks can appreciate. Then he dared to start his own restaurant — and discovered problems that even science can’t solve.

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please For instance, the case of the famous food writer, the one who use the scientific method to take everything we know about cooking and put it back together. If you vodka in place of some of the water. In your pie, crust you end up with a dough that is much flick, ear and much lighter. He investigated whether the key ingredient in New York Pizza really is the water. So I did a full double bind experiment where I got water, starting with purple distilled water and then up to various levels of dissolve solids inside the water. Maybe this window finding was that the water makes almost no difference compared to other variables. In the dough he found that the secret to general so's chicken lay in geometry, The geometry food is important because one of the big things is surface area, the volume ratio and explore the relationship between meat. In some he proved why its import solved a hamburger at the last minute. On the surface of the meat, we rented a baseball pitching machine that would throw
hamburgers at the wall at forty five miles per hour, you'll see that this hamburger kind of bounces off the wall like a rubber ball, whereas the Berger that has salt only on the outside kind of splattered. This was the man who finally brought science into the kitchen in a way that non scientists could appreciate it, help that his work was fun, not preachy and Delicious We interviewed him while back for an episode called food plus science equals victory a lot of people. Think of science as sort of the opposite of tradition, are the opposite of natural and really it's not. You just published his first cookbook massive thing called the food lab between win James Beard Award is reputation and reach only grew then something else beckoned was it opportunity or a trap, that temptation you can't resist today and for radio. The food writer who flew to close to the flame mining
is James Kennedy Lopez, although I am a food writer who also happens to run a restaurant right now and everyone's being, I'm just great hasn't these people are insurmountable, like how to fix this. From stature and reductions productions, this is Reaganomics radio, the path cast it explores the hidden side of everything, here's your host, indefinitely Candy Lopez, all grew up in New York, can a family of scientists and he went off to MIT to study biology, got a little bored, maybe burn out and during the summer story working and restaurant kitchens in Boston after college. He worked in an architecture firm for it
for a few months, yeah like half a year, maybe and then back to restaurant kitchens. My very first restaurant job was at a place called fire Nice, it's a mongolian grill, so I was a knight of the round grill I stood in them of a giant cast iron growing cook, stir fried food for people and flipped asparagus tips into the air and stuff over the next several years. He worked in Syria is of higher and restaurants in Boston, hereafter. That was the end of my commentary career where my cooking career he began. Building a career as a food rater at cooks illustrated and America's test kitchen, then, on the food site, serious. It's you the column called the food lab. He wasn't expecting to turn in to a food rating rockstar. I absolutely wasn't it. You know I was a freelance writer living in one bedroom, and with no windows in Brooklyn at the time. Now? After doing all having that platform and enjoying it. What made you It was a good idea to not only get
back in the restaurant business but open your own, I mean it's you know, is that temptation you can't resist like what, if I just went back into cooking for a little while, would I be able to do this evening? so I had it. I had a daughter she, seventeen months old, now, congratulations to think you and and she was born. My wife and I decided that she would continue to work and I would be the M the atom parents, so I've been us it is bad for the last seventeen months. You know about like six. since that, I was approached by some friends of friends who owned a bar in cemetery, near where we live and they were interested in opening up a beer hall, and they were for a chef partner, and so I thought out, you know this might be something fun could do in my spare time, which you know you don't have to much spirit and with it with a baby on your hands but thought this could be something fine, and this is a good opportunity the relatively low risk, maybe it was because,
my wife and I sort the longed for a place like this in Santiago, family friendly casual upscale place, and that was concept that they were working on I'm. So it seem sort of perfect for me and initially I thought My involvement would be relatively minimal. I work work on some men use. I would use lend my name to the menu. You know what was actually really surprising to me- was that I, when I first signed on with them, I sent a short little tweet. Saying: hey like this is happening like some opening a restaurant, something like that. Eater picked it up a bunch of other. Applications picked it up and then all of a sudden became not Kenzie. Lopez. Alt is partnering with these You guys were opening a restaurant. What it became cantaloupe result is opening a restaurant, and then I was like a man. I guess I'm really gonna get sucked into this. Ok strands, called worse tall W. U r s t so. First offered
to have been the sand. Matteo. California, just give us her a quick, sensitive vibe of the police. then we'll get into the restaurant and why the choices were made to have a german beer hall with sausages, yet well I'm is a is a city. That's basically dead centre between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. My wife works at Google, and so she were set in Silicon Valley, we initially moved up into the city. And her commute was crazy, so like or it we'll move down to, say Mattel and you know, if Look at what are the real estate curve very expensive, simple, very expensive everywhere, but extremely expensive in San Francisco, extremely expensive in Silicon Valley. In some detail will the surrounding cities are like there's a small dips or electorate. We can that's where we can afford to live and swear. You know my wife's commute will be all right, and so I think there is actually a lot. People in our situation there right now
why a german beer whole? Why was at the rate concept, or why was that the concept they wanted? Well, it's two factors. One of them is the space itself we are located in a really nice old, historic building, lots of nice light. So it seemed very conducive to this beer hall atmosphere, the The thing is that my partner, Adam Simpson, he's really into beer. You know the beer holes are kind of just popular enough. So is like a concept that worked in the space that worked with Adams Knowledge Base and it seemed to be something that was hot I'm kind of lacking in the cemetery area. So far so good right, so firm, now there was thinking hey. Maybe I should open restaurant. We country Lopez, all what's the first step so that the first Opening restaurant is don't opening arrest is a series of putting out fires every single day. Even given, once you open it still serious opening fires step, one don't ok so can
who walks through the opening process? What kind of what goes into those preparatory weeks months. I assume so that the first is. You have to have a reason for people believe that you're gonna succeed and to give you money to do it, because it's not cheeked open a restaurant from there, it's working with the architects and designers and doing build out, which inevitably takes way more time and expect, and for us we had this extra problem because we're in really old building and the previous tenants and the landlord they didn't take the best care of the space. the working back from from my side from the from the kitchen perspective, initially a lot of it with some conceptualizing like how german do we want to be? How California do we want to because we knew we sort of wanting to do both figuring out what the service style was going to be and how customers are going to order and really Cancer cells are like when people come in here. What are the coming in to do
Initially, you know one adamant, my other partner Thyssen. Now when they were thinking Beer hall, they thought right, isn't gonna be essentially a bar. Some people may become to have like a nice meal but mostly will be coming to drink and some food on the side and that sort of what the initial menus designed around a selection of sausages, amicable, sandwiches and appetizers to share to now. He to work, creating a menu I had developed in this. Opening menu on my own. In my home kitchen, before we had play hired any sort of kitchen stuff and had like a I'm pretty methodical. So I had like a recipe booklet written out, things done in metric units on something that anybody could look at and replicate party. The idea was like because it's going to be relatively. the prices and high volume. The kitchen has to be able to sort out run itself, even without like very very minute oversight. What about the the sausage making itself? I mean that's a big component
just talk about how involved you were in the design and execution, and maybe experimentation and figuring out how to not only make the sausages but how they are going to be prepared. Yet from the start, you know we knew that we weren't able to make the sausages in house because we didn't have the facilities. So in order to make a large volume of sausage, you need to have a dedicated refrigerate, room where you can grind and mix and stuff and everything, because if sausage mixture gets too warm while you're forming at me, doesn't mind properly in your sausages, the crumbling dry, so is literally like physically impossible for us to make sausages in house. So very early on. We decided right. We're gonna have to find some partners to work with. You can execute our ideas level of quality in volume that were happy with? Is that easy thing to find someone who can handle that kind of quality and especially volume. No, let me the sausage part was mainly me going to every single sausage maker I could find in the Barry you know we want, we did want to keep it local. We have visited many
ME butchers and sausage makers, and there are many many bad sausages around you sought sausage making is a non trivial skill. You think, ok is just meet him. Fat spiced ground up stuff into casing. Like Power Could it be? But it's one of these things were like the minutiae of the technique, can make a huge difference in the quality of the final product. We made it mainly comes down to those that the binding element like making sure that you have the right level of salt and that its the meat has been salted long enough that the proteins start to dissolve before you mix it, making sure that mix it right and they have the right ratio of fat to lean and then also make sure that it stays chilled through the entire process and if any, one of those things is off your son, doesn't buying properly and and that's what you find is the problem with most certain mediocre sausages like they could be flavoured very well, they could be, they could be Is he an interesting, but if they're not mixed properly, they kind of crumble instead of having thus or nice juicy snappy texture that I look for in a sausage and so finding?
someone who can do that was hard. There was also the consideration of creating a sausage restaurant that could be weakened friendly. So what am I from the beginning was like Deegan items on the menu that are not begin by a mission there, just vision by default and their deletion so we have a number of things like that, but though the one that was really set, What about his avian donor kebab and for that I worked with a company called impossible meets, may make a beacon round meet blend mostly out of wheat protein, but they add Heem, which is a it's a lot of what gives red meat it's sort of irony bloody flavour buddy. also be derived from plant sources and soda legs by far the best sort of foe meat available, and so what we do is we space it with with turkish spices, so human Urfa Bieber, Chile's sooner,
and then we serve it as a while. Initially, what were you doing was roof? We reforming it into a cylinder and doing it in front of one of those donor about spits that sir spends around in his shaved off. But the fat in this stuff is cocoanut. Oil and cooking oil does melt slightly lower temperature than animal fat does, I'm so the fat. What the kind of melting out of it and would eventually just crumble off the spit so that didn't end up working. It would have been so cool if we can get to work now, we're just forming it straight into that sort. A hamburger style patties saw the flavors there ok you talk about the food and the building etc, what about the people? How involve or you in hiring and training a kitchen and from the house I was, I mean very involved in back of the house and finding good people is by far the hardest thing. So, when you're living in place like New York San Francisco, where the cost of living is so high. Finding great people is very hard, even finding room reliable people before we open when we were when we're training staff, we must have lost by fifty percent. Fifty percent turnover over there
a few weeks law which is not abnormal. You know, then, luckily like one day were there like two of our cooks, don't show up. What do we do? One of them was on a bender. India to unjust was dishonor show. Luckily, the restaurant down the street, all the cooks, You showed up that morning in the manager said were closing like you, don't have a job anymore. So suddenly I, like twelve cooks, just walk up to Dorothy. Had can we have a job, I'm so there's never the shortage of resin maize and applicants. Who was finding viable people, that's hard! What I've! covered in my ears as a cook, and you played out exactly as expected here was that it's much better to hire. People like who giving even if they have no previous experience or skills than too high someone who has a great resume, who doesn't really understand the concept our number one kitchen higher. I think is this. This guy, I am Eric drove me. Who is a career changer using this forties you workin off his job, always look cooking. side was a food lab follower. He stopped by my house ones too.
We some sausages he may in some sauerkraut he made of God. He was proud of them and they were great that their great and then TED, hey, like I think, decided. I want to be a cook. Would you give me a shot like absolutely in finding people who really care? That's the key, because you can. You can always teach people skills, but you can't teach people to give, and what about front of the house from the house is also actually probably even a little bit harder at the start, because you have to really dangled is carried in front of them because during training and during the first month that we were doing friends and family meals. People working in the end are getting paid but they're not getting the same tips that they would, and so they have to realise. Ok, look I'm putting this work now so in a month making much more money, but it's hard to find people who are willing to do something about that such shortly before opening you treated in all caps. By the way opening a restaurant is inside, in- and I dont know why any one in their right mind, so
what's going on in the weeks and days just before opening, I can tell you I was on my head. When that tweet went out it was. It was now actually related directly to the restaurant itself. It was it was. more about its toll on my personal life, regularly my my family life and my marriage, because Restaurant is a is a harsh mistress during during this dream, that was in there. I would wake up. Take my daughter to day care go to the rest, from nine a m to four go pick up, my daughter from day care bring but it abandoned and go back to the restaurant from a pm told when I am they had been like tuna. I swear. I had been basically never at home. You like, I saw my daughter for four hours a day, but I basically never saw my wife. We lost the chance to sit down and talk together, the item ever saw. Her was when we were with her daughter, so we never really have any alone. Time is very because when you raising a child like to not be able to talk to your partner, not even have the time, talk about things related to raising the child and the worst part of
Was that no matter how? How will you plan- and you think yourself right This is the amount of work, and I have to put into this restaurant and unjust say no. After that Israel to say. No, when there's like forty people, whose Jobs by on you making this success Finally, worst all was ready for its soft opening, invest, as friends and family, but a hundred people and everything was great. We had completely gutted the old bathrooms retailed them in this beautiful blue tile. Now, really nice well pay with these sort of hand, impenitent John animals and stuff, whose is a really nice bathroom and the four. Night, we had a hundred people in the toilets, backed up stopped working had to shut down the bathrooms and, as it turns out the waistline, leaving one of the toilets had never been repair?
heard or replaced in probably decades in decades and had a huge sag in it, and so we had to close for two weeks so that rip out. All the time we had just put in dig into the foundation replaced that all of a sudden we be ready to open a next week, and now it's like, I write another two weeks and another thirty grand to fix the bathroom, that we'd, never even considered, might be a problem coming up after the break the busted bathroom. Wasn't. The only problem was a disaster. Major major disaster people were waiting over an hour for their food. Some people never got their food and how does a new restaurant deal with bad reviews when literally everyone's a critic, basic user? Twelve thousand three hundred and forty five says this restaurant was terrible, the potatoes sucked. Well, I don't know what you do that's good potatoes! So how's that helpful to me. That's next bread! After this, if you
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money comes along with it, then that's great as well, but I'd rather just be doing something. I love. Ok, so walkest opening night, and I'm sure everything went exactly as it was planned everybody was thrilled and it was perfect. Yes, yes, we have a size, number of people in there and that we were cooking food. That is, people are ordering food, tickets were coming in, we were firing it it was. I mean it was a disaster, Major major disaster People were waiting over an hour for their food. Some people never got their food and it is those kinds of this is kind of night where we like these problems, are de mandible like how that we're gonna fix this. But you know a Wii we decided like right, will focus on like a couple of the big problems. First, when I tell them to you, they're gonna seem like stupid, small things like well. Why couldn't you didn't do that? You know it's like, so one of them was that we have sausages and you get your choice of topping, so one of the problems was communicating to the cooks on the line.
so the Incas you're not aware of how a restaurant kitchen works. There's there's a line which is that in a world stoves are where the counters with the little, boards are its where the cooks, the garden, the girls, are actually making the food and then there's a station called expo the expedite her and the exploiters, is to first will act, as a DE liaison. two in the front of the house in the back of the house, more importantly, their expedite, whose job is to coordinate everybody in the back of the house, so that dishes come out at the same time, so that everyone in the back, aspects are knows whether what they're doing so, essentially, this sort of the general manager. The army back there opening night. We had all the toppings back on the line and the experts later was, I was expediting, and I was just calling out. You sing like great, like one to tell you and with specking cherry pepper, relish one brought worst with sorrow, and it's a lot of information to taken when you have a full restaurant in his hundred people there and you're cooking say like twenty five thirty sausages at a time and each one has their own designated topping it's a lot of it,
permission for the person on the line actually cooking it and placing it to take in and so every single sausage. Had this huge delay worth you know, maybe they with the wrong topping on its and we'd, have to re fire it. They would go out and everything is really noisy and we can't hear each other, and you know- and once you have these tiny little problems that can lead to huge, huge backups, because the customers they don't care, what problems you have that day that there they want once once they are seated, they want to start ordering food and they don't care that you already have a full board of tickets and that the guerrillas completely full. They don't care but you screwed up on order and you have to refire it on those tickets are just going to keep coming and coming and coming so you have the ticket printer machine that spitting out these tickets constantly and your constantly struggling to try and catch up with it, and that puts more More stress uneasy. Make you make more mister. The people on the line, make more mistakes, and it can be these tiny little things that add too.
the likelihood of making a mistake that can throw a ranch and the entire operation and that's essential. It haven't first night so, the second night what we did was we took those toppings. We took him off the line and put him next to the expedited stations and next to my station, so that all they had to remember was which sausages they were cooking than they were tests. I suggest me right before I handed it to a server. I would put the topping on pilot. To get right in front of me was easy for me to read, and that I mean this good things over. Like unbelievably It's like it's like a couple seconds of extra work on the on the cooks. Part You know it translated from a sausage taking over an hour to get to a customer, because there is like this huge backlog of tickets to customers. Getting too messages about eight minutes. There was another major problem: they discovered only on opening night and is one that we didn't resolve until relatively recently. It had to do with the petals so and also partner. At a bakery called back house.
and they make all of our principles of an over bread, really wonderful principles, but we serve them hot we we were trying to figure out. How do we these principles that were big that morning and delivered to us? How do you serve them hot and fresh, and you know the obvious thing is very well when someone orders a pretzel put it in the oven, let it get hot and then we serve it. This is a problem in a couple of ways. One of them was that back house they were salting their pretzels before they came to us. What happens with pretzel salt is that it draws up moisture from the principles so after eight hours or so some the moisture for the pretzels beads up on the surface of the Brussels and then leave this kind of stuff, A key wet marks, which is not good and result, is all I'm so we're like okay, so we have to solve our pencil sordidness, adding another layer of stuff we have to do. And the only given that we have back in the line is next to the fire station of the fraga is extremely busy with the potatoes and we also do a chicken schnitzel sandwich, and so
principles. On top of that to him became very difficult for the early nights, we were firing pretzels to order in the oven and that was another one of the things that like seem like anything that takes two seconds, but it just piled onto the likelihood that we're gonna screw something up. So what was the principal salting solution we found a much more efficient way of solving them. So one of the cooks had this idea to take a squeeze bottle cut off the top until it was big enough that pets assault could flow. Now what we do is we just display the principles draw a lot. You trace the outline to squeeze bottle and that clears up all the space. So what you just bribed plainly these are things that most people eat measurements would never ever ever think about, and they shouldn't have to think about. But you have to think of but his you're describing it strikes me that you being who you are in the way that you like to work in the way that you do take an empirical and scientific approach to food and cooking and so on.
you were driven to solve. These problems and get it right. Is that often the difference between a restaurant? work, someone that doesn't, which is that you have to be driven to constantly adjust solve problems like that they're going to come up. Do most restaurants really try as hard as you just described. Most restaurants really tries hard any good chef care deeply about the quality and any good restaurant owner care, deeply about the quality of what their pudding So I dont think I'm unique in that regard at all. I think. Maybe we we ten to me and my partners, Thyssen and Adam, we have a lot of sit down things where we analyzed problems and try and solve them. So maybe maybe we do that a little bit more than other restaurants, but you know that that's my skull. I worked for ships that seem to have an innate skilled. To just be able to. Figure things out on the fly you know or or be able to work harder and faster to able to solve this problem. You people will attack those problems in different ways by any good restaurant
is gonna, recognizes problems and try and solve it in their own way. I'm curious how much you pay. Tension too. I guess reviews of any sort. I mean if you open a restaurant ten, certainly twenty years ago, this so much less feedback and now some people feel swamped by some people feel a lot of it is disingenuous. I know Who said in the past that Yelp seed fact this is from a tweet of yours? Yelp is, and has always been, the worst place to look for decent reviews, shady business practices, reviews by people who I know now think about have no reason to trust their opinion. Even on the off chance. They actually dined at the restaurant. You rating to talk about that satellites and with you and or other online reviews. So it's difficult to gain. You from them. For me, you mean, as a consumer or a producer as a consumer, I mean to some degree as a producer there. There is very, there is a little bit of value to it, but
especially if you start looking at trends in sea or the people are complaining. What are complaining about. You know that at the beginning, when we opened it was, it was service, and that was of no some very legitimate feedback. that you didn't need on mine reviews to know that was a problem. I gather rate we did I need online there very little doubt that I've read obscene and Yelp that we didn't already realised was a problem. You know as There is a consumer of yelp. I find yelp useful as a map of what restaurants around, but it's hard to trust opinions. A very good professional review, like you, don't necessarily I agree with the review is point of view on what is good and what not. But if you have an idea of what they think is good than eight than they tell you whether this restaurant methods, Mutations and then you can sort a gauge right well do I agree with whether that's good or not, and that's what a good restaurant review will do, whereas on on yelp, it's like someone basic user one, two three four five says this restaurant was terrible. The potatoes socked psych
I don't know what you define of potatoes, so how's that that helpful to me know the problem is that everybody eats rate. Everybody can raised himself. I guess, legitimate, chronic wish you can't totally discount. That fact, can you know? No, you can't you know, but it, but at the end of the day it's like you know, I'm I'm involve this project, because I want to be I want. I want to have my name on it. I want I want to be proud of over putting out, and so at some point you have to sort a stick to your guns and say this is this: is what leave is good and I'm not going to change that just because some people say they they disagree that its good and if your idea of what is, is so far off from what most people think is good, then maybe you're in trouble in your bureau gonna go out of business, but I'm of them that? I'd I'd rather loses business and stick to what I believe is true: vantages pander to everybody to try and make the most money heard you and which is hard to explain to our partners and investors. but at the end of the day you know I guess it as a food writer. I think I do have a pretty good pulse of what people think is good
so overall on yelp, worse tolls, doing pretty well averaging that three and a half after five stars. So let me read you one Yelp review an area response. Ok, I have I earnestly having looked at real provisions like the second month after reopen so wealthy effect. This is just over a month ago, this room Andrew, are he writes. I was They disappointed I expected more, not that I have high expectations. They were modest honestly, but it fell below that bar, well for one, the service is not that great for to the food. Just isn't that good! It's ok like you would eat it. If you were hungry and have another, sausage would probably satisfy you more and I like a split top bun because you can grow. Both sides likely do here, but when it split only halfway down, there's a lot of bread with no me at the bottom and that's terrible cut that, but all the way down it'll be better trust, me so that's Andrew are what is candy.
I'll, say why apart from the end of it and work back believers, we tested how far to cut funds then, before everything and and and trust me when I say it's not better to go too far because the bonds and falling apart they that doesn't stand right, you mean that tons of fair. You know, like those seem like legitimate concerns on. If I, if I was at the restaurant I would have. I would definitely love to talk him a gun, little more details about exactly what they were disappointed with. You know what what is it about? The sausage that you didn't like and to his point about you know, sausages being not great yeah. I, like I fully admit sometimes like any restaurant or any business. We have consistency issues now and then and we work our best to make sure that those don't happen and everyday gets better. Ok, here's a professional review. This your Lawrence came in ass. If weekly he writes, the quality of the food is high and it is consistent. The thing is concerned,
He will result eminently well deserved reputation for being demystify of culinary techniques. Worst all feels little short of the gosh well factor long time, fans might clamour, for maybe that's not entirely fair. After all, it's exactly what it claims to be. What's your take on that country, so I fully agree with that. this again one of those things where it's like what happened to the restaurant between the initial concept, em white customers expect an initial concept was like right. We're gonna serve some damn good, sir, it is working to make her on sauerkraut, it's gonna be good sauerkraut, but it still sausages and sauerkraut you know, and is only so far that can go. You know, as far as I gosh darn, while factor this is one of those things where the concept of the arrest, the restaurant on paper turned, very different from what the restaurant is now once once my name that attack do it in their started? Being a sort of media attention to it? It turns up. People are coming there for dinner there not coming there to drink whisky,
It is a beer hall, but were not really a beer hall anymore. Work were a restaurant that that's been one of the chief. Distance opening. Is I coming to terms with that and realizing. You know what like some of the stuff, we initially thought isn't going to work, because customers are coming in with different expectations. Any restaurant takes a while to find his leg I think, for us may be taken a little bit longer just because with such a big shift from what we had initially planned compared to what customers perceive. I see that yesterday or within the within the last little while you tweeted a new menu item that starting soon, maybe maybe thirty start by now, started today to okay, congratulations! So I restaurant on morning. You know, training the staff and making sure that it cooks new at work. So this is tomato mayo, toast, with grilled corn vinaigrette and a corn soup with paprika oil and shishito peppers. So that's not what I think of his beer. food was it the clientele who drove it primarily, in other words, were people confused when they came originally because
they know your name and they think it was gonna. Be more of us sit down knife and fork situation. You know, I think, that's part of it. I definitely saw common saying like I expected Ben you to be a little more candy than what it is. You know, because it's like sausages, like you know, I don't write that much about sausages. I don't eat that many sausages. I like them and we could well, but it doesn't exactly like scream GM food, labour whatever's. So so s a part of a part of this revamping process has been like right, we make us menu more me So from what I've read you own twelve percent of the restaurant and twenty percent of any new venture with these partners, they something like that. Yeah, that's ballpark, correct but you have had the same share of ownership. Had you just acted as sort of consulting founding chef as opposed to roll up here
He was fully involved know my partners are actually very understanding of the entire situation. The fact that I am now what got more involved than I was planning on, and so actually you know initially like it was going to be basically just a fee, plus a smaller percentage of ownership. The big can, I have then really is so far. Do you feel overall? Then it's worth it and I guess another way of putting that is you know if I came to tomorrow Kennedy with an idea that you liked an idea for a restaurant you cite for restaurants and potentially worthwhile partnership. what do you do? Do you the come or two you refrain this time I would say, the restaurant on its own in in a bubble like detached from every other part of my life, absolutely worth it. I dont and putting in hours and hours and hours of work.
for a little to no, but you know, like I haven't, made any money at this restaurant yet and I don't plan on make any money for a while until until we pay for investors, but you know we don't live in a vacuum. So if someone, if someone came to me right now and ask if I want to do this restaurant again, I would probably say no only because it cost me three months of being with my daughter, and that was you know, a price that I wasn't expecting to have to pay that beginning and one that made me deeply sad as it was happening and also in retrospect aims. I do regret anything I did with the restaurant. I do regret how it affected my personal life and my family, but we learned Linda's lessons. Ok, final question, let's say that may be. This is when your daughter is in school me this when you dollars in college, even but let's say I come to you and I want you to work with to open a new restaurant. What is the dream concept, whether its
cuisine or style or location like what is the restaurant that you absolutely wouldn't say face again almost your entire life to do. It would be something much smaller than but also we are opening up a more worst hit in the coming years? But we talked about other restaurant concepts as well, and I think if we were to go and things together again. Oh you something much smaller. The idea I've been throwing out of them is a korean, fried chicken sandwich place, which is a recipe that I've Annette. A number of pop ups, I think, is extremely low. What is essentially a chicken broth and in CAN she juice and then dancer like a national hot chicken style, but instead of the natural Hodgkin oil that goes on their way home. We make like a sauce with Korea in Chile, flakes in a bunch of korean flavors. Its super delicious, and the kind That, I think would do well is a fast casual. Thank you that that would basically be it for me, like. I want to feed a lot of people and make them happy. You know I don't want it, been like an ego restaurant. I dont want people to come to worship at the hall
Candy Lopez all come for this experience. I want a place that people say: hey, that's a good sandwich They have that once a week That was Henry Lopez. Vault is new. Restaurant worst hall is insane Matteo. California is book called the food lab is currently working on a follow up to keep your eyes out. For that coming up next time on economics, radio in economist circles, Marianna Monte, Carlo, is what passes for around. she knows how most economists think government, my God, the government with a basket case Europe of bureaucrats. They don't know what they're doing, but she sees it differently in what would ever be without GPS, publicly financed. What would Google be without the internet publicly financed? in the modern economy, our governments, the one We're getting a raw deal. That's next time on for economics, radio!
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